Episode 1: Awakening

This is a full transcript of Sailor Moon Revenge, Episode 1.

RPG Date: Monday, July 13

Writing Dates: April 24, 2009 through August 24, 2009
Goals for Episode 1:

Inner Senshi and Mamoru:
You should all slowly "run into" each other. This is a period of getting to know each other. You will not discover your true identities until the end of the episode. All the Inner Senshi are welcome to play Minako and Artemis since we do not have players for them yet.

Outer Senshi: Haruka should begin the episode by leaving Michiru and Hotaru. She will interact with the Inner Senshi but will not figure out who they are in this episode. There will be some animosity between the Inner Senshi and Sailor Uranus when they meet as Senshi at the end of this episode. Their identities and friendships will not truly develop until episode 3. Haruka: You are welcome to play all the Outer Senshi at the beginning of the episode. If you want someone to interact with, I can temporarily play some of them. Just send me a message to my page, so I know to post as them. :)

Villains: Queen Perillia is already in the salon and is awaiting the arrival of the Shitennou. She assumes that the Senshi were killed during their last battle and does not expect to have any resistance regarding her plans. The Shitennou can also run into the Senshi in their human forms, but they will not recognize who they truly are. Once all the villains are together, they plan their future attacks and maybe even offer a small confrontation where the Senshi show up (which should take place at the end of the episode). It should not be a big battle scene, though. Since we only have two villains, you can play all the Shitennou until new players offer to take some roles. Similarly, I can play some of the villains if you need more people to interact with.

Villain Disguises:
Kunzite (Kuuya): Neck length, black colored wig
Zoicite (Zack): Short brown colored wig
Nephrite (Nao): Ear length, brown colored wig
Jadeite (Ryu): Bleach blond hair in a military buzz cut
Perillia (Peri): Shoulder length, curly, dark red hair with perfect white teeth

Length of Episode 1: Episode 1 will last about three months. This will depend on how frequently members post and how quickly our goals are met. If the RPG is moving too slow or too fast, I will interrupt the game to insert a GM post. If you have questions, post them in the appropriate OOC Thread.

REMEMBER: All role players are required to post at least once a week.

TsukinoUsagi (GM Episode Thread Starter)

After the battle with Queen Perillia, the Senshi and Tuxedo Kamen were reborn. Unfortunately, their friendships with each other were lost after the battle. Everyone has been living normal lives that mainly consist of going to school.

However, a tide is turning as summer approaches and school ends. The power of the Moon Kingdom calls to the
Senshi. It is time to awaken and reconnect with each other for there is a familiar enemy threatening the streets of Tokyo again.

When Queen Metallia sensed that Princess Serenity was about to destroy her, she cast a spell to store her energy in a safe, dark place where it could gain strength and eventually be reborn again in the form of Queen Perillia. Though she would be less powerful once reborn, Queen Perillia would have the ability to resurrect her Shitennou and seek revenge on those that had tried to destroy her. With time, she hopes to regain all her powers and resurrect her more powerful self, Queen Metallia.

Queen Perillia is now reborn and has her new headquarters in the heart of Tokyo. She has cast the spell to awaken and control the Shitennou. They are drawn to her hair salon,
Kawaii Beauty Salon, where they will continue to drain the life energy of humans foolish enough to set foot in their salon. Queen Perillia and the Shitennou do not know that the Senshi were reborn, and so they think taking over Earth, enslaving humans, and resurrecting the Dark Kingom will be easy. Despite their overconfidence, they are determined to be more cautious about how much energy they drain of the pathetic humans so as to not attract attention to their plans of world domination. And just in case new "heroes" arise to stop the Dark Kingdom's plans, Queen Perillia has also cast a powerful spell on the salon that makes it difficult, if not near impossible, for the Senshi to track the negative energy to her lair...at least not yet...

Unknown to Queen Perillia, new
Senshi have arrived to aid the soon to be reborn Inner Senshi. Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, and Sailor Saturn have come to Tokyo to find the mysterious Inner Senshi and train them to battle the forces of evil. However, Sailor Uranus does not know who these Senshi are she is looking for. She has also been warned to be weary of false Senshi or evil beings disguised as heroes. So, Uranus' trust will not be easily gained. Now if only she could find the Inner Senshi...


Sunrise: It was very early today when Rei got up this morning. She was very tired from studying all night, and it was time to do the daily chores in the house and the temple before going to school. Rei hurried to get out of bed. She then when to take a bath and get her shrine uniform on. Afterward, she went to fix breakfast.

“Is grandpa still sleeping?”

Rei went over and listened outside the door of his room. He was steadily fast asleep still dreaming and talking in his sleep.

“He is dreaming about school girls again!!”

Rei let out a sigh before going to fix breakfast. Her grandpa got up shortly while Rei was sweeping the temple.

“Ahh Rei, good morning! I see that breakfast is ready, and you are ahead of your chores today.”

Rei looked at her grandfather and sighed. “At school today I have a test! Have you forgotten, grandpa? That is why I have to get all this stuff done very quickly. This is a very important test.”

Grandpa smiled at her. “Rei, how come you never bring any of you school friends home? I would like to meet some of you friends?”

Rei began to get frustrated. “I bet you want to meet my friends! That is a total no way!”

Her grandfather was about to say more about it.

“Grandpa! I said no! I am going to the temple to go and pray. Then I am going to school. Enjoy your breakfast, ok.” Rei left and went to the temple to pray for a while.


Usagi was running late to school as usual. She was just glad that summer was fast approaching. She couldn't take these early mornings anymore.


Her mom was yelling at her to hurry again, but Usagi could not find her school books.

'Darn!!! Why do I always lose everything!?!?'

She felt tears coming to her eyes as she continued to throw some clothes around her room. Then, something soft and furry brushed her leg.


Luna was rubbing against Usagi and then walked over to the left of the bed. Usagi followed her and found the two missing books.

"Oh, Luna! You always come to my rescue!"

She squeezed her cat friend tightly. Luna meowed in annoyance. Usagi quickly set her down on the bed and finished packing her bag.

"Usagi!! If you get detention again you will not be allowed to go to that arcade all summer."

Usagi knew her mom's threats weren't just empty. She rushed out of the room to the breakfast table where everyone was finishing their food. She drank a quick cup of juice, picked up a toast bread, stuffed it in her mouth, and ran to the front door. She waved frantically as she rushed out the door. The entire family sighed as the door slammed shut.

"That girl is going to be the death of me," Ikuko said as she began to clear the table.


Usagi didn't take too long to eat the toast. Her stomach was still grumbling, and she wished she had eaten more food.

'Hopefully okasan made a really nice lunch, Usagi thought. She stopped running, so she could look inside her bag. That was when her body connected with something solid. She fell hard on the ground and her bag spilled out on the sidewalk.

"My lunch," Usagi wailed as it fell to the dirty floor. Her eyes began to tear up as she started crying. "Now I'm going to be hungry forever!!" She was so upset, she didn't notice who or what she had bumped into.


Haruka was taken by surprise and her thoughts were momentarily interrupted after the blonde pig-tailed girl began wailing. She grimaced, but her eyes softened after seeing the girl’s teary large blue eyes. “Here—let me help you,” she said helping the pig-tailed girl pick up her lunch. The girl’s crying subsided, and Haruka watched her as she wiped her eyes, mumbling an arigatou, with a small bow.

“Where were you headed in such a hurry?” Haruka asked looking at the smashed sandwich the girl placed back into her lunch bag. Haruka paused for a moment then answered her own question. “Judging by your uniform—it looks like you were headed to school.” Haruka flicked her wrist to look at her watch, then at the girl’s pig-tails. She smirked. “Leaving alittle late aren’t you, Odango?”

Before Usagi could reply, she looked up seeing…a cute boy?? She did a double take; feeling her cheeks tint slightly as Haruka placed her hands back into her pockets, waiting for a response. Usagi stared at Haruka curiously, taking in her slender, tom-boyish features. Haruka smirked, “You ok?”

The time suddenly occurred to Usagi.

“This is terrible! Now I’m up for detention for suuuure!” Usagi wailed grabbing her lunch bag and dashing passed Haruka. “Sorrycan’ttalkIhaveto go!”Haruka blinked, slightly confused. “Hey wait! You forgot your bag!” Usagi had already turned the corner to the next block over.

Shaking her head, Haruka smirked again and sighed. “Girls,” she mumbled, picking up the thin black bag.
Michiru is never this forgetful, Haruka thought.

She had been on her way to the Hikawa Shrine before she had bumped into the pig-tailed girl. She didn’t even catch her name. Haruka looked at the name tag on the black bag. “Tsukino Usagi,” it read.


"Kunzite-soma...we are finally together again," Zoicite said resting his head upon Kunzite's chest.

"Yes, but remember we have a job to do. No screw ups this time," Kunzite reminded Zoicite in a calm voice. "Queen Perillia will not forgive us for messing up a second time."

Zoicite narrowed his eyes. Last time he had failed Queen Perillia it had been the fault of those Sailor Brats. If it hadn't been for them, he would of had that Silver Crystal.

"I won't. Those Sailor Brats are no longer alive. They were destroyed when they used the power of the Silver Crystal."

"We cannot be sure of that."

"Well, even if we do, this time we will be ready, and they shall not win." Zoicite said with determination.

Zoicite then walked over to his piano and began working on his latest masterpiece. It would come in handy if those Sailor Scouts should cross his path.


Flickers of soft crimson light brightened the dim stair underneath the Kawaii Beauty Salon with each button pressed on the flat-surfaced, metallic keypad. The stairway leading to the iron door was dim and gloomy. A coolness embraced the long, red haired woman standing in front of the door—a familiar coolness she had felt some time, long ago.

The gray iron door slid open, and the woman walked into the darkness
that laid beyond its arch. She could feel negative energy caressing against her body—like the depths of the ocean to a diver. Her memory was fresh of the battle between the Sailor Senshi/Princess that drove her love—her one true love—away into the depths of death. The wound from the flower of her lover was still fresh and stung every time she recalled her supposed defeat. Her only satisfaction was that her enemy—her rival—perished after releasing the power of the Silver Crystal.

Foolish girl, she thought, approaching the dark, glowing, amethyst throne. Did you think you could destroy the power and force of the Dark Kingdom so easily.

“The time has come to gather your forces together and reclaim what is rightfully mine,” a deep-toned, feminine voice addressed Perillia.

“My Queen,” the long, red haired woman responded, “I shall take the life force of the people of this planet and make it your own. We shall rule this world and expand the Dark Kingdom to infinity...and beyond.”

