Other Services & Affiliated Faculty

The USA Psychological Clinic and the Health Youth & Families Lab exist within the Clinical and Counseling Psychology doctoral training program at the University of South Alabama. 

As a training clinic for the USA Clinical and Counseling Psychology doctoral training program, USA Psychological Clinic also offers low-cost services for children, adults, and families, including psychological testing and counseling, martial counseling, and stress management. Please call the Psychological Clinic to request therapy or evaluation services.  The USA Psychological Clinic is located at 307 N University Blvd, University Commons 2000, Mobile, AL 36688; Phone  (251) 460-7149. A number of the faculty members (licensed psychologists) also see patients and accept insurance.

Dr. Elise Labbe:  Director of Clinical Training, Clinical/Health Psychology

Dr. Kim Zlomke: Child, family, and youth evaluations and interventions, autism/disruptive beahvior disorders, Parent Child Interaction Therapy, Psychological Clinic Director

Dr. Tres Stefurak:  Mobile Juvenile Court Collaborative, Juvenile delinquency, Counseling Psychology

Dr. Benjamin Hill: Neuropsychology