Episode 2, Part 2: To B Flat

This is a full transcript of Sailor Moon Revenge, Episode 2, Part 2.

RPG Dates: Friday, July 17 through Saturday, July 18

Writing Dates: April 7, 2010 through April 21, 2011

Goals for Episode 2, Part 2:

Inner Senshi, Outer Senshi, and Mamoru: Everyone starts off the episode either getting ready or already at the math competition at Juuban Middle School. Usagi, Mamoru, and Minako still have a strained relationship with each other. Mamoru will need to give Usagi the gift card he bought at the Kawaii Beauty Salon before Episode 3 begins. The kinds and types of drama that occur at the math competition will be controlled by the players and their interactions with each other. Ami will decide the outcome of the math competition. On Saturday, everyone will attend Michiru’s concert. By the end of the event as the theater closes, everyone will get locked in a cellar backstage while Michiru tries to escape her stalker. This is when the Senshi identities will be revealed to everyone.

 On Friday, the villains attend the math competition (Peri and the Shitennou are working a food stand as community volunteers). Jadeite is excused from working, so he can attend with Minako, but he has agreed to meet with Nephrite before his date to talk about an “important matter.” On Saturday, Peri attends the musical concert to relax. Unbeknown to her, Nephrite and Jadeite have followed Zoicite and Kunzite to the concert where trouble is brewing. 

Specific Goals: 
No specific goals other than the ones mentioned in the generic goals for the episode. Have fun and be creative with your interactions with each other!

Villain Disguises:

Kunzite (Kuuya): Neck length, black colored wig 
Zoicite (Zack): Short brown colored wig 
Nephrite (Nao): Ear length, brown colored wig 
Jadeite (Ryu): Bleach blond hair in a military buzz cut 
Perillia (Peri): Shoulder length, curly, dark red hair with perfect white teeth 

Length of Episode 2, Part 2: Episode 2, Part 2 will last about two months. This will depend on how frequently members post and how quickly our goals are met. If the RPG is moving too slow or too fast, I will interrupt the game to insert a GM post. If you have questions, post them in the appropriate OOC Thread.

REMEMBER: All role players are required to post at least once a week or indicate in the Absences Thread if you will need more time before you can post.

TsukinoUsagi (GM Episode Thread Starter) 

It is Friday morning, July 17. Everyone is getting ready for Ami’s math competition. Jadeite is excited that Perillia accepted his request for the day off because now he will be able to spend it with Minako. He anticipates wrapping her in a web of deceit until it’s too late for escape. Before he can continue his courtship of Minako, he has to meet Nephrite. None of the Shitennou realizes that he will not be volunteering at their food booth for the day. The news of being “one man short” for work will not bode well for those left to slave away in a hot, cramped, and sticky food booth.

Meanwhile, Ami is nervously preparing for the math competition. She knows that she will have to compete against her school crush Ryo, and she’s determined to win despite her warm affections for him. Ami is happy that she promised to pick up Usagi for the event because it will distract her from weary thoughts.

The rest of the Senshi are in various stages of preparation for the math competition. Everyone is excited to have some fun and excitement at the math competition and Michiru’s concert. They are exhausted from their exams and the revelations that were recently exposed about their identities and past lives. Everyone wants a summer break. Mamoru is especially excited for the break because he wants to spend more time with Usagi to rekindle their romantic relationship. He also hopes their additional activities will keep his mind off Minako and Ryu, the strange Kawaii Beauty Salon employee.

The Outer Senshi have no idea that the Inner Senshi are their newly acquainted friends. More importantly, none of them realize that Michiru has been harassed by a stalker for the past day. Consequently, she is on edge and is not acting like her usual self. She won’t relax until Saturday’s concert when she presumes that she is safe from the seemingly empty threats.

Little does everyone suspects how much will eventually be revealed by the end of their fun and action-packed weekend…


Usagi was ready for Ami when she came to pick her up. Her best friend looked surprised, but she didn’t comment on the unusually alert Usagi. If truth were told, Usagi didn’t sleep well last night. Luna could attest to that. Usagi had spent the night tossing and turning with nightmares of Mamoru and Minako. Eventually, she had given up on sleep and stared idly at the ceiling until it was an appropriate time to get ready for the math competition. All the students who came to support their classmates were required to wear their school uniforms, so Usagi was in her traditional school garb—blue skirt, white shirt, and a red bow. Consequently, Ami looked the same as well. As the three of them waited for the bus to arrive, Usagi handed Ami a good luck charm she had made.

“These are two crescent moon hair barrettes to wear during the competition.”

“She tried to make the symbol for Mercury, but they looked terrible,” explained Luna.

Usagi glared at her guardian cat. “That’s not true…well…maybe a little bit,” she eventually admitted. “I did finally decide on the crescent moon design because it was simple, and it could represent that I’m always cheering for you. I know you’re going to do great at the competition.”

Usagi hugged her friend before setting the hair pieces gently in her friends’ hands. As the bus arrived, Luna hopped into Ami’s open backpack. Cats weren’t allowed on the buses, but Luna and Artemis had insisted on attending to support their friend. The bus ride was short and quiet. Neither friend had much to say because they were lost in their own thoughts. As the bus pulled up to the middle school, Usagi asked Ami if she could be with her backstage before the competition.

“I don’t think so, Usagi, but I can check when we get inside.”

“Nah, that’s ok. I know you are busy and stressed. Don’t worry, though! You’re going to do great and win this competition.”

“I don’t know. The probability of that depends on the number of schools as well as the number of students who entered the competition. That doesn’t include other details that…”

“ICK! I didn’t want a math or probability lesson, Ami. Don’t psych yourself out. Trust me. Trust yourself. You can do this.”

Luna, whose head was sticking out of Ami’s slightly opened backpack, chimed in. “For once, Usagi is right. You are the smartest student at Juuban Middle School and the cleverest Senshi. It is your destiny to succeed, and even if something goes wrong, we will always be proud of you. Can you imagine Usagi-chan trying to compete with the brainiacs from other school?”

Usagi glared at Luna as Ami slowly but surely chuckled. Usagi couldn’t be mad at Luna for achieving what she herself had failed. The trio began to laugh as they all imagined how horrible and flustered she would behave if she had to compete in a math competition. As they quieted down, Usagi took Luna from the backpack and set her down at their feet. Leaning in, she gave Ami one more tight hug before ushering her to the sign-in table backstage to get her math competition number. Usagi waved and smiled until Ami was out of sight.

“Now what’s the plan?” Luna inquired as she tried to look unobtrusive between Usagi’s feet.

“I guess look for someone we know…”

Usagi was pretty sure that Luna knew relationships were strained between her, Mamoru, and Minako, so she wasn’t sure why she was acting like everything was normal. Perhaps she was still trying to avoid the final confrontation.

“How much time do we have before the competition starts?”

“Two or so hours. I don’t remember the specific time,” Luna responded.

“Well, at least we can get some breakfast from the food booth…” Usagi led the way to the Kawaii Beauty Salon volunteer booth. She walked slowly and stopped repeatedly, so she could scan the crowd of students to see if her friends were at the gymnasium yet.


It was Friday morning, and Peri was still in bed with her new Calico kitten sleeping, in a ball, at the edge of her feet. She had been in the most wonderful dream she could have lived—on a date, in the most romantic island on the planet, with the dark hair young man she met the day before. There they were, the two, laying on the sand, against the tall palm tree, embracing each other as they watched the sunset. She looked at him, gazing into his warm and gentle eyes, and just as she was about to mingle her lips with his, the alarm clock rang.

Slapping the digital clock that read 7:00 AM with her slender hand, she twisted under her sheets and said, “Damn. Time to get up.”

A black-white-yellow furry head popped up at the sound of Peri's voice. With it's eyes slightly opened, the kitten looked in all directions searching for the sound. Still a bit tired, the kitten placed her head back into the ball to get a few more Zs.

Having watched her new roommate return back to her little ball shape, Peri commented, “Lucky you. You get to stay home today.”

Peri slipped out of bed, stretched, and prepared herself to meet the public. She had made arrangements to have Kawaii Beauty Salon participate in the Juuban Middle School Math Competition. Being involved with the community was one of the themes she wanted her business to embrace, especially since she needed the trust of community to help support the use of her tainted products. It wasn't something that she had been used to doing, but lately, she felt compelled to be kind, polite, and caring. The more she involved herself, the less she felt connected to the darkness of the Dark Kingdom.

After finishing with her morning preparations, Peri grabbed her bag, set out some food and water for her sleepy kitty and left her two-story apartment.


By the time Peri arrived at the Juuban Middle School, a small crowd had formed on the grounds. Eager to see the stylist, the principal showed Peri where the Kawaii Beauty Salon could set up their food booth, a place near the opening of the building and under a tree.

Peri took out her cellphone and made a quick call to Kunzite, noticing the group of people looking hungry. “Kunzite,” she spoke, “I need you and the guys to bring a few crates of sushi, rice, udon noodles, and chicken. Also, make sure you bring a few fire stoves and some pots.”

She listened to Kunzite's response and then stated, “I have two boxes of mochi, but I don't think that will last. Get here ASAP.” Peri pressed the red stop-call button, closed her cellphone, and rushed over to her car to get the two boxes of mochi that she had.

By the time she arrived back to the booth with the boxes, a group of students had formed a line waiting for their breakfast. Peri quickly began pulling out the mochi and selling them. All the while, she hoped that her servants would soon arrive with the stuff she needed to make more food for the crowd.


Haruka shifted her position in bed, smothering her face into her pillow. Her brow creased as she felt the morning light slip through the bedroom curtain. Opening a groggy eye, she looked toward the nightstand to check the clock. Time to get ready, she thought, slightly tired from her previous night with Michiru. She rolled to her side to look at her lover and smiled. She was relieved to see Michiru still in bed with her.

Running a hand through her turquoise strands, she planted a kiss on her forehead. “Ohayou (Good morning) love,” she murmured, trying not to wake her. Haruka knew Michiru seemed stressed the previous night and wanted her to catch up on sleep to feel more refreshed when they attended the Math competition. She hoped Michiru would feel better soon.

Throwing a leg over the side of the bed, Haruka quickly rushed to their bathroom to shower and dress. She had some errands to do before driving to Juuban. Before Haruka left, she left a note for Michiru next to a pot of freshly brewed coffee.


While on the road, Haruka checked her cellphone for the time. It might be too early to call Hotaru. I still feel bad for not being able to take her home the other day. She phoned the young senshi’s number anyway, leaving a quick voicemail: “Oy, Hotaru-chan! It’s Haruka. I’m in the area doing a few errands. If you need a ride to Juuban, give me a call. Ja Ne (Later)!”

Haruka was planning on making breakfast for Michiru to get her spirits up. While evaluating what could be bothering her, Haruka concluded that Michiru was nervous about her concert performance. Turning a corner near Shan Shan Plaza, Haruka headed towards a grocery store to buy afew things for Michiru’s "breakfast in bed."


Waking in her bed, Makoto sat up and yawned as she stretched her arms. Sliding out of the bed, she walked towards the bathroom to shower, tossing her PJ's into the laundry hamper. She moved as though on auto-pilot because before she even realized it, she was sitting in her bedroom dressed only in a slightly damp towel and running a brush through her long brown hair. The pair of jade hairbeads that she commonly wore sat on her dresser, letting her hair tumble around her face in long brown lockes. 

What is going on with me? She thought to herself as she looked at her own reflection. The brunette didn't like moments like this, when she was alone and her thoughts could wander too far. It was when she felt the most lonely... 

Shaking herself, Makoto slapped her palms against her cheeks twice. The mild pain brought her back to the present. She didn't have to feel that way anymore. She had friends, four of them as close to her as sisters almost. There was no reason to start dipping into the past. Standing, Makoto headed for the kitchen to pour herself something to drink but stopped halfway to the door. Her sudden movement had caused her towel to fall off. Blushing, the brunette quickly grabbed a large oversized green sweater from her dresser before stepping out into the main area of her apartment. She had just entered the kitchen when the phone rang. She quickly answered it, "Moshi Moshi?"


Mamoru held the gift card from the Kawaii Beauty Salon in his hands as he sat on the side of his bed. He knew he should get to the math competition early to surprise Usagi with her gift. Today, he was going to fix things between them. Yet, he still hesitated. He was unsure of himself, which wasn't normal. He was always self-confident. Why start doubting now? It was as if a dark cloud had descended on his weekend. 

Picking up the phone, he called Usagi. Her mother answered and explained that she had already left for the competition with Ami.

'Figures,' he thought as he hung it up in frustration. They hadn't made plans to attend the competition together, so why presume that she would be waiting for him? 'Perhaps I can pick up some flowers to go with my gift. I have a good excuse too. I can buy something for Ami as a good luck gift.'

This time, Mamoru dialed Makoto's number. She sounded out of breath when she answered.

"Did I catch you at a bad time, Makoto?"

Mamoru quickly explained his idea of getting flowers for both Usagi and Ami. He needed Makoto's help choosing something the girls would like.

"After we're done, I can take us to the math competition. We shouldn't be too late if we leave now. What do you say?"


Michiru moves slowly like a zombie as if she had not slept well. The nightmares that she'd had made her feel even more tired than she had felt even before going to bed. She shrugs off her clothes and with a big yawn and a bit of skull scratching through her messy hair, she goes into the shower with a prayer that it will help wash away her tiredness and remaining feelings from the nightmares. She feels the tension and nightmare memories fade away as she washes her hair. "Oh, that feels better, and if the coffee tastes as good as it smells, I think I'll be feeling like myself in no time." 

Stepping out after turning off the water, she towel dries her hair and wraps another towel around her body, tucking in a edge so it wouldn't fall down. She quickly finishes up in the bathroom and puts on some underwear before leaving to go over to the coffeemaker.

She smiles a little as she reads the note from Haruka, "So, it is breakfast in bed, hmm? I can't wait." There is a twinkle in her eyes as she thinks about it for a few moments until the smell of the coffee reminds her why she was standing there in the first place. She picks up a mug with a picture of an ocean wave on it and the words "Michiru" on the side. With one hand, she pours herself a steaming hot cup of coffee. After putting it back into the coffeemaker, she puts in a bit of cream and sugar, stirring it all together with a spoon before slowly and cautiously sipping it, so that it wouldn't burn her lips. 

Thankfully the coffee had cooled enough while in the shower that it was just perfect and she lets out a sigh and a loud, "Aaaahh, that's just what I needed this morning." She turns around and sips more of her coffee as she walks back to the bedroom to see what she should wear for the math competition since it was Friday. She glances at the cobalt blue dress that she had hanging for tomorrow and her concert. The mere thought of it gave her anxiety as she knew she would have to deal with her problems then. At least in here, she felt... safe and was able to relax some. She picks out a lovely black dress with white polka dots and a matching white scarf for around the neck.


Rei got out of bed this morning very sleepy. She had been doing a lot of extra work at the temple as of late. It was not that she had to do it. It was just that she wanted to. Rei had many thoughts about the past events that have just happen. Moreover, the last attack had made her worry about her skills. She had a few bruises that had been hurting her for a few days. Grandpa and the others had also seen that she was acting differently since the festival. They wanted to ask what she was upset about, but Rei would snap at them and not tell anyone. She was very worried about Usagi more than anything else that she was concerned with though...

Rei left to fix breakfast for everyone, as she usually did. She saw that the food was already cooked and set out on the table for her. Rei was a bit surprised at all of this. She then when into the kitchen and saw that the kitchen was not a mess.

“Gee what is going on here?” Rei said to herself aloud.

She then walked out to the temple. She had her pajamas still on and the early morning air lightly gave little shivers over her skin. She looked at the top of the step of the temple and saw that Grand-pa was in meditation. She ran up the steps very quickly. 

“Ummm Grandpa...you cooked this morning, you and Yuchiro? You also cleaned the kitchen. What is going on?” Rei asked with a smile on her face. She started to shiver because of the cold air and wrapped her arms around herself. Yuchiro saw that she was cold and got up from meditation to give her his coat. 

“Rei, my dear child...you have done so much for us these past few weeks. Well…let us just say it is time for us to do things to make things easier for you. How is you injury doing?” Grandpa asked calmly.

“I’m doing a lot better. Thank you...the both of you?” Rei really did not know what to say after that moment. Then her grandpa said that he received a letter from her father. 

“Father sent me a letter?” She said taking it. “I will read it later on. I have to hurry up, eat, and leave soon. Ami-chan's math competition is today.” 

After that, Rei left the temple. Yuichiro quickly stopped her.

“Ummm, Rei, if you would let me, can I take you there today? Then you will not have to walk or catch the bus.” 

Rei looked at him and shook her head. “The way you both are acting is like since I have been hurt that I can’t take care of myself anymore. In addition, I telling you now...you dead wrong. I’m not a..."

“It’s not like that Rei-chan! I just thought it would be nice to take you there. It's just a friendly gesture...I’m not suggesting anything.” Yuichiro insisted.

“Fine! I will let you take me.” Then Rei walked off to eat and get ready. She put the letter in her purse as she put on her school uniform. Afterward, she got into the car with Yuichiro as they left to go to Juuban Middle School.


Holding the phone to her ear, Makoto listened as Mamoru explained his plans, nodding more out of reflex than to show agreement. "Sounds good to me." she said once he'd finished. "I can be ready in about five minutes, I'll meet you on the sidewalk by my apartment." That set, Makoto said her goodbyes and hung up the phone. She poured a cup of coffee from the pot she had brewed while on the phone and drank it black. It was terribly bitter but helped finish waking her up while she got dressed in a pair of hip hugging blue jeans and another oversize light sweater. After putting her hair up in its usual ponytail and securing it with her beaded tie, the brunette grabbed her small purse and slipped on her shoes before walking out of her apartment.

A quick check to make certain the door was locked and Makoto headed down the steps spotting Mamoru's car along the way and making a quick dash for the sidewalk. She smiled and waved to the young man as she made her way to the car. The passenger side was unlocked and she climbed in. "Morning," she said to him.


Setsuna was awake thirty minutes before her alarm went off. She turned off the alarm, took a quick shower, and got dressed. Setsuna dressed in a hot pink leopard print strapless top that was cut low in the back. She also wore shorts that matched the top and made it look like she was wearing a one piece. The outfit was one of her own designs. She then put on a pair of Louis Vuitton black high heels that were perfect for summer. 

After having breakfast, she got a Christian Dior bag that coordinated with the outfit. She put on a pair of Chanel sunglasses and headed out the door. She took a cab to the middle school.


Hotaru turned in her bed again. She had a hard time sleeping last night after leaving the apartment. Thoughts of the new enemy plagued her amongst other things. It was normal for her to be lost in thought, but today took the cake.

She heard her cellphone ringing. Hotaru groaned as she let it go to her voice mail.

“Oy, Hotaru-chan! It’s Haruka. I’m in the area doing a few errands. If you need a ride to Juuban, give me a call. Ja Ne!”

She opened her eyes again as she checked the clock that was near one of her many purple lamps. She was sure that it was still early in the morning, but it was her eyes playing tricks on her again.


She heard a knock at her door.

“Hotaru-chan, are you awake?”

Go away Kaori...Hotaru thought to herself when she heard that voice. That woman would come into her room to make sure she wasn’t ignoring her. 

“I made breakfast. It will be in the living room.”

Why the living room? Hotaru asked herself as she heard Kaori’s footsteps disappear. She sighed as she sat up. That women made it impossible to go back to sleep. She probably made that food for otou-san (father). 

Hotaru let out a small yawn as she took the cellphone from her desk and dialed Haruka’s number. She would have to be the one to take her to the math competition if he was to avoid going on the bus again.

Maybe I’d see that boy again, Hotaru thought but then quickly shot the idea down as she waited for Haruka to pick up.

Tailum (MadelynnAshlee)

Zocite sat before the vanity in the manison that he shared with Kunzite. ‘I look perfect’ he said to himself after taking the last 20 minutes primping himself, so he could look his best, even if he was working at a math festival instead of spending his time admiring the lovely talents of Michiru Kaioh and cuddling with his sweetie, who walked behind him wearing nothing but a towel. He heard the shower start in the next room. Zoicite pictured Kunzite naked with water running down and glishing on his body. Zoicite felt his pants tighten at the thought of that. He momentarily thought about jumping in the shower with him but decided against it because it would mess up his hair and there was not time to redo it. He sighed to himself. ‘I will just have to rub one off.’ He unzipped his pants. His manhood was throbbing at the thoughts and pictures that were running through his mind. The shower shut off twenty minutes later just as Zoicite screamed his pleasure, a loud one so his honey would hear him. Kunzite came out of the shower; he walked over to Zoicite and gave him a kiss on top of his head. Zoicite took his hand and ran it underneath Kunzite’s towel as he rubbed Kunzite's length. Kunzite began to succumb to his temptation, but he jumped out of Zoicite’s reach. “Later love,” he said to Zoicite as he went and got dress.


The stuff for the booth was packed safely in the back. Zoicite was listening to the music of Michiru Kaioh. Kunzite did not approve of Zoicite’s sudden fascination with the girl, but he eventually gave in and allowed Zoicite to listen to her music in the van. ‘I wonder if she got the flowers and candy I sent,’ he thought. ‘I will send her another bouquet before her performance tomorrow.'

It was a warm day, and the parking lot was full of students and parents getting ready for the math competition. After lugging all of the food and materials from the van to the booth, Zoicite's hair had fallen flat. He desperately wanted to fix it, but he knew he would have to sneak off for a few minutes to do so. There just wasn't any time with all the customers. For the time being, he would concentrate on making the booth looked great. ‘I wonder where Jadiete is?’ he thought. He looked over at Kunzite who was working hard on putting the sushi rolls out. He reached over and gave him a little squeeze on his butt; he was smiling from ear to ear.


Idly walking through the grocery isle, Haruka wondered what she had gotten herself into. She was never much of a chef, and she was beginning to second guess her decision to cook for Michiru this morning. Just my luck, she thought, picking up a loaf of Michiru’s favorite bread and placing it into her basket.It’s too late now. Michiru is counting on me.

As she took a turn, she was unaware of the brunette store clerk nearby and bumped into her. A few of the items she had placed on the shelf fell to the floor; luckily nothing was broken.

“Ara, Ara! (Whoops!)” the petite clerk said, scampering after the food merchandise.

“Oh! Excuse me,” Haruka began, helping her retrieve a can that had rolled by her foot. “Gomen, I wasn’t paying attention.”

“It’s alright,” the girl replied, frantically. “I’m just trying to quickly finish my shift; I made plans to go out with friends today.” The brunette looked up at Haruka and her cheeks flushed. Her hair was in a neat ponytail secured with a purple bandana. “Thank you,” she said smiling, taking the can Haruka had picked up and placing it on the shelf.

What a cute looking girl, Haruka thought, looking at her name tag. Maybe she could help me pick out something for Michi… As a smile appeared on her face, Haruka was unaware that she was making the girl blush.

“I’m Ayame by the way,” the clerk said. “Is there anything I can help you with?”

“I was hoping you’d say that,” Haruka said with a chuckle, her flirtatious charm turning on automatically. “I’m making breakfast, but…I’m not much of a chef.” She rushed the last part of her sentence.

Ayame grew excited. “I can help. What are you planning on making?”

“I’m not sure. I’m not much a breakfast eater. Usually coffee or tea and toast helps me start my day.”

Ayame chuckled nervously. “Well…that makes it difficult if you don’t know what you want to make.”

Haruka grinned, but her eyes looked sad. “I know. I just wanted to make something special for someone to help cheer them up.” 

“Oh, how thoughtful of you,” Ayame gushed. “You’re friend is very lucky.”

“Actually, it’s for my girlfriend,” Haruka admitted, unaware of the how the clerk’s shoulders dropped at hearing she was no longer single.

“Your girlfriend is very lucky to have her man cook for her,” she said dreamily, hiding her disappointment. Haruka pretended she didn’t hear the girl refer to her as a ‘man.’

“Miss Ayame,” Haruka began, leaning her elbow against the shelf. “What would you suggest? I’m sure a cute girl like yourself knows what foods sophisticated women would like.”

The girl blushed and giggled feverishly. “Oh I don’t know…maybe. Come this way, I’ll help you make the perfect meal!”


As Haruka drove home, she was surprised at how much food she had bought. She wasn’t sure if everything that was selected was necessary but she was going to make the most of it and prepare the best meal she could for Michiru. Maybe some of the foods could be made for dinner…

As she pulled into the parking lot, she looked up, seeing their bedroom window had been opened. Michiru must be awake already; I was hoping to have the meal prepared before she woke up.