“Fail me not,” said the Queen.

“I shall fail you not, my Queen,” Perillia proclaimed her loyalty to the hidden voice, bowing her head in respect for the force that gave her second life.

Harnessing what magic she retained, Perillia sent out a telepathic message to her former Shitennou. “Arise and come...ARISE AND COME...for the Dark Kingdom lives...THE DARK KINGDOM...LIVES!”


Customers lined up outside the new
Kawaii Beauty Salon in downtown Tokyo. There had been many great reviews in the local papers and in the magazines on how well the stylists could transform any hairdo into masterpiece of art. As the doors slid open, the Master Beautician humbly addressed the audience.

“Welcome to
Kawaii Beauty Salon,” said the long, red haired woman. “I am Peri Koumi, the Master Hairstylist. I hope that each of you will have a lovely and wonderful experience here at Kawaii Beauty Salon. Please feel free to let me know exactly how you would like your styles to be.” Pausing for a second, Peri Koumi bows to her new clientèle and invites them into the salon.

Yes, thinking to herself, welcome...to the Dark Kingdom.


"Nuuhh..." Makoto groaned as she reached a hand out from under the covers to slap her palm against the annoyingly loud alarm that blared on her nightstand. She managed to hit it on the second attempt and slowly sat up. Rubbing sleep from her emerald green eyes, the brunette slowly slid out of bed and stretched. Her silken nightgown clung neatly to her athetic body with a fine layer of sweat.

"Oh man..." she muttered, another night sweat from bad dreams. She still couldn't remember what was bothering her so much, only faint images remained, blistering cold, flashes of lightning, and a lot of fear. Stripping off her night gown, Makoto Kino took a quick shower and dressed in her school uniform. After fussing with her damp hair a bit, she managed to tie it up into a ponytail and donned her pink rose earrings.

Finally dressed, the brunette left her small apartment and began walking down towards the street. She passed a handful of people on route and smiled at those she made eye contact with. Her mind though was still focused on her nightmares of late. The last three nights it had been like this, but before that it had been worse. She'd wake up screaming in the middle of the night feeling as if her skin were on fire. But as always, the images faded before they could stick in her mind and she'd eventually go back to sleep.

Makoto reached the school grounds with plenty of time to spare and decided to wait out the time in class. Upon walking into class, Makoto spotted the blue haired girl who was ALWAYS early. What was her name again..?

"Hey there, early as usual huh?" she said with a smile.


'What a beautiful day,' Ami thought as she was walking to her classroom. As always Ami got to school early, ready to begin the day. She was eager to get to her class and get a good seat, no sitting in the back for the future doctor. She had already studied for every subject and felt properly prepared to begin the day. As Ami was walking to her class, she quizzed herself on the upcoming math quiz. While she was walking, her mind begin to wonder away from the math quiz.. She began to fantasize about a life with tons of friends.

"No time for that," Ami said sadly. "I have to focus on my studies....."

Ami continued her walk to her class, when she noticed something out of the corner of her eye. It was someone sitting outside of the classroom.

'Who could that be?' Ami thought to herself. 'I am always the first one here!'

As Ami got closer, the form began to take a familar shape.

"Urawa Ryo!," Ami yelled "Why are you here so early?"

"Konnichiwa, I am getting a jump start on the day. I do not plan to stay second best for long!" Urawa Ryo said with a smug smile.

Just then Ami's calculator dropped from her bag. Ami and Ryo both reached to pick up the calculator. When their hands touched, they both looked up and began to "gaze" into each others eyes. Ami began to feel butterflies in her stomach. She quickly snatched her calculator from Ryo.

She started blushing as she turned away.

"Good luck," Ami said smiling. "But I will always be number one."

Ami turned and almost ran into Makoto.

"Here early like always," Makoto said.

"Yes," said Ami, who was still thinking about Ryo. "There is a test today and I do not want to sit in the back."

The bell rang just then. "Have a good day," Ami said with a smile.

Ami went into class. Through the morning Ami was still thinking about her encounter with Ryo. She found it hard to concentrate through the day and through the big math test.


Mamoru, dressed in a white robe, was at his desk with his laptop writing a thesis for one of his classes. It was a usual routine, and he was just putting the finishing touches to the paper now. Upon finishing it, he saved it, printed it out, and shut down his computer. Then, he packed everything he'd need for the day and headed out the door as he had classes scheduled for today.

After locking up, he headed down to his convertible. Setting his bag in the passenger seat, he walked around to the driver’s side and got in.

He started up the car after fastening his belt and drove down the road, passing his friend’s family’s arcade as he went. They waved at each other as he passed by. Mamoru drove straight to Azabu Tech for his morning classes.


Rei got done with saying her prayers. She she hurried to her room and got into her school uniform. Afterward, she ran back to see her grandfather and tell him goodbye. Her grandpa was on the phone at this point. When Rei found out who he was on the phone with, it made her frown.

"Oh! So father decided that he want to see how this part of the tiny small world is doing!"

"Rei, he is you father after all. I am just telling him how good you are doing in school. Also, how well thing are going here at the temple."

"Well.... if he cared so much about US!!!! then why forget about us!! Why doesn't he visit!?!? Sigh...whatever...I don't have time for this...I hope that you had a very good breakfast grandpa...I am going to school....now."

"Rei- chan.......Have a good day, ok? And good luck on your test."

Rei walked out the door. She was a bit upset about all that her family had been put through in the past. She had not seen her father in forever. His absence had hurt her a lot. As she walked down the street to school, she saw a guy in a convertible.

"Wow! That guy is like so hot. Sigh...men....I'm not going back to that subject again...I got to remember what's on that test!!"

Rei finally got to her school. She arrived on time. Everyone was getting ready for the exam today.

"Hey Rei-sama! Are you ready for this exam? I am like so frightened."

"I studied hard for the past few days. I should be ok," said Rei with a smile. "Wow look at Myu at the frount.. She looks like a nervous wreck, hahaha!"

"That becuse Myu has been dealing with her boyfrined lately. She tottaly forgot about this test."

"See that's her problem. She spends too much time deweling on stupid boys. School is important, more important than crap like that," said Rei

Then, the teacher came in. She told everyone to quiet down and get their pen and paper out. The test was about to start.

TsukinoUsagi (GM OOC Post)

OOC: To make things easier, I will be in control of the "time" portion of the RPG. Since there are so many of us posting, it will be easier if I post when the time has shifted (or is about to shift).

Make sure you are reading everyone's posts in order to tell where they are at. For example, Ami posted she was already at lunch but Makoto posted that she was talking to her in the classroom.

Also, take your time with responses, so others have a chance to interact with you. Members are only required to post once a week, so you might want to be patient with responses. For example, Haruka was on her way to Rei's temple, the Hikawa Shrine, but now that Rei has left the shrine to go to school the two won't be able to interact with each other.

Feel free to edit your posts if you want an opportunity to interact with someone or if you rushed the "time" element in your post.

For now, I am giving members a range for the time element of the RPG: It can be any time between morning and early lunch. Make sure you post accordingly with your character. For example, Usagi cannot jump ahead to lunch since she has not even made it to school. ;) I hope that clarifies matters for the role players. Let me know if you have questions in my OOC Thread or via a private message to my page.


“Here—let me help you.” Usagi stopped crying when the bulk that she had hit spoke. The person offered to help her pick up her lunch. Usagi said her thanks and gave a small bow.

“Where were you headed in such a hurry?” Usagi hadn't yet looked at the person who had hit her because she was too busy stuffing her smashed food back into her crumpled lunch bag. She set her book bag over to the left of the curb in order to pick up a bruised apple that had fallen under it. “Judging by your uniform—it looks like you were headed to school. Leaving a little late aren’t you, Odango?”


Usagi felt her face go warm at the nick-name. Who did this person think they were anyways? Usagi was about to give the person a piece of her mind when her mouth fell open. A cute boy was looking down at her. Usagi felt her face and body go warm. There was a feeling in the pit of her stomach as time slowed down. It was just her and this boy...

'Do I know him...?'

Usagi hadn't thought to close her mouth yet, so she was still staring at the cute boy with her mouth hanging open in shock and surprise when he asked:

“You ok?”

Usagi stammered a little and mumbled something that sounded like a yes. Then, reality crashed back hard and knocked Usagi from her musings.

“This is terrible! Now I’m going to get for detention for suuuure!”

She grabbed the last of her lunch and rushed past the stranger.

“Sorrycan’ttalkIhaveto go!”Haruka blinked, slightly confused. “Hey wait! You forgot your bag!”

Usagi turned the corner. She didn't hear what the stranger said because she was too busy worrying about what her mother had told her this morning.

'I can't get another detention this close to summer. I have to pass the tests. I want to be able to read comic books, play at the arcade, just have fun...a girl shouldn't have this much stress in her life!'

Usagi said some silent prayers as she raced to her first class. She made it in the nick of time. The bell rang. Usagi sighed in relief as she tried to catch her breath from this morning's run.

'Looks like someone was looking out for me after all!'


Usagi spent the first bit of the morning thinking about the strange boy who had called her Odango. She wondered why she felt a connection when looking at him.

'Maybe I just need a boyfriend...someone to take me out to lunch or something...'

Usagi's stomach grumbled in complaint.

'Okay...let's not think about lunch...or what's left of it...'

Usagi went back to day-dreaming about her upcoming summer. She was still lost in thought when her teacher, Sakurada Haruna, starting waving a hand in front of her face.

"Earth to Usagi, are you awake in there?"

The entire class started to giggle and Usagi blushed a bright beet red. "Yes Miss Sakurada. Sumimasen. I will pay attention now."

"That's good because you need to pass your final exams, or I might be seeing you this summer."

Usagi tried not to grimace as Haruna went to the front of the class and told the students to get out one of their textbooks. Usagi reached under her desk. She leaned further over as her hand groped at empty air...further...further...BANG! Usagi fell over with her desk. Haruna glared at Usagi who tried to sit up. Naru, her best friend, helped her fix her desk.

"What is wrong with you today, Usagi-chan? You seem more out of it than usual," she whispered.

"I lost my entire book bag..."

Naru started to snicker quietly. "Come share with me. You can't do anything about it now"

Usagi tried to see the bright side to the situation as she scooted closer to Naru.

'At least I get to study with Naru this period. My only hope is if that boy I hit found my book bag. I wonder if he will be able to find me. If not...'

