"On-The-Job Speech Training" by Ray Franklin

June 4th - National Practice Speaking in Public Day

Public speaking tools to build on your professional success.

Editors: Eileen Schwarz-Duty and Jeff Lightburn
Illustrations: John Matz

Introduction Chapter: http://tiny.cc/njvic

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Testimonials - 

"When you are presenting on stage, you are very glad Ray is there to advise you and oversee the production."  Pete Bassi, Retired Chairman YUM! Restaurants International 

"Every leader should aspire to inspire others, and delivering an engaging presentation is truly a key to lighting the fire in others' hearts. Effective communication is critical to building a successful career, and this book is a must read for anyone wishing to improve their speaking skills. Peter Waller, Former CEO Corinthian Colleges

"I have had the privilege to work with Ray Franklin for 15+ years at Taco Bell.  Ray continues to enhance the presentation skills of the Executive Team and others involved in key meetings." Cornelius Colao Chief People Officer, Taco Bell Corp.

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