This is a list of seasons and episodes created in Usagi's RPG Universe (our original creations are in bold). Our role playing seasons will be unique from the anime and manga versions. Each season we create will have at least 10 episodes (titles and mini-descriptions will be listed here as well).

We are not stuck in a linear or chronological time frame. We will jump to other seasons that do not follow the first one we role play (and we can even create prequels to the story that take place in the past on the Moon Kingdom or sequels that happen after the final season of Sailor Moon). This will only be done, though, after we have role played at least 10 episodes for our current season.

Sailor Moon Original Series

Current Role Playing Season: Sailor Moon Revenge

Previously... Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Kamen, and the senshi had defeated all of Queen Perillia's Shitennou and went to face the sorceress themselves. One by one, the senshi were defeated by Queen Perillia's forces leaving Sailor Moon to face the villain alone. During the final struggle, Tuxedo Kamen aided Sailor Moon and destroyed Queen Perillia. Unfortunately, he was fatally injured. As Sailor Moon held her dying love, Queen Perillia came back as Queen Metallia, a more powerful version of her former self. Sailor Moon transformed into Princess Serenity and with the power of love given to her by her fallen friends, she was able to destroy the queen once and for all. Or at least that is what everyone assumed...

Episode 1: Awakening
RPG Date: Monday, July 13

Usagi and the rest of the Sailor Senshi have been reborn since their original battle with Queen Metallia. Unfortunately, none of the senshi know each other. In this first episode, the senshi will slowly remember who they are and reacquaint themselves with each other. However, they have little time for a respite. Unknown to any of the heroes, their former enemies have also been reborn thanks to Queen Metellia's magic.

Episode 2: To B Flat
RPG Date: Thursday, July 16 

Episode 2 begins on Thursday after all the Senshi have passed their school exams. It is a day full of drama and invites. Ami will invite her friends, both the Inner and Outer Senshi, to her math competition on Friday. At the same time, Haruka will invite friends to Michiru's concert on Saturday. Meanwhile, Usagi's and Mamoru's relationship becomes strained because of the secrets between them about Minako. On the other hand, Minako's life gets steamy and romantic as she draws closer to Ryu (Jadeite). The rest of the Inner Senshi are having fun playing video games and relaxing while the Outer Senshi have an important meeting that reveals a deadly future for Michiru. Perillia meets the man of her dreams while the rest of her minions keep busy with their own agendas. Zoicite begins to stalk Michiru and Kunzite is helplessly follows him into a path that will surely bring them trouble. Nephrite makes a decision about how he will handle humans in the future and loses some of the humanity Naru gave him from his past life and relationship with her.

RPG Dates: Friday, July 17 and Saturday, July 18

Episode 2, Part 2 spans two days: Friday, and Saturday. On Friday, there will be little drama at the math competition between Minako, Jadeite, Mamoru, Nephrite, and Setsuna. Kunzite and Zoicite will continue to stalk Michiru; she can't find relief even at a middle school math competition! The rest of the Senshi will have fun and celebrate their friendships with each other. On Saturday, Michiru's secret will finally be revealed: She has a stalker! She has been receiving messages from a man who is planning to meet her at the Saturday concert. She has been keeping the information secret, thinking she can control the situation. Unfortunately, she didn't know she was dealing with a jealous Shitennou, Zoicite! The drama unfolds when the Inner and Outer senshi get locked in a room and cannot escape to help Michiru. Is it worth the risk to expose their Senshi identities in order to save a friend?

Episode 3: Crimson Couture
RPG Dates: Sunday, July 19 through Friday, July 24

The Inner Senshi learn more about the reasons behind the Outer Senshi coming to Earth at a meeting at Setuna's apartment. They become better friends and prepare for a fashion show. Little do they know that their fun event will end in disaster as a battle ensures. Will good triumph? With the help of a new Senshi, Sailor Chibi Moon, all things are possible. [This part of the story depends on whether or not Koan checks her application status since we don't know how to contact her.] A foe from the future also shows up in the neighborhood determined to learn all that she can about the Senshi and the Dark Kingdom. Koan is a bit of a wild card-- you never know where her loyalties lie.

Sailor Moon R

Sailor Moon S

Sailor Moon SS

Sailor Moon Stars