Usagi didn't even want to contemplate that scenario. Not only would her mother want to kill her but so would her teacher and the school. She imagined the fines would be high for losing expensive textbooks. Usagi bit her lip and tried to focus on what the teacher was saying. She had to be serious for once in her life. These tests could make or break a student, and Usagi knew she could handle it, especially with a good friend like Naru to help her out.

'I wonder if I should become friends with one of the brainy kids...like Ryo or that one girl...I can't remember her name...hmmm...Is it Ami? Either way, you can never have too much help! Maybe I will have to look for one of them at lunch.'

"Usagi, what is the answer to problem five?"

Usagi gulped as she glanced at Naru's book and then at her friend. It was going to be a long day.


'My Queen is calling for us,' Zoicite thought to himself as he felt the pull of her power. Zoicite stopped his piano playing at once and called out to the others: "Jedeite, Nephrite, Kunzite-- the Queen calls for us. Let's not make her wait any longer!"

The days of glory waited for the Dark Kingdom. Zoicite was sure of that fact as he walked down the dark passage way to the
Kawaii Beauty Salon where Queen Perillia's throne room lay. To anyone who was not used to the Dark Kingdom, it would seem like a place you would rather not hang out in. But to Zoicite, it was home. And he was thrilled to be serving his Queen once more.

Along the way, Jedeite, Nephrite, and Kunzite joined him at his side. Kunzite on his right Nephrite to his right and Jediete to Zoicite's left.

"I wonder what Queen Perillia will want us to do now," Jedeite said.

"How would any of us know? We are but her subjects to serve her as she sees fit," Nephrite commented back.

"This is very true. I just grateful that she is willing to give us second chance since we failed her the last time around," Zoicite said agreeing with Nephrite. 'And this time I shall not fail her,' Zoicite thought to himself. He was nervous. What would the Queen order them to do this time?

"I'm sure whatever it is, it will be challening. And those Sailor Brats are no longer around to get in our way any longer," Jedeite added with a little edge in his voice. Zoicite could understand how Jedeite felt; those Sailor Scouts had been a pain in his side as well.

"That should please the Queen," Zoicite agreed.

"Still we should move with care; we do not want to upset Queen Perilla," Kunzite reminded them.

They were all drawing closer to Queen Perillia's throne now and all of them drew quite. Zoicite was  feeling neverous again.

'Why should I be feeling neverous, I've done nothing wrong.'

They entered the throne room together and knelt before their ruler. Kunizte was at the head. Zoicite knelt behind him with Nephrite and Jedeite flanking both sides of him.

"My Queen, it gives me great honor to stand before you once more," Kunzite addressed his ruler. "What is your wish?"


Ami still had the feeling of butterflies in her stomach as she walked to lunch. Ami could not wait to run home and tell her mom what happened! "Hopefully mom will be at home," Ami muttered to herself.

Ami got to the lunch table and was about to dig into her lunch when she realized she had left her lunch at home. Ami sighed.

"Oh well. I will have to make it through the day with just an orange..."

Just then, she saw Ryo. Her spirits soared for a moment. He was talking with someone! Ami looked and saw Usagi talking to Ryo. Ami's heart sank.

'I can never compete with her,' she thought. 'Usagi is too pretty.'

Ami then thought back to the conversation this morning. 'If he thinks he is going to be number one, he has got another thing coming,' Ami thought. 'I will show him this weekend at the big math competition.'

Ami took out a book and began to study half-heartedly. She was so hungry she couldn't concentrate. Just then Ami heard some shuffling at the table. She looked up and saw....


“Why did you leave so suddenly? I thought we were going to have lunch together?”

Haruka sighed, pulling her head away from the cellphone slightly. She hadn’t meant to rush off after class before letting Michiru know where she was going.

“Ah, gomen Michiru. I just had to see if the priestess was there before lunch period ended.”
She can’t really be that upset can she?

Haruka heard Michiru sigh on the other end. “It’s ok. I’ll just eat lunch with someone else.” There was a flirty hint of sarcasm in her voice.

“Oy, oy Michiru, what happened to playing hard to get?”

Michiru smiled on the other end. “Who’s playing hard to get?”

Haruka paused. She couldn’t tell if Michiru was joking or not. Before she could reply, Michiru laughed softly, “See you soon.”

“Ja.” Haruka smirked.

As she placed her phone in her pocket Haruka was reminded of the small bag she was carrying.
That girl. She seemed somewhat familiar. Where have I seen her before? Something about her personality…so wholesome and innocent… That same smile crossed her face. I’ll have to return this to her. As she reached the top steps to the Hikawa Shrine, she was cordially welcomed by an old man.

“Ohayou Gozaimasu!” the man said ecstatically.

Startled Haruka dropped the bag. “Ohayou,” she muttered clumsily, reaching for the bag again.

“Welcome to the Hikawa Shrine sir! Can I interest you in a blessed talisman?” he asked waving the charm. Haruka forced a smile. The old man seemed genuinely kind…he just couldn’t tell…she wasn’t a man.

“Arigatou,” Haruka replied taking the charm from him.

“No problem! That’ll be 500 yen!” he explained with an extended palm.*

“N-Nani?” she said with a baffled look. (õ_ó)

“Sensei, Rei-chan said that we weren’t charging that much,” a handsome brunette said quietly. Haruka looked up and took in his features as the two began bickering.
The boy was tall, but a few inches shorter than Haruka. He had wild, unkempt hair. He looked like he could probably use a shave, and his shy and clumsy demeanor was obvious by the way he fumbled at the old man’s response.

Yuichiro—don’t you have something else you should be doing right now?”

“But sensei—“ he continued. Before he could finish, Haruka had reached into her pocket and handed the old man the money.

“I didn’t mean to get him into any trouble,” she said smiling.

The old man paused just long enough to take the money and give Haruka a Cheshire-cat like smile. “Thanks again for stopping by! I could give you another charm—perhaps you have a friend who’d like one?”

Haruka chuckled, “No thanks. I was actually here to meet someone. There’s a girl that’s usually here. I’ve seen her at the shrine praying.”

“Oh! That’s my granddaughter Rei,” the old man replied. He smiled proudly after saying his granddaughter’s name.
Wait…this handsome man is here to see Rei…could it be a possible suitor? “Actually, she left for school awhile ago. But I could relay a message for you if you like. What was your name?”

“Oh—gomen. How rude of me. My name is Tenou Haruka,” she replied.

“And what’s the reason for the visit?” Grandpa Hino asked with another large smile. “Are you that boy Rei has been talking about?” He circled Haruka, taking in her features—sizing her up.

“What boy?” Yuichiro asked, feeling alittle hurt. ;_;

Haruka chuckled, trying to hide her discomfort from Grandpa Hino. “Actually, I already have a girlfriend--”

“Ah-hah! That explains the bag,” concluded Grandpa Hino.

“Well, not exactly. A girl bumped into me on my way here and she left it behind. There’s a name on here, but I didn’t catch what school she was from.”

Grandpa Hino snatched the bag and looked at the name. “Ah! Juuban Junior High School for sure. I’d recognize these bags—lots of cute girls from there come to visit—isn’t that right Yuichiro?”

“S-Sensei!!” (O_o)

So you’re from Juuban. “Arigatou Sensei,” Haruka said with a cool smile. “I’ll just come by another time. Thanks for the charm. Ja mata ne!” Haruka took the bag, turned her heel, and headed back down the steps as Grandpa Hino waved.


It didn’t take long for Haruka to reach her parked car and drive to Juuban.
I wonder if the priestess Rei goes to the same school? She stepped out of the car, taking in the tall building structure and the lovely cherry blossom trees that skirted around the building. She saw many boys and girls cordially engaged in conversation and play. Tossing her jacket over her shoulder, Haruka grabbed the bag and headed toward the school.

Ami wondered what the shuffling was from. Turns out, something caught the attention of the girls at the end of the table.

“Does he go here?”

“He’s cute!”

“I think he’s from the high school.”

Ami turned from her seat and saw a tall, slender figure with dirty blond hair and emerald green eyes. He was headed her way.

Haruka hadn’t expected to catch the attention of the girls who were staring curiously at her. She smiled—nothing wrong with being alittle friendly.
Guess you’re right Michiru—we both play hard to get.

Ami could feel the butterflies returning. Her thoughts were brought back to the present when she heard the person speak.

“Sumimasen, could you tell me where Tskino Usagi is? I’m returning her bag.”


When the lunch bell rang, Makoto reached under her desk for her bento box and picked up her bag before walking out of the classroom. She sighed softly, still feeling a little out of it from this morning. In the middle of morning classes, she had caught herself doodling a strange looking 4 sigil. It seemed familiar, but she couldn't place where she'd seen it before. Shrugging inwardly, she had balled up the page in her notebook and put her attention back on the teacher's lesson.

Sighing again, Makoto walked down the hall of the school and looked out one of the windows. It was a nice day outside, though Makoto wished there was a thunderstorm going, she always found them to be soothing. The sound of her stomach rumbling then brought the brunette back to reality, and she blushed slightly. She then walked out to the quad and found a nice quiet spot to have her lunch. Most of the students moved out of her way, her reputation having already preceded her.

'Great,' she thought. 'So much for new friends here.'

Sitting down under a tree, Makoto unwrapped her bento box and looked at the nice display of food inside. She then broke open a pair of chopsticks and picked out a small bite of sausage cut to look like an octopus and popped it into her mouth.


“My wish?” Perillia rhetorically asked her former servants. “I wish that you get your asses out in that studio and help out with the customers.”

Zoicite, Nephrite, Jadeite, and Kunizte startled before their Queen. “You want us to help our with the customers?” Nephrite hesitantly asked, raising his eyebrow.

“Of course!” exclaimed the long, redheaded woman. “You don't think we are going to be successful in taking over this world without having some money, do you?”

“But I thought we were going to just take the life force of the humans and take over the world,” a confused Kunizte replied.

“We first need to gain the confidence of the humans,” explained Perillia, “and then we take what is rightfully ours.” Directing the four men to the doorway, “Each of you will master hairstyling and take care of each customer personally. Find out who they are and what they know. We will expand, but not until each of you has status of his own.”

“I would do nothing more than to please you, my Queen,” said Zoicite, “but now that the world is free from our rivals, would it not be best to just take it?”

“Limited are we?” Perillia threw out another rhetorical question. “Why should we take, when we can can receive what the humans are willing to give us?”

The four looked at their Queen, to each other, and back to their Queen. “A plan is at work, and we will receive our rewards, but until then, get your butts in the locker room, change, and help out our customers so that they have a wonderful experience here in this new beauty salon.”