Entering the apartment, she called to her lover, “Michiru-san, I’m home!” With her arms full of groceries, she closed the door with her shoulder; setting the bags on the counter. Haruka could tell Michiru had already been downstairs. Her note had been moved and the coffee pot half-way empty. Time to get to work, she thought as she quickly began unpacking the foods. Setting her white blazer on the back of the table chair, Haruka heated a skillet on the stove and began making her meal.

She heard a slight buzzing from the distance; her telephone was vibrating in her blazer pocket. Setting down the two empty plates on the counter, she quickly answered it. “Hai, moshi-moshi (Yes, hello)! Oh? Hatoru-chan?” She paused as she listened to the girl on the other end. “Actually I’m in the middle of making breakfast for Michi…” Haruka chuckled, “Well, I hope it turns out well. Anyway, we can pick you up after we have breakfast…Ja ne.”

Twenty-five minutes later, Haruka had completed her meal for Michiru. She looked down at the plate she had made proudly. It consisted of broiled salmon pieces, tamogoyaki (rolled omelet) and steamed rice. She added strips of nori on the side. Yatta (I did it), Haruka thought as she placed the food carefully on a tray and carried it up the stairs to their bedroom. She knocked on the door. 

“Michiru-chan, breakfast is ready.”


Jadeite awoke with a smile on his face. Last night had been more than pleasurable; it had be down right excellent. He rolled over on his back, placing his hands behind his head. He sighed silently to himself as he thought about the events of the night before with Minako. He did not like that he was seeming so weak around her, and that he wanted her so badly.

‘She must be a virgin,’ he thought to himself. He always enjoyed being someone’s first due to the feeling and response of the girls. ‘I bet that is it,’ he said to himself. 

He reached over to his cell phone. He looked at the time. He had a message from Nephrite, who requested that they meet in 90 minutes from now at his place. ‘Busy morning,’ he thought to himself as the looked over at Aiko.

Aiko was still sleeping in his bed; he could see the outline of her naked body through the silk sheet. The thought of her naked under the silk sheets bought him to attention once again. He knew he had a few minutes to spare before he had to go meet Nephrite over at his mansion. He rolled to his side and begin to play with her breasts. Aiko made some pleasurable sounds before saying, “Wasn’t I enough for you last night?”

Jadiete just smiled in response.


Jadeite was now on the road headed toward Nephrite’s. He had chosen to drive a black convertible Ford Mustang. The beauty about his condo was that he had unlimited parking space where he could park his vast array of cars. After his meeting with Nephrite, he had to go meet Minako and take her to breakfast and then it was off to the math competition. He hoped there was some eye-candy to look at while the mundane competition was going on. 

He reached Nephrite’s with a few minutes to spare. He got out of the car and rang the door bell. Nephrite answered.

“We have a problem,” Jadeite said. “Zoicite is going to blow our cover with his continued stalking of that music girl. Kunzite is blind to the matter.”

Nephrite shook his head in agreement. “I agree he has gone overboard. The Queen will not be happy, and she might punish us with these earring she is making us wear.” Jadeite shook with the thought of what happened the last time the Queen had used the earrings.

“We need a plan,” Jadeite said. With that the two went into the house to discuss what they should do about Zoicite.


After the meeting with Nephrite, Jadeite headed over to Minako’s. The plan that they had worked out would be sufficient. He knew that Zoicite would not suspect a thing because Zoicite was oblivious to anything that Jadeite did.

He gave Minako a call letting her know he was outside. Kerry Hilson’s Knock you Down song was on the radio. He listened to the lyrics as he waited for Minako to come out. The song was irritating but he listened to it until Minako reached the car. Then, he turned off the radio.

“Ready to ride?”


Ami’s alarm went off at 6:30 am Saturday morning; of course Ami had been pouring over her notes much earlier. She wanted to get in as much studying time as possible for the big event. She knew the material like the back of her hand, but it never hurt to study just in case she had over looked something. She wanted to make a good impression on the admission people of the various colleges who would be in attendance. Plus, the event was being sponsored by a college that she wanted very much to go to-- Keio University. She knew that there would be people from this university there, and she wanted to make a good impression.

Ami’s mom had to work the morning of the competition, but she reassured Ami that she would be there later to watch her little scholar in action at the competition. Ami’s father, like always, could not make the competition because he was out of town showing his art work. He had sent her a Omamori (protection) key chain, which she placed in her pocket. She went down and ate a small breakfast before cleaning up and getting ready to meet Usagi, who probably overslept making them late.

She said smiling to herself, ‘What are friends for?' She was very thankful that she had friends she could count on.

Surprisingly, Usagi was up and alert by the time Ami got her house. They walked to the bus stop where Usagi had given Ami the crescent moon hair pieces. Ami was touched by her friend's generosity; she would have to find a bathroom and put them in her hair. They laughed and talked on the way to the school. Usagi and Luna left Ami at the sign-in table. Ami gave her friend a hug, and then went to sign in. She wasn’t nervous at all; she was ready to kick some butt. 

After signing in, Ami headed toward the bathroom were she placed the gifts Usagi had given her on both sides of her head. She blushed as she looked into the mirror. She had never really given a thought to her hair or fashion, but she fancied she would give it a try so she could impress Ryo. She blushed even more thinking about him. She left the bathroom with a pink face and headed in the direction of where the two teams were supposed to meet. Ryo was standing there talking to both teams, quizzing and lecturing them on how important this competition was. He turned and saw Ami as she approached the group; Ami gave a little wave and a smile. 

“Give them a break, Ryo. We don’t want them too nervous!” she said. “Why don’t you guys go get some breakfast, and we will meet here in ten minutes. Then, we will study some more.” The small group dispersed and then it was just was just Ami and Ryo.

“You look beautiful,” Ryo said. Ami blushed and giggled.

“Thank you. Would you like to go get some breakfast?”

Ryo took Ami’s hand and placed it through his arm. “Of course.”

The two walked arm and arm to the breakfast area.


Michiru's stomach growled after the announcement that breakfast was ready, and she knew that she had better listen to it. She assumed a sexy pose on the bed as she calls out to Haruka, "Come in then!" Her eyes close a little bit with a "come hither" look as she smiles a hungry smile when Haruka walks in, not really looking as she tries to keep the food from sliding on the tray.

She forces herself to keep from laughing as Haruka walks halfway to her and stops suddenly, seeing Michiru giving her an incredibly sexy look. Her eyes widening as she can see her girl start to blush and the fingers on the tray clearly weakening. 

So, Michiru hops off the bed and rushes superfast at her even as she feels the rumblings of her tummy giving her an extra bit of boost in the need department. She manages to catch the tray with her hands squeezing Haruka's so she wouldn't drop the food and bumps her body against the tray, trapping it between their bodies. She lets out a relieved sigh and can tell her tummy is thanking her by not arguing at that moment with a growl. Then again, it was probably because the tray was rather firmly pressed up against her stomach at the moment. 

Looking up from the tray, she meets Haruka's eyes. "I was so worried...I mean about you dropping the food and ruining all your hard work." At that moment her tummy growls quite loudly with a clear "FEED ME" message, yet it causes both girls to break out laughing.

Michiru smiles and says, "And because I was really, really hungry."


Haruka chuckled again as Michiru sat with the tray on her lap, smiling at the combination of foods that had been prepared. Looks like she’s feeling better, she thought smiling. “I hope you like it,” Haruka chimed as she watched Michiru take her first bite. She joined her lover on the bed beside her, rubbing her lower back. “It’s your favorite, ne?”

The woman nodded, smiling brightly. Haruka let out a small sigh looking at Michiru’s closet which looked as if she had rummaged through it. “Have you decided on what to wear?”

Haruka suddenly remembered something. “Oh! Before I forget, Hotaru wanted us to pick her up before we go to the math competition. I should ask Setsuna and see if she wants a ride as well.” Running her fingers though her lover’s hair for a moment, Haruka reached in her pocket for her cell phone to dial Setsuna’s number and send her a text message.

[Setsuna-san, we’re getting ready 2 leave soon 2 pick up Hotaru. Need a ride?]

Sliding her phone closed, she set it on top of the dresser before sitting beside Michiru again. Her arm snaked around the gentle woman’s waist. She chuckled again as Michiru tried to feed her a large spoonful of her breakfast. “I’ll let you finish getting ready love,” Haruka said, planting a kiss on Michiru’s forehead. “Meet you downstairs.”


Rei and Yuichiro made in to the parking lot of the high school. Yuichiro went over to the other side of the car and opened the door for Rei. He was doing his best to be very nice to her today because without her knowing, he was enjoying the time spent with her. Rei just thought it was a nice gesture. 

“It's a very bright, pretty morning today. Maybe...just maybe...it is a sign of good luck,” Rei said with a smile. 

“Did you get the good luck charm you had made for Ame-chan today,” Yuichiro asked locking the car. Then he offered his arm to her as they walked to the building.

“Oh my! I hope I did not forget it..” Rei looked in her bag and was starting to get upset. “Gee, I hope I find it. This is just my luck to lose stuff!” 

Rei looked and looked until she found it in the outside pocket of her bag. She let out a sigh of relief. They were just about at the building. Then Rei looked up and caught Yuichiro staring at her strangely. “Ummmm, why are you looking at me that way? What wrong? Is there something on my face?”

“No! No! No! It is nothing; it's nothing…ummm, let me get the door for you Rei.” Yuichiro's face got red as he opened the door for Rei and they went inside.


Usagi didn't make it to the food booth outside because she saw Rei and Yuichiro entering the gym. 

"Hey, Rei-chan!"

Usagi screamed really loudly and waved wildly at her friend before she lost the pair in the crowd. The gymnasium got really quiet, and Usagi turned a bright red.

"Umm....Sumimasen (sorry)..."

People turned back to what they were doing as Rei and Yuichiro walked up to Usagi.

"What's wrong with you? Why were you yelling so loudly?"

"I didn't want to lose you in the crowd! There are a lot of people here considering this is a MATH competition...yuck!"

"Yeah, I know what you mean...but you didn't have to embarrass us like that!"

"Gomen..." Usagi scuffed her feet as Luna rubbed against Rei, who picked the cat up and began to pet her.

"So, what should we all do? We might have some time for breakfast if you both are hungry. I say that Yuichiro should pay since he's a gentleman and all."


Mamoru sped to pick up Makoto. He didn't want them to be late to the math competition, but he was glad to have some female assistance with the flowers. Luckily, Makoto had just stepped out of her place when he pulled up. As she entered his car, he smiled warmly.

"Good morning, Makoto."

He didn't want her to discern how stressed out he was, especially since he wasn't sure Usagi had been talking with their friends about their relationship troubles. He made idle chatter with her as they drove around the corner to a nearby flower shop that Mamoru had found using his car's GPS unit. As he parked, he asked Makoto if she knew anything about the types of flowers Ami and Usagi would like. He held open the car door open before the pair walked up to the little shop.


Kunzite was walking around in his towel trying desperately not to tackle his lover who was looking very yummy in front of his vanity. Kunzite had been frustrated by Zoicite's focus on Michiru and the fact that he was being kept in the dark. Plus, he enjoyed making love at least once per day in order to truly be physically satisfied.

'Taking a cold shower will help with this problem.'

Kunzite took his time in the shower because he knew it was going to be a really disgusting day serving food for all the humans at the math competition. Just the thought of it made him shiver with revulsion. 

'I can't believe all the PR the queen expects us to do...it's so distasteful...'

As he turned off the water, he heard Zoicite scream with pleasure.

'Damn, looks like Zoicite kept himself busy while I was taking a shower.'

Kunzite quickly dried off and then walked into the next room of their mansion to find his lover who was still sitting in front of the vanity cleaning his lower regions off. Kunzite smiled because he was always happy when his lover was physically sated. He came over and dropped a rather chaste kiss on the top of Zoicite's head. Zoicite turned around and groped under Kunzite's towel.


Kunzite moaned as he quickly began hard with his lover's gentle ministrations. Remembering himself and the fact that they needed to get to the middle school, Kunzite pulled away even though every part of his body wanted to take his lover right there against the vanity mirror. Thankfully, his cell phone began to ring. The caller id took away his hard on.

"My queen?"

“Kunzite,” she spoke, “I need you and the guys to bring a few crates of sushi, rice, udon noodles, and chicken. Also, make sure you bring a few fire stoves and some pots.”

'Shit. Better make sure I wear clothes I don't mind getting dirty.'

"Yes, my queen. We will use the work van, so we have enough room in a vehicle. Then, we will only need to make one trip to get the supplies to you."

She listened to Kunzite's response and then stated, “I have two boxes of mochi, but I don't think that will last. Get here ASAP.”

Kunzite grabbed a pair of faded blue jeans, threw on a white t-shirt that clung to his muscled chest, and then tied his work boots. The last item he put on was his wig. Since he would be doing most of the heavy lifting so Zoicite didn't get dirty, he brought two more replacement shirts. 

"Let's hit the road, Zoi!"


After stopping at the salon to get the work van, it took Kunzite and Zoicite a record time of 15 minutes to get all the necessary supplies. Of course, Queen Perillia was not pleased with how long they took. As she ushered them about with setting up and getting the supplies ready for cooking. Kunzite had dressed in a spare, light blue, short sleeved shirt with a different white shirt underneath. He was really distracted and barely noticed that Zoicite had squeezed his ass.

'Where the hell is Nephrite? We could use the extra help since Jadeite took the day off...of all days...'


Nephrite waited impatiently for Jadeite. He needed to speak to the idiot before he went to Juuban Middle School. He knew the others must be really pissed off at him because was going to be late, but it couldn't be helped. This matter needed to be taken care of before they all got punished again. The doorbell announced the arrival of Jadeite. Nephrite led them into a morning room where tea, coffee, and cakes had been setup next to a small window. The two sat down and began to discuss how Zoicite's stalking of the music girl was going to affect them all.

"It might be best to come clean with Queen Perillia. She will reward us for trusting her judgement with this issue," Nephrite mentioned

"No, that won't work. She will still punish us all to show that we are equal in her eyes," Jadeite complained. It was obvious that he didn't agree with this equality theory.

"What if we just ignored them?" Nephrite asked.

"But the power of information...maybe we could sabotage Zoicite's plans if we further understand what all the stalking is leading to."

"That's a good idea," Nephrite nodded. "Perhaps, I can try and pump some information out of Kunzite today when we are working the booth."

"Sounds good," Jadeite agreed. "Text me any information you discover."

Nephrite saw Jadeite out before he left to the middle school. No one really chewed him out because the place was already bustling with a ton of people, but he did receive a lot of cold looks from both Kunzite and Zoicite. In fact, Zoicite was eying him rather suspiciously.

'I hope he doesn't uncover that we are onto his little scheme.'


OOC: Thanks for the patience, everyone! It's good to get the RPG up again! Here is some important details about Friday and the math competition:

Current Time: Anywhere from morning to lunch. It will be this time frame for a couple of weeks before we move onto Lunch and the later parts of the math competition, especially since so many of us are still having breakfast! 

The math competition will start at 10am in smaller classrooms. Once tests are taken, it will be Lunch. That gives the judges time to determine the high score winners from the different middle schools. Once this is determined by 2pm, the top students from each school will compete in the gym on stage for a Jeopardy type finale in teams. Details about who and what schools are in the competition, as well as who makes it for the final round, can be created by anyone, especially if you want to use some already established supporting characters or if you want to create some new side characters for our Sailor Moon universe. Otherwise, I can take care of some of those details if you like. I imagine that Empress and Rose will have a lot of input in this regard since after breakfast, you all will be spending a lot of time test-taking/moderating the tests. Shoot me a private message on IMVU if you have any concerns, questions, etc.

Minako was wearing blue jeans and a white tank top, perfect attire for another romantic and gripping motorcycle ride. She was waiting for Ryu to pick her up and telling Artemis that he would have to make his own way to the middle school.

"Well, why didn't you tell me before? I'm sure Usagi and Luna could have given me a lift."

"My mind has been on other things, Artemis..."

"Yeah, boys!" Artemis glared at her one more time before heading out on his own.

"Well, what did he expect? For me to bring a cat on my date? I mean...really..."

Minako finished brushing her long hair before she clipped her traditional red bow on the back of it. Her phone rang, and she eagerly picked it up.

"Moshi, Moshi!"

"I'm here and waiting, babe."

"Ok, see you in a minute."

Minako added one more glossy layer to her hot red lipstick. 

'Hopefully, this color shows that I want to be kissed after today's date.'

She put the lipstick and gloss into her small white purse that contained money and other necessities. She was surprised to see a black Ford Mustang waiting for her as she walked toward her Ryu.

"Ready to ride?"

"Sure," she got inside and looked around eagerly. "I didn't realize you had more than one vehicle! This is such a nice car! I wish I had known we were taking a car, and I would have worn something fancier than jeans and a tank top. I hope you don't mind my casual attire."

Minako sat back into the soft cushions as she got comfortable. It was going to be a wonderful day.


Yuichiro got a bit embarrassed when he was asked to buy lunch. “Yeah, sure I will. It would be my pleasure to buy it.” He really wanted to do his very best to impress Rei, and this was his chance to do it. “So, what shall it be ladies?” He said with a bright smile on his face.

“Hmm, there's a café down the road where we can pick up something and come right back. I hope there will be enough time to do it.” Rei looked at her watch. It was still a little early. “Come on Usagi-chan! I heard that this café has the best Iced Coffee, and I really could use some cause I’m still tired. It was a long night.”

Yuichiro stared at Rei for a while when she was talking. He was very worried about her habits of late, and he was really afraid for her. His facial expression changed to a concerned look. Then, Rei turned and looked at him. She was still holding Luna and petting her soft fur. 

“Yuichiro-chan! What is wrong with you! You are looking at me strange again.” Rei said to him, with a look of curiosity on her face. 

“It's nothing..Shall we go ladies?” he asked, trying to change the subject.


Setsuna was in the taxi when she heard her phone ring. She read Haruka's text and sent this reply: "I am already on my way to the competition, but I will need a ride home."

She arrived at the school at 9:10 am. Setsuna went and picked up her schedule from the head judge. She saw that she would be moderating and administering the first round for the host middle school. Setsuna would also be hosting in the final round of competion. At 9:20 she walked into the room where the first round of competition would be then took a seat at the chair that was reserved for her. 

Then at 10:00 sharp, she walked to the lecture stand. "Good morning everyone and welcome to the first round of the Math Competition. Right now staff is passing out your test. Once you receive it, do not open it till I instruct you to do so. Anyone opening their test right now will be automatically disqualified. Calculators are premitted for this competition until the final round. You have one hour to complete the test. Good luck and you may now begin," Setsuna annouced in a clear loud voice. She then went back to her seat. While watching the clock and the contestants effortlessly, she read Candice Bushnell's Lipstick Jungle.


When Rei mentioned the cafe with some iced coffee, Usagi got really excited. It had to be better than the food they were serving at the food booth outside the gym. Plus, it had been a long time since she had iced coffee. The caffeine was sure to make her hyper, but she could use the extra energy, especially since Mamoru would be attending the math competition. Just the thought of dealing with him made her feel drained. 

"If you're worried about the time, Rei-chan...we could always go to the food booth sponsored by the Kawaii Beauty Salon, but I doubt the food will be as good there as it will be at this wonderful cafe you are talking about."

Before Rei could respond, Yuichiro and Rei began to fight a little. 

'Why is he looking at her so weird? Seems like this is a constant problem between the two of them...Maybe he likes her!'

Usagi got all excited at the thought of playing matchmaker with the two of them. She bumped Yuichiro so his body brushed against Rei's.

"Maybe he was thinking that he would prefer to spend alone time with you, Rei...I wouldn't want to be a third wheel or anything."

She began to wiggle her eyebrows at the pair in a suggestive manner. Just because she was miserable with her love life didn't mean everyone needed to be,

'He is so painfully shy, though. Hooking them two up will be like pulling teeth,' Usagi thought as she took Luna from Rei so that her friend had her hands free in case she wanted to hold Yuichiro's as they walked to get breakfast. Of course, they would have to decide where they had time to to go to first.

"You know, I think the first portion takes place mainly in smaller classrooms until lunch time, so we might not miss too much if we are late from the cafe. Ami will probably have breaks in between the tests, so we might want to be here to support her. I gave her a good luck charm already to help out too. Didn't you bring her a charm from your temple, Rei? Maybe we should find her before we eat in case we miss her during the breaks."


Hotaru jolted out of bed realizing that she was going to oversleep. She wondered why didn't wake her up when she passed out again. Then again, it was better if she didn't wake her.

She got a text from Haruka asking her when she needed to be picked up. Hotaru really didn't have that much time before the math tournament started so she texted: I'll be ready in ten minutes. Please wait for me.

Kaori was nowhere to be seen but breakfast was waiting for her on the table. It was a simple bowl of rice and some tea. 

At least she got that right, Hotaru thought to herself bitterly. She didn't really have time to shower and do the essential, so she did what she could. She took a few bites from the bowl and drank all the tea before rushing back to her room. 

She finished in a record time of eight minutes. As she grabbed her cellphone and prepared to leave, she noticed that her father left his laboratory. He was talking in such a gentle tone to Kaori that it disgusted her. Hotaru was able to leave the house without them noticing. 

As she waited outside of her house, she let her mind wonder. She couldn't wait to see her new friends.


“Finally!” Peri gasped as she finished handing out the last batch of mochi. “Where the hell have you two been!? Customers are waiting, and we just finished selling our last item of food.”

Kunzite immediately apologized as both he and Zoicite placed the boxes of food in the booth area. To Perillia, the two seemed quieter than usual. She noticed the other two servants were missing, but did not have time to discuss about it with the Kunzite and Zoicite. The people surrounding the booth noticed the new cases of food and quickly formed a line. I don't know what the boys are up to, she thought to herself, but I will find out. Then it hit her, Jadeite had asked to have the day off. So the question remained, where was Nephrite and what was he up to? 

Just as Per was about do dive deeper into the question, a young girl, first in line, politely interrupted, “Excuse, Miss Peri, are those bento boxes?”

“Why yes,” Peri responded with a smile and soft tone, “these are our special K.S. Bento Box. Along with the box, you get a coupon for a free product at our beauty salon. Of course, the coupons have been randomly added with one coupon that allows a person to have an entire make-over.”

No sooner was Peri's explanation overheard than a flood of women and young girls surrounded the booth in hopes of obtaining that lucky coupon.


The money had continued to role until the last bento box was sold around the lunch hour. A young mother had been the lucky holder of the coveted make-over coupon. Perillia had become exhausted from all of her hard work. Sometime after the delivery, Kunzite and Zoicite had slipped away from her sight, leaving the redheaded woman to fend for herself. Though she wanted to be angry at them, her tiredness forced her to close the booth and head back to her car where she fell into a deep sleep.

She had never been this tired before. It was as though she had, in someway, become weaker. Even in her dreams, she felt tired as she laid against an oak tree watching the sun set. She could feel a soft breeze caress her tender skin. A sweet berry scent filled the air. Then a shadow appeared and spoke to her with familiar masculine voice. At that moment, she awoke in her car to the announcement of the 2pm math competition.


Haruka waited in the car for Michiru to get dressed when she received a text from Hotaru and Setsuna. When Michiru arrived, Haruka was relieved, not only because she looked like she was in better spirits, but she had on a pretty pastel dress that clung to her curves just right. “Where are you headed looking so beautiful, Michi?” Haruka teased as she started the ignition.

Michiru ran her fingers though her silky hair and chuckled. “I’m surprised you noticed. You never know, I might meet someone special,” she added with a wink. Haruka scoffed, as she backed out of their parking space onto the road. “In that case, there are plenty of cute girls at this school—“

“Honestly Haruka-chan…”


When the two women arrived at the Tomoe resident, Hotaru was already waiting outside. Haruka smiled. “Someone looks happy today.” 

The smaller girl smiled. “Haruka-sempai! Michiru-sempai!”

“Ready to go?” Haruka asked as Hotaru closed the door to the back seat. She nodded, smiling.


Where are we supposed to meet everyone? Haruka wondered as the three of them walked from the parking lot to the school. Haruka remembered most of the buildings from the previous times she had visited the campus. She looked at her watch. Looks like the competition may have already started and still no sign of-- Haruka looked across the street seeing a familiar pair of blond pigtails. A sense of calm came over her. Koneko-chan. When she stopped in her tracks, Michiru and Hotaru followed her gaze. Haruka could see the pretty priestess senshi and the unshaven apprentice as well. She lifted her hand and waved coolly, as one hand rested in her pocket; it looked like they were heading back to the campus and had seen them.


