Who We Are

 The USA Tae Kwon Do Masters' Association (USATMA) at Colorado State University (CSU) is located in Fort Collins, CO and affiliated with the Western Region USA TMA.  The Wester Region TMA is overseen by Master R. Ronald Geoffrion of New Mexico, a 7th degree black belt and one of four USA TMA Masters in the United States.  Bill Brazile, a 3rd degree black belt, is the head instructor of the CSU class.  This class is offered through the CSU Student Recreation Center as a non-credit instructional course.

                                                                Master Ron Geoffrion
Who Can Join?


CSU full-time students and CSU Recreation Center members/spouses are welcome to join.


When and Where are Classes Held?


Classes are held two nights per week for 2 hours.  The days of the week and times may change every semester, so contact the instructor for the current class days/times.  Classes are held in the CSU Moby Aerobics Room, located in the Moby Gym. 


Cost and Testing Fees


CSU charges on a semester basis and the USA TMA charges a testing fee for each belt promotion and membership in the USA TMA.  Please see the CSU Recreation Center website for current fees located at:  http://campusrec.colostate.edu/ActivityClasses/TraditionalKwanTaeKwonDo.cfm


The fall and spring classes generally run for 13 weeks and the summer session runs for 10 weeks.


How do I Register?


Call the CSU Student Recreation Center at 970-491-6359 or  visit the Student Recreation Center service desk on the CSU campus.