“Yes, my Queen,” the four stated in unison as they knelt before the long, redhead woman and took their leave.

It is just so hard to find good help these days, Perillia thought, following her servants out of the throne room.


Minako was strolling down the street taking her merry time. Her white cat Artemis was with her. Minako was humming a tune enjoying the early morning. Usually she wasn't much of a morning person, but today she was happy. There was no school at Shiba Koen Junior High School. Instead, the students would be attending a summer festival hosted by another school. Minako stopped walking in order to reach into her bag and look for the name and directions of her destination.

"Ah," Minako exclaimed as she pulled out the information. "Juuban Middle School..." Minako could barely contain her excitement. There were a lot of people in the community and various schools invited to attend the afternoon festivities. They would probably last until nightfall. Minako figured she would get some food, maybe get her hair and make-up done in case there would be cute boys there.

'Who knows? The sky's the limit,' Minako thought happily. This would be a great break from all her studies for tests. By the end of the week, Minako was sure to be basking in the glow of the summer sun. 'And maybe playing volleyball,' she thought happily.

As she stuffed the directions back into her small bag, Minako caught a grand opening sign. "Kawaii Beauty Salon...?" There was a huge sale sign as well stating that cuts, styles, and more were being offered at discounted rates. "What do you think, Artemis? Should I get my hair done?" Artemis meowed at Minako who bent over to pet her cat. It was then that someone ran into her.


Minako landed hard on her backside. "Aw man, now my clothes are all dirty!" She glanced at a girl with long dark black hair in a school uniform. It looked as if she was rushing off to class. The girl had also fallen. They sat there facing each other and not moving.

"Need some help, ladies?"

A handsome man was standing over them. He had short dark hair, tan pants, a black skin tight shirt and a green blazer. Minako felt herself blush.

'How embarrassing! It appears everyone saw me fall and act all klutzy...'

Minako waited to see if the other woman would accept his help first. She was surprised that Artemis had wandered away.

'What a traitorous cat!'


'This is so embrassing,' Zoicite thought to himself as he finished drying out the ladies hair. 'I am a high ranking General of the Dark Kingdom! This is a job meant for a lower ranking Yoma.'

Zoicite was very irritatied. What did Queen Perilia hope to acomplish by doing all of this? If they just took over the world, their job would be done.

'My gorgous hands! They will get all dried out and look terrible, not to mention all the nails I have broken. This will not do, I should be keeping them in top condition. And why do I need to hide my beautiful hair under this stupid wig?!? Those sailor brats are dead; so why wear a diguise?' The short brown hair was irritating his head.

"Miss, you are finished now." Zoicite told the lady. "You can pay the lady in the red dress on your way out. Thank you for choicing our Beauty Salon, have a good day." He smiled a flirty smile. Hopefully, the girl would come back if she thought he was into her.

The lady looked up and blushed after seeing the smile. "Thank you! Now, I am sure to look my best for the Juuban Festival tonight," the woman replied in a hushed tone as she got up from the chair.

"The Juuban Festival?" Zoicite asked

"Yes, tonight at the Juuban Jr. High School. My friend Minako and I are going to go to together. I'm Hana by the way. Perhaps tonight is the night I'll get asked out. Well, thank you again." She said the last part in a quieter tone. Then, she left to go pay.

'Foolish human to think I care for you,' he thought. Oh well, it wasn't his problem. He went to the seats where customers were waiting, "I can help the next customer."

A lady in a blue blouse and kakhi pants got up. "And what are we here for today," he asked.

"Just a nice trim, perhaps a couple inches off the bottom." She replied

Zoicite smiled. "Sure, no problem. Right this way miss," Zoicite told her and lead her to the open chair. And he continued to do the nasty work.


“Sumimasen, could you tell me where Tskino Usagi is? I’m returning her bag.” said Haruka.

Ami looked up from her book. He mouth fell open. She was at a loss for words. "Ahhh...ahhh," said Ami.

'Wow! This boy is super cute! I can't believe he is talking to me!!!' Ami couldn't take her eyes off of the handsome boy standing in front of her. 'Pull yourself together,' Ami thought to herself. She could feel herself blushing; she wanted to turn her face so the handsome boy wouldn't see how embarassed she was.

"Konnichiwa," Ami said politely. "Your looking for who?"

"Tsukino Usagi," said Haruka.

'Usagi!,' Ami thought to herself. 'Why does she get all the cute boys?!? First Ryo and now this handsome boy! Gosh she is so lucky.'

"Um I saw her over there, but she is gone now," Ami said. "I can help you find her, if you would like?"

Haruka agreed and the two began to walk around and look for Usagi. Ami could feel everyone's eyes on her as she and Haruka walked through the school. Ami felt so happy to finally have a handsome boy with her even if he wasn't her boyfried. Ami, for some wierd reason, felt a connection to the handsome boy.

"I am Mizuno Ami," said Ami. "Zannen desu (I am sorry) I didn't introduce myself earlier. I did not catch your name."


Mamoru was driving to his college when he saw the collision between the two girls, and being the gentleman that he was, he pulled to side of the road and got out, heading over to the pair on the ground

"Need some help, ladies?" He spoke with a smile toward them.

Mamoru studied the blonde a bit, noticing her blush, and thought she was pretty cute. The other looked pretty to him also.

He stood waiting for a response with a hand held out toward them, and it seemed like they were both waiting to see if the other one would accept and take his hand first. The hesitation from the two kind of amused him, and he smiled inwardly at the possible tension between the two.


Minako took the man's hand. The dark haired girl got up on her own, gave them all one final stare, before heading off. She was obviously late for school since she was in a school uniform. Minako, on the other hand, smiled prettily at the man who was still holding her hand. She blushed and extracted it as she brushed off her blue jean shorts and red tank top.

"I'm ok. Thank you for your help."

She bowed at the man and offered her hand again.

"My name is Minako. I was just petting my cat, who ran off, when that girl bumped into me. I was thinking of checking out that hair salon over there. I'm planning to attend the Juuban school festival. We got the day off from school to attend and relax before finals. I simply love my school."

Minako laughed nervously. She knew she was talking too much and too fast, but she couldn't seem to stop herself.

"Where are you off to? I just LOVE your car. I wish I could drive."

Minako put her small bag on her shoulder using the shoulder strap as she waited for a response.


Usagi had a long morning, and she was very happy that it was finally lunch. That was...until she opened her lunch bag.


She had forgotten everything was smooshed. The sandwich was dripping jelly and was not appetizing even though Usagi was ravenous. She threw away most of her lunch. She decided she would eat the bruised apple, until a little worm crawled out of it.


She screamed and dropped the apple. Her eyes began to tear up. She was about to start bawling when Ryo walked over asking her about some test that Usagi was supposed to take. Usagi didn’t want to look like the biggest crybaby, especially since she hoped to ask him for some studying help, so she wiped her eyes and gave him the biggest smile she could muster.

“Actually…I was just going to look for you…I wanted to ask if you could help me study for that test you just mentioned.”

“I’m sorry Usagi. I don’t have time to help you study. You might want to try Ami.”

Usagi tried not to let the disappointment show as Ryo left her.

‘Darn! I’m going to need a miracle to save me…what a horrible day…’

Usagi looked for Ami, but she didn’t see her outside eating her lunch.

‘I hope I can find her and that she will take pity on me.’

Usagi began to walk back towards the classrooms when a tantalizing smell wafted towards her. Usagi began to sniff and let her nose lead her to the person who had such a yummy lunch.

‘Maybe she will share…’

Indeed it was a she. Usagi spied the brown haired girl sitting by herself under a tree eating from a bento box. The girl had a sausage shaped like an octopus that she was popping into her mouth. Usagi’s own mouth began to water as she approached the girl and plopped down in front of her.

“Hi! I’m Usagi-chan. Your lunch smells good! Want to share?”

Usagi knew she was being a bit forward, even for herself, but her stomach was controlling her now. That was until she saw the pretty earrings the girl was wearing.

“What nice rose earrings you have. They are beautiful. Do you have a lot of tests to study for? I know I’m a mess…I hope I pass or I won’t be able to enjoy my summer. My parents will ground me for sure!”


Makoto looked up from her lunch when a strange blonde haired girl walked up to her and fired off a battery of questions. She was cute, sorta, if you didn't mind that she was nearly drooling. But that wasn't what surprised her--the girl showed absolutlely no fear of her. It was a strange sensation.

"Kino Makoto," she introduced herself and she seperated the second level from her box and handed it to Usagi, "Uh, sure..." she said nervously. When she commented on her earrings, Makoto touched one with her free hand absently. "Thanks.." she said as she took bit of rice up in her chopsticks. She then asked before she could stop herself, "You, aren't afraid of me..?"

TsukinoUsagi (GM OOC Post)

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Plans for the future include an evening festival at Juuban Middle School. All
Senshi, Mamoru, and villains should attend because this is where the Inner Senshi's "awakening" will happen. Inner Senshi and Mamoru will find out/remember their past minus the Outer Senshi. Episode 2 will focus on the Outer Senshi and their identities will be revealed to the Inner Senshi then. Villains will only discover that the Senshi are indeed alive. They will not discover the true identities of the Senshi.

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Where could she be? Michiru wondered looking at her watch. She had been waiting for Haruka’s return. Lunch was almost over. Michiru recalled Haruka mentioning she had been on her way to the Hikawa Shrine. She closed her bento box neatly and placed it next to her bag. She suddenly wasn’t as hungry.

“You’re gonna get wrinkles if your face stays that way,” a voice said.

Michiru looked up from where she was seated seeing her good friend Elza Gray coming from track. She was in her gym clothes with a towel wrapped partly around her neck.

“What way?” Michiru asked with a smile as Elza approached the bleachers.

Elza wiped the sweat from her forehead. She scoffed. “Haruka will be back soon. Don’t worry. You know how she is whenever she gets a chance to drive someplace.” Elza helped herself to Michiru's bento box. “Besides, her and I were going to practice running track later.” She popped an onigiri into her mouth. “I doubt she’d miss out on that opportunity.”

“Sou ne,” Michiru said grinning. She knew both Haruka and Elza were competitive when it came to sports.

“Did you hear about the evening festival at Juuban?” Elza asked taking a seat next to Michiru as she reached for Michiru’s chopsticks.

“Eh? Juuban festival?”

Elza nodded. “It’s supposed to be a lot of fun! Lots of games, food, things to buy—wanna come?”

“It’s at the middle school though right?”