Usagi, Rei, and Yuichiro finally decided to go across the street to the cafe since they didn't see anyone else they knew. Plus, the line at the food booth was long. Rei seemed tired, and Usagi noticed that she still had bruises that were healing from the tsunami escapade. They hadn't confirmed whether there was a new evil presence in Tokyo to explain the Red Moon and the tsunami because of all the school finals. Hopefully after the competition, they would have more time for Senshi business. 

'Gee, that Yuichiro is kinda weird...he keeps looking at Rei funny. He must really like her or something. Maybe he's worried about her...' Usagi wondered about Mamoru and whether he was worrying about her at all.

At the coffee shop, Usagi ordered an iced vanilla latte. With her first sip, she exclaimed, "YUMMY!" She spoke loudly again, and Rei gave her an evil glare. Yuichiro just looked embarrassed. "Well, you weren't kidding, Rei-chan! This drink is amazing." Usagi bummed a cookie from Yuichiro despite Rei's protests not to get her one. Usagi was just happy that she didn't have to pay because she forgot her money. After everyone got their orders, they walked back toward Juuban. Standing near an unpopulated part of the campus, Usagi spotted Haruka, Michiru, and Hotaru looking around. Haruka spotted them at about the same time and waved at them.

"Look, Rei! It's our newest friends."

Usagi skipped over to the small group. By this time, she had finished her cookie and had about half of her vanilla coffee left. 

"Ohayo (hello)!" Usagi exclaimed. "So far, this math competition is a bit boring. There's not much for us spectators to do until the 2pm final round. Then, it's going to be on the big stage, and we get to be in an audience like Jeopardy." 

Usagi slurped her drink until it was dry; the coffee was starting to make her really hyper, so she was bouncing around a bit. "Maybe I shouldn't have drank this..."

"Don't worry, you'll crash soon enough. Then, we'll have to worry about you sleeping and snoring during the final round." Rei rolled her eyes.

"Argh! That's going to be embarrassing! Someone better make sure I don't do that..."

The group walked over to a picnic bench that had freed up since the food booth was temporarily shut down. The workers were taking a break. Usagi threw away her empty cup. Some people had already gone inside to claim seats for the final round while others were milling about. It was a beautiful day, and Usagi was enjoying the sun on her skin. In fact, she was already beginning to feel sleepy. She couldn't really doze off, though, cause she kept wondering about the others who weren't here yet, like Makoto, Minako, and Mamoru...especially Mamoru and Minako.

'I wonder what they are doing,' she thought sadly as her happy smile turned into a frown. 'Maybe on another date,' she thought bitterly.


Nephrite didn't realize that his queen hadn't noticed his arrival until she gripped his arm tightly and pulled him aside. 

"So nice of you to join us, Nao," she said between clenched teeth. "You and I might need to have a chat after the day's over..." And with a bright smile, she returned back to work.

'Just great,' Nephrite thought in annoyance. 'I've got enough to worry about without getting chewed out by Queen Perillia.'

He understood why she was so stressed, though. The crowd never dissipated because there wasn't much to do with the early rounds of the Math Competition being held behind closed doors. So, there was a constant stream of students, teachers, and community members assuaging their boredom with snacks. It didn't help that Queen Perillia had so many coupons and the hidden one for the complete make-over. It made the women hungrier as they swarmed around the booth like bees to a hive all wanting to get the coveted item. Nephrite didn't know how he did it, but he kept a smile plastered to his face despite the gross hair net him and the rest of the Shitennou were wearing. It was hot inside with all of them working in such a close proximity.

'I'm starting to think it's a good thing Jadeite isn't around. How could one more person have fit in here?'

As the crowd thinned out once the complete make-over was won, Nephrite managed to get Kunzite away from Zoicite.

"So, have you noticed how strange Zoicite's been acting when that musician is mentioned or being featured on the radio or news...?"

Kunzite feigned indifference, but Nephrite could tell that he was annoyed because he was clenching his teeth.

"I can't remember her name..." Nephrite pretended like he was thinking. "Oh yeah, it's Michiru...still don't remember her last name, but it doesn't matter. I'm just worried that the poor guy's finally lost it. You better keep an eye on him before our queen gets wind of whatever is going on..."

Kunzite tried to act as if he appreciated the advice and warning. "As Captain of the Shitennou, I have everything under control, Nephrite. Leave it to me." 

Kunzite walked away from the food booth pulling Zoicite with him. They left without Queen Perillia noticing. Nephrite was about to follow when he felt something hard clamp down on his shoulders. From the look of the shiny manicured nails, it was his queen.

"Where do you think you're going, Nao?"

"Uh, I thought it was break time."

"Not for you. You get to work through the break until we sell out of food." 

She didn't give any indication that she had seen the other two workers disappear, and Nephrite was not about to complain. He was already in a bad spot because his meeting with Jadeite had made him late.

'Damn,' he thought. 'This would have been the perfect time to gather information. It appears that Kunzite knows more than we thought about the whole stalking incident. He's covering for his boyfriend. Shit, we are so getting busted if they fuck up.'

Luckily, the food booth sold out of munchies right around 1:00pm, barely making it through the lunch crowd. People were heading into the theater for the final portion of the math competition. Queen Perillia and Nephrite began to tear down the booth since Kunzite and Zoicite had not resurfaced yet. They would join the crowd inside themselves because Queen Perillia's salon was awarding the winning school a cash prize to be used on educational materials. She would present the award on stage. Knowing this, Nephrite convinced the queen to lay down for a little bit. She needed to look her best for the presentation. She smiled gratefully at him before giving him the spare keys to the Kawaii Beauty Salon work van. 

'Where are those two losers,' he wondered in annoyance. Lugging everything by himself was hard work. He was making a mess out of his outfit too. 'If I have to go home to change, I swear I am going to punch a hole in that wall.' He eyed the classroom building with an intense hatred as he bent down to retrieve another load of dismantled crap.


Rei was talking with Yuichiro for a moment as they went over to the picnic area. 

“I’m glad that we went! I feel better now,” said Rei patting her stomach. 

“Yeah, I can tell...” Yuichiro said trying to hold back his laugh. “You have been putting away a lot of food away as of late. And you always say that Usagi eats a lot.”

“What! I know you just did not say that to me? So, what are you meaning by that remark?” says Rei staring at him.

“Nothing...you are looking a lot better actually, but you are eating a lot more,” he replied to her.

Rei’s mouth dropped by what he said. Moreover, he was giggling about it all. That was starting to make her mad. She lightly hit him on the shoulder like a kid would have, and then they both started to laugh.

Then she started to think about earlier when she bumped into him by accident before they all left. She fell forward, and he caught her quickly. This made her look at him closely into his eyes. Then at that moment he looked deeply into hers for a moment. He really did care a lot for her and by looking at him this way a strange feeling came over Rei. Rei quickly brushed it off and changed the subject about how flushed and embarrassed she was. Thinking about this made Rei start to blush all over again. Was she starting to have feelings for him?

'Yuichiro? No that can’t be happening...But what is this feeling? And those looks all the time...Does he have feelings for me? Oh my goodness...what will I do if he does???' 

“Um, Yui-chan. What is wrong? Why have u been so concerned about me?” Rei just could not take any more looks from him. She wanted to know what was wrong. 

“Rei, you've been hurt since the festival and tired all the time. You are just different from what you are usually like, and I’m concerned about you,” he said sighing.

“So that's why you and grandpa have been acting so strange. I am ok. Really I am. Everything is fine. You both worry too much about me…” Rei then looks away and went back to listening to the others in conversation.

' He's just concerned. It's nothing. It's not like...it's feelings or anything…'


"Blue Bearded Iris," Makoto answered instantly as she climbed out as well and followed Mamoru inside. She then smiled at him, "You should know Usagi's favorite flower by now; you use it to help her out every day." she added with a wink. She walked over to one of the counters and began looking at some of the packets of seeds and other items on display while Mamoru began talking with the florist. She spotted a pair of rose earrings similar to her own, but these were an ice blue color instead of rose pink. Tilting her head slightly, she picked the earrings off the display rack and moved over to the checkout counter. She spotted the clerk after a moment already bundling some roses and irises.

"How much time do we have left?" Makoto asked him quietly as she fished out some money to pay for the earrings.


Minako hopped into the car. She was wearing tight jeans and a form hugging tank top. ‘She looks REAL good,’ Jadiete said to himself. ‘That lipstick is an invitation waiting to happen.’ Aloud he told Minako that she looked beautiful and took her hand and brought it to his lips for a kiss. Afterward, he drove fast toward the auditorium. He glanced at Minako, who was enjoying the thrill of the speed. “Later I will take you somewhere where we can go a little faster," he said. They made it to the auditorium with time to spare. He got out and did the gentlemanly thing by opening her door. He held her hand while they visited various booth. He even bought her a souvenir. 

He spotted the food booth sponsored by Kawaii Beauty Salon. He steered Minako in that direction. “Hey fellas, how’s doing?” he said with a sinister grin on his face. He really loved to rub it in their faces that he was off for the day. In return to his question, he was flipped off by Zoicite. Kunzute told him to get lost, and Nephrite gave him a head nod. His Queen gave him a slight wave. He ordered a basket of food for both him and Minako, and then they took off.

While they ate he noticed that Minako was looking around for her friends. However it didn’t seem like she saw them. Jadiete got the whiff of Chanel No. 5, which reminded him of Aiko who would be waiting for him this evening…naked. The thought of her made him hard. He also thought of Minako and what he wanted to do to her, hopefully in the not to distant future. Jadiete spun Minako around and said, “I have been wanting to do this for a while now…” He leaned down and kissed her softly at first and then with more urgency. He could feel all of the stares as the two stood in the crowd kissing…


Mamoru knew Usagi's favorite flower, but he had wanted Makoto's advice just in case. He felt like everything that he once knew about her was changing because of his one date and kiss with Minako. He didn't trust himself anymore. 

"Yeah, I know. I'm just second guessing myself, Makoto." 

Mamoru asked the florist to get him a bouquet of the Blue Bearded Irises for Ami and then a dozen red roses for Usagi. He filled out the card for Usagi and sealed it. The message read:

I will always love you. Please forgive me.

He then wrote a quick message for Ami that read

Good luck at the math competition. Your always our number one.

He signed it and then passed it over to Makoto to sign. 

"We can get the others to sign it when we arrive. I don't think we have much time. We're missing most of the morning tests, which is the solo competition. From the scores of those tests, it will be determined which schools and which team members are competing for the Jeopardy round. I don't remember if there will be three or four final schools on stage in the auditorium, but I'm positive Juuban Middle School will be one of the lucky contenders. I also bet you that Ami will be one of the four finalists on stage for her school. She's just that good with her academics."

Mamoru noticed that Makoto was buying something extra, but he didn't comment on the purchase. It looked like blue rose earrings that matched the pair that Makoto was wearing. 

'Must be a gift for Ami,' he thought as the pair exited the florist and quickly made their way to his car. They got to the school as quickly as possible. There were still a lot of people milling about, but it looked like all the competing students were already inside taking their tests. Mamoru wasn't hungry for food, and the food booth looked swapped anyway. The pair made their way into the crowd and met up with Michiru, Haruka, Hotaru, Rei, Yuichiro, and the person Mamoru cared the most about-- Usagi.

"About time you showed up," Rei rolled her eyes. "Everyone is getting ready to head into the auditorium for the final round. 

"We were buying flowers, Rei. Here, sign Ami's card."

Everyone crowded around Makoto, who was holding the blue irises and the card. This gave Mamoru plenty of time to pull Usagi aside and present her the roses.

"And these are especially for you, Usako." 

She looked surprised as she took the roses from him. "I'm not competing, though..." He waited as she read the card. Her eyes welled up with tears.

"I have one final gift for you..." He pulled out the gift card to the Kawaii Beauty Salon. "You are my everything, Usagi-chan. You deserved to be treated like a princess. Let's not fight anymore."

Usagi nodded in agreement and hugged him tightly. As Mamoru hugged her, he saw two people kissing off in the distance. He narrowed his eyes as he recognized the salon worker and Minako.

'What the hell are those two doing?' He tightened his arms around Usagi. 

"Not so tightly, Mamo-chan..." Usagi groaned. He let go of her and turned away from the sight. It was none of his business what Minako did in her free time. Obviously, she had no problem getting over him and picking up a new beau.

"Here, Usagi. Sign Ami's card. She should be coming out soon, and we will all need to get out seats in the auditorium too. Anyone know where Minako is? She's the last person we need to sign Ami's card."

Mamoru nodded off into the distance. "I think she's on a date."

Everyone looked over and "awed" before Makoto took the card from Usagi to interrupt the kissing session to get Minako's signature. Usagi took Mamoru's hand and squeezed it. 

"I can't believe I was worried that you and Minako had a thing going on," she whispered. "I never should have doubted you."

"Don't worry about it, Usako. It's all in the past. Simple misunderstanding."

Everyone saw that students were filing out of the classrooms having just finished their individual tests. It looked like they already knew who was going on for the Jeopardy round because there were a lot of sad faces. Ami and Ryo walked out smiling and laughing.

"I knew they would make it," Usagi giggled as all of Ami's friends rushed up to congratulate her. Makoto held onto the irises to present them to her once everyone was done chatting.

"I'll go inside and save us all seats," Mamoru said as he walked away. He was in a foul mood, but he wouldn't let Usagi know the cause of it. He knew it was just his pride that was hurt, and that he didn't love Minako like he loved Usagi. The other thing he worried about though was the salon worker. He didn't think the man had honorable intentions, and he worried that Minako was looking at him through rose colored glasses.


Kunzite showed up at the now torn down Kawaii Beauty Salon booth with Zoicite in tow. 

"Where the hell have you two been?"

"None of your business," growled Zoicite.

"Enough you two," Kunzite calmly responded. "Come here, Nephrite. I have an extra shirt in the work van you can wear. That one looks horrendous."

"Yeah, I wonder why..." he muttered as he followed Kunzite to the parking lot.

"You're lucky I brought two dress shirts to replace the cooking one."

As Nephrite got a short sleeved blue dress shirt on, Kunzite noticed that Queen Perillia was sleeping in her car. He walked over and knocked on the window to awaken her. 

"The Jeopardy round is about to begin, my queen."

Nephrite threw Kunzite a short sleeved red dress shirt. It looked too formal with the blue jeans he was wearing, but Kunzite hadn't thought to bring replacement pants.

Tailum (MadelynnAshlee)

The booth was lively from start to finish. Even after they had run out of food people where still coming up to the booth requesting food and/or free sample products from the salon. Zoicite was teeming with joy; it was such a wondrous day and he knew he would run into his favorite star. He was in such a good mood, he didn’t care if Nephrite was late and that Jadiete had the day off. Jadiete did show up with that blonde haired girl from the salon. Out of habit Zoicite flicked him off when he said hello to the booth.

During the mad rush of people, Zoicite quietly snuck off to find the seat that Michiru Kaioh, would be seated in. However there we no seats marked so he put the basket with a card on the seat closest and center to the stage for he was sure that was where they would seat such a lovely creature. 

As he was leaving the auditorium, Kunzite, grabbed his arm and pulled him behind some tall trees and bushes where no one could see.

:What are you doing?,” Kunzite demanded.

“Nothing love…”

“Don’t lie to me…just don’t…”

Before Kunzite could finish his statement, he kissed Zoicite passionately. The kiss had so much love behind it that it threw Zoicite for a loop. It had been a long time since Kunzite had kissed Zoicite like this. Zoicite let himself fall into the kiss. God only knew how long they stood there kissing. After Kunzite broke from the kiss he said, “Know that I would die for you…please just be careful.”

Zoicite didn’t understand what would bring Kunzite to talk like this but he reassured him that he would. Before they left the secluded area, Zoicite unzipped Kunzite’s fly and lowered himself to his knees.


They returned to the booth which was already down. 

"Where the hell have you two been?," Nephrite said

"None of your business," growled Zoicite.


Rei was still fussing with Yuichiro. Then Makoto and Mamoru came up to them. Rei blushed slightly when she saw Mamoru.She had liked him for a very long time, but he never noticed her. Then as he looked at Rei, Yuichiro saw her blushing lightly on her face.

“Rei are you ok? It's just me.” 

“Whatever, Yui-chan," said Rei walking away from him. He just stood there fumbling with his fingers. She swung her hips side to side as she walk over to Mamoru and Makoto fussing at their late arrival. Yuichiro did have feelings for her and very deep ones, but Rei was not an easy person to talk to about these things too. He figured if he brought it up he would make matters worse. She might hate him or something worse. 

Meanwhile, Rei had her hands on her hips pretending to be mad at Mamoru and Makoto because they had just got there. However, it was all just in fun. She loved to be bossy and wave her finger around. She then heard from Mamoru that they went to get a card for Ami. Rei went to Makoto to see the card. She watched as Mamoru pulled Usagi away. It made her jealous, but she did not show it.

She sure is lucky. I’m glad that other stuff is over, though. Usagi-chan... Rei sighed. I need to be happy for them...that is best. 

“So Rei-chan, did you have a good breakfast?"

"We sure did! It was wonderful. We when to a little café..." Then Rei got distracted by Yuichiro. "Yui-chan! Get over here! And why are you mumbling?”

Then something had everyone’s attention that stopped Rei from rambling on.

“Ooo...Minako-chi!” Rei points at Minako. “Who is she kissing?” Rei said pulling at Makoto’s shirt.

Rei was ecstatic. The person was rather cute. In addition, this was just the chance she needed to find out some info.

“Hey, wait! Makoto-chan! I’m going over there with you!” She went over with Makoto to get the card signed. Rei was full of questions, and she thought it was good to give Usagi a break from her irritation and tease Minako instead. 

“So...Minako-chan...Who is the sexy man here?” Rei said with a grin. “And I saw you both kissing! What's going on, huh? Huh? Huh? Now don’t tell me you're getting a boyfriend on me. Gee, I wish I were you, Minako-chan, pulling all the hotties in!"

Then Rei saw what she was doing. All her nosiness and words were causing Minako to blush bright red. Rei quickly changed the subject.

“And isn’t this card lovely that Mamoru and Makoto got? I think the flowers are very pretty too! Don’t you think Ami will like it?”

Then as the group was talking in the lunch area, they saw the students enter the courtyard. Ami came up to them, and everyone started cheering.

“Ami-chan! Ami-chan,” Rei yelled. “How did you fare?” Rei ran up and hugged Ami. “Oh yeah, I brought you a charm. It is for good luck! I wish you luck from the heavens above,” exclaimed Rei. She was very excited to see Ami arrive.


After taking a break, Ami and Ryo headed back to their respective study teams to ready themselves for indiviual portions of the competition. The breakfast had been wonderful; Ryo was a complete gentleman getting Ami a drink and carrying her plate to the table. Ami felt as thought she was blushing the whole time they were together and if she did, Ryo did not say anything. 

As Ami entered the classroom to take the test, she said hello to the guest instructor who was sitting at the desk. 

Ohayo gozaimasu (good morning),” she said as she walked past the instructor whose name was Setsuna Meioh. Ami took her seat and the test began shortly after. The test was relatively easy, and Ami was the first to finish. She handed in her form to the instructor.

Dewa mata (see you later) Meioh-Misu," she said. About thirty minutes later the names were posted. Juuban Middle school had made it to the final Jeopardy round. Ami had beat Ryo's scores by just a single point. Ryo was standing next to Ami as they looked at the scores. He had finished shortly after Ami.

“I can’t wait until they announce the individual winners,” Ami said.

Me neither but I am sure I will beat you,” Ryo said smiling. Ami punched him in the arm.

“In your dreams.”

Ryo had invited Ami to lunch, so the two of them headed out to the quad quizzing each other and laughing all the way to the tables. They eventually met up with Ami’s friends. She received several gifts. She also saw Minako-chan kissing the idiot from the salon


After the last student left, Setsuna gathered the tests and handed them to the judges. She then walked to the food section of the school. Setsuna saw the gentleman that she had met at the salon yesterday. She was going to visit the booth he was working at for some food but changed her mind after seeing the really long line there. So, she got her lunch at a booth that sold korokke from one of her favorite restaurants. S
he ordered ebi-korokke (shrimp croquette). Setsuna then went to another booth and ordered a green tea milkshake. Finally, she found a quiet place to enjoy her lunch. 

On her way back to the auditorium, she saw two gentleman making out. If she didn't have to host the Jepoardy round of the competition, Setsuna would have stayed where she was and watched. She entered the auditorium when there were only a few people inside. Once inside, she entered the ladies' bathroom. After checking that it was empty, Setsuna opened her purse and grabbed the moon pen (given to her by Queen Neo-Serenity) and told it she wanted to be a tv show host. Moments later, Setsuna's outfit had changed. She was now wearing a grey leopard print mini-dress with an empire waist, a very low back, and a pair of black Prada pumps. Setsuna then freshened up her makeup and sprayed on one of her customary made perfumes that she plans on selling in her store.

When Setsuna went back to the main auditorium area, she noticed the raven-haired gentleman whom she had seen at the salon briefly. Setsuna could tell he was not in a pleasant mood. She slowed time a bit, so she could have a decent conversation with him. Setsuna went to him and said with a pleasant expression on her face, "Hello."


Mamoru looked for a section of free seats near the front. Since he knew that Michiru's Saturday night concert would be announced before the math competition, he figured Michiru would want a spot near the front. She would probably want to stand up and acknowledge the crowd, and people could see her better if she was in the front. Plus, the closer they were to the stage the closer they would be to seeing Ami and the rest of the school teams.

One of the seats in the row he chose had a gift basket marked with a card for Michiru. 

'Strange,' he thought as he bent down to pick it up. Was it fate that he had chosen this section to sit at? Before his hand touched the handle, a feminine voice behind him said "hello." He was surprised to see the woman from the Kawaii Beauty Salon standing in front of him. He remembered that she had been getting a manicure and pedicure when he had bought Usagi the gift card. They had not spoken at that time, but he remembered that she had eyed him as if she knew him. Mamoru noticed that on her grey leopard print mini-dress was a tag that read Meioh Setsuna. He had picked up programs and laid them out on the seats for everyone. Since her name seemed so familiar, he reached for one of the programs. 'She must be involved as a volunteer,' he thought as he flipped through the pages. Following some remarks from the headmaster of Juuban Middle School, she would moderate for the Jeopardy portion of the competition. She was listed as owner of a fashion boutique store called Harajuku Couture

"Konnichi wa (good afternoon), Meioh Setsuna." Mamoru set the brochure down and gave a small bow of greeting. Watashi wa Chiba Mamoru (I am Mamoru Chiba). Oaidekite koei desu (I am honored to meet you)."

Mamoru hoped he hadn't accidentally sat in reserved seating. He hadn't read in the program that there were any in the auditorium. He had presumed it was a first come first serve seating arrangement. 

'At least this unexpected meeting is distracting me from Minako's date.'


"I am honored to meet you Mr. Chiba," Setsuna replied and shook his hand. She then sat down next to him.

"Don't worry about those seats. You may reserve them for your friends if you like," she told Mamoru. 

She then noticed the gift basket that was placed near him. "If you like, I can give this to Michiru Kaioh since she is a very good friend of mine. I'll give it to her after the competition," Setsuna told him as she picked up the basket and sat back down. 

"I noticed you the other day at the salon. I wanted to talk to you then, but I was really pressed for time. Also, I happen to notice that something is really troubling you now. Would you like to get it off your chest? I may not be able to help you, but I can at least listen," Setsuna stated in a caring tone.


Perillia awoke to Kunzite's lite window tapping. Yawning and stretching herself awake, she felt much more refreshed and less stressed. Having to deal with all of the customers earlier had left her feeling tired and weary, but the long nap and dream of her mysterious man rejuvenated her body...and her spirit.

"The Jeopardy round is about to begin, my queen." Kunzite's voice captured the wakening queen's attention.

That's right, she thought to herself as she touched up her face and hair, using the rear view mirror, we are sponsoring this event with a grand prize for the winner. Just one last touch. There.

As the red headed stylist was about to exit her convertible sports car, she pulled out an envelope from the glove compartment. She wanted to keep the grand prize safe from would-be thieves, so she hid it away before she set up the booth. With prize in her hand, she exited the car with a smile and said to Kunzite, “We don't want to miss the big event.”

The place was filled with students, faculty, friends, and family when Peri entered the contest arena. She was excited to see so many customers. A few mothers and women gathered next to the owner of the Kawaii Beauty Salon and chatted with her. Most were eager to find out what new products Peri would be putting out. The red headed beauty hinted a few possible items, but made no further mention of them.

“I thank you all for your support,” Peri stated to the now growing group of women. “but we are here to see these young students perform and challenge themselves in the studies of mathematics, which is something I believe everyone should aspire to learn. So if you will join me and take your seats, I am certain will we have a wonderful time seeing this young students compete.” With that she, walked over to her reserved seat, sat down, and tossed her long crimson hair back as he scanned over the area where the students would be competing.


