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The following is from the Walt Hines, Reunion Host:

Dear Rescue Patriots!

Last Friday morning, the Crown Plaza called to tell me that they were cancelling our sleeping rooms for the reunion. They had had an engineering team in to assess the hurricane damage and learned that it was much more extensive than what they had been telling me for two weeks.

So I got out my old Rescue books and drew up a search pattern to find another hotel. Thanks to Major Cathleen Snow, Mary at the Patrick Housing Office, and Colleen Mazzoni at the Hilton Melbourne Rialto Palace, the search paid off, and we have a hotel for the reunion. All of the reservations previously booked at the Crowne Plaza have been blocked at the Hilton Rialto (located near the Melbourne airport) with my credit card. The only bad news is that the Hilton is going to charge us $121 (the prevailing government rate) instead of the $109 at the Crown Plaza. But this isn’t really all that bad for such a late-breaking change.

All of the reservation you made at the Crown Plaza have been cancelled. If you have already been charged, let me know.

****THIS IS IMPORTANT****. You must quickly contact the Hilton Rialto and re-make your reservations. And it is crucial that you reserve exactly the same days at the Hilton; else, I will be left holding the bag.

1. Our booking code is ARA17; simply call 800-445-8667. 
2. Or you can book online at (copy and paste the following into your browser):…

The Hilton will be providing our Welcome Buffet, our hospitality room, and our meeting rooms for Saturday morning. They are located near the Melbourne airport and have free shuttle service, as well as free parking for those driving in.

We will still have the Saturday evening banquet/ball at the Crowne Plaza, for their ballroom is still good to go. We will have bus service between the two hotels.

Otherwise, all other reunion events will go as planned.


This year's Reunion will be held at the Crowne Plaza Melbourne Oceanfront, 18-22 Oct 17, in conjunction with the Pedro Helicopter Pilots Ass'n and That Others May Live Foundation (TOMLF). Along with other events, the local Patrick AFB Rescue Unit is providing us with some interesting things on base. On the evening of the 21st, the Air Rescue Banquet and Ball, will provide another great opportunity for our members to meet with many active duty Rescue men and women as various awards are presented. We had more than 200 people attend last year's Ball. We will update y'all as plans are finalized.


The following events have been finalized. After our usual Welcome Buffet on Wednesday, we will road trip to the Kennedy Space Center on Thursday and dine that evening at the Sage restaurant.  On Friday we will go to Patrick AFB and visit the Rescue squadrons there and have a chance to share Rescue experiences with our young counterparts.  That evening, we will dine at the Squid Lips restaurant in Melbourne. On Saturday we will have the awards banquet and ball.

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