Elza nodded again. “Juuban comes up with a lot of fun ideas. I was thinking of stopping by.” She smiled. “I take it you’re going with Haruka?”

Michiru grinned. “Maybe. I’ll ask her about it later. It’s possible she already knows about it.”


Haruka could feel eyes shifting in their direction as a wall of whispers, giggles, and chatter followed.
Hm, we sure are making a spectacle, Haruka thought with a grin. Michiru would love this. She looked in Ami’s direction. I hope I’m not embarrassing her…Hm? The look on her face suggested otherwise.

Haruka couldn’t help but smile. “Beautiful campus,” Haruka commented. She heard Ami give a soft chuckle.
Lots of students out in the beautiful weather. Is it always like this? Haruka wondered.

"I am Mizuno Ami," said Ami. "Zannen desu (I am sorry). I didn't introduce myself earlier. I did not catch your name."

“Hm?” Haruka was pulled out of her thoughts. “Tenoh Haruka,” She replied with a friendly grin. “Thanks again for helping me return this bag to its rightful owner Ami-chan.”

Haruka noticed from the corner of her eye a blonde, pig-tailed girl sitting next to a tall brunette. Immediately a feeling of déjà vu over swept her. She stopped in her tracks. She wasn’t sure where it was coming from. Was it from Ami-chan? Or perhaps…

Usagi looked up from the bento box that was handed to her with a piece of food sticking out of her mouth.

Haruka chuckled. “We meet again…Odango.”


Rei was tired. She did her best on the test. Luckily, she knew most of the answers. The next class went by very fast as well.

'I am getting a bit hungry for my lunch that I fixed.'

Rei began to think about a lot of things as she sat there listening the teacher going on about the history of Japan.

'I sure wish this class was over. I am famished.'

Finally, the bell rang. As she was going out the door, she heard whispers between the girls in the class.

"There Rei goes strutting her stuff. She thinks she is hot stuff because of her good grades!!”

“I bet," said one of them in whisper. "Why don’t we ever see her with a guy? She is very pretty. She should have a boyfriend already.”

“I do not know...I think that is very odd too."

Rei overheard them and it made her mad. She said nothing and went out of the classroom.

'They sure have some nerve! They don’t know crap about me! They don’t know what it is like to me be and go though the things I have dealt with. And boys...they are nothing but trouble. Sigh...whatever...'

Rei went to the tree she always sat at to eat her lunch.

'Will my life always be like this? I feel like there is something more to me...Something more I have to to. Like there are people out there that I need to meet...But what is this feeling? It makes me very frustrated sometimes not knowing what it is. Sigh...I guess I should try not to think about this right now."


Kunzite smiled as Zoicite's last customer paid and left the salon.

"Please visit us again soon. We offer some wonderful pedicures and manicures as well."

She smiled politely up at him, blushed, and then giggled as she left.

'This is going to take some getting used to,' he thought morosely as he looked about the bustling salon. As the leader of the Shitennou, Kunzite was not used to this type of manual labor. He didn't quite understand his queen's wishes, but he knew better than to question her desires. That would lead to extreme punishments. Plus, having failed in their last attempts to conquer this world, who was he to complain? He looked back at Zoicite who was getting ready to give the next patron a hair trim.

'I can tell he is enjoying this less than me.'

Kunzite tried to send his love a smile of encouragement before making his way to the back office to speak with the queen.


Nephrite figured he was the only one of the Shitennou enjoying themselves at the moment. He was always the "people pleaser," and he enjoyed flaunting his intelligence and good looks, as apparent with his alter-ego in his previous life. Since awakening, he still had memories of the beautiful Naru, the girl, no woman, he had loved. Of course, he would continue to keep these thoughts to himself. Why cause the queen doubt?

'It is so strange working together as a team rather than in competition. With this new attitude and
no Senshi around, the world is ripe for our picking.'

"Please, my lady, this way."

"Oh! What treatment! What a gentleman you are. I can't wait to tell all my friends about this new beauty salon."

"It is my pleasure to service you, my lady. What would you like done to this gorgeous mane of hair and these absolutely divine nails?"

As the woman began to describe her styling and manicure requirements, Nephrite gently ran his fingers through her long silken locks to get her ready for the treatment. Then his hands moved to her hands as if he were examining her cuticles. She blushed a deep red and practically swooned right there in the chair.

'This is too easy,' he thought gleefully.


Jadeite was almost as much of a sour puss as Zoicite, but he would never admit that to anyone. Instead, after he finished with his customer, he walked to the counter to assist the man with his payment.

'Typical of Kunzite...leaving others to do his dirty work...'

"Oh, and I do have this promotional coupon to use," the gentleman pulled out his wallet and presented the coupon. "But of course..." Jadeite muttered under his breath as he finished calculating the costs.

'I need my 15 minute break,' he thought glumly as he looked at the clock. 'In fact, I want to take my lunch hour.'

The salon was slowing down since it was a little after 12pm. Jadeite walked to the back of the office to take a lunch hour.


"My queen," Kunzite knelt before Perillia. "What are your plans for us? Please share them with your most trusted Shitennou." Perillia motioned for Kunzite to stand. "I also wanted to remind you about the Juuban Middle School festival this evening. What are your desires? I am here to serve you and bring glory to the dark forces. I know it is only a matter of time before we have these pathetic humans kneeling before us."

Before Perillia could respond, Jadeite strolled into the back room like he owned the place.

"I'm taking a lunch break."

He walked over to the corner of the small office and flipped on a switch. The television lit up with some local news about the Juuban festival. Kunzite just raised his left eyebrow before turning his attentions back to Queen Perillia.

"My liege...?"


"Kino Makoto..."

The name caused Usagi to pause, which was unusual considering how hungry she was. "Makoto," she whispered. Images of a green skirt flashed in her mind but then it was gone as quickly as it had appeared.

'See...when you don't eat enough you start to hallucinate...'

Usagi eagerly accepted the second layer of the bento box and began to eat some of the food. She was ravenous.

"Arigatou, Mako-chan."

Usagi beamed happily at her new friend. She enjoyed making new friends. She saw Naru at the other side of the quad and waved at her classmate. Naru smiled uneasily, waved, and then walked over to another group.

'Odd...' Usagi thought.

"You, aren't afraid of me..?"

Usagi looked at Makoto with a quizzical expression.

"Who could be afraid of someone who has such amazing foods," Usagi said around a big bite of rice. She quickly swallowed the food in order to ask more questions. "So, does your mom make all your lunches? She's an amazing cook! Also, how come you're wearing a different uniform?" Usagi pointed at her own chest to indicate the color differences. Before Makoto could respond, a familiar voice interrupted their lunch conversations.

"We meet again…Odango.”


Usagi fell back when she tried to look up at the people who had joined Makoto and her. It was Ami and...that boy!!


Usagi jumped to her feet in a huff. "Where's my bag you big meanie!?!? And don't call me Odango! You don't know how horrible my morning was without that bag and my poor lunch was crushed and...and..." Usagi was working herself up into a big crying fit. She didn't care how cute this boy was. He had caused her a lot of trouble. She was just lucky the teacher had taken pity on her.

'No detention yet...thanks to Naru...' Usagi thought.

She sniffed back the tears and turned her back to the cute boy to look at Ami.

"I was just thinking of you, Ami-chan! I was hoping you could help me study for my final tests this week. I'm sooooo nervous I won't past, and my mom said she would ground me for the whole summer if I didn't pass. I'm already earning extra credit by setting up the festival this afternoon...but it won't be enough without good test scores..."

Usagi grabbed Ami's arm and had her sit next to her and Makoto under the tree.

"Have some lunch Ami-chan! This is Makoto! She's super nice."

Usagi glanced back up at the cute boy and narrowed her eyes.

"I guess you can join us...if you don't call me Odango anymore!! Are you going to the festival too? Do you have a girlfriend? And I'm still waiting on that bag."

Usagi gave Ami some of the food that she had not finished and stood up once more with her slender hand outstretched to the boy.

"And what's your name? My name's Tsukino Usagi. Pleasure to meet you!!"

Usagi was very excited to have so many new friends with her today. It seemed like the day was going to keep getting better. She couldn't be happier.


Makoto felt her eyes threatening to water at the blonde girls response to her question. Everyone, EVERYONE she'd ever met had always been afraid of her when they first met. She smiled genuinely as the blue haired girl from this morning and some oddly cute guy walked up to where they sat. She watched the exchange and instantly felt defensive of this Usagi girl when she heard that the boy had taken her bag. She was about to stand and demand that he give it back if he knew what was good for him, but then Usagi invited him to sit with them.

"I make everything myself," she finally answered Usagi's question, "And this is the uniform from my old school, they told me to wear it since this school doesn't have any in my size." she said with a blush. She avoided speaking about her mother, not wanting to dredge up those memories. She then felt herself shivering as a plane flew by overhead.


http://sailormoon.viperdvman.com/haruka.jpgHaruka was taken aback slightly by the blonde girl’s words. She had expected her to be relieved to see her.

“You!! Where’s my bag you big meanine!?!? And don’t call me Odango!”

Haruka grinned. She had it coming. Not all girls responded well to her flirting.

“Gomen, I was only kidding,” she said softly, revealing the bag that Usagi had been asking for. “I actually came here to return your bag. You dropped it when we bumped into each other.” She handed it to the blonde. Usagi’s eyes lit up happily. She properly introduced herself.

“My name’s Tsukino Usagi. And what’s your name?”

“Tenoh Haruka desu,” she said with another smile as she shook Usagi’s hand. Haruka eyed the tall brunette seated next to Ami. “Nice to meet you…all of you.”

“Pleasure to meet you,” came the cheerful reply. Usagi offered a seat for Haruka beneath the tree.

“Arigatou,” she said sitting next to Usagi. No sooner had she sat down when the wall of whispers returned.

“Usagi knows that cute boy?”

“She’s sitting next to that girl who gets into fights too!”

“Since when was Ami friends with Usagi?”

Haruka glanced in the direction of three girls in uniform and gave them a flirty smile. They started to giggle and ran off, feeling embarrassed. Haruka sighed and was brought back to reality when Usagi asked her a plethora of questions.

“Are you going to the festival?” she asked eagerly, eating a rice ball.

“The Juuban festival?”

Usagi nodded.

“You bet.”
Michiru would love to come. Haruka’s gentle smile returned. The same connected feeling returned in Usagi’s presence. It must mean something, Haruka thought.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” she heard Usagi ask.