Mamoru was glad that he had picked out a good row of seats. He knew that the Jeopardy portion was to begin shortly, and he wanted to make sure everyone had a place to sit together. He was surprised to learn that Setsuna knew Michiru and was even more surprised when she took the basket meant for Michiru from one of the spots. He disagreed with her idea about taking it to Michiru, so he countered her suggestion.

"No, I think it's fine here. Michiru is sitting with us anyway, so she should be here shortly to receive the package. I'm sure it's just from an admirer."

He gently removed the basket from Setsuna's hands and placed it back where he had found it. It was helpful to keep it with him because it was reserving the row of seats for everyone too. The surprises didn't end there, though, because Setsuna mentioned the fact that something was troubling him. 

'I guess I am not as careful at schooling my emotions as I presumed,' he thought in annoyance.

"I am just worried about a friend," he nonchalantly replied. It really wasn't his place to gossip about who Minako chose to date.

The lights began to dim, and Setsuna stood up. 

"That's my cue," she replied as she took out a business card for him. "After the principle makes some opening remarks, I will be introduced as the Jeopardy moderator."

Mamoru took the card from her and saw the name Harajuku Couture. "I've heard of this boutique. Everyone is excited about its grand opening."

"Yes, I'm very proud of my shop," Setsuna responded as she got ready to depart. "I could use some sale associates if you are looking for a temporary job."

"Well, I don't know anything about fashion. I'm more of a computer guy."

"I could always use the technical assistance," she countered. "My cell phone is on the back. Just call me if you want a position. We will be having a grand opening fashion show too."

Mamoru nodded and promised to call her either way to let her know. He wondered if she would have a position for any of the girls. He knew Usagi and Minako would especially get excited about the chance to be in a fashion show.

'I wonder if she is going to feature more women's or men's clothing.'

He didn't have time to ask her, though, because she had already left. Everyone else was showing up for the math competition as well. He moved out of the way, so his friends could find their seats. Thankfully, Minako and her new beau sat at the far end of the row. Michiru was questioningly looking at the basket as her and Haruka took a seat. Usagi quickly claimed one next to him.

'It's going to be a long afternoon,' he thought as everyone began gabbing despite the fact that Usagi's principle was speaking. 'Might as well have some fun,' he thought as he joined in on some of the conversations.


OOC: TIME CHANGE: It is now afternoon to late afternoon. Most of the activity should surround the Jeopardy portion of the math competition.

Minako had originally thought Ryu was taking her out to a special restaurant for breakfast, but she wasn't concerned once he started driving. He was a speed demon! She enjoyed the thrill of the ride and looked forward to a later time when they could both go someplace faster, whatever that invitation meant. After milling about at the school, they got some food at the Kawaii Beauty Salon food booth. She didn't notice the animosity between Ryu and his coworkers because she was too busy checking out their extensive menu. After eating, the pair walked underneath a tree. Everything felt perfect. The only thing that was ruining her date was the fact that her friends were nowhere in sight. She wanted to show off her new boyfriend.

'We are boyfriend and girlfriend now...right?' Minako wondered. They had not discussed their status yet, but they had already been out on a couple of dates. 'Maybe I should bring that up before I introduce him to anyone...that is if I ever find everyone else...' She let the thought wander as Ryu turned her around and told her that he had been wanting to do something for a while. Her eyes got wide as his lips came down on hers ever so gently.

'My first real kiss,' she thought as she fell against his rock hard body. She wasn't about to count the kiss with Mamoru as being her first one. Minako's soft form curved into his as Ryu tightened his grip on her. She closed her eyes enjoying their union. Suddenly, their gentle kiss turned into something rougher. She could feel Ryu's desire for her not only through his kiss but by his engorged member that was pressed against her jeans. She was scared. She had never felt such desire before, and she didn't know if she could handle it all. Plus, she could feel the eyes of others staring into her, even through her. She didn't want their first moments of intimacy to be a spectacle for everyone else. Her eyes shot open in fear as her hands came hard against his chest. She was about to push him away when someone spoke.

"Hey you two, get a room!"

Minako was going to die of embaressament. Ryu pulled away from her long enough to suck in some air and maybe tell the punk to go "fuck off." Minako never found out if Ryu enjoyed having people watch them or what he had wanted to say because she noticed who made the comment and rushed forward before he spoke. Makoto was tapping her foot holding a card and bouquet of irises. She looked at Ryu suspiciously and then turned to Minako for an explanation. Before Minako could explain anything, Rei came over gabbing at about a mile a minute. Minako's face turned a beet red.

"He's...um...yeah...nice card and flowers...sure I will sign..."

Minako felt all flustered as Ryu introduced himself as Minako's date.

'Darn! That answers the question I was pondering earlier...I guess we aren't boyfriend and girlfriend...at least not yet...'

After signing a message to Ami, the four of them met up with everyone else at the front of the school steps where Ami had emerged. They all began chattering at once and Makoto presented her with the flowers and card. Minako noticed that Mamoru was not in sight. As she gazed around, she saw his retreating body enter the auditorium. 

"He went off to reserve some seats," Usagi mentioned. Minako was ready for the cold shoulder and was happy to see that things were returning to normal between them.

'It probably helps that I have Ryu now,' Minako thought dreamily as she touched her sore mouth. She loved that he had so much passion for her, but it simultaneously scared her. She hoped that she could handle it all and be the best girlfriend ever. She refocused on Usagi who showed off her roses and gift card to the Kawaii Beauty Salon

'Looks like I'm not the only one to have moved on,' Minako thought in annoyance. She quickly let it go, though, because she valued her friendship with Usagi more than any boy.

Meanwhile, Ami waved everyone off to the auditorium.

"I have to get ready. Thanks for all the good luck wishes!" She smelled her flowers one more time before her, Ryo, and Gurio walked to the backstage entrance. The three students represented the final team for Juuban Middle School.

"I can't wait to see who else made it," Minako said as she took Ryu's arm and followed everyone into the auditorium. Mamoru had saved the group seats in the front. Minako and Ryu were sitting on the far left. Next to Minako was Makoto. Then it went, Hotaru, Michiru, Haruka, Yuichiro, Rei and finally Mamoru and Usagi. Everyone got comfortable as the principle of Juuban Middle School, Ginzo Matsuo, took his place in front of the center podium. The curtain was down behind him.
"Welcome, friends, family, and local business leaders to the first annual Tokyo Middle School Math Jam Competition. First of all, I would like to thank all the student participants. Without you, we would not have a chance to celebrate the academics and raise math awareness."

He paused as the audience clapped. 

"Second, I would like to thank the support of some of the local businesses who have sponsored this event." 

He listed a couple that included Kawaii Beauty Salon and Harajuku Couture. At the mention of the beauty salon, a woman with shoulder length curly dark red hair stood as well as three handsome gentleman that were sitting next to her. The crowd cheered.

"I would also like to acknowledge an esteemed guest from Mugen Academy who will be performing at a special concert along with other surprise musicians. Please give a round of applause for Miss Kaioh Michiru."

The crowd cheered even louder as Michiru stood up and waved. She looked a little shaken and was clutching a card in her right hand as she waved with her left.

"There are still a few tickets left for those who want to attend the concert. Please see me after the competition for more details."

Once the clapping died down, Principle Matsuo explained the format of the final portion of the competition. 

"As you know, the morning competitions were all based on the individual scores of the students from each school competing. These sections were moderated by different volunteers and teachers in the classrooms across the campus." There was some slight rustling as people thumbed through their programs to remember the specific details. "The students with the highest scores determined which schools competed. Based off this round, I am happy to present the final four contenders for the grand prize, a large cash donation awarded by Kawaii Beauty Salon for educational resources at the winning school."

The crowd went wild as the owner of the salon stood again and waved to everyone. She looked stunning under the glow of the spotlight.

As the crowd cheered, the curtain behind the principle lifted to reveal four different booths with the following school names (from front to back, left to right):

Juuban Middle School
Shiba Koen Junior High School 
T*A Private Girls School 
Lillian Academy

Both Minako and Rei exclaimed in surprise at the fact that their schools had made it as a final contender. Usagi and Rei began to fight over which school was going to win. As the noise quieted, the principle continued to talk.

"The individual test scores not only determined which top schools would compete, but it also determined which students from each school would participate for the final Jeopardy round. I am pleased to announce the top three high scorers from the participating schools. From Juuban Middle School we have Mizuno Ami, Umino Gurio, and Urawa Ryo."

Usagi and her friends cheered loudly as Ami and the others walked on stage and took a standing position behind their booth in the front.

"From Shiba Koen Junior High School we have Rose Hana, Inoue Hitomi, and Toguchi Ken."

Minako exclaimed as she saw her friend shyly approach the booth for her school.

Principle Ginzo Matsuo then continued to list the students from Rei's school, which included Haruka Godai, Fumi Moroboshi, and Jariten Invader. The final school, Lillian Academy, had the following students competing: Yako Mizuno, Eriko Torii and Kei Kata. Everyone was excited and there were lots of cheers coming from the crowd.

"This final portion of the competition will be held in two parts. First, the students will be asked a series of mathematical questions based off some math categories. Although we call this the Jeopardy round, it will not follow the traditional Jeopardy rules, such as answers being submitted in the form of a question. After Round One, the students will receive a short break while scores are tabulated by our panel of judges," at this point the prinicpale pointed to the lower right hand of the stage where four people were sitting, "before we commence for the Final Round. In the Final Round, there will only be two schools competing, the ones will the highest scores. At the end of Round Two, there will be a final question where the teams can wager their points based on a final category themed question. If they win, their score will double based on the amount wagered. If they lose, their final score will lose the points that were wagered."

The crowd was on the edge of their seats as Principle Matsuo described everything. It was all very exciting and different. Behind him, a projector screen dropped down. The lights dimmed and the Jeopardy categories appeared as well as their point values.

"Just a couple more notes before everything begins," he continued. "The students will have 60 seconds in Round One to answer all questions. They all have pads of paper and pencils for solving the math questions. They are not allowed to use calculators, though, or that constitutes immediate disqualification for a school. In Round Two, the students answering time is cut in half to 30 seconds, this includes the final waging question. Any contentions between answers will be decided on by the judges who are tracking the school's scores since we do not have digital boards for their individual booths. This is also a great strategy to keep the audience in suspense as far as who is winning."

Everyone groaned as the principle chuckled.

"And without further ado, let me introduce our quiz moderator...Miss Meioh Setsuna, owner of Harajuku Couture."

The audience clapped as Setsuna walked out on stage. 

"You're in good hands with Miss Meioh. And you won't have to put up with my ugly mug again until I come back at the end of the competition to announce another fabulous and lovely lady who will present the prize to the principle of the winning school."

The students in the audience groaned at his bad joke as others looked over to where Peri and the rest of the workers from Kawaii Beauty Salon were sitting.

"Thank you all for attending. Please have fun and remember to keep the noise to a minimum. It's going to be stressful for the students up here, and they will need silence." He shook Setsuna's hand and exited stage left.

Setsuna cleared her throat before speaking. 

"Based on coin tosses in the back room, Shiba Koen Junior High School will get to select the first category and question..."OOC:Whew! Finally done! I hope everyone likes the post and understands the format of the math competition. Those of us in the audience can have fun chatting with each other and interacting despite the principle's insistence on silence. Don't let the sitting arrangement restrict you from interacting with each other either. Those on stage will just be answering questions and interacting with the NPCs or with Setsuna as she asks questions. At some point, we will have a break between the Round One and Round Two. Then, Ami and Setsuna can relax and hang out with the main group. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for this episode or upcoming episodes. 

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-Along the way-
Rei walked behind the others to the in the auditorium. Yuichiro followed her but he he was quiet. Rei realised that she really embarrassed Minako and she felt bad about it. She looked at them Minako and Ryu walking and admired them. “I wish that I had a date or someone to fall in love with.” She said walking. Then she realized she said that aloud. “Ummm did any one just hear that?” “Ummm I don’t think I know what I just said.” Rei then when to laughing to try to make out what she said was a joke.
But she got strange lookes from Yuichrio and others as they all walked.

-After being seated-

Then a little while later on after sitting there for a while, Rei then look over at Mamoru and decided to speak to him. “Hay it been a long time since I talk to you. I hope that things are doing ok.” Said Rei. She then looked at Usagi. “I don’t have to say much to you meat ball head. Hehehe! I have been with you! All day.” “You guys think that Minako is mad at me? I sure did make a bad insident earlier and I feel bad About it now.”


OOC: Nice post, Elie! I'm looking forward to some great character interactions with all of us in the crowd, lol! Let's make some noise and get yelled at, mwhaha! Usagi was bored minutes into the principle's speech. She always found him boring, and she kept yawning. Mamoru had set her roses and gift card in an empty seat next to him just so she wouldn't crush them as she was nodding off. As Rei started talking to Mamoru, Usagi perked up.

'Yes! Conversation saves the day!'

That was until Rei started calling her odango (meatball head), the ever hated nickname that Mamoru had given her. A few of her friends picked it up just to annoy her.

"Ha ha, Rei!" Usagi stuck her tongue out at Rei and Yuichiru. "Yeah, we did! I had such a good morning with you. That coffee and cookie were superb."

When Rei expressed her concern about Minako, Usagi shrugged it off. "Nah, she's not mad at you. We tease each other all the time. It's our thing." Usagi winked at Rei. "Plus, now that Minako has a new boyfriend, we have to tease her and the new guy! He's pretty hot too. Did she tell you where they met?"OOC: For now, I'm going to keep my post short too in case others want to interact with our conversation, such as Mamo-chan.


After the principal had made the annoucements and introduced her, Setsuna got on the stage. After he left the stage, Setsuna said in a clear voice, " Congradulations contestants on making it this far. Points for each catagory are 100 - 400 points depending on the question. The catagories are:
Precentage of, Unit of Ratios, Circle the Radius and Right of Triangle. Baised on the coin toss, Shiba Koen will go first."

"Precentage of for 100 points" A team member answered. 

"192% of 350" Setsuna stated.

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The competition began with Principle Matsuo making his grand entrance as the MC for the event. Peri didn't find the principle all that entertaining. He was her type, for one thing. He had some type of weird quirk, in her opinion. However, she did keep face and showed respect to the title, which he held. 

“Based off this round, I am happy to present the final four contenders for the grand prize, a large cash donation awarded by Kawaii Beauty Salon for educational resources at the winning school.”

Perillia had hoped the type of award would be kept silent until the very end since she wanted the students who won to be surprised. She had decided to give money to school so that her actions would appear to be very generous, and in her recent state, she had a desire to give something back to the community. Her feelings towards humanity had shifted for some odd reason, and she had begun to feel less connected to powers of the Dark Kingdom.

Large cash prize, she thought to herself, why don't you just give them the figure, Principle! Her inner-self did not like the way Matsuo handled that information. She just smiled as she stood up to the surrounding crowd and waved as thought nothing bothered her.

As the spotlight began to fade, she lowered her slender body back onto the reserved auditorium seat and watched the other schools be announced. She didn't have a favorite to win. She just wanted to support the students and be apart of the community, so Peri cheered for all four schools.

Principle Matsuo's attempt at joke only proved to Peri that man was some kind of nitwit who enjoyed keeping himself center stage and the spotlight gleamed on. Sitting at her seat, Peri rolled her eyes back at the principle's lack of humor skills and tossed her hair to the side, re-adjusting her position in the chair. She could feel the gazing glances of some of the near by attendees, but she remained cool and composed focusing on the principle as he closed.


Mamoru couldn't help glancing down the row of seats at Minako and her new beau. The two looked extremely cozy. He hoped that Minako wasn't getting into a relationship that was moving too fast. He was protective of her due to their previous date and longterm friendship. In fact, he felt protective of all the Senshi. He glanced at Yuichiro and wondered if Rei and him were going steady. 

'One less person to worry about,' he figured as he remembered when Rei had dated him briefly. It felt so long ago, but sometimes he wondered if the raven-haired beauty still thought about those times. Mamoru was pulled from his thoughts when Rei asked him a question.

"Yes, it has been a while since we spoke. I've been keeping busy. There was a lot on my mind, but it's been resolved. I'm thinking about getting a part-time summer job. Other than that, nothing new. How about you, Rei?" He looked pointedly at Yuichiro and raised a single eyebrow. 

The three of them, Usagi, Rei, and Mamoru, were having fun talking to each other despite the fact that the competition was about to begin. Mamoru got a little distracted when he saw Setsuna come onto the stage. She began to ask the students questions, and Yuichiro started shushing Rei and Usagi who were being a bit loud. He tried not to snicker when Rei yelled back at Yuichiro.

'Poor guy...she is so strong-willed! She must be one hellcat to date,' he thought. 'No one will tame her fiery spirit.'Kunzite was bored at the math competition. The principle took forever to make some quick announcements, and if he was completely honest, he was beginning to doubt Queen Perellia's service to the Dark Kingdom. She seemed happier with her work at the salon, and he was guessing that she actually enjoyed these community events they participated in. Getting energy for world domination was just her excuse. From his peripheral vision, he saw Queen Perillia's mouth hardened in distaste at Principle Matsuo.

'Well, at least she can still intensely dislike someone. But what will we do if she fails in her task? Will the powers behind the Dark Kingdom destroy us?'

Kunzite wanted to trust his queen and the Shitennou more, but even Zoicite had other matters on his mind. He watched as Zoi ogled Michiru from her seat near the center of the audience. Thankfully, they were sitting in a special reserved balcony spot, so he didn't have to worry about Zoicite making a scene. Since their seats were slightly apart from others, they didn't have to worry about "Peri's" fans bombarding them for more free samples either.

'If only these math questions were a little more difficult...then I would actually have something to amuse myself with...'

Turning to his queen, he inquired, "Are you enjoying the math competition, Peri?"Nephrite wasn't as bored as Kunzite or Queen Perillia appeared. He had spotted the woman from the salon, Setsuna, and felt all the anger that he was harboring about his past life and love for Naru fade away. There was something about her that was calming, and he was glad she was a new part of his life. He had been on a path of destruction, but maybe now he could find some direction. Of course there was still the matter of Jadeite's scheme to keep an eye on Zoicite. He hadn't reported in a while, so Nephrite eyed Zoicite to check on their prey's state of mind. Zoicite was obviously drooling over the appearance of Michiru. He couldn't fathom whether the guy liked her because of her talents or if he was jealous. Whipping out his phone, Nephrite sent Jadeite a text message.

Looks like Zoicite is watching Michiru. He might come down there for an autograph at the end of the math competition. Status: obsessed. I'm still not sure whether or not he's admiring or stalking her. Maybe it's both. How does Michiru seem to you?

Nephrite saw Queen Perillia look at him disapprovingly, so he quickly put away his phone. He didn't feel like getting reprimanded for not paying enough attention to their charity case. Looking at Setsuna was the real treat of the whole experience anyway as he relaxed back in his seat. He contemplated her in some sexy dark purple negligee.


Jadeite’s phone buzzed in his pocket, waking him up from the snooze fest they called a math competition. Clearly the moderator, the leggy woman Setsuna, had no idea what should constitute a math question as she was asking ridiculous questions like 192% of 365. Who the hell cared. Reaching into his pocket he grabbed the phone and checked the message, which was from Nephrite.

Looks like Zoicite is watching Michiru. He might come down there for an autograph at the end of the math competition. Status: obsessed. I'm still not sure whether or not he's admiring or stalking her. Maybe it's both. How does Michiru seem to you?

He looked across the way, the girl looked fine but a little shaken by this basket that was in her seat. Before turning away, he noticed Mamoru staring at him and Minako. Before replying to Nephrite, he decided to push this guys buttons by placing an arm around Minako’s shoulders and kissing her head. Clearly this guy was jealous of the two of them, even if he had a cute blonde on his arm. Jadeite was going to be as lovely dovey as he could to egg this guy on.

“Differentiate with respect to x: x^3+5x^2-2x+1” the moderator said. Someone shouted out the correct answer. Jadeite hit Nephrite back:

There was a basket in the girls chair, apparently left by a fan. 100% sure it was Zoicite. The girl was shaken. Any thoughts on what we should do next?

As he waited for a response he sent a message to Aiko: My house. Be naked. He chuckled at the message and then put his phone away. As the competition droned one he thought about what he wanted to do after the competition. He thought briefly about tonight and what he hoped to do with Minako, he didn’t want to push her but he wouldn’t wait to add another cherry to his collection.

Tailum (MadelynnAshlee)

Zoicite and the rest of the salon members were seated in a special VIP section of the competition. Queen Perilla had just concluded her brief speech on the what prizes were to be giving away. Something about her was off but Zoicite couldn’t tell what it was and at the moment he had other things on his mind. One being Kunzite and what had happened in the secluded area by the stage. The other was he was desperate to meet and get an autograph from Michru. Any moment know she would be coming to the stage and Zoicite couldn’t wait. 

"I would also like to acknowledge an esteemed guest from Mugen Academy who will be performing at a special concert along with other surprise musicians. Please give a round of applause for Miss Kaioh Michiru," the principle said.

The crowd cheered even louder as Michiru stood up and waved. Zoicite jumped to his feet giving her a round of applause. Zoicite hoped that there was time to get an autograph from Michiru after the competition. He would be truly upset if he didn’t get an autograph today.

“Didn’t she look wonderful?,” he said to Kunzite. “However you are much cuter!” After Michiru had state down the teams where introduced and the competition started. The competition was very competitive and Zoictite was having a lovely time watching the show. He had yet to choose a favorite but he was admiring how Miss Mizuno was doing. He could tell she was very smart, when the question: 

“Find the area of the surface that is the graph of the equation f(x,y)=x2 lying above the 
rectangle Q={(x,y)|-1<=x<=1,-1<=y<=1} Round your answer to the nearest hundredth.” was asked and she was the first to answer while the others were still doing the equation. She was simply amazing.

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Setsuna was more fun hosting this part of the math comeption then she did moderating in the morning. The four teams were doing well and she guessed the scores would be close. From the corner of her eye, she saw Nao and his coworkers in their special seats. Setsuna hoped that after the competion Nao would ask her out for dinner so she could have some alone time with him again. Something about him made her want to get closer to him. 

She was about to give the next question when she heard some noise coming from the audience. Setsuna looked sternly and the "if you don't shut up I will make your life a living hell" look in the direction it was coming from. Once the room was quiet again she gave the next question:
"Compute the derivative of 4sec (x) - 5csc (x)"


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Minako was bored by the math questions, but she was excited that her school was able to participate for such an incredible prize. No one knew how much the school that won would get, but the principle from Juuban made it sound like a large sum. She was especially excited for Hana who was looking extremely nervous when she walked out on stage.

'Who knew my friend was so smart...?' Minako wondered not for the first time as she glanced down at Mamoru. 'Does he remember her from our first date?' She was disappointed that he wasn't paying attention to her. He was looking at Usagi and talking with Rei. Minako rolled her eyes. 'It was probably too long ago for him to remember with that pea-sized brain of his,' she concluded as she tried to focus on the competition. She glanced at Ryu from the corner of her eye and saw that he was quite bored. He looked as if he was falling asleep. Minako felt a little bad for inviting him, but what was his other alternative? She glanced at the balcony reserved seating and saw his coworkers. Ryu probably would have attended anyway because all the Kawaii Beauty Salon workers were there.

"What is 192% of 365?" the moderator asked.

"Is it...700.8...?" Hana inquired in an uncertain voice.

"Correct, Rose-san," Setsuna said as the floor judges added another point for the Shiba Koen Junior High School total math score.

'I wonder how we are doing,' Minako considered.

"Way to go, Hana! I knew you could do it," she yelled from the audience. The moderator looked at Minako with a stern glance as she tried to instill silence for the competing students. Minako rolled her eyes, unafraid. Very quickly, she got bored again. She looked at Ryu who had been playing around on his phone this entire time. It was one of those fancy smart phones, and Minako was interested in getting a closer look.

'He must be texting some friends,' she thought as she saw him typing rather quickly. He glanced up from the phone and looked down the row at her other friends. 'I wonder if he is talking about my friends to his other friends. I hope he likes everyone.'

When he looked back, Minako was surprised that he put an arm around her shoulders pulling her tightly against the side of his body. Minako's heart started to beat faster. She could smell the expensive cologne he was wearing. She closed her eyes and relaxed into him as he kissed the top of her head. It felt natural to be with him. This was right. Ryu went back to his texting, but Minako didn't care. She felt really cherished in his arms, and she wondered when they might become an official couple. She was a little nervous of what he would expect from her, but she was ready for her future. Her life was coming together. There were no enemies to worry about other than that freak tsunami. Luna and Artemis hadn't figured out what was going on, so chances were high that it was a random fluke. The Earth was safe, and the Senshi could live their lives how and with who they wanted. Minako opened her eyes when she felt fur brushing against her legs. Artemis was nuzzled between her legs on the floor. 

