Club/Practice Locations 2011

USA Idaho Wrestling Club Contacts,

Summary:  USA Idaho Wrestling is looking for information on practice locations and Promotional material

Hi,  my name is Sam Lester and I run the USAIdahoWrestling.com website.  As such, I'm often the first point of contact for new wrestlers, and wrestlers moving into our area.  The most common questions are mainly around information about club locations and club information.  As such I often rely upon the themat.com list of chartered clubs display of club websites and club phone numbers.  I refer people to the club point of contact either by the phone or email addresses listed.   I thought it might be a good idea to have a google clickable map of wrestling practice locations and links to the club information (club website etc).  So, if you want you club to be on the map, please reply with the practice location(s) and website links if you have a website.  For example:

PracticeAddress, PracticeName-(XYZ HS)
Directions to Practice Area
City,State ZIP

Also,  this has been a challenging year for Idaho's wrestling membership numbers.  Another good idea forming is to create some promotional materials about USA Idaho Wrestling.  This is in the incubation stages.  I am requesting any material (photos, life stories, videos, interviews, news clips, life lessons, travel tips etc) that you might want to donate to the cause.  I will not be returning any of the material donated (if you send me photo's don't plan on getting them back).  I can accept many types of media:  dvd, memory sticks, printed paper, printed photos, Sony 8mm video, http links to material already on your clubs website, and t-shirts.  I have some material from Kids nationals 2008/2009, Regionals-2009, and Kids state 2009. At very least, we'll use the material to refresh our website. Let me know what you got and what you think.
US PostalMail Send-Material-To-Address:
Sam Lester  -Idaho Wrestling
9541 W Dorsetshire Pl
Boise, ID 83704

I pulled the email list of club contacts from the current Idaho clubs email contacts on themat.com

Thanks for your time and consideration in these matters.

208-991-BULL (2855)