“Girlfriend?” Haruka repeated. “Yes. Her name is Michiru.” She paused for a moment, looking at the delicious meal Makoto was eating and tried to ignore her stomach grumble. “I was going to ask her to come with me. This campus is beautiful.” The girls nodded in agreement. They relaxed in the shade as an airplane flew overhead.


"A festival..." Perillia had looked upon her devoted servant. "I will make arrangements for us to attend this festival. We are sure to make more money at this event."

Kunzite appeared perplexed with his Queen's response.

"Bring back Mr. 'I'm taking a lunch break' and have the two of you go to the stock room. There is a case of some of our new products that need to be stocked. Tell Zoicite to prepare a cute marketing sign. I want tons of customers lined up when we open the booth." The red-headed queen said.

"I do not mean to be disloyal, but why do all this?" Kunzite asked.

"Because we need money...." the woman smile at her servant, explaining her need--their need.

"As you wish, my Queen," Kunzite stated and began his task.


She had only been in the back room for a few minutes before Perillia returned to the main salon room. Her face looked like a child who just received the ultimate Christmas present from Santa himself. "Great news everyone," she addressed her servants and customers. "
Kawaii Beauty Salon will be hosting a small contest in addition to our participation at the Juuban Middle School Festival. The winner will receive a year supply of Kawaii Beauty products as well as a free one-year-all-expense-paid hair session with yours truly."

The women in the room became ecstatic at the offer and immediately came up to Peri to get more information on how they could participate in the contest. Her servants, on the other hand, looked surprised. Was this the same Queen who had almost defeated the
Senshi long ago? Their future did not look like the one they had intended for each other. And the queen's motives for this salon--being money--was even queerer than they had come to expect.

In the midst of the excitement, Peri could feel the darkness grow within her.
Look how eager they are, she thought to herself, so willing to give. And they cannot see it with their own eyes--not the humans, and especially not my servants. How fitting this world should end with such simplicity.

One of the customers young daughters came up to Peri to give her money to enter into the contest. "Here," she shoved a few bills into the red-head queen's hand, "I want my mom to win, so she can be happy."

"Why thank you, dear," Peri responded to the young girl's thoughtfulness. "I do hope she wins."

"Maybe someday, I will be like you," the little girl stated with smile on her face.

"Perhaps sooner than you think, little one," replied Perillia, giving the young girl a soft tender hug.

The queen's servants' jaws dropped at the affection they saw their queen giving to the little girl. They grew silent for the moment, but little did they notice the gleam in Peri's eye.


Zoicite couldn't see why his Queen was taking such an interest in these puny little humans. They were not worth the trouble. They should just take over the world and be done with it. It was just so frustrating; why couldn't their Queen just tell them what she was really planning? He had just finished with his last customer of the day when Kunzite came up to him. His face looked grim. That was not like Kunzite; he normally didn't show his emotions to anyone.

'Including me,' Zoicite thought to himself.

"Zoicite," Kunzite said as soon as he reached Zoicite.

"Yes Kunzite-suma?" Zoicite couldn't help but aw at him.

"The Queen has ordered you to make a special sign for tonight's festival. And make sure it is showy and grand to attract customers to our booth. The Queen wants to make some money this evening."

"WHAT!" Zoicite couldn't help his surprise. He, one of the great generals of Queen Perilia, was to make a sign? What kind of joke was this? Zoicite looked over his shoulder to see Jadeite and Nephrite looking smug. Zoicite narrowed his eyes at them.

'So they think they are better than me? Well, I'll show them,' the blonde general thought to himself. He would make the best sign that the Queen had ever seen and then his Queen would be so pleased with his work she'd have to notice him.

Just then he saw his Queen re-enter the Salon, and it looked like she had something big up her sleeve. Perhaps he was doubting his Queen too much. After all, she did almost take over the world last time.

"Great news everyone," she addressed her servants and customers. "
Kawaii Beauty Salon will be hosting a small contest in addition to our participation at the Juuban Middle School Festival. The winner will receive a year supply of Kawaii Beauty products as well as a free one-year-all-expense-paid hair session with yours truly."

Zoicite wasn't sure he wasn't hearing his Ruler correctly. What in the world was she thinking? Has she completely gone mad? He looked over at the other generals, and he could see that they were thinking the same. Zoicite saw customers lining up in front of the flaming red head lady to sign up for the competition.

He couldn't but help but over hear the converstation between his Queen and a little girl who was next in line.

"Here," she shoved a few bills into the red-head queen's hand, "I want my mom to win, so she can be happy."

"Why thank you, dear," Peri responded to the young girl's thoughtfulness. "I do hope she wins."

"Maybe someday, I will be like you," the little girl stated with smile on her face.

"Perhaps sooner than you think, little one," replied Perillia, giving the young girl a soft tender hug.

Zoicite was speechless. His Ruler, Queen Perilia, was giving a little child a hug? Up till this moment, he had thought he had seen everything. He was so confused. What in the world was his Queen thinking? Were the fumes from the salon getting to his Queen? Zoicite couldn't think of any other explanation for Queen Perilia's behavior and was just about to continue to think so when he caught a hint of a red spark in her right eye.

'What was Queen Perilia of the Dark Kingdom up to?'


When the blonde girl took his hand and was pulled gently to her feet, Mamoru stared after the retreating dark haired girl that had run off hastily. When he returned his attention to the blonde, he saw her pretty smile and smiled charmingly back at her, letting her have her hand back as she removed it from his and brushed off her clothes.

“You’re welcome. Glad to hear it. Anytime”

He smiled at her again, took her hand when she offered it again, and instead of shaking it, brought it to his lips kissing it like a gentleman.

“Mine is Mamoru. Ah, would you like help trying to find where he ran off to. I can assist you if you like. Salons can be good for a girl’s soul, being treated like a princess by the hairdresser. Really? I have a little free time before classes. I could go with you if you like. That’s good. School is really important to your future."

Mamoru chuckled when the girl laughed. He thought it was cute just how much energy she seemed to have as she spoke.

“Azabu Tech College, I attend school there. Thanks. Would you like to go for a spin in it before the festival?” He replied with another charming smile.


Minako blushed a bright beet red when the handsome stranger kissed her hand as if she was some all important princess. She couldn't believe how lucky she was to have met such a stranger after being all klutzy. It was like he was her prince charming. She had to hold her breath, so she wouldn't swoon when he said his name.

"Mamoru..." she whispered. It sounded so familiar. 'Maybe we are soul mates or something,' she thought dreamily as they talked.

"Ah, would you like help trying to find where he ran off to. I can assist you if you like."

"Nah, Artemis has a mind of his own. If I tried to keep tabs on that kitty, well, I would go crazy," she laughed. "He somehow always finds his way back to me. So, I'm lucky!"

Minako smiled brightly.

"Salons can be good for a girl’s soul, being treated like a princess by the hairdresser."

"Yeah...I don't think I have ever been to one before," Minako responded. 'Oooo! I think he thinks I'm a princess. This is soooo romantic.' Minako was really feeling like the belle of the ball with her new friend Mamoru.

"Really? I have a little free time before classes. I could go with you if you like."

Minako couldn't believe her ears. She turned away from Mamoru, so he wouldn't see her blushing again. He was asking to go with her to the festival...What luck!! She would be the most popular girl from her school there. She would be attending with a hunky, older man. And, who knows, there was always the chance that in the bright moonlight their lips would meet.

'My first kiss...so romantic...' Minako turned around.

"That would be wonderful, Mamoru. The festival begins early evening, around 6pm I think. What time do you have classes? I'm all done for the day, so maybe you can meet me there."

Before Minako could finish discussing some details, a voice started yelling at her from across the street.

"Minako!! Hey Minako!!"

'Oh no...I forgot I was supposed to go with Hana...'

Minako wanted to die of embarrassment. She didn't want to be mean to her friend, but she **really** wanted to go to the festival with this hunk of a guy.

"Hi Hana!" Minako met her friend half-way and gave her a huge hug. Hana hugged Minako tightly but was watching the guy behind her.

"Who's he," she whispered.

"A potential date for the Juuban Festival..." Minako whispered back.

"Weren't you going with me...?"

"Well, yeah...I'm sorry..."

Hana just laughed and brushed it off. "That's ok. I would choose him over me too. Go with him; we can always meet up there." Hana finished hugging and whispering to Minako to greet Mamoru.

"I am Hana, one of Mina-chan's friends. I'm going to the festival too. I hope to see you both there. But, now, I'm going to go home. I just got my hair done at the
Kawaii Beauty Salon. I want to show it off to my family before going to the festival."

And with that, Hana was gone as quickly as she appeared. Minako waved at her friend as she left.

"Her hair does look nice. I wonder if I should get mine done too..." Minako said, partly to herself and partly to Mamoru. She had a little time to pass before going to the festival, and it sounded like Mamoru had classes to attend before he could meet her there.

"Did you need to get going for class? I don't want to make you late, Mamoru. We can always go driving in your car another time." Minako figured that she would go to the salon and then head to the festival after she was done to wait for her date.


Kunzite did not understand his queen's wishes. They had never been concerned about money or their "image" before. Of course, they had never run a beauty salon before. And, there was the little matter of the Senshi being destroyed. This was a whole new chapter in the reign of Queen Perillia, and Kunzite was not going to betray his queen's trust. He would follow her every whim, no matter how perplexed he might be.

"Bring back Mr. 'I'm taking a lunch break' and have the two of you go to the stock room. There is a case of some our new products had made. Tell Zoicite to prepare a cute marketing sign. I want tons of customers lined up when we open the booth."

"As you wish, my Queen," Kunzite stated and began his task.


Kunzite went to speak with Jadeite who was eatting a bag of chips and watching some soap opera. His feet were up on the table as he leaned back in his chair. "You lazy fool!" Kunzite kicked his legs off the table, which caused Jadeite to flip over.

"Damn," he cursed as his head hit the hard floor. Kunzite ignored the Shitennou's outburst as he turned off the television and threw away the half finished bag of chips.

"Our queen has assigned a task for us...we are to bring out the new products from the stock room. We will display some of it in the front of the salon and box up some to take to the Juuban Festival. Get started. I will join you shortly."

Jadeite grumbled but didn't argue as he want to do his queen's bidding.


Kunzite watched his true love help his final customer before approaching him. It was still early afternoon, so there was no guarantee that a whole rush of people weren't going to come in wanting to get their hair or nails done. They both should be prepared for a long afternoon before the evening festival. Of course, they would need to get there early to set-up the booth, but they would not leave right away. They had their new tasks.

