Mission Statement

USA Idaho Wrestling, in partnership with the clubs, is committed to provide a competitive
environment where experience and learning can respond constructively in a competitive sport.  We
emphasize demonstrable skills and values that develop responsible members of society and better
  • Our organization fosters a positive, competitive environment toward improving skills in all regardless of race, gender, or creed.
  • Developing an athlete's full potential is a shared responsibility of the athlete, family, and club.
  • The recognition of success promotes the desire for future success.
  • All can wrestle but may have different techniques and levels of accomplishment.
  • Matches and tournaments are important aspects of developing wrestling skills.
  • In order to foster positive improvement, it is important to address individual needs along with programs.
  • We recognize the inseparable relationship of our coaches' example and the influence of others on our athletes.
  • We recognize USA wrestling not only as a guide to wrestling but we are also subjective to their rules.