'Leave it to Artemis to ruin the romantic mood,' she thought as she bent down to pet him. She turned back to Ryu and glanced at his phone again. He was really distracted. She thought she saw a name...someone named Aiko, but before she could look closer, he cleared the screen.

'Who is Aiko...?'

Minako was pulled from her thoughts by a stern voice from the stage. Setsuna was glaring at their row, specifically at Rei, Yuichiro, Mamoru, and Usagi. "If you don't shut up, I will make your life a living hell." Minako chuckled along with the crowd. It was such a ridiculous and unprofessional way to ask someone to be quiet. The group looked a little sheepish, but it was pretty obvious they were not going to shut up.

"Way to go," Minako addressed her friends at the other end of the row. Mamoru and Yuichiro looked mortified. The other two girls turned toward Minako and stuck their tongues out at her. Haruka rolled her eyes and responded, "Children, please." Meanwhile, Michiru was clutching her basket tightly in her hands, oblivious to the antics going on around her.
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The group competition was a complete success, Ami whispered to herself as the youngest member of Ryo team, answered the question correctly beating out the seniors on the other teams. Ami looked at Ryo and gave him the thumbs up. 

Ami looked over at the crowd, there had been some loud racket coming from the crowd. Usagi and Rei where discussing which team was going to win. The moderator turned and was glaring at the row that Rei, Yuichiro, Mamoru, and Usagi. "If you don't shut up, I will make your life a living hell." Everyone in the row turned bright red. Ami was slightly embarrassed for them as everyone in the crowd turned and looked at them.

After the interruption things went array. Juuban Middle School had been in the lead for most of the competition going into the final question of the first round.

“A particle's acceleration for t > 0 is given by a(t)=12t +4 
The particle's initial position is 2 and its velocity at t = 1 is 5. What is the position of the particle at t = 2?”

Before Ami could chime in with the correct answer 16. Umino Gurio rang first. “15,” he said.

“I am sorry that is incorrect.” Meioh-Misu said. “Is there another team who would like to answer?” Jariten Invader from T*A Private Girls School answered with the correct answer. 

The two schools were tied going into the last round. Gurio looked crushed after he left the stage for the short break between the rounds. Ami and Ryo did their best to cheer him up but with no success. Ami pulled Ryo aside and said, “Maybe we should allow Gurio to answer the final question, even if we know the answer.” Ryo gave her a funny look but eventually agreed to the plan.


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And back to the game...
Minako was thankful that they had a break. She needed to get up and stretch. Unfortunately, they weren't able to converse with Ami during this time, so everyone just hung out in the lobby of the auditorium minus Michiru who was being haggled by music fans that wanted her autograph. She didn't appear overwhelmed, but Minako could see that she was tired.

"I'm going to stay with Michiru," Haruka told the group as she stayed protectively near her lover. Everyone else just relaxed and talked outside. Ryu kept a firm hold around Minako's waist practically the entire time, pressing her deeply against his rock hard body. She tried not to be embarrassed about it and relaxed into him. He left her side for a few moments to speak with one of his salon friends. She couldn't remember the guy's name, but she didn't mind. It gave her more time to laugh and joke with all her friends.

"I can't believe how loud you all were," Minako laughingly joked with Rei and Usagi. The men stood behind the women still looking embarrassed over the whole. "When that moderator looked at us with those evil eyes, oh wow...I was mortified," Makoto said while gently tugging at her rose earrings. 

The friends gabbed for a few minutes before returning for the final portion of the competition. Everyone sat on the edges of their seats when all the students lined up on stage. It had been rearranged so that only two booths were there for the final question round. Moderator Setsuna stood off to the side as Principle Matsuo walked to the podium carrying a thin sheet of paper.

"Thank you, everyone, for staying till the bitter end."

There were a few chuckles and groans from the audience before he continued.

"As you know, the final portion of the Tokyo Middle School Math Jam Competition only involves the top two schools. The students will wager their points before being asked one final question. Before we begin that portion, we have to say goodbye to the third and fourth place schools."

Everyone cheered in anticipation of the announcement. 

"In fourth place, with a final score of 140 points...we have Lillian Academy!"

Everyone cheered as the students stepped forward to receive fourth place trophies from Setsuna who was passing them out from a table that had previously been hidden by a bit of curtain. The students bowed before exiting off the stage.

"In third place, with a final score of 145 points, we have Shiba Koen Junior High School."

Everyone cheered as the three students stepped forward, took their trophies, and bowed. The cheering didn't die down as Principle Ginzo Matsuo continued to regale the audience with the final scores.

"Obviously, this means that T*A Private Girls School and Juuban Middle School have made it to the final round. What the audience doesn't know is that they are tied for first place with a score of 155 points. Whoever answers this final question right will win the prize and glory!" While the crowd was cheering, Matsuo pulled away two banners that hid the school names from the audience.The students noticed and quickly stood behind their schools' booths.

"The final category is Word Problems. Good luck, students! Win or lose, you are all brilliant! And now, I turn the final question over to you, Miss Meioh." 

The principle exited stage left as the crowd cheered. It didn't take long for the noise to die down. Even Usagi's row with all her friends was deathly quiet as they awaited the final question and the result of the math competition.


Rei was happy that Momoru spoke to her it been a long time since she talk to him and she still had a small crush on him. She when on back and forth beween Yuchuro and Usagi. Then the pretty announcer yelled at her and usagi. Rei was in shock. She really did not know that she was that loud. She was silent for the rest of the time. Yuchuro was giggling slightly at her mishap, Then everyone when out for a break, when they got out to the lobby for the break Rei streached her arms.

"Gee I really am having fun." Then they when back inside and everyone was excited when they lined the students up. Rei grabbed Usagi and she rushed back to their seats. “Oh they are going to announce the winners Usagi! Let’s Go!” Rei says excited. They were back at their seats and they listened to the rest of the competition. Rei clapped for the two schools that got 4th and 3rd place. Then she realized that they did not call Juuban middle school yet. “They make it? I hope so!”


Michiru manages to sign enough autographs that the crowd finally lets her slip through to escape the pressure of so many people. It wasn't the autograph signing that she minded. It was the way people jumped, rubbed against her, and sometimes even coped a feel that bothered her the most since every time something like that happened. She would think of Haruka and wish for her support in fending them off.

Stopping a safe distance from the crowd, she lets out a breath she didn't realize that she'd been holding and starts to breathe deeply. It doesn't take long for Michiru to feel better before she looks around for her friends only to discover that they had moved on to outside. She runs over to her friend Haruka, and grabs her hand, "C'mon! Let's go get something!" Michiru flashes her lover a smile and together they leave the building hand in hand.

The two of them end up in a restaurant where Michiru immediately orders a desert for herself. After Haruka orders something, the waitress takes off and leaves the two of them sitting alone.


As soon as the break was announced, Zoicite took off to go get an autograph. Before he left he gave Kunzite a quick peck on the check. “I will be back Hun.” With that he left the booth and made his way down to the throngs of fans that were waiting for Michru. He desperately wanted to get an autograph from his favorite musician. 

After much waiting and pushing from the crowds of people behind him, Zoicite had finally made it to the front of the line. He was so excited, he could hardly stand it. Just as he was about to say hi, a manish looking girl stepped in his way.

“Sorry folks, Michru will not be signing anymore autographs today! Thank you!”

“But please, madam, I am president of her fan club, surely she can make one exception,” Zoicite pleaded. 

“No, now back off,” Haruka said, Giving him a shove backward. “Get lost.” 

Zoicite was shocked but the turn of events, he had been rejected by his favorite musician. He stood staring at her as she walk off, his anger growing with every passing second. As he turned and walked back to his seat, he ripped up the picture of Michru. He turned and threw the picture in the garbage, he saw Michru and Jadiete talking and something being handed between them.

“That Bitch…:


As Minko walked away to be with her friends, Jadiete decided to take a breather and headed outside. The constant giggling of the girls made his head hurt plus this math competition was being to drain on him. Before he made it outside, he ran into Nephrite, who was making his way to the stage. Jadiete nodded at Nephrite and the two stop to exchange pleasentries. Just as the were walking away, they both caught sight of Zoicite getting shoved by a tall girl, the look on his face said it all.

“This isn’t going to turn out well,” Jadiete said, “We better keep an eye on him.” 

Nephirte agreed, “Lets meet up later to discuss our options.” Jadiete nodded and headed toward the door, as Nephrite made his way up to the stage toward the leggy announcer. ‘Good for him,’ Jadiete thought to himself as he exited the arena. Just outside he saw a shaken Michru, he walked over to her.

“Leaving so soon?”

Michru jumped at his words. “Goodness, you startled me….. No we are not leaving I…I…I just need a break from the fans.” she said clutching her chest. She seemed very overwhelmed.

“Must be crazy to have so many fans.”

“Yes , indeed,” she said chuckling softly. “Your Minako’s friend correct?”

“Yes, Ryu,” Jadiete said extending his hand. “Nice to meet you.”

“You as well.”

“Listen, I hate to do this but I have a friend who is a rather big fan, would you mind signing an autograph for him? And while your at it one for me as well,” he said handing her a two pieces of paper.

Michru took the paper and signing her name very graciously. 

“Thank you so kindly,” Jadiete said smiling. “I better get back, but if you would ever be in need of some pampering here is my card. I better head back inside, looks like the competition is starting up. It was nice to have meet you and good luck tomorrow.

“Thank you,” Michru said.

With that Jadiete headed back into the monotonous competition.


After a short break, the top two teams (T*A Private Girls School and Juuban Middle School ) head headed back out for the final question. Ami was nervous that her plan wouldn’t work and that the school would lose the coveted title, but she had faith that Gurio would come through.

“Welcome back teams, this will be the final question of the competition.” Meioh-Misu said. “Here is the final question:

At McDonalds you can order Chicken McNuggets in boxes of 6, 9, and 20. What is the largest number such that you can not order any combination of the above to achieve exactly the number you want?”

Ami knew the answer right away, there was laughter from the crowd at the question. Ami closed her eyes and waited. “Bing!” Ami opened her eyes and looked over at Ryo as Gurio answered “43”.

“That is correct,” Meioh-Mitsu said. “The winner for the Tokyo Middle School Math Jam Competition is Juuban Middle School.”

Ami jumped up and down. Ryo and Ami hugged Gurio as the crowd cheered! Ami was so happy, she had won the individual with Ryo coming in second. Juuban Middle School had won the team competition. It was a grand day. 
Awards were handed out to the top 3 teams and the top performing individuals. Ami had won an interview which her dream school and a scholarship with would be good at any school of her choosing. She couldn’t wait to celebrate with her friends and her new boyfriend, god willing.


Setsuna was pleasntly surprised when she saw Nao approach her on the stage. She was glad that his friend wasn't with him at the moment. Setsuna didn't like the lustful way he was looking at her. She greeted Nao with her most beautiful smile. "Hello again" Setsuna told him in a pleasant and seductive voice.

OCC: I set it up so Setsuna can have interaction with Nephrite 


OOC) Oy...so nervous. But, here comes my first post.

Nao approached the lovely Setsuna, more than thrilled to see her again, but as usual, keeping his composure as he comes to the dark-hairred lady.

"We meet again, my dear." he speaks in a smooth tone. "It's good to see you again, Miss Setsuna, and quite ravishing as well. Nice to see the heat from this competition is powerless to deteriorate such beauty. How have you been?"

Nephrite could careless about that infernal earpiece made to set him straight by Queen Peri. His time with this woman was more than enough to cancel out any pain Peri could administer.


OOC: Great posts, everyone! I'm looking forward to Saturday's concert!

ImageUsagi and the others were enjoying their break, or at least most of them were. Usagi watched as Michiru was bombarded in the hallway for autographs. She felt bad for her friend, but she was glad that Haruka was protecting Michiru from the groping crowd.

“Oh they are going to announce the winners, Usagi! Let’s Go!”

Rei grabbed Usagi's arm and pulled her back into the auditorium. Yuichiro and Mamoru followed close behind. When Usagi sat down, she saw that Artemis and Luna were nestled together under her chair. She hid her smile behind her softly cupped hand. The pair were obviously dozing.

'Perhaps they are getting tired of all the numbers,' she mused as the fourth and third place winners were announced right before the final Jeopardy section.

"Our schools made it to the final round," Usagi squealed as her and Rei began to move nervously in their seats. "This is great! I just know Juuban is going to pull ahead. Your school is going down, Rei-chan!"

"Yeah right, Odango," Rei countered as she pushed at her friend.

"Don't call me that," Usagi whined. "You know I hate it!"

"Be quiet you two; the final question is about to be asked," Minako hissed as Mamoru and Yuichiro tried to hide back into their seats in case the moderator yelled at them again. Everyone was silent as the word problem was asked. Usagi looked at Ami who looked really tense. Her best friend closed her eyes.

'Does she know this answer? Why isn't she saying anything?'

Then, Gumio buzzed in and said 43. When it was confirmed that it was the correct answer, Usagi sat up and started yelling.

"YAY! Go Juuban!"

The rest of the crowd followed suit as everyone clapped and cheered! Rei sulked in her seat, and Usagi picked her up by the arms to hug her.

"Aw, don't sulk! You had to know that Juuban would win because they had Ami."

Rei shrugged off her bad mood and hugged Usagi back.

"That's true..."

The principle came out on the stage relieving Setsuna of duty. He calmed the crowd down, congratulated all the participants again, and then was handed the final scores from the judges. The individual winners were announced, and then the final two teams' ranks were confirmed. Juuban received the first place trophy. Then, he called the owner of the Kawaii Beauty Salon to the stage to present the cash award to the winning school. Usagi ignored this section, and it ended rather quickly with Principle Ginzo thanking everyone for having attended the first ever Tokyo Middle School Math Jam Competition. Usagi and the others left the auditorium rather quickly. They waited for Ami and the rest of the Juuban team to come out. Rei stepped away briefly to congratulate her school's team as did Minako. Haruka and Michiru were no where in sight, and Usagi wondered if they had stolen away earlier during the break.

'They probably needed some alone time,' Usagi thought.

"So, now what," Minako asked everyone upon her return.

"Let's go out for ice cream," Usagi shouted. Everyone laughed and agreed looking forward to a relaxing night now that the stress of the competition was over. Finally, school was out for summer.
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ImageKunzite placed his hands gently on Z's shoulders. He'd come with him to get the autograph but apparently, the diva of Michiru had stopped giving them out. "Relax, love." he said smiling. "After all there is more than one way to get what you want." he steered his beloved away, "You know people who frown get wrinkles very fast." 

The look that Ziozite gave him made Kunzite chuckled. "Come, tomorrow's another day...and things should get better...For us that is." 


OOC: If it wasn't already obvious, from this point on I'll only be role playing as Mamoru. Welcome to the new members, and thanks for taking over some of my characters!
Mamoru took a moment during the break to get a drink of water. Since everyone was busy gabbing, he didn't think it mattered if he left for a few moments.

"Want to join me," he asked Yuichiro. It was easy to see that the guy was madly in love with Rei, but he was so awkward about it that his actions came off as weird or strange.

"Sure," he responded as the girls waved them off. The pair walked away and talked for a little bit. Mamoru didn't hint at the fact that he knew that Yuichiro had feelings for Rei. It wasn't his place since him and Rei had dated in the past. He always worried that Rei still wanted a relationship with him.

"Rei looks beautiful tonight..." Yuichiro said dreamily. Mamoru nodded his agreement since Yuichiro was obviously off in his own little world.

'Perhaps this whole incident with Minako has gotten me over-confident about my looks,' he wondered as he glanced in the shiny service of the drinking fountain to look at his reflection. When he saw Rei pulling Usagi back into the auditorium, they followed suit. The rest of the competition went by fast. Mamoru tried not to be embarrassed by Rei's and Usagi's chatter and was pleasantly surprised when the crowd joined Usagi's cheering for Juuban school. He watched as the owner of The Kawaii Beauty Salon approached the microphone.

'Peri...that's her name,' he remembered. He had a strange feeling that she was gawking at him, and he wondered why. He didn't feel comfortable having her look at him so deeply, almost hungrily. As soon as the competition ended, he was happy to leave his seat with the rest of his friends to meet Ami and the Juuban team. 'Anything to get away from her,' he thought. 

Once outside, they all decided to go for ice cream thanks to Usagi's suggestion. Haruka and Michiru were not around them, so Mamoru offered Hotaru a ride home if she wanted to come out with them. She declined and said that she would get a ride home from Setsuna, who she was also friends with. Mamoru took Usagi's and Ami's roses from them and offered to put them in the back seat of his car. 

"I'll meet you all outside. If you want to ride with me, Usagi knows where I parked."


"Thank you for the wonderful compliment." Setsuna replied.

It had been a very long time since a gentleman paid her a wonderful compliment as that one. She blushed lightly after Nao had said that. 

"I'm doing fine. Thank you again for asking. I had fun hosting this portion of the competion. I wanted to talk to you earlier but I saw you were too busy at the booth you were working at. I'm so glad you came over to see me after the competion. So how are you doing?" Setsuna said while looking into his eyes.


Nephrite really did enjoy looking at this woman, and it was not just because of her striking beauty. There was something mysteriously familiar about her. It was slightly growing bit by bit. He never felt this way about Naru before. No. Naru was gone to him. Forever. Would this woman be able to fill the hole in his heart? Only time would tell. Time perhaps that would not be spent serving his "queen".

"Oh, nothing worse for wear, I suppose." Nao slightly shrugged. "Though, my best time so far, by far, was spent during our first meeting, your first appointment with me. I truly enjoyed our conversation then, Ms. Meioh, and I hope that we can enjoy another, over dinner. I know of a restaurant that would be perfect to...get to know each other a little better. That is, if the lady is willing..."

Nephrite knew he was taking a bit of gamble going over Perillia's head, but this woman...he wanted to know more about her, even at the expense of dishonoring his queen. Why was he doing this? What was it about her that attracted him to her? He wanted to know, more than anything now. A certain flicker of fire could be seen in his eyes as he looked to the dark-haired lady.


"I'd be honored to have dinner with you. What time do you have the reservations for? I'd like to know so I can be ready in time." Setsuna replied with a smile on her face. "I'd love to get to know you more too." She thought to herself. Setsuna then mentaly picutred what outfit she would wear on her dinner date. 

OCC: Spymaster, you can pick a type of resturant that you would take your own girlfriend to.


Nao's expression smoothly lightens when Setsuna accepts her proposal. He can only picture what she would wear for that glorious evening. It was the first time in a long while that he was actually in good spirits, and the date hadn't even happened yet.

"Ah, excellent." Nao smiled. "Now my evening has been improved. Just think of how well we will do on Saturday, at 7:00. I know of a lovely restaurant that would suit our taste just fine. We will dine on succulent Italian, wet our lips on fine wine, and dance the night away to the soothing melody of Smooth Jazz. Ah, and before I forget, perhaps we could divulge in more fine music by attending the concert of Michiru Kaioh."

Nao would wait until he acquired Setsuna's address so he would arrive to pick her up. Once he had her, he would let himself go in a way he never could with Naru. Possibly in a way even he never expected, unbeknowest to him.


Perillia watched the students participate in various mathematical questions as she sat next to Kunzite in the audience. Though the initial part of the event was somewhat interesting, she began to become bored of the questions and tests the students had to endure. She had no real interest in the school's competition, but she needed to show she was part of the community, which is something she began to enjoy as part of her role. She applauded every time each of the schools answered correctly; it was the only way she could stay active and awake through the entire ordeal.

“Are you enjoying the math competition, Peri?” Kunzite turned towards her and asked.

Though she wanted to voice her growing distaste for the event, she turned back to Kunzite, smiled, and said, “I hope you are enjoying the competition as much as I do.” With that, she turned back towards the direction of the students and hoped that would ease her servant's curiosity.

The idea of Kunzite having an issue with her or the competition led her face towards Nephrite. The ring in his ear had drawn Perillia towards him like a magnet. Looking at his hand, she saw the small cellphone covered with Nephrites moving thumbs. Still concerned with her and the salon's image, she eyed Nephrite long enough to show her disapproval of his texting during the competition. If I have to be bored sitting here, she told herself, so must these four.

Within a few seconds of being spotted, the redheaded queen saw her servant put his phone away and focus his attention back on the competition.

The break in the competition had given Perillia a chance to run to the restroom and have a quick snack. She need some type of diversion from the boredom she had endured. Kunzite did not seem to surprised when she stood up and walked out the auditorium without a word. The small chocolate bar and the splash of cold water on her face helped to refocus on why she was there.

When she returned back to the auditorium, the Principal, once again, took over the microphone and said, “Thank you, everyone, for staying till the bitter end.” Bitter is right—you pompous ass! Perillia thought to herself with an evil smirk on her face. If there is one thing I am sure to do when I have control of this planet is to make you suffer dearly for your idiocy. It was the first time, in a long while, that the darkness within Perillia had become strong enough to surface in a form a smirk. However, as soon as she recognized the power, she quickly changed her tone and cheered for the schools in hopes to keep face among her loyal customers.

After seeing the Principal leave the stage, she sat peacefully back in her chair to watch the events of the competition unfold. She knew that soon she would have to meet up again with that jerk and hand over the prize to the winning school. Peri did not want to look disgusted with the man, nor did she want to portray herself contrary to the image she had taken so long to build up, so she mediated deep within her mind, watching the teams fight for the prize.

It was not too long before the final question to the competition was asked. It's about time! Peri said to herself. Let's hope this is the last time I have to see that nitwit of a Principal on stage. The final question had been asked, but the students on stage were silent. After all they had gone through, the redheaded queen thought the students would have answered the question quickly, but both schools were silent. Finally, one of the students buzzed and gave an answer, “43.” No sooner did the puzzled look turn to a joyous smile when the moderator confirmed the correct answer.

Show time! Let's keep it together. Perillia watched the Principal walk on stage to congratulate the victors, announcing their names to the audience. No sooner did he hand the trophy to the Juuban Middle School team that he called out for Peri, of the Kawaii Beauty Salon, to come on stage. Making her grand entrance, Peri tossed her long red hair to the side as she walked on stage. With smiles, she congratulated each member with a humble bow before taking the microphone away from the Principal.

“To the Juuban Middle School students,” she began, “on behalf of the Kawaii Beauty Salon[i], I wish to congratulate you on a well deserved victory. You have made us and the community very proud with all of your hard work. In recognition of all your hard work, I offer the [i]Juuban Middle School 25,000 Yen in hopes that we will see more success as we now see standing before us. Congratulations.” Peri bowed again to the students and offered the check to the captain of the math team.

Once she had done her part, Peri handed back the microphone to the Principal and looked out towards the audience. She saw a familiar face and took some time to send smile and soft toss of her luscious red hair toward the dark haired man. Maybe this wasn't so bad after all, she thought to herself as she began to lose herself in her imagination as she returned to her seat in the auditorium.

After the competition, Peri mingled with a few loyal customers and handed out a few gift certificates. All the while, she kept her eye out for that dark-haired man, but did not have much luck in finding him. She worked her way back to the closed Kawaii Beauty Salon booth to take the rest of the materials to her red sports car. However, taking things down and carrying them back to the car seemed a bit lonesome. “Where are those four?” she asked herself while placing the remainder of the items in the trunk. “I may need to have a chat with those two, but right now, I have more important matters.” Her alarm clock began to chime. “That's right,” she reminded herself as she started the car, “I need to pick up a few things for my new bundle of joy.” She smiled at the thought of her Calico ball of fur she had left home early that morning.

The red sports car pulled out of the parking lot of the Juuban Middle School parking lot with Peri's red hear waving against the wind.

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Rei and Minako left Usagi to go and congratulate their schools. “It will be ok. We get them next time.” said Rei, to her class mates. They only stayed talking to the briefly then the returned with the others. They were on there way to the outside of the building and then the idea was suggested by Usagi to go get ice-cream. Makoto was really excited, about going to get ice-cream. “They have this new flavor there call Strawberry delight it is really good!” She said to the others. 

Rei on the other hand was getting rather annoyed about the googlely eyes that Yuichiro kelp making at her. She did not know what his deal was tonight. But she decided to let it go and not fuss at him. “The beauty salon passing out flyers. I will go get us some. I will be back in a min guys.” 

And she left the others while the talked to go and get flyers. When she came back with the flyers, she cheered for Ami win and congratulated her again. “I think ice-cream is just the thing we all need to celebrate Ami win.” Rei said going to the cars. Rei ran to the front of the car and Said. “I got dibbs in the front seat!”