"The Queen has ordered you to make a special sign for tonight's festival. And make sure it is showy and grand to attract customers to our booth. The Queen wants to make some money this evening."

Kunzite had expected Zoicite's reaction. He was the most proud of the group. Kunzite reached out a hand and squeezed Zoicite's shoulder. Then, his hand caressed down to hold Zoi's hand. Nephrite was looking at Zoicite like he was an idiot, the outburst had probably startled him, and Jadeite was smirking as usual. He set down one of the boxes he had brought from storage and was unpacking the contents onto a shelf.

Kunzite leaned close to Zoicite's ear and whispered: "You are the best Shitennou next to me, Zoicite. No one can compare to your valor and strength."

Before Kunzite could say more, the queen made her announcement about the contest at the festival.

'Oh no...' Kunzite thought. There was a rush in the crowd as people approached the queen to ask for details. They were shoving money at her in their excitement. 'Well, at least she is accomplishing her goal,' Kunzite thought as he turned back to Zoicite. "Go and get the sign done. When you are done, you can come help Nephrite on the floor. The queen has ordered Jadeite and I to bring up more products from the storage, so we will be unable to assist him. Something tells me Perillia's little announcement is going to get the salon even more business." He gave Zoicite a gentle kiss on his forehead before walking over to Jadeite who was gawking at the queen who was hugging a little girl. "Having fun at the show?" Jadeite scowled at Kunzite. "Come on, let's get back to work. I think the queen can handle this situation herself."


Nephrite was tired but didn't have the luxury to whine and complain like Zoicite. The little twerp was doted on by their leader. 'He is too spoiled for his own good.' Nephrite turned away from the others as well as the show that the queen was putting on for the customers. He had work to do. And, as it looked outside, more customers were going to be coming into the salon soon.

'Hopefully someone is going to help me on the floor here. How am I supposed to handle all these customers and still look this handsome,' he thought in annoyance. It appeared as if the queen was enjoying the love and adoration of the customers. Perhaps she was going to stay on the floor and assist him as well?

"I can't wait to go to the festival! I bet I will win the contest. What an amazing prize! Business must be booming for your company."

"You have no idea," Nephrite said to his next customer who he led away from the main crowd at the front of the salon.


“Tenoh Haruka,” She replied with a friendly grin. “Thanks again for helping me return this bag to its rightful owner Ami-chan.”

'What a peculiar name for a male,' Ami thought to herself. "Your welcomed Haruka-chan"

Ami glanced at Haruka again but this time taking in his features and his mannerisms. 'I wonder,' Ami thought to herself, 'is he really a...'

Haruka chuckled. “We meet again…Odango.” Ami looked up and saw Usagi sitting with the girl everyone was afraid of, Makoto. Ami had meet Makoto several times before and knew that the "scary" girl was a really nice person.

"I was just thinking of you, Ami-chan! I was hoping you could help me study for my final tests this week. I'm sooooo nervous I won't past, and my mom said she would ground me for the whole summer if I didn't pass. I'm already earning extra credit by setting up the festival this afternoon...but it won't be enough without good test scores..."

Her stomach began to growl, and Ami instantly turned red. "Zannen desu (I am sorry), I forgot my lunch."

Usagi grabbed Ami's arm and had her sit next to her and Makoto under the tree.

"Have some lunch Ami-chan! This is Makoto! She's super nice."

"Thank you Makoto-chan and Usagi-chan, that is very generous of you." Ami took a little bit of the food that was offered. Ami was almost drawn to tears by her classmates generousity. Most people shunned her and it was refreshing to see how nice some people could be.

"If you need help, I do not mind tutoring you. Just pick a time."

Ami listened to Haruka and Usagi chat about the festival. She continued to look at Haruka. Ami was almost postive that Haruka-chan was a girl and not a boy....


Usagi couldn't help but feel as if she had been in this situation before. The sense of deja vu was strong--it was as if she were floating above herself, watching the same scene from a different angle. The feeling passed as quickly as it had come, and she found herself smiling at her new friends.

"I make everything myself," she finally answered Usagi's question, "And this is the uniform from my old school; they told me to wear it since this school doesn't have any in my size."

Usagi was duly impressed by Makoto's admission about the food.

"Wow...you should be a culinary chef. I bet your food could be famous world-wide. It's amazing..."

Usagi wasn't sure if it was polite to comment about the uniform situation. She knew she was extra excited, making new friends always did that to her, and she couldn't always help when her mouth ran away with itself. She was prevented from commenting when Haruka handed her her school bag.

“Gomen, I was only kidding,” she said softly, revealing the bag that Usagi had been asking for. “I actually came here to return your bag. You dropped it when we bumped into each other.”

Usagi smiled sheepishly. It seemed she had misjudged the boy's intentions. He obviously had a kind heart and had been trying to do the right thing when Usagi snapped at him.

"Arigatou Gozaimasu," Usagi replied to her new hero.

“Tenoh Haruka desu.” Usagi eagerly shook the boy's hand. “Nice to meet you…all of you.”

“Pleasure to meet you,” came the cheerful reply. Usagi offered a seat for Haruka beneath the tree.


Usagi now knew the cute boy's name...Haruka...now she just needed to know if he had a girlfriend. After all, she wasn't about to make the moves on someone's boyfriend. She ignored the whispers that indicated people nearby were talking about them. She was too intent on her new friends. She was excited to hear that the boy was coming to the festival. Festivals were the best times for romance, after all. Hopefully, she wasn't going to have to work a booth as well for the extra credit. She wanted to be able to explore the rides and games. Her hopes for spending time with the boy died when he explained that he did have a girlfriend.

“Girlfriend?” Haruka repeated. “Yes. Her name is Michiru.”

'Darn,' Usagi thought miserably. 'I never have any luck with men...oh well..hopefully I can have fun with Naru or Makoto and Ami if they are both coming.

"I can't wait to meet her...Michiru is a beautiful name. I bet she is simply lovely,' Usagi responded. Usagi heard Haruka's stomach grumble and tried not to giggle. Obviously no one had thought to brought lunch other than Makoto. Usagi still had a little bit of a rice ball left, and she offered it to Haruka.

“I was going to ask her to come with me. This campus is beautiful.”

"I do hope she comes! I bet everyone is going to have so much fun at the festival, especially since I will be working hard to help set the whole thing up."

"If you need help, I do not mind tutoring you. Just pick a time," Ami responded to Usagi's earlier question.

Usagi was very happy that Ami was willing to take time from her busy school and study schedule to help someone like her. It was hard for her to stay focused on her studies, and she hoped that Ami's influence would rub off on her.

"Arigatou, Ami-chan. You are the best! I will owe you big time! Anything you need; just ask."

Usagi leaned over and gave Ami a careful hug; she didn't want to cause her new friend to drop the food she was eating. Then, the sense of deja vu took over again. Usagi saw her and Ami in her room reading mangas and laughing. It was such a pleasant memory. It felt so long ago, and, for some reason, it brought tears to Usagi's eyes. She quickly wiped at her eyes afraid that she was going to start crying for no reason.

"Anyone planning to help with the set-up of the festival? That is where I am off to after lunch."


Deciding upon finding her girlfriend rather than moping about it, Michiru had excused herself from Elza's company, packing her still not eaten lunch into her school bag and making her way out of the school campus. Pulling her cellphone out of her bag, standing at the nearby bus station, Michiru flipped through her phonebook finding Haruka's familiar number and calling it.

Gently pressing it to her ear, she waited calmly for the other girl to answer her phone, her gentle face looking from left to right, attempting to see if a bus was arriving anytime soon.


Rei ended up falling asleep by the tree after she had her lunch. The studying all night really made her tired. She was awakened by a teacher that was looking for her. "Mrs. Hino? Hino, Rei! Wake up at once!” Rei was startled and quickly jumped up. "Oh my, I am sorry...I was not aware that I had went to sleep. What time is it?"

The teacher just looked at her and was very disappointed. "Rei, you have slept though almost all of 4th period. Your grandpa has called from main office. He wants to speak to you. And it looks like the principle wants to talk to you as well now."

Rei was very startled and upset about her falling to sleep. She was very concerned and worried now because she not only missed a whole class sleeping but she almost missed het last class as well. Rei went into the office and got the phone. "Yes grandpa. I am here."

"REI, what happened to you? They could not find you for a while, and they asked me a lot of questions. Are you ok?"

"Yes,” Rei began to sigh. "I think it might be the studying....I fell asleep outside at lunch time."

"Oh my...Well at least nothing has happened to you.” Her Grandpa said with relief. "I need you to do me a favor tonight, and I need it to be done when you get off from school."

Rei began to wonder about this. "What is it this time...? I have a lot to do as it is when I get home."

"Well, this time... don't worry about the stuff here. It will get done. The festival is tonight, and I want you to set up a fortune telling booth and give out temple charms. Also, tell people how wonderful it is to come to the temple to pray and let them know that there is peace of mind in coming to see us."

"YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT? You know I do have school tomorrow, don't you?!?!" Rei was mad at this point. "And you are just telling me this mess now! I will have to go and run around all over town to get this done!!!! You could have told me last week, and I could have been prepared. Uhgggg, this makes me so mad!”

"Rei.... Rei... now... calm down....This it to raise money for the Hikawa Shrine. It is to bring more people here too. Remember now what are we here for."

“........ We are here for the people... I know. I will get to work on getting everything I need as soon as school it out, ok?."

"Thank you, Rei-chan"

"Good bye grandfather...”

Rei hung up the phone. She was still very mad. Then, she went into the principal’s office to talk to him about her over-sleeping before going back to class.


Makoto shook her head inwardly.

'Strange,' she thought. 'Why do I feel like I know this girl?'

She quietly listened to the conversation around her, idly taking bites of her meal as she watched. When Usagi asked about the festival, Makoto spoke up, "I'm making some dango for one of the stands."


“Arigatou,” Haruka said taking the rice ball from Usagi. She hadn’t realized she was so hungry. "I can't wait to meet her,” Usagi continued. “Michiru is a beautiful name. I bet she is simply lovely.”

Very much so, Haruka thought with a chuckle.

"Anyone planning to help with the set-up of the festival? That is where I am off to after lunch." Usagi asked.

"I'm making some dango for one of the stands,” Makoto replied in-between idle bites of her food.

Haruka grinned running a hand through her hair. Who would have thought that by returning Usagi’s bag, she’d bump into two more cute girls?

I’ll have to tell Michiru about the festival, Haruka thought. I bet she’d love to see this campus.