While Makoto was concerned for Hotaru. “Are you sure you ever thing will be ok and you don’t need a ride?” She asked her.

“Yea I will be fine.. everything will be ok. I can wait for Setsuna. But thanks you all. For being concerned.” Hotaru said smiling.

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Re: Episode 2, Part 2: To B Flat
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OOC: Great job everyone! I'm really enjoying the posts and the introduction of our newest role players. Hopefully, we can get some of the other Senshi positions filled, so we don't have to keep temp playing them. Special thanks to those of you who took on additional roles until we find new players. If you know of anyone who would like to role play with us, please invite them to apply. We need the following characters (in order of importance): Sailor Uranus, Sailor Saturn, Sailor Jupiter, Jadeite, Sailor Venus, and Mamoru. That's it for now.

TIME CHANGE: It's Saturday, late afternoon. People should be getting ready for Michiru's concert or almost already there. I don't want to spend too much time with set-up for Saturday. Let's get to the fun and fighting as quickly as possible. 

Remember, the concert is at 8pm at Azabu-Juuban Arena Hall. Michiru will be performing "Clair de Lune" and should also be wearing the dress that Setsuna designed. The opening performance is by Shimizu Keiichi. See Episode 2 or Resources and Sailor Moon Revenge for more details.
Minako and Ryu didn't get to spend more time together after the Tokyo Middle School Math Jam Competition. He seemed distracted and didn't stay for ice cream. Minako tried not to be upset about that, especially since she was having fun with her friends. 

"I want to try the Strawberry Delight! Sounds yummy!" Minako exclaimed as they all got into vehicles and headed out for a night of fun.

ImageIt was close to the concert time and Minako had dressed in a beautiful yellow gown. She had forgotten to ask Michiru if it was a formal concert, but based on how quickly the concert had sold out and the venue, she assumed it was. Plus, the local news was going to be there broadcasting the entire performance. Michiru even had an opening act, a performance by Shimizu Keichii. 

'This is going to be so wonderful,' she thought as she twirled in front of her mirror in her yellow gown. She was waiting for Ryu to pick her up for dinner. Artemis was lounging on her bed with Luna. The pair were going to hang out at her place.

"Sorry you two can't come. It's too formal an event to sneak cats into."

"Sure, sure," Artemis grumbled in annoyance. Luna just shrugged unconcerned.

"Plus, you would probably get bored. I doubt they will have the types of snacks you would want during intermission," Minako said with a chuckle. Artemis still looked sulky. Luna rubbed against him.

"We don't need to keep an eye on the girls anymore. I'm starting to think that the whole tsunami was a fluke. There have been no signs of enemies on Earth. Maybe we awoke everyone prematurely," Luna speculated. 

"Who knows," Minako shrugged off the concern. "Maybe it was time for us all to remember that we were friends. I'm happy with the way things are turning out. I have everyone I care about close to me, and now I have a boyfriend. What more could a girl ask for?"

She heard a loud honk outside.

"He's here!"

"It wouldn't kill him to actually come up to the door for once," Artemis grumbled.

"You don't like anyone I date, Artemis. Don't wait up! It's going to be a late night." She gave both cats kisses on their head before she rushed out the door to meet Ryu.

Luna still looked a little concerned. "I have this bad taste in my mouth that something is going to happen tonight."

"Maybe it was bad tuna," Artemis leaned in to give Luna a quick cat kiss.

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Re: Episode 2, Part 2: To B Flat
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After his evening at the Math Tournament, he had to hear Perillia squawk at them and the other Shitennou for taking so long to get out. However, the last thing on his mind was either of them. Setsuna truly had a profound affect on him, and he couldn't wait for his most anticipated evening. That night, Nephrite masturbated to Setsuna's image, imagining that body, pleasuring him. he could resist getting a hard-on.

ImageThe next day came by, and he was making preparations for his lovely meeting with Miss Setsuna, and he would guarentee that the meeting would be truly a night to remember. After that, he did his work at the salon, tending to the customers. Although his mind was on Setsuna, he was sure to keep Perillia off his back by tending to the rest of the customers, particularly the lady customers.

When his shift was over, he immediately got ready for Setsuna. Arriving at her place in a nice rented ferarri, he walked up to her door in his suit, eager to touch her, to hold her, to...ah, he was getting ahead of himself. They only met a few times. They hardly knew each other. Still, why was this feeling so strong?
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Re: Episode 2, Part 2: To B Flat
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ImageSetsuna smiled to herself while she was getting ready for her date with Nao. After she showered, Setsuna tried several dresses on before finally deciding on one that she could wear both to her date and the concert. She put on a strapless black Christian Dior cocktail dress that had purple violets in all the right places. She then did her hair and makeup before she put some jewelry. Setsuna had chosen a simple but elegant diamond necklace and matching earings. She had just put on some perfume on when Setsuna had heard her doorbell ring. Setsuna quickly walked to the door and opened it.

"Hello" She replied with lighted up features when she saw Nao at the door. 

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Re: Episode 2, Part 2: To B Flat
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Usagi and Mamoru were at a romantic restaurant in a dark corner. The only light for their table was a tall candle that sat between them. The couple were leaning in and holding hands as they stared dreamily at each other. All their past cares and worries melted away once they had entered the romantic atmosphere of the restaurant. It was like stepping into another world, and they were the king and queen of it. 

"Oh, Mamo-chan. This is the most romantic idea yet. Yesterday, you gave me a gift card and flowers...and now this...? You are the perfect boyfriend." 

Mamoru brought Usagi's hand to his mouth and kissed her upturned palm. Then he moved lower to her wrist. Usagi sighed in soft pleasure as he sent kisses down her arm. She was getting warm all over, and she knew they should stop. Even if they were at a secluded table, they were in a public restaurant.

"Stop that, my love!"

She pulled her arm away and playfully swatted at him.

"Tonight, then," Mamoru replied as he looked at Usagi with tempestuous eyes. Usagi giggled nervously and took a sip of her water. Mamoru and her hadn't taken their relationship to the next level although she knew he wanted to. She wanted to as well; after all, they were destined for each other. It was fate. Still, the newness of the experience both excited and frightened her. Losing her virginity was a big decision, and Usagi often wondered if Mamoru already had experience in that realm. She was too shy to ask him, though, and if truth be told, she didn't really want to know. There was already enough jealousy between them because of the Minako mess, and Usagi wanted to keep the past dead as it rightfully should remain.

"I have a five cheese ravioli for the lady," a server said interrupting Usagi's thoughts. 

"Arigatou Gozimasu (Thank you)," Usagi responded as she eyeballed the colorful pasta on the plate. Everything looked delicious. 

"And for the gentleman, I have a medium cooked steak."

Mamoru also thanked him. Turning back to Usagi to finish the conversation about tonight, Mamoru was disappointed to see that she was no longer stimulated. Well, that was a bit of a lie. She was stimulated but only by the tastes and scenes waging war on her taste buds and nose. He laughed as he watched Usagi swallow her food as if she hadn't eaten a good meal in days. 

"Oh Usako..."

Usagi looked up from her plate at his inquiry. She had a bit of marina sauce on her chin. Mamoru leaned forward and kissed it away. His tongue was gentle as it rubbed against her soft skin. He pulled away, and Usagi looked at him with wide eyes. Just like that, Mamoru had sent her back to her original state of physical excitement. 

"Ai shiteru (I love you)."

Usagi beamed with happiness as Mamoru began to dig into his own juicy meal tackling a piece of the steak first.

'I love you too,' Usagi thought as she took a moment to drink her true love all in. When her stomach rumbled, she recalled the exciting meal that awaited her.

'Don't need to tell me twice,' she told her stomach patting it gently before digging back into the scrumptious meal.

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Re: Episode 2, Part 2: To B Flat
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Nephrite had to inhale just to keep his body from shivering, looking at how well Setsuna dolled herself up. He was looking at a beautifully sexy woman. He wished he could take her into bed right now. Even there at that moment, there was a sensual, passionate flicker in his eyes as he felt Setsuna's curves with his eyes. It took everything inside him to keep from raping her on the spot. Of course, such an act wouldn't look good for the Kawaii Beauty Shop, thus making it harder to continue seeing Setusuna altogether.

"Setsuna..." he started. "You cannot possibly understand how good it is to see you this evening. Are you ready to indulge yourself with me, milady?"
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Re: Episode 2, Part 2: To B Flat
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"Yes I am." Setsuna replied. 

She took the arm that Nao offered her as he escorted her to his car. "Nice car" Setsuna thought as they drove to the resturant.

They arrived at the resturant which had the look and feel of Italy. Once they were inside the head waiter seated them right away. The waiter handed them their menus. A few minutes later another watier appeared and took their order for their aperitivo. Setsuna ordered a glass of Porecco. She noticed that Nao was staring at her while they were waiting for their drinks. When their drinks arrived they placed their orders for the rest of the meal. She selected Prosciutto di Parma (prosciutto ham with mellon) as her antipasto, risotto with peas as her primo(first course), fegato alla Veneziana(Venetian-style liver) as her secondo(main course) a salad as her contorno (side dish), some local fruit and cheese as her formaggio e frutta(first desert), zeppole as her dolce (sweet desert), caffe' (coffee) and limoncello as her digestivo(digestive). She also ordered wine that worked with her primo, secondo and formaggio e frutta courses. Setsuna had placed her order in fluent italian. 

Her and Nao chatted while they ate and danced to smooth jazz music in between their courses. While they danced Setsuna noticed how well a dancer he was and that they were probably the best looking couple on the dance floor. She throughly enjoyed her time with Nao and was almost tempeted to manipulate time so this date would never end, but she knew it was very important that she be at the concert and to see that the proper events take place. 

While Nao was waiting for the waiter to come back with his credit card, Setsuna visted the restroom to freshen up for the concert. When she got back to her table, Nao got his card back and escorted her out of the resturant and back into his car, heading to the concert.

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Re: Episode 2, Part 2: To B Flat
by Spynmaster » 2010-Sep-28 [Tue] 11:15 am

Nao stared as they waited for their order. He just couldn't help that something was familiar about her, and it was a feeling that grew stronger as she sat with her. As their noticed as each item had a certain order. He had never really seen anyone articulate their food like this before. Upon that, her order was in fluent italian.

"Always an eye for asthetics." Nao chuckled. "I never took you as a lady of Italy. So mysterious you are, Miss Meioh. I wonder what else you could be hiding..."

Nao's order came, in english, in the form of mezzalune pasta stuffed with italian sausage and a three-cheese sauce velveted over them. For the side, Risotto prepared in cream of chicken to make it more creamy, along with peas. As for dessert, Nao ordered chocolate and vanilla gelato italiano w/ a chocolate wafer accenting it. He avoided the wine due to that he was the designated driver, and their date was far from over. He simply had a raspberry lemonade to finish off the meal, watching Setsuna as she ate her finely-crafted order. It was no wonder that she held such a strong beauty salon for as long as she did.

When it was time to dance, it took all he had to keep himself from throwing Setsuna onto the dance floor he was so eager. Taking her by her elegant hand, he led her to the floor and locked eyes onto hers. As Smooth Jazz played in the background, Nao led Setsuna to and fro, yet he did not dominate. He took several, subtile liberties with her body as hers moved against his. His hands glided against her body as he felt her body heat. It was a good thing he had no wine, because her presence alone was intoxicating.

It was then that images and scenes began to flash before his eyes. Images of a woman similar to Setsuna's distinct features dancing with him...but he was a different person...it was then that certain memories began to surface. He knew this woman before, but...he just couldn't place it. Then images of his queen got in the way. This drew him away from the woman that looked like Setsuna, and he didn't want that. That's when he decided. The longer he stayed with his queen, the farther away he felt from Setsuna. He had to break from this, from her queen...no, from Perillia. He wanted to be with Setsuna. However, he knew this wasn't going to be easy, as he already had obligation to the Kawaii Beauty Salon, and what would happen when the other Shitennou found out?

They continued the dance until the song was over, then Nao paid for the meal before escorting Setsuna to the car. He hoped that she didn't notice his manhood protruding as he calmed down.

"Never had I felt so comfortable with anyone..." he spoke. "And your movements...have you danced like that before?"

As they spoke, they drove to Michiru's concert.
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Re: Episode 2, Part 2: To B Flat
by LadyEarth » 2010-Oct-01 [Fri] 11:55 am

Kunzite realized that to do what he wanted, and to make sure that woman paid for making his love angry, he had to find a way for Michiru to be alone. However, with his love's ever moody self, he didn't want anything to anger him even more. "Zoi," he whispered handing her four cards. "Chose one love."

OOC: Sorry this is short...*hides* But I need an evilidea and maybe Mandi will help me out lol. 
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Re: Episode 2, Part 2: To B Flat
by Elielynn » 2010-Oct-04 [Mon] 9:43 pm

After going to get ice cream and the Math Competition. Yuichiro took Rei home so she could get ready. She was so excited about Michiru's concert. Then she stopped looking at her closet full of clothes. What should I wear...? I have no clue.

Rei tired on different things and for a few hours, she still could not decide what she wanted to wear. Gees this is harder than what I thought. Her grand pa knocked on the door. 

“Rei-chan! I got some of the food, I made for dinner for you And Yuichiro, if you want it. Shouldn’t you be getting over to that concert?. You been in that room for hours and not come out yet.”

“I know … I know I know Grand-pa ... sigh it just I have not a clue what to wear to this. I think that later on next week I’m going to need so money for some new clothes.” Her grand-pa listened to her and then very calmly said. Why don’t you wear that dress that I told you that you mom use to wear.”

“That dress….” Rei stopped at her speech as she then left the closet and when to the box that was under the bed. She pulled it out and looked though the pile of old photos that was on top of the dress. She tried her best not to look at the pictures as she pulled for the dress. However, because of some reason getting the dress out its self filled her head with thoughts of her mom then her dad. Then tears come down Rei eyes.

“Rei … Rei- chan... are you ok. Are you crying…?” Her grand-pa was concerned. He really was not trying to make her cry he was just trying to help her situation.

“No... no … no... I’m coming… and I’m ok. I’m going to get ready and come down to eat. Just give me a sec ok.”


Rei left her room, dressed up, in the dress and came to table to eat with Yuichiro before leaving. They both sat there and looked at how pretty she was. “You look beautiful Rei-chan said Yuichiro.

“You look just like you mother. “ Said her Grand pa.

“Thank you both.” Said Rei smiling. “Well I guess we better get going Yuichiro. So that you can drop me off at the concert.”

Then Yuichiro then left with Rei on their way to concert.

OOC: Just wanted to say hi!   I'm Jestryn. In case it was not already announced, I will be playing as Mamoru. My posts may be slightly shorter in length than usual until I get a feel for this whole setup. Feel free to edit my posts as needed. 

The flicker of the candlelight glistened in Mamoru's eyes as he watch Usagi. He smiled for a moment, then began eating again. The steak was bigger than he had anticipated. He dipped the steak into his mashed potatoes before taking a bite. He put down his fork and knife and took a drink of his wine. It was a red wine; slightly bitter on the first sip, very smooth as it went down.

"Are you enjoying your meal, love?" Mamoru asked.

She looked up at him and simply smiled. He smiled back at her. The setting was perfect. It had been awhile since they had time alone together. The excitement of being alone with her was almost unbearable. Nonetheless, he contained himself and continued with his dinner, though he did have quite the devilish smirk on his face. He started thinking about him and Usagi together later that night. He was nervous about his inquiry of being intimate with her, considering everything that had happened recently between them. He did not want to push her in a direction she did not want to go. However, he could not help himself but to come on to her. It seemed so right that they were together.


"Oh, sorry love," he replied. He didn't realize he was off in his own world, "I was just thinking."
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Re: Episode 2, Part 2: To B Flat
by PrincessSerenity » 2010-Oct-18 [Mon] 2:38 pm

OOC: Welcome to the group, Fox! It's great to be role playing with you again.    


The candlelight really set the mood for Usagi as she stared deeply into Mamoru's eyes between bites. She was trying to be unobtrusive about it. He looked so handsome, and she knew that the single women in the room were looking at her with envy. She was so lucky to be with him...lucky that she hadn't lost him to Minako or someone else. Usagi knew that she wasn't the most graceful girlfriend, and she remembered their past life in which he used to tease her a lot about being silly. Still, there had always been an endearing quality about his teasing, like he cherished her clumsiness, her love for food, her bad grades, even her little odango hairstyle. He caught her staring one of the times. Giggling nervously, she went back to her food. 

"Are you enjoying your meal, love?" Mamoru asked.

Usagi stopped eating to wipe her face, which was surely a little messy from her gorge-fest. 

"Yes, Mamo-chan," she replied demurely as she took a sip of her own red wine. She was trying to save room for dessert, so she pushed the almost empty plate away from her and began idly chatting with Mamoru. They would have to leave soon for the concert, but she wanted to enjoy their time alone. She was tempted to play footsy with him under the table, but she was a little unsure of whether he would appreciate it considering the bit of awkwardness that still resided between them. 

Eventually, Usagi realized that she had lost Mamoru during her conversation. His eyes had glazed over a bit as he contemplated something much deeper than what she had been talking about.

'I wonder what he is thinking,' she thought as she tried to bring him back to her. 


"Oh, sorry love," he replied. He didn't realize he was off in his own world, "I was just thinking."

"About what?" she inquired.

Before he could answer, a waiter appeared to take away their dishes. Another waiter followed with a dessert cart.

"What should we order?" Usagi asked Mamoru. Everything looked good to her, but she didn't want to act anymore like a pig by ordering everything on the cart.

'Thank goodness I have a high metabolism,' she thought in delight. It made it that much easier to enjoy food, which was one of her favorite past times next to reading manga and being with her true love.

"We probably shouldn't linger too long over dessert, or we might be late for the concert."

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Re: Episode 2, Part 2: To B Flat
by MadelynnAshlee » 2010-Oct-20 [Wed] 7:51 pm

Zoicite was still fuming over last nights events. He felt betrayed by his favorite artist, however, he was hoping to make get to see her to get an explanation on why she would treat her fans like that. He was going to utilize his backstage passes to see her. He had sent flowers to the dressing room of Miss. Miss Kaioh because even if he was mad, Michru still remained his number one musician.

The days events at the salon were very boring and shortly after he went home took a shower and got dressed. He was getting ready to walk out the door when Kunzite stopped him.

“Love, please keep your cool tonight. I couldn't’t bare if you did something stupid.”

Turning back to kiss him, Zoicite said, “I would never do anything to jeopardize our mission OR you.”

“Just remember I love you.”

“Ditto” with that Zoicite and Nephrite left to the concert. On the ride over Zoicite noticed that Kunzite was nervous about something. He Knew he had been brooding for a while but he never meant to hurt Kunzite. 

They made it to the concert and went backstage. Zoicite went straight to the dressing room to insure his flowers where fluffed and were correct. The room was beautiful. It had a patio area and was filled with food and water for the performer. There was a cozy couch and a pretty vanity area. Once he saw that they were, he went back outside to wait for Miss Kaioh.

A short time later, Miss Kaioh walked by. Zoicite tried to catch her attention but she was surrounded by so many people, it was impossible. He followed her down the hall to her room. Before he was able to walk in, someone slammed a door in his face.

"Damn it, This cannot be happening," with that he went to his front row sit. He was steaming mad.
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Re: Episode 2, Part 2: To B Flat
by DrakeAiden » 2010-Oct-20 [Wed] 8:13 pm

Jadeite spend much of the day in bed, as he was official on vacation for the rest of the weekend. He was relieved that he did not have to go to the dump of a salon. He hated working there, he was always forced to do manual labor by the Kunzite and Zoicite.
Jadeite had not been able to get a hold of Nephrite at all today. Clearly, Nephrite had gotten some from the leggy announcer from the math competition. 

‘Good for him.’ Jadeite thought to himself as he was getting up to go pick up Minako.
Things were going great with her. He knew it would be a matter of time before Minako would become another lover. However, Jadeite could not shake the feeling that something was different with the Minako. He could not quite figure out why he had that feeling.
Jadeite was wearing a twist on military formal wear minus the tassels. He was driving his white Bentley which he only used for special occasions. On the road he made a quick call to Nephrite.

“Dude, I know your preoccupied with that announcer but something is going down tonight. I saw Zoicite earlier and he was still pissed. We need to stop him before he does anything stupid. Hit me back ASAP!”

Minako emerged shortly after he honked. She was breath taking in her beautiful yellow gown. Jadeite could hardly take his eyes off of her.

“You look gorgeous,” he said leaning in for a kiss.
“Thank you, you look very handsome.”

With that the two went to dinner and then would head to the concert. 

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Re: Episode 2, Part 2: To B Flat
by KaranaRose » 2010-Oct-20 [Wed] 8:39 pm

OCC: I had not seen anyone post about Makoto, so I added her to the group with Ami and Ryo.



Ami was glad she had a little downtime. The math competition had been draining and she was looking forward to relaxing with her friends. The only downside she could see was that Ryo would not be joining her this tonight, so she was going to be the only one of her friends without a date. But that was fine because she was use to being alone, while her friends were coupled up.

She got dressed in a long blue gown, which she had bought shortly before the math competition. She was hoping to show it off to Ryo but it wasn’t meant to be. She picked up the box that Makoto had given her. A lovely pair of earring sat in the box. They would go great with her dress, so she put them on. Once she saw the earrings, she decided that she would call Makoto to see if she wanted to have dinner with her tonight. Before she could even dial, the door bell rang.

Ami went to open the door, Ryo was there with a bouquet of blue roses. “Surprise!”

“I thought you couldn’t go?” Ami said taken aback.

“I couldn’t but I was able to talk my parents into it.” he said handing her the roses. “I have another surprise in the limo.”

Ami grabbed her clutch and locked the door and headed to the limo. She peeked inside and saw Makoto.

“I was going to call you! I am so glad you’re here, Thank you for the lovely earrings.”

“Your welcomed," Makoto said reaching over to tuck a stray hair behind Ami's ear.

“Wow, Who would have thought, I would have two lovely ladies on my arm!” Ryo interjected. Ami and Makoto punched him in the arm. 

They all started laughing, as they headed to one of Tokyo finest Sushi restaurants.


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Re: Episode 2, Part 2: To B Flat
by TsukinoUsagi » 2010-Oct-24 [Sun] 8:24 pm

OOC: TIME CHANGE! Mid to late evening at Michiru's concert, which starts at 8pm. Members can continue to post any interactions that occurred before arriving at the concert in their upcoming posts. People can also post thoughts about the music at the concert; look here for information on who's performing under EVENTS, and even actions leading up to the end of the concert when we all convene backstage to congratulate Michiru. MadelynnAshlee (Zoicite) will set up the final time change and indicate what she wants to happen for the battle. This will be the first time the Senshi have seen the Shitennou and will also be the reveal of the Inner and Outer Senshi to each other. It should prove to be exciting!
Minako loved how handsome Ryu looked in his evening wear. The military-style clothes suited him, and she complimented him as they drove to dinner.

'We must look like movie stars,' she thought dreamily as she quietly listened to the music that Ryu was playing. There wasn't much need for conversation as both people were lost in their own thoughts. 'Everyone will think that we are the guests of honor at Michiru's concert when we finally arrive.'

At dinner, they both enjoyed a steak and lobster dish meant for two. They got to sit close together, and for once Ryu wasn't texting on his cellphone the entire night. There was one point where he got a message from someone, smiled, and then put his phone away. Throughout the dinner, Minako felt tense. There was an air of excitement surrounding the two lovebirds, and every time he touched her, she felt sparks between them. 

'We definitely have chemistry,' she mused as he touched her upper thigh over her yellow dress. His fingers gently massaged her leg before returning back to his lap. She hoped she wasn't beet red at this point. His actions were very sexual, and she had no idea how she was supposed to handle his advances.

After dinner and dessert, they went straight to the concert. Everyone had reserved seats in the front of the concert hall except Hotaru and Haruka, who would be watching the performance from backstage. Minako and Ryu were the first to arrive, so she kept her eyes open for the rest of their friends to wave them over. Nao and Setsuna arrived second. 

"Setsuna," Minako rushed forward and ushered her to the seats next to them. Ryu pulled Nao to the side where they spoke privately for a few minutes.

"How was your dinner, Setsuna?" Minako asked. She was surprised that the other salon worker and one of her newest friends had formed such a strong attachment so quickly.

'Love at first sight,' she thought dreamily.

Next to arrive was Rei and Yuichiro. They sat at the end of the row because Minako had taken down the reserved seating sign, and she was afraid someone else would try to sit in their row. Rei had the foresight to leave the aisle seats open in case Usagi and Mamoru showed up late.

"I bet you a free lunch that they will be late," Rei exclaimed to Minako.

"No way am I taking that bet," Minako responded. "It's a losing one! By the way, you look lovely in that dress, Rei," Minako exclaimed. There was something radiant about her friend.

Ami, Makoto, and Ryo entered the concert hall after Rei and Yuichiro were sitting down. The trio was laughing over some joke that Ryo had said. 

"Yup...Usagi is going to be late," Minako grumbled as she walked the final group to their seats in the front row (next to Setsuna and Nao).


Meanwhile backstage...

Michiru was in her dressing room staring at herself in the mirror. She was wearing a colbot couture (high fashion) dress that Setsuna had made for her specifically for this concert. It was a great way to advertise for Setsuna's new store, which would be opening soon. Plus, it had the added bonus of making Michiru look and feel like a princess.

"You look wonderful," Haruka breathed as she came around Michiru and kissed her gently on the neck. "I know you're nervous, but you really shouldn't be. You will be great. You have been practicing that Clair de Lune song for what feels like ages."


Michiru was prevented from answering by a quiet knock on the door. "Must be Hotaru," Michiru murmured. Haruka went to the door and opened it. She was glad that there were no residual fans still outside Michiru's dressing room. It had been really bad when they first arrived. Haruka had shoved people aside like they were dead carcasses all in an almost vain attempt to protect Michiru. After they had gotten into the dressing room, she had called security to make sure any remaining fans with backstage passes were sent to their assigned seats rather than allowed to hover outside Michiru's door right before the concert. 

"We really should go soon, Haruka-papa," Hotaru said as she walked to Michiru and gave her a big hug. "You look like the princess I always imagined you to be."

"Thank you," Michiru said demurely as she hugged the small girl close to her.

"Not so tightly! You're going to wrinkle your dress. Setsuna won't like that," Hotaru giggled.

"Hotaru does have a point. We best be going."

"It's still a bit early. Shimizu Keiichi is performing first."

"True. You know I have no problem with missing his performance, but our dear Hotaru is enamored of the fellow. She's been talking nonstop about their chance meeting on the bus and how talented he is."

"HARUKA!" Hotaru yelled, unusual but acceptable behavior considering how embarrassed she was by Haruka's teasing. 

The pair made their way to the door, but Michiru didn't budge. "Why have you been staring at that bouquet of flowers? That's practically all you've done since entering the dressing room. Who's it from?" Haruka asked.

"Doesn't say...just a secret admirer I guess..." Michiru trailed off feeling uncomfortable about lying to Haruka. She really didn't want to worry Haruka. There was no connection between these flowers and the other presents that she had gotten before (the ones with the threatening messages). Surely she must be imagining that there was any danger at Azabu-Juuban Arena Hall. Michiru left the vanity and escorted Haruka and Hotaru to the door. She gave Hotaru a hug and kiss and then looked deeply into Haruka's eyes. 

"See you after the concert."

Haruka nodded, leaned in for a passionate but brief kiss, and exited out the dressing room. After the pair left, Michiru leaned against the door looking at the bouquet of roses like they were going to bite her. She didn't want to sit back down, but she needed to wait for her cue before going to the stage. She didn't have the privilege of watching Keiichi's performance live, but she did have a small television where she could see his playing. Luckily, the television was by the cozy white couch and away from the vanity. It would help Michiru take her mind off the disturbing flowers.

'Just in case,' Michiru thought as she walked by. She proceeded to pick up the vase dumping the whole present in a nearby trashcan. 'Provides a little peace of mind,' she thought as she got settled in and watched the announcer come out to thank everyone for attending before introducing Shimizu Keiichi.


Before Haruka and Hotaru went to their backstage seats, Haruka checked on her aquamarine flowers that she had stored in a safe and cool area until after the concert. She had specially ordered the flowers back when she had first learned that Michiru was to perform this concert. They grew on the Jade Vine, which only grows in the Philippines. She had paid an extraordinary amount for the flowers, but she was sure Michiru would recognize and appreciate them. They were as valuable and as priceless as Michiru herself. 


"If only people would stop destroying the rainforests," Hotaru murmured. "Then perhaps those flowers wouldn't be so rare and more people could enjoy their beauty."

"Yes, deforestation is a bitch," Haruka concurred as they left the flowers. She would pick them up at the end of the concert.


In Azabu-Juuban Arena Hall, Usagi and Mamoru quietly walked in the dark to their seats. The announcer was still speaking, so technically they weren't late. They were smart enough to enter on the side of the row that had the two empty seats, which happened to be next to Rei and Yuichiro.

'Not another time sitting next to Rei,' Usagi thought.

"Why am I not surprised that you are late again," Rei muttered as Usagi and Mamoru took their seats to enjoy the show.

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Re: Episode 2, Part 2: To B Flat
by jestryn » 2010-Oct-29 [Fri] 8:46 am

Before the Concert:

"We probably shouldn't linger too long over dessert, or we might be late for the concert,"

"I agree," Mamoru state, "But, I know you love dessert, and it would not be out of character to show up a little late." Mamoru smiled at Usagi. He chose the raspberry cheesecake for Usagi and him to share. The waiter took their dishes, then placed the slice of cheesecake on the center of the table between them. He placed two clean forks next to the plate before leaving with the cart. Usagi smiled in sight of the cheesecake.

"Oh, Usagi," he giggled as she took the first bite. 

Mamoru and Usagi happily enjoyed their dessert. He could tell she wanted to get close to him. He thought he felt her foot brush by his momentarily. He scooted his chair closer to hers and sat next to her to share their dessert. He also wanted to be close to her. He knew they would be leaving shortly to join their friends at the concert, so he wanted to enjoy the alone time he had with her. 

Concert is starting:

Mamoru and Usagi arrived to the concert hall a couple minutes after the official start time. Before they got out of the car, Mamoru leaned over and gave Usagi kiss. His hand brushed against her cheek and down the side of her neck. Her lips were soft as he pressed his against hers.

"Thank you for joining me for dinner, love," he said. Mamoru then gently grabbed her hand and kissed it as well. He smiled at her. "Shall we go inside?"


In Azabu-Juuban Arena Hall, Usagi and Mamoru quietly walked in the dark to their seats. The announcer was still speaking, so technically they weren't late. They were smart enough to enter on the side of the row that had the two empty seats, which happened to be next to Rei and Yuichiro.

"Why am I not surprised that you are late again," Rei muttered as Usagi and Mamoru took their seats to enjoy the show.
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Re: Episode 2, Part 2: To B Flat
by AquaGirlLove » 2010-Oct-29 [Fri] 12:13 pm

OOC: Sorry for the delay. Been busy with school. Hope everyone is doing well and having fun.  
Perillia spent Saturday morning working with her customers at the Kawaii Beauty Salon. There had been an increase in appointments since her appearance at the Math Competition, which made her job a bit stressful. Of course, letting Jadeite have the weekend off didn't make things easier for her, especially since most of the customers wanted her to do their hair, nails, and make-overs. For a time, she worked on two customers simultaneously, engaging the two in local gossip.

By the time closing time came around, the redhead woman was exhausted from all of the work. Sitting in one of the customer chairs, she allowed herself to relax and unwind. Her other three Shitennou had left rather quickly once their jobs were complete. She had considered talking with them to see how things were going, but she herself had become too tired to deal with their eccentricities.

Just as she was about to doze off, she heard the call from the Dark Kingdom from below the hair salon. She could feel the cold embrace of its power, something she had started to become unfamiliar with. Yes, the products were selling and the life force was being drained from the humans gradually, but the thought of going after the humans had somehow weakened. She had a new friend in her life, the business was successful, and she knew there was someone out there for her.

As she entered the dark room, a tender coolness embraced Perillia. She felt the darkness of the Dark Kingdom. It strength had grown since the last time she had visited the room. All was going well, but the embrace was new. It was though the Dark Kingdom had attempted to bond with her on an intimate level. Within a few seconds, her strength and vitality were restored. The darkness left, and she walked out of the room.

The lights of the city glittered as the red convertible sports car drove down the streets. The nightlife had awakened. People from all walks of life were out and about—some in couples, others in groups, and a few singles hanging around certain shops. The neon signs and red chouchin lanterns with kanji characters pointed to the restaurants and businesses that were eager to satisfy your thirst, hunger, or desire—for a price.

Perillia had stopped by one of the more extravagant stores in Harajuku after feeding her kitten and dropping of a few items at her place. She wanted to look elegant for the concert that was being held in the Azabu-Juuban Arena Hall. There was something about the fine arts that brought the need to have fine fashion. Though she wanted to look elegant, she didn't want to over due the part. She needed something simple and elegant. Of course, having a new handbag or stilettos didn't hurt either.

When Perillia arrived at the Azabu-Juuban Arena Hall, she walked through the main entrance. Even though she did not want to bring too much attention to herself, she did want to make a grand entrance. Clothed in a red evening gown with ribbon tied under her bossom and with her matching hand bag, she walked down the main isle to her seat. She gracefully sat down and opened up the program she had received at the door.

Clair de lune, she read to herself. A coolness embraced her body. Lune, she repeated. Sailor Lune.

Makoto Kino had decided to go simple with her charcoal turtleneck sweater and emerald pencil skirt. Even in her simplicity, she gave off a tenderness of beauty. However, the punch to Ryo only reminded everyone that she also had a strong side to her. The two would always be one, and she would have it no other way.

The idea of having sushi before the concert had been a good one in her opinion. Food and music were two things, she felt, that should be enjoyed in the company of friends. Plus, Ami's win made the idea all the more fun. She was happy for Ami, and she wanted to show it. She only hoped that they would get to the concert in time and not linger too long at the sushi restaurant.

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Re: Episode 2, Part 2: To B Flat
by PrincessSerenity » 2010-Nov-08 [Mon] 3:11 pm

Before the Concert:

Usagi was secretly pleased when Mamoru said they could show up late to the concert. It gave them more time together...and alone. Plus, she got to enjoy the restaurant's delicious raspberry cheesecake. There was even an occasion when Mamoru fed her a small bite. Usagi's lips had lingered on the fork as she sucked the delicious dessert into her mouth. Mamoru scooted his chair closer to her as the two lovebirds enjoyed their date.


At the Concert:

Usagi and Mamoru were in his car listening to some soft music. Suddenly, Mamoru leaned over and kissed her. Usagi's eyes widened in surprise as his hand brushed her cheek and created a sensuous trail down the side of her neck. She quickly closed her eyes and gave herself fully to Mamoru's lips. Their kiss was magical, and it held future promises. 

"Oh Mamo-chan," Usagi giggled as her boyfriend thanked her for the dinner and kissed her hand before stating that they needed to go inside for the performance. He then got out of the car and opened her door. Usagi gave him her hand, he lifted her to her feet, pressed her firmly against his frame, and then ushered her to the entrance. 


It was difficult to see in the dark, and Usagi was afraid she was going to trip and make a scene as the announcer was talking. She wasn't used to wearing heels, and she clopped rather loudly up the walkway. Then, the opening act came on the stage and began to play. Usagi couldn't remember who it was, but she was happy that they weren't late for Michiru's performance of Clair de Lune. 

'Thank goodness Mamoru is leading the way,' she thought as they finally made it to their seats. Usagi refused to look around because she was afraid people were glaring at them in annoyance. More specifically, at her for being such a noisy ox. She wasn't surprised when Rei exclaimed about them being late.

'Great...we always have to sit next to Rei,' she thought in annoyance. The two of them constantly squabbled over things, and she was worried about a repeat performance like they had had at the math competition.

"You better sit next to Rei," Usagi murmured as she took the aisle seat. She sunk deeply into her chair and tried not to feel embarrassed by being tardy.

'Why couldn't we have had our cheesecake and arrived on time?' she idly wondered. She couldn't focus on the performance and was actually feeling tired. 'I want to go home.'

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Re: Episode 2, Part 2: To B Flat
by Elielynn » 2010-Nov-14 [Sun] 10:09 pm

Before concert: 

Rei got out of the car to leave when. Yuichiro grabbed her hand before she left. “Hay what going on? Do you have something to tell me?” she said to him looking surprised.

“Rei... I just got a bad feeling that something is going to happen to you soon and I just … I don’t know what come over me as of late. I am very sorry, that I have seemed very strange to you. I just have been worried about you.”
Rei looked at him for a moment. Then busted out in laughter so that she could throw him off what she was thinking. “Something happen to me? Hahahhahah! Come on now. I will be ok! Don’t you worry so much! I’m tuff! I can handle myself.” Rei smiles at him and then hold on to his hand for a moment. “Don’t worry so much ok. I will be fine.” 

She then let go and said her goodbyes. I never knew he could look at me so intense but so serous. Then Rei started to shake her head and push the thought out of her mind. “Why do I care anyways? Hahaha!”

At Consert:

Next, Rei when inside to get her a program and find her seat. Before looking for her seat, she looked at the program, “Shimizu Keiichi. Will be performing first ... hmmm this should be very interesting. Rei then got to some seating in the concert hall to the front. It was very dark in the room. However, she found some seats to the front and no one was sitting there. Then later on she seen Usagi and Mamoru show up. Rei had to pick on Usagi a little bit like she usually did. She just enjoyed it so much. Rei then waited with anticipation for the show to start.

OOC: Hey, Elie! Great post! Thought I would respond as Minako-chan to give you someone to interact with.   

Minako was surprised at how captivated by the music Ryu was...that or he was very interested in someone behind stage. She could feel the excitement coming off him like the hot rays of the sun. It was actually making her a bit uncomfortable. A few times he took out his phone and texted someone. She glanced around and noticed that it was Setsuna's date. 

'Those two must be really good friends,' she idly thought as she glanced at everyone else. As expected, Usagi and Mamoru arrived late. She just shook her head and smiled. After all, you can't change who people are. Plus, it was nice to see the two love birds patching everything up since her date and kiss with Mamoru. It felt like it was so long ago too. 

Leaning closer to Rei, she whispered, "Know who this Shimizu Keiichi is? Think he might steal the limelight from Michiru?"

Most of the group was quiet and watching the performance as he began to play, but Minako's thoughts were elsewhere.

"We should go to the beach next weekend, Rei. You and Makoto could have your cooking challenge there. We should take bets on who will win."

Makoto, hearing her name mentioned, tried to get into the middle of the conversation. 

"What are you two saying about me?"

"Nothing," the friends looked guilty and Makoto refocused on the music.

"Maybe we should talk to her about it after the concert," Minako whispered even quieter this time. To be honest, she didn't feel like being silent, but Ryu wasn't in the mood to talk...at least not to her...

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Re: Episode 2, Part 2: To B Flat
by Empressnightstar » 2010-Nov-18 [Thu] 9:00 pm

OCC: sorry for the delay, been in a real blue mood lately

In a timely mannor, Setsuna and Nao arrived to the concert. They were the second pair to arrive. They held hands when they went to their row and when they were seated. 

Setsuna talked to Minako while Nao talked with someone for a few moments. "Dinner was great. Nao and I went to this great italian resturant that served really excellent food. Also they play some great jazz, that is perfect to dance to." She told her with a smile on her face. 

She was glad when Nao came back. "If my luck holds out, I might get myself a little midnight snack tonight." Setsuna thought when Nao returned. She noticed the bulge from his pants during their dinner date. Something about him excited her in way that Setsuna had not been a very long time. She wanted to respond to Nao's desires but knew if she waited at the right time, the proper things would fall into place.

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Re: Episode 2, Part 2: To B Flat
by Elielynn » 2010-Nov-25 [Thu] 6:44 pm

Rei was very excited about the concert and the fact that she could get some fresh air. She need some time to think and be a way from Yuichiro. It was just that she would get so confused around him. She could tell he had feelings for her. Rei started to get lost in thought about it all then she was woken up from Minako's whisper. She asked her about Shimizu Keiichi.

“I never met him but I heard of him. He is very good. I don’t think he steal her away. Though. Ha-ha... but if he is a hotty he can steal me a way my time!” Rei said giggling.

Rei looked at him and her mouth dropped. He is a hotty. Omg, he gorgeous!!!. Rei, then listened to him play and was lost in his performance.

Then Rei started to think about after the performance trying to talk to him. She started formulating and planning how she would go about talking to him and what she would say.

However, she was next snapped out of her idea by the next whisper to her from Minako, about the beach.
“Yes! I have not been to the beach in forever! That would be a good reason to look for a bathing suit! Moreover, about that cooking contest. Oh yea this time. I’m give Makoto-chan a run for her money!” 

Rei, then giggled allot after that, when Makoto asked was going on. Rei, then giggled again and said it was nothing and when back to listening to the music. There was just something about Shimizu Keiichi.  

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Re: Episode 2, Part 2: To B Flat
by jestryn » 2010-Dec-07 [Tue] 11:26 pm

Mamoru sat silently as everything was going on around him. He was trying to read the program and figure out when Michiru's performance was coming on, but the chatter around him was distracting him. That, and his food was not sitting the best.

'I knew I shouldn't have eaten all of that," Mamoru murmured to himself, listening to the grumbling in his belly, 'Ah, it will pass..."

He overheard Minako and Rei talking about going to the beach. Again, he seemed to slip into his own thoughts, ignoring what was going on around him. He could not remember the last time he had been to the beach, or if he had ever been there with Usagi. The thought of laying in the sun with a cool drink in hand and Usagi by his side was way too tempting. He would have kept daydreaming, but there was something weird in the air. He could feel some strange vibes from within the crowd. He looked around to see if there was anything out of the ordinary, but it was too dark. He could only see the dimly lit lights on the floor and a couple people texting on their phones.

Mamoru shrugged, 'I'm certain I felt something...'

Usagi was still slouching in her chair. She twisted her hair and tapped her feet as she was sitting. Clearly she was anxious and bored. Mamoru poked her, just to tease her. He smiled and winked at her as she giggled. He held her hand in his as he turned his attention back to the stage.
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Re: Episode 2, Part 2: To B Flat
by Spynmaster » 2010-Dec-08 [Wed] 2:03 pm

Nao hated to part with his lovely maiden, even for a moment, but he thought it would be a good idea to check on Ryu for a bit. There was still the matter of the two troublemakers to deal with.

"Hey, it's me." Nao announced to Ryu upon spotting him. "Just wanted to check on things. My time is...currently occupied with Ms. Meioh. What's going on with our other two?"

The last thing Nao needed was this evening to be trashed by Zoi and Kun. He wouldn't have it, not if he could physically help it. He was feeling a good thing with Setsuna and he didn't want anything to compromise that
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Re: Episode 2, Part 2: To B Flat
by PrincessSerenity » 2010-Dec-13 [Mon] 12:19 pm

OOC: This will be a short piece for now. 
Usagi was finding it difficult to contain her laughter every time Mamoru's stomach made noises.

'Maybe I'm rubbing off on him,' she thought humorously as his stomach grumbled again. She was surprised by his teasing poke but extremely happy when he held her hand. When they focused on the stage, the music had stopped. The crowd was silent and then burst out with a loud round of applause. Keiichi bowed twice before leaving the stage. The announcer came out, thanked Keiichi for being the opening act, and finally announced Michiru.

"Prepared to be wowed," Usagi said as everyone watched Michiru walk out. She looked beautiful in her formal wear and at ease with the large crowd, which had instantly erupted into applause. Everyone was excited to hear the main act that had been advertised for so long on the radio and television. They quickly quieted down when Michiru raised her violin bow. The music that flowed through her hands was enchanting. Usagi fell into a dream where time lost all meaning as Clair de Lune wafted around her.

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Re: Episode 2, Part 2: To B Flat
by PrinceEndymion » 2010-Dec-13 [Mon] 12:42 pm

OOC: I will briefly play Zoicite and Jadeite until Drake returns. Mandi won't return before the new Zoicite takes over, so I will just play him until the end of the episode. Episode 3 will introduce our new player.
Jadeite was pleased that Nephrite had sought him out briefly for a conversation but was disappointed because he wasn't attentive to their plan.

"A bit of advice: Show some restraint, bro. You're supposed to be playing her, not the other way round. Make her want you so badly that she will do anything...then you get the real naughty pleasures of life," Jadeite's sinister smile grew as Minako waved at him eagerly from her seat. They were missing the fool Keiichi's performance, but Jadeite couldn't care less. "Take that little minx over there...I've got her eating candy from the palm of my hand..."

Jadeite shook his hand as he focused on the matter at hand.

"Zoicite's plan is going to hit after the show. Whatever he has planned, it has everything to do with Michiru."

As Jadeite spoke her name, the woman in question walked onto the stage.

"He's trying to keep it low-key, and Kunzite is trying to protect his love from failure. I suspect it has everything to do with stealing her musical talents. You know Zoicite has always imaged that he was the next musical genius. Our plan involves alerting Queen Perillia about what is happening before the Senshi catch wind of anything. That way, we bust Zoicite and Kunzite while we get acknowledgement for saving our presence from the Senshi. Maybe one of us will be promoted leader of the Shitennou. Who knows?"

Jadeite's mind was filling with dreams of power, however, he could tell that Nephrite was itching to return back to Setsuna who looked like she was about to cry.

'The music's not that great,' Jadeite thought in annoyance as he sent Nephrite back to his seat.

"Be prepared to ditch the broad at the end of the performance, at least until we catch those two fools in the act. We can't have her hanging around us with the queen. You can always return to her later tonight."

Jadeite made his way back to Minako who gripped his leg tightly as he sat down. 

"You're missing the most beautiful performance, Ryu."

"It can never compare to your beauty, Minako."

"Oh, Ryu..."

She leaned into him and kissed him deeply as Jadeite played with the locks of her blonde hair.

'Eating from the palm of my hand,' he thought. 


Zoicite was ready to burst from his seat. 

'The music is too beautiful. It should be my music,' he thought angrily as Kunzite whispered in his ear.

"Patience. It's almost the end of the song. Then you will have your chance at her."

"Thank you, Kunzite, for supporting me. Queen Perillia will be very pleased with all the energy we steal from her. And I will be happy once I have her talents. It's a win-win situation."

"I hope so," Kunzite whispered.

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Re: Episode 2, Part 2: To B Flat
by TsukinoUsagi » 2010-Dec-13 [Mon] 2:24 pm

OOC: I'm moving us to the end of the concert, so that Aqua can set-up the final confrontation since some of our members won't be back to post until after the holidays. We'll take a small break between Episode 2 and Episode 3. Thanks for being so patient!
Minako raised an eyebrow at Rei's enthusiasm over Keiichi.

"Sounds like someone has a crush," she teased. "We will need to have Michiru introduce you two after the concert. I think your reaction will be hilarious. I can see you now...standing speechless with your mouth hanging open," Minako giggled. Then, she quickly quieted down as Rei and the rest of the audience was captivated by Keiichi's performance. Minako was distracted because Ryu had left her side to go speak with Nao for a few minutes. She was desperately missing his company.

'I wonder if he is talking about me,' she mused as the young musician's performance ended. 

Minako was excited when Rei agreed to the cooking contest on the beach.

"Don't worry. I'll keep Usagi away from the grill, so she doesn't sabotage this contest too," Minako joked. Maybe Rei could get out of all the cleaning she was supposed to do for Makoto by winning the cooking contest. "I can't wait to show off my bathing suit to Ryu. He will think I'm irresistible in it!"

No one clued Makoto in about what they were talking about. They didn't need to either because now Michiru was playing and the audience was spellbound. To make the event even more perfect, Ryu finally rejoined Minako. They exchanged a little banter before Minako fell into his arms and let herself be carried away by the music. It ended all too quickly. The audience gave her a standing ovation and shouted for an encore, but Michiru never reappeared. The crowd began to leave as the friends made their way to the back entrance. 

"Here's your chance to meet Keiichi, Rei," Minako giggled as security let them through.


"You were beautiful, Michiru," were the first words Haruka said as she handed Michiru her aquamarine rare flowers. Michiru took the priceless gift gently from Haruka and smiled softly.


"They are extraordinary, my love."

"I knew you would enjoy them," Haruka replied smugly.

"We should probably meet everyone soon. They are already back stage," Hotaru responded.

"You two go. I need to put these flowers in my dressing room. It will only take a moment," Michiru said as she glided away. The night had ended without any problems. All the threats she had received amounted to nothing. She was safe, loved, and acclaimed now after her concert. "And I have these perfect flowers to celebrate the end of a perfect concert."