Oblivious to the curious stare Ami was giving her, Haruka felt something vibrate in her pocket. Reaching to pull it out, she instantly recognized the number.
Uh-oh, Haruka thought. She looked at her watch—lunch was almost over!


Haruka had lost track of time chatting with the girls.

She stood on her feet. “Sorry ladies, but I really must be going,” she began, putting her blazer back on. “Makoto-chan, Ami-chan, it was really nice meeting you.”
Haruka paused, smiling just for Usagi. “Usagi-chan, I’ll see you around, ne?” She gave her a wink.

Turning her heel and heading to her car, Haruka flipped open her phone.

“Moshi-moshi Michiru-chan…”


Michiru smiled softly as she heard the familiar voice of her beloved, but remembering why she was outside of campus and still waiting for the bus to arrive, she pouted prettily "Ne Haruka-chan, where are you! You didn't turn up for lunch at all and I have no clue where you are...I'm at the bus stop just outside school, but I obviously don't know which bus to catch...are you coming back soon?"

Biting her bottom lip, Michiru hoped she didn't sound like a clingy girlfriend because that sounded awful as she recounted what she just nagged Haruka about. Sighing softly, she went quiet before quickly adding "
Gomen ne, I am just worried about you love..."


"Anyone planning to help with the set-up of the festival? That is where I am off to after lunch." Usagi asked.

Ami was momentarily pulled away from her curious gaze. Ami hadn't given to much thought to going to the festival and spending time outside of the Computer Club's booth. After all, she had very few friends for which to enjoy the festival. She was only going to the festival because the Computer Club had a booth there.

"I am going to the festival," Ami said briefly glancing at Usagi. "The computer club has a booth there. Unfortunately, I have to study before. What will you be doing Usagi-chan?"

A phone began to ring. Haruka pulled out her cell phone and began to talk. Ami tried not to eavesdrop. She felt a connection with all three of these people. 'Weird,' Ami thought, 'and very random.' She bushed it off to people being nice to her and not thinking that she was stuck up because of her study habits and her shyness.

“Sorry ladies, but I really must be going,” she began, putting her blazer back on. “Makoto-chan, Ami-chan, it was really nice meeting you.”
Haruka paused, smiling just Usagi. “Usagi-chan, I’ll see you around, ne?”

"Itterasshai", Ami said as Haruka left. Ami watched Haruka walk away. Her curiosity flickered again. Ami was certain that Haruka-chan was a girl.Ami blushed at the thought that she had thought Haruka-chan was a boy and that she had thought that she was cute. 'Oh well,' she thought. 'Nothing I can do about it now.'

The bell rang and Ami stood up. "Gochisou sama deshita (Thank you for the meal) Makoto-chan and Usagi-chan. Dewa mata."

Ami began to walk away but then she heard someone calling her, she turned around and saw Usagi-chan waving her binder fanatically. Ami started back to the tree. She felt so silly forgetting her binder, but secretly she was happy that she had finally meet some nice new people.

Ami was not paying attention to what was going on around her. Suddenly she felt something hit her in the head and everything went black.....


Mamoru smiled seeing the Minako’s cheek turn red and nodded when she whispered his name. “Hai,” he whispered in response.

In response to Mianko's complaints about Artemis, Mamoru responded: “Even the best of friends can almost make us crazy.” Mamoru chuckled. “Ah, yes, it is always good to have such a resilient kitty.”

Mamoru smiled again. “Really? Maybe I could treat you some time.” Mamoru said as she turned away to hide her face from him at his earlier offer to go with her to the festival. He wondered what she was thinking at that moment when she finally turned back around to face him.

"That would be wonderful, Mamoru. The festival begins early evening, around 6pm I think. What time do you have classes? I'm all done for the day, so maybe you can meet me there.”

He was about to reply when he heard a voice calling the name of his new friend across the street from them.

He watched Minako greet the other girl with a hug and get hugged in return but felt the eyes of the new girl on him the whole time. He heard her whisper to Minako and heard Minako whisper back. Their exchange continued for a moment. Then, the new girl broke away from Minako and walked toward him.

"I am Hana, one of Mina-chan's friends. I'm going to the festival too. I hope to see you both there.

“Nice to meet you, Hana. It’s good to know that Minako-Chan’s got such good friends. Really? Hai, hopefully, we will see you there. I could even bring a friend for you, if you like.”

"Really? That sounds great! I’d appreciate that, Mamoru-San. But, now, I'm going to go home. I just got my hair done at the
Kawaii Beauty Salon. I want to show it off to my family before going to the festival."

Mamoru waved as well at the departing form of Minako's friend as she took off.

Mamoru nodded at Minako's comment about getting her hair done. “It’d be a good way for you to pass some time.” Mamoru replied. He hated that he would have to leave her for a little time and would be anxious to see her again.

"Did you need to get going for class? I don't want to make you late, Mamoru..." Minako figured that she would go to the salon and then head to the festival after she was done to wait for her date.

“Hai, gomen. I have one final exam today. It probably won’t take me too long to take it and finish it.

Mamoru discussed details with her about where to meet up at the festival and to make sure she was with Hana as well for he would bring along a friend of his for her. He smiled at her, waved and, got back into car and drove off feeling content at having a date with the beautiful blonde.

When he arrived at Azabu Tech, his friend Asanuma was waiting for him outside the science building.

“Ohayo Mamoru-Sempai.” The blonde-haired younger man greeted Mamoru.

“Ohayo Asanuma-Kun.” He replied as he got out of his car.

As they walked together to their class, Mamoru looked over at his friend. “Do you have any plans tonight, Asanuma-Kun?” He asked him. Asanuma looked back at Mamoru with a puzzled look about the inquiry.

“Not really. Why?”

Mamoru smiled. “I met a girl on my way here and I’m going to meet her at Juuban Junior High’s festival after I get out of class. She has a cute friend that might meet up with us there, so I figured I’d have one of mine come too, so she would have a date.” Mamoru explained.

“That sounds nice. It would do me some good to relax after our final exams. I’d be glad to meet your friend and her friend,” responded Asanuma.

“Cool. It’s a date then,” Mamoru said with a smile as they entered their class and sat in their usual seats side by side.


OOC: Attention role players: The TIME is now anywhere from afternoon to EARLY evening. The festival has not begun, but players can begin moving in that direction for set-up purposes and/or early interactions with other characters.

I will initiate the festival with a GM post in a week or two. Thanks for your patience!


Minako got the details from Mamoru for where they would meet and watched as he drove away. She stared after him with dreamy eyes until people began to look at her funny. She shook her head to try and break the spell he had cast over her.

'What a hunk...,' she sighed in happiness. She floated on air as she walked to the new salon her friend had been at. Minako had never been to a salon before, and she was very nervous to go to such a popular one. But the thought of Mamoru complimenting her new hairstyle and manicure was enough to steel her resolve. She entered the salon and was immediately pushed to the right of the entrance. The place was swarming.

'I wonder if I will be able to get my hair and nails done before the festival. They look soooooo busy!!'

There was a woman with dark red hair handing out fliers and coupons in the center. She was saying something about a contest at the festival. Minako made a note to ask for more information before she left.

She noticed a woman...or was it a man? with short brown hair pulling a sign out from the back room. It was nicely decorated, but Minako couldn't read what it said. There were two other workers, one with short blond hair and the other with medium length black hair stocking some products on a display counter. They were also boxing some of the products, probably to take to the festival at the school. There was only one man working the floor. He had mid-length brown hair that fell to below his ears. He was extremely gorgeous but very busy.

'Who the heck should I talk to...?'

Minako just watched the events in the salon unfold as if she were in a circus. It was actually a bit funny to watch some of the comical expressions on the faces of the customers.


Kunzite was actually enjoying the "stock boy" work he and Jadeite were doing. It gave him an opportunity to order the youngest of the Shitennou around, and he was finding amazing products to use on his long white hair. He had big plans for this evening after the festival. He couldn't wait to take the ugly black wig off and step into a hot shower. He was going to convince Zoicite to join him in the shower. They could hold each other's naked bodies, give each other a neck massage...Just the thought of Zoicite in his arms brightened Kunzite's mood.

He was also happier because he saw that Zoicite liked making the festival's sign. Zoicite had always been the most creative of all the Shitennou, excelling in music and art. His sign for the festival would draw many people to their booths just so they could admire his artistic talents. They shared a secret smile across the busy floor. Kunzite than turned back to Jadeite, who was complaining about all the manual labor he was doing.


Unlike Kunzite, Jadeite was tired and angry. He was annoyed that Kunzite was taking his sweet time loading the boxes, and that he had ordered Jadeite to handle all the heavy lifting.

"Ok, put those two boxes over there by the door. You will need to load them in the salon's van after we are done with the last three boxes in the back."

Jadeite gritted his teeth as he mumbled yes to his superior. He wasn't the strongest of the Shitennou, so he had trouble moving the boxes over to the door, especially since he was avoiding so many humans.

"Sumimasen...my fault...on your right please..."

Jadeite was trying to be as kind and courteous to the patrons as he could muster. Alas, his patience was wearing thin. When he returned to the counter, he was pleased to see that Kunzite had taken it upon himself to bring up a new box of the products. Jadeite gave a wan smile at Kunzite as he knelt to pull shampoos and conditioners from the box.

"Thanks for getting this box for me."

Kunzite just smiled before placing a gentle hand on Jadeite's shoulder.

"Relax. Soon, we will rule this world. These humans will be our slaves."

A cold smile flashed across Jadeite's face.

"Yes, that will be...pleasant..."

The two worked in silence for a few minutes before Kunzite remarked: "There are still two more boxes to bring up fron the back. Then, you can finish helping Nephrite on the floor. I'll load the van before we all head to the Juuban Festival."

Jadeite nodded, thankful that he would be able to get back to cutting hair and offering manicures and pedicures. He preferred that line of work over the manual labor.


Even though Nephrite enjoyed being the center of attention, he found himself longing to run away to the back room to hide. There were just too many patrons for him to handle on his own.

'When are they going to be done...?' Nephrite wondered as he saw yet another customer enter their shop. She had long blond hair with a red ribbon tying it back. She was very attractive and Nephrite sent her a warm smile.

'I would love to work on that beauty's long golden locks,' he thought wistfully. He could imagine how silky and smooth her hair would feel when he ran his fingers through them. He would massage her scalp, make her forget all her worries...

"Are you listening to me?" squeaked the overweight man sitting in his chair now.

"Yes, of course."

"I want to make sure you don't cut my hair too short. The last place messed up bad, and I don't