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Re: Episode 2, Part 2: To B Flat
by LadyEarth » 2010-Dec-13 [Mon] 2:47 pm

"What's more you will be able to get your revenge on her," he said to Zio. "After all her beautiful music will become her fall and your triumph." he kissed his had. "Nothing to worry about love. Nothing..at all."
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Re: Episode 2, Part 2: To B Flat
by AquaGirlLove » 2010-Dec-20 [Mon] 1:00 pm

Michiru Kaioh had captivate most of the audience with her musicality as she performed Claude Debussy's Suite bergamasque. Her facial expression and elegant posture illuminated each of the four movements to the French musical composition. Before each movement, Michiru would enlighten her audience with a bit of history and knowledge of the piece. Perillia found it especially interesting that the “Clair de lune” piece was originally titled “Promenade Sentimentale.” Though she enjoyed the listening to the music and watching the performance, Perillia could not help but feel a strange sensation build within her.

When the performance ended, Perillia clapped her hands and stood up to praise the talents of the young woman. She was impressed at such skill and elegance. Though she knew that this young woman possessed a life force that the Dark Kingdom could consume, she left a light emanating around her. This was the reason she decided not to pursue her life force, but rather look towards the audience at those whose inner light could not compare.

Perillia was about to move from her seat when her mind became filled with images of the Shitennou. The earrings she had given them began to sending some of their thoughts and words back to the redheaded woman. She could feel Zoicite's jealousy and greed for Michiru's talent. Jadeite's lust for power rippled through her own thoughts. The idiots are about to make a fool out of themselves and the salon, she thought as she turned her body to their direction.

It was too late. Zoicite and Kunzite both jumped on to the stage as the last human exited the hall. Perillia became furious at the thought that all her work was about to be jeopardized by those two. She could not allow it. An in exhaustible supply was much more important than one soul with great limited abundance. She ran down from her aisle to the stage and jumped onto it. She needed to stop Zoicite before everything was ruined.

Just as she was about to get behind the curtain, she heel gave way; Perillia fell to the ground. From the floor, she saw Zoicite with Michiru. He had grabbed by the arms, shaking her. “I am the best musician!” He hollered to her face. “I am.”

As she was about to pick herself up, the Kunzite's earring began to show what he was doing. The Shitennou had changed his outfit and disguised himself a security worker. He was walking down the hallway with a group of people who were dressed fancy. He smiled and chatted about the concert and about Michiru.

“Michiru will be joining you shortly,” he told the group. “Please, wait for her here in the green room.” He opened the door and gestured the group in.

The room had a sofa and a tiny lamp.

“If there is anything you need, I will get it for you,” Kunzite told the group as they entered to wait for Michiru.

“You let me go!” Perillia heard Michiru's voice.

“Not until I have your abilities!” said Zoicite.

Perillia saw the door slam shut and Kunzite barricading it with various heavy objects, making it impossible to open from the inside. He threw his costume on top of the heavy pile and began to make his way back to the backstage area.

“When I am done with you,” Zoicite said, holding on to Michiru tightly, “Queen Perillia will take your life force and you WILL serve the Dark Kingdom, and ME!”

“I took care of the trouble makers,” Kunzite reported back to Zoicite.

“Now, hold her while I become the better musician,” Zoicite ordered his companion. Redirecting himself to Michiru, he said, “Time for you to be flat!”

“What are you doing!?” the redhead said as she stood behind them.

“My Queen,” Zoicite replied, “I have the perfect specimen for the Dark Kingdom. This one has strong life force. We can use her.”

“And you did not inform me before you took action,” she said as she unleashed a painful jolt on Zoicite.

“My Queen, I was only trying to...”

Perillia sent out another jolt of energy through is earring. “You dare act for yourself and endanger my efforts. Had you come to me, you would know that I had other things in mind, but you chose not to. Now what am I to do this woman and you?”

“My Queen,” Kunzite interjected, “you could still take her life force and put her to sleep. Erase her memory of us and this incident.”

“My Queen, I beg of you, let me do it. Let me have her talent.” Zoicite crawled towards Perillia on his knees.

She knew that this situation could not be undone. The light with her soul troubled her, but events beyond her control had begun. Perillia knew that she would need the Shitennou to help complete the mission of the Dark Kingdom. Looking down at her subject, she replied, “Take the life force and talent that you desire, but know this Zoicite, you disobedience will your undoing.”

Kissing her feet, Zoicite thanked his queen and stood before her. “Her life force will be for the Dark Kingdom, that I promise.”

A loud destructive sound echoed through out the hall. The backstage shuttered as a doorway blew open. Standing the the behind the cloud of dust was a familiar face and feel. The gold headband, the white and blue sailor dress, and the long red boots brought back the memory of defeat from long ago. Perillia felt the strength of the light that had once consumed her when she and her rival died. Sailor Moon, she told herself.

“Zoicite, it's your mess. Clean it up!” said Perillia as she ran towards the other exit to flee from the scene. Damn you, Zoicite. Damn you, Sailor Moon!

Perillia was able to make it to the exit, but she knew her cover had been blown, to some extent. Worst of all, she if Sailor Moon had returned with her, so had the rest of the Senshi...and her one true love.

OOC: Nice post, Aqua. I'm going to move the villains into place while the Senshi discover who each other are (Inner versus Outer) as they are locked up in the green room.
Zoicite was itching in his chair to get on the stage and take care of Michiru. People were filing out of the auditorium too slowly. Kunzite was holding him back as best as his lover could. Eventually, he was able to gain access back stage thanks to his phony badge. As soon as the coast was clear and the stage security had left the area, he threw off his salon disguise and went after Michiru. Kunzite followed suit. Grabbing her roughly by the arm, Zoicite began to holler at Michiru about her talents. 

"Take care of her friends, Kunzite. You know what to do." Kunzite looked about nervously but followed Zoicite's orders.

"Let me go," screamed Michiru as she was knocked to the stage floor. She passed out right as some mysterious woman with red hair approached them. 

"My queen," Zoicite knew this wasn't good. Kunzite had come back by then and both of them were desperately trying to explain the situation to her. Luckily, Zoicite was able to convince the queen to let him steal Michiru's musical talents...all in the name of the Negaverse. 

'This is perfect,' he thought as he began to drain Michiru of her energy. It appeared as if his plan had worked out after all. Then, their former arch nemeses showed up...the Sailor Senshi! 'What are they doing here?' he wondered. Their queen quickly vanished from sight. She was not prepared for a battle having not changed out of her human disguise. Kunzite and Zoicite stood to face Sailor Moon and her friends alone. 'Who are those new Senshi?' he wondered as he spied a young black-haired girl and a tall, blonde.


Jadeite was tapping his feet impatiently. 

'What is taking him so long? I was able to ditch Minako quickly. Who knows when that time bomb will go off,' he wondered as he thought about Zoicite. Nephrite had said he would only be a few moments backstage, that he wanted to make sure Setsuna knew he was coming back or some similar nonsense. 

"Took you long enough," Jadeite grumbled as Nephrite followed his fellow Shitennou to the stage where they had seen Zoicite disappear to. By the time they found him, they were already too late. The fool had knocked Michiru out and was facing their queen on his hands and knees begging to have his way with the human.

"Ridiculous," whispered Jadeite as he ushered Nephrite and himself behind a curtain. "We missed the whole reveal. Now, we get no recognition for turning Kunzite and Zoicite in. I was really hoping for a promotion in our ranks." He turned an annoyed face toward Nerphrite who merely shrugged. Before the two could converse more on what was to be done next, the Senshi appeared. Jadeite watched as their queen exited off the stage. "Now that fool has exposed us to the Senshi! They didn't know we had been reborn. Should we go out there and help those two idiots?" he asked Nephrite.

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Re: Episode 2, Part 2: To B Flat
by Empressnightstar » 2010-Dec-22 [Wed] 12:51 am

OCC: I'm going to try to set it up for the senshi to reaveal themselves to each other

After the concert, Nao took Setsuna backstage. He told her that he had to leave her for a moment and promised to return after he had finished some necessary business. He kissed her on the check and held her tightly before he left. 

Setsuna then went with the security guard to the green room and wait for Michiru. A few moments later Haruka, Hotaru, Ami and Minako showed up. She was half listening to Minako talking about her date. Setsuna didn't care for him. "I wonder what she sees in that sleezy player. That guy is going really break her heart." She thought while Usagi, Rei and Mamoru came in.

She waited patiently until everyone realized they were locked in the room. In a flash, Setsuna became Sailor Pluto. She stood in front of everyone and told them in a calm comforting voice "Everyone, the time has come for you to become senshi again. We must work together in order to save Sailor Neptune and this new and very powerful enemy."

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Re: Episode 2, Part 2: To B Flat
by Spynmaster » 2010-Dec-29 [Wed] 1:20 am

Nephrite was disgusted at Jadeite's little lecture on conduct with Setsuna. It was exactly why he had chosen to separate himself from the other Shitennou. It was the reason why he chose not to care about Perillia's designs anymore. Either way, he had no intention of "ditching" Setsuna, for anyone.

Back to the plan, he was highly disturbed that Zoicite and Kunzite planned to have "their way" with Michiru. This would put a hinder on the concert for sure. However, before they could do anything about it, things took a horrible turn for the worse. Zoicite's jealously got the best of him and now it was compromising everything. Now they couldn't capture them and hold them accountable in front of Perillia.

"No." he simply said. "They got themselves into this mess, and they will deal with it. We will carry on with our own plans, and I will carry out my plans."

Those plans involved his night with a certain dark-skinned mistress. Of course, there was the matter of dealing with the Senshi now that those two duncebags had revealed them. Either way, Nephrite would remove himself from his conflict. That in mind, he began to search for his date, unknowing of her current condition.
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Re: Episode 2, Part 2: To B Flat
by Elielynn » 2011-Jan-10 [Mon] 11:46 pm

Rei really enjoyed both performances. She was especially moved by Keiichi performance, He really was a very talented and handsome man. Just as everyone was walking out of the auditorium, Minako, said something to burst her bubble. Minako, pointed out about Keniichi having an autograph signing. Moreover, Reid just could not pass up that chance. She told her friends that she be back and quickly when over as fast as she could to get in line at the auto graph booth. She only waited like a few minutes before finally getting up to the table. 
As she walked up to him, he politely smiled at her and greeted her warmly. 

“Umm... it is an honor to meet you sir after such a wonderful performance.” 
She then gave him her program to sign, because she did not have anything else that he could sign for her. Then as she received it back and was about to walk way, she heard the sound of his voice again.

“Wait please. Since you liked my music so much Rei." "I would like you to have my music CD.” 

Rei then stopped in her tracked and turned around. She was very surprised that he was offering her some music from him. He then wrote small message in the CD cover and gave it to her. Reid then rejoined her friends very in like a daze. All she could do was talk about getting his autograph. Then when she finally decided to read what was inside she got all gitty and happy because of the sweet message that he had put in the CD cover. Reid walked with the others in to the green room, reading repeatedly the sweet message that he had wrote her. However, when she was asked why she was so gitty or what was wrote on the CD. She would only reply, 

“I tell you tomorrow! I’m just too excited!” Then the tone of the room changed as they were seated in the green room for a while . Rei got more concerned about why they were in this room for such a long of a time and the doors was locked. Then right before her eyes Setsuna changed to Sailor Pluto. She was telling everyone that they, need to, become Senshi and something had happen to Sailor Neptune. Rei became very concerned as she heard this. She put her CD away and started to look for her pin in her purse.

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Re: Episode 2, Part 2: To B Flat
by PrincessSerenity » 2011-Jan-25 [Tue] 10:01 pm

OOC: Sorry I took so long to reply, gang! Let's get this show on the road. Good posts, Empress, Spyn, and Elie!
Usagi was sad when the concert ended. For the short time they listened to Michiru play, she felt as if she was back in the Moon Kingdom dancing with Prince Endymion again. She had gripped Mamoru's hand during the entire performance while tears streamed down her face. She was unconcerned about who saw them. Usagi stood with the rest of the crowd to give Michiru the standing ovation she deserved. She even called out for an encore, but Michiru didn't show her face again. 

"Guess we better look for our star performer," Usagi said as people began to leave the auditorium. Rei excused herself to stand in line to receive Keiichi's autograph on her program. "We'll wait for you," Usagi replied as the others made their way backstage.

"What did you think of the performance, Mamo-chan?" Usagi asked dreamily as she leaned softly into him. His arms wrapped tightly around her body as they melded together and talked for a few minutes. When Rei came back, she was in a daze. She now had an autographed program and a music CD.

'Looks like she got more than she bargained for,' Usagi thought as she smiled coyly at Mamoru and winked. She extracted herself from his warm embrace and walked ahead of their small group. The trio didn't make it very far backstage before a security guard stopped them. He looked at them suspiciously even after they showed him their VIP backstage badges.

"I'm sorry, but you will need to wait for Miss Kaioh in the green room."

Usagi was surprised at his gruffness. He even had the audacity to grab her arm and drag her along with him.

"Hey," she exclaimed. She looked back at Mamoru and Rei who followed close behind.

"In here," he mumbled as he quickly rushed away. Once outside the door, Kunzite recast another powerful spell locking Michiru's friends inside the green room.

"No way they are getting out. Now to help Zoi..." Kunzite hurried back to the main stage.

Once the door closed behind Usagi, she felt a heaviness descend upon her. She rubbed her arm where the man had gripped her. There were some small impressions from his fingers. 

'I hope that doesn't leave a bruise,' she thought as she gingerly rubbed at it. She looked about surprised to find the entire group there. Everyone else looked anxious. 

"How long have you all been waiting here?" she inquired.

"I'm not sure, but I'm about ready to bust out of this joint," Haruka said. She was holding some exotic looking flowers that were obviously for Michiru. "Hold these, Hotaru."

After giving the flowers to Hotaru, she went to the door and tried to open it.

"What the...? I think it's stuck!"

"That or it's locked," Ami muttered grimly. "Something is going on here..."

Two small cats were nearby her. They looked as if they were nodding in agreement.

"I should be able to get this with just a little more help," Haruka replied as she kept tugging at the door. Makoto came over and tried to help her. Between the two of them, the door would not budge.

Usagi looked at Mamoru. She wondered if the only way they could get out was through the use of their Senshi powers. Obviously dark forces were keeping them in here. If she could feel the heaviness to the room, then Rei must be experiencing it too. 

'I was hoping that the tsunami at the festival had been a fluke,' Usagi thought. 'Damn. This means we have an enemy afoot.'

She was about to whisper to Mamoru about having a secret transformation someplace in the room when a decision was made for them. The most unlikely person transformed into a Sailor Senshi. 

"Setsuna...?" Usagi said uncertainly. Usagi was shocked by the transformation that had suddenly occurred. 

"Everyone, the time has come for you to become Senshi again. We must work together in order to save Sailor Neptune from this new and very powerful enemy."

Luna walked over to Sailor Pluto.

"We had been searching for you since the Juuban Middle School Summer Festival. We knew you were coming..."

"But we didn't know what you looked like or where to find you," Artemis finished.

"This is no time for chit-chat for crying out loud! Let's save Sailor Neptune," Haruka insisted as she transformed. Hotaru quickly followed suit after setting the flowers down.

"Ok..." Usagi was still a bit weary to transform because everything was happening so fast. She wished she had more time to process what was happening. 

'How did this dream concert turn into a nightmare,' she wondered as she pulled out her transformation stick and yelled "Moon Prism Power, Make Up!" By the time she had finished, the Outer Senshi had already blasted off the door.

'Wow...they must have immense powers,' she thought as everyone filed out. They didn't know where to go until they heard the screaming. Just as quickly as it started, it stopped.

"To the stage," Usagi yelled as she led the way.

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Re: Episode 2, Part 2: To B Flat
by PrinceEndymion » 2011-Jan-25 [Tue] 11:06 pm

"No. They got themselves into this mess, and they will deal with it. We will carry on with our own plans, and I will carry out my plans."

Jadeite wasn't surprised that Nephrite didn't want to have anything to do with Kunzite or Zoicite. They had messed up big time, even worse than Jadeite had imagined in his most intimate dreams. Why should they risk their lives to help those selfish idiots? There was definitely no bonds of friendship or honor between the Shitennou.

"Very well," Jadeite agreed. "We will need to arrange a new plan for how to take care of those two. I will be the lead Shitennou by the time we're through with them. I'll send you a text message when I'm ready to meet with you."

Jadeite left without asking where Nephrite was going. He already guessed that Nephrite was counting the minutes until he could return to that woman's arms.

'Pathetic,' he thought in annoyance as he walked outside to have a smoke. He wanted to be as far away from this mess as possible. Their queen had already left, and he was ready to leave too. 'Hopefully that twit Minako finds me outside. She might just have to walk home if she doesn't. I'm in no mood to idly stand around waiting for her.'


Zocite let Michiru's energy fill him with power. He could feel the music and talent coursing through him. He had finally succeeded. She would die, and he would rise from her withered human corpse. As he sucked her energy, she floated above the stage like a lifeless doll.

"I will take your place on the stage, Michiru, and people will forget you."

He clenched his fist around the energy and closed his eyes as the power filled him. Just a little more and there would be no turning back for this girl. 


Zoicite was annoyed at the interruption from Kunzite. Queen Perillia was already running away when Zoicite realized what was before him. It was the outline of a Sailor Senshi. Wait...it was an outline of a lot of Senshi.

"How dare you attack someone who's musical talent brings so much joy to people. In the name of the Moon, I will punish you!"

The curtain exploded in a burst of flames. Zoicite's eyes bugged out as he recognized the familiar faces of the Inner Senshi. He was surprised, though, at the new additions. 

"I see your ranks have practically doubled since our last encounter," Zoicite spat at them. The distraction prevented him from sucking all of Michiru's life force. She dropped like a sack of potatoes to the stage floor. Her head thudded against the floorboards with a loud crack.

"You bastard!" one of the Senshi screamed as she sent an attack flying toward him.

"Shit!" Zoicite screamed as Kunzite knocked him out of the way taking damage to his back.

"We need to get out of here," Kunzite urged. "Two against eight are not good odds."

"You're hurt!" Zoicite exclaimed. "I'm still riding high on that young girl's energy. It was like an intoxicating drug. Let me hurt them for you."

Kunzite grimaced and shook his head negatively.

"Shit. This was a horrible evening," Zoicite exclaimed as the pair scurried away. The Senshi were busy helping the unconscious musician.

"Next time, Senshi, we will destroy you!" Zoicite screamed as they disappeared from sight.

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Re: Episode 2, Part 2: To B Flat
by Elielynn » 2011-Mar-27 [Sun] 1:04 pm

Rei said the same thing the others when Usagi asked everyone how long they have been there. This looked and smelled just like a trap to her. It was like, they had no choice but to transform. She really was unsure if this was very wise choice to make. However, how was they are going to get out of the room after all. Rei watched as Haruka, Maktoto pushed on the door, and it would not open for them. Rei’s body begins to have little shivers all over it as if some evil power was nearby. It was very close, looming, and dangerous. This was more than what it seemed to be. Then Luna was talking to them all. Rei was silent and she listened. Thing became more clear to her. It would be better off to transform. 

At least I could use my powers to protect the people that have got in the way of this trap the evil ones have set up for us. These people had nothing to do with this and in the end; they are the ones that are suffering.

She began to think about this very heavily. Rei decided to transform with the others. 

Rei then stood up, whipped her pen out, and placed it over her chest. She then said very loudly “Mars Power Makeup!” Then long spread of flame emitted from Pen and formed fiery rings that passed down over her body. The rings tightened to form her entire outfit. Rei was then transformed in to Sailor Mars. She then ran to catch up with Sailor moon as she left the room, leading the way, to the stage. 

Rei then found her way to where Michiru was. She made it just was Zoicite and Kunzite escaped. She Held out her hand and yelled. "Mars Fire Ignite" A burning fire ball materialized and come out from her pointer finger at them as they was escaping" She then look at Michiru's seemly lifeless body. “Is she all right! She looks like she barely alive.” Rei was very concerned.

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Re: Episode 2, Part 2: To B Flat
by AquaGirlLove » 2011-Apr-13 [Wed] 8:57 pm

OCC: Sorry for the lengthy delay. Life has been too busy with me. I hope everyone is doing well. This is a short post, but it should help move Peri to the next episode. Enjoy! 
Peri ran off the stage as Zoicite began his confrontation with the resurrected Senshi. The thought that Senshi and Sailor Moon surviving the final battle left a scorn in her side. Though she had softened some what, her goal was still the same as before—take over the planet and let the Dark Kingdom stretch its power to the four corners of the Earth. She would do the Dark Kingdom's bidding so long as she could rewrite her life according to her own will.

If they or anyone else should confront me as to why I was with Zoicite, the redheaded woman told herself as she exited the auditorium, I will tell them that he had taken me hostage, and I freed myself when they came in and distracted him. Yes, that is what I will say.

The pathway to the auditorium was clear of people when Peri exited the building. An evening breeze brushed against her slender body. The sky was black, but the stars glittered the sky. Above her, hovered a conquered and forgotten world—the Moon; however, the remnants of that fallen civilization survived death as she did. The images of the past played over and over in her mind while she walked to her red sports car. The cyclical flashbacks began to bring so much pain to Peri's head that tears began to flow down her cheeks. She didn't understand it. Speeding out of the junior high school's parking lot, she wept.

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Re: Episode 2, Part 2: To B Flat
by Empressnightstar » 2011-Apr-16 [Sat] 9:46 pm

Occ: Setting this up for the next episode. It is a really short post.

Sailor Pluto saw one of the senshi release an attack and would have killed the one that was draining Michiru if she didn't neutralize the attack. She took her staff and did an invisble attack that would weaken the senshi's attack without her realizing it. "He needs to be alive for the next part of the mission." She thought.

After the brief battle, Sailor Pluto transformed back into Setsuna. She was watching a couple of senshi revive Michiru. Before she left Setsuna said to everyone "I know you have many questions. I'll explain what I can tell you and the next part of your mission tomorrow afternoon at my place." She gave everyone a card that gave directions to her place and then left.

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Re: Episode 2, Part 2: To B Flat
by Spynmaster » 2011-Apr-19 [Tue] 10:00 pm

OOC) Short post for me as well. Just setting up for the next venue.

Nephrite was growling as he cursed Zoi and Kun on his way home. he would've spent the lovilest time with his Setsuna if it wasn't for those bumbling two some. Still, the night was not a total loss. The time he did spend with his lady was truly to be remembered. He could never forget how elegant and sensual he looked, how her body felt warm and silky. How she moved with grace and style. It could bring weaker men to their knees. Soon, she would belong to him, and he would have that body all to herself. Of course, it wasn't all looks. The two seemed to connect in ways of beauty and fashion, and he admired that greatly about her.

That night, he masturbated about her again, dreaming of that special day when he made love to her. The day will come, sooner or later, if he could help it.


OOC: We are moving forward now. It's been too long waiting for the final two role players to post concluding messages for this episode. We'll begin Episode 3 in two or three weeks. This will give members a mini-break, and it will give me some time to welcome three new players to the RPG: SorrowfulDemon, orastelladherduine, and sportsnutd. I will confirm their characters for episode 3, and that they are still interested in roleplaying for Usagi's. we'll also finalize the plot with Empress and Nephrite. Thanks for your patience, friends!
Everything that occurred next happened too fast for Sailor Venus. First they were all trapped in a room with some really weird negative energy, and then they were all transforming! Who would have guessed that Setsuna, Haruka, and Hotaru were the Outer Senshi that they were searching for? They didn't have time to talk about the new reveal, though, because Michiru was in trouble. They burst on stage in time to see two Shitennou draining Michiru of all her energy.

"Well, well, well...funny seeing you two here," Venus said after Sailor Moon announced their presence and both Mars and Pluto sent off some attacks at the retreating Shitennou.

'Strange that we only saw two of them. I remember there being four...and what about Queen Perillia?' Venus shuddered at the memory of the Dark Queen. 'I hope the entire family isn't back.'

As Michiru came awake, everyone gathered around her. She was very weak, and Sailor Uranus had to hold her steady. Uranus explained who Michiru was, Sailor Neptune, and Sailor Pluto scheduled a meeting for Sunday afternoon (1pm) at her place. They were all exhausted, and everyone was still reeling from all the surprises. They had found the new Senshi, and they had discovered the reason for their awakening. Familiar foes were back creating havoc on Earth, and it was up to the Senshi to stop the forces of evil.

Those that had brought dates to the concert said goodbye, and everyone went home to sleep. Tomorrow would be a new day.


'Too bad I didn't get to give Michiru these beautiful flowers,' Haruka thought as she arranged them in a vase on the bedside table next to her lover's sleeping form. 'There was just too much going on, and she was so exhausted.'

Haruka quietly exited the room and started pacing in the living room. She was angry at the newest foes. They could have killed Michiru!

"You will all pay for what you did to Michiru," she muttered between clenched teeth. "I give my word I won't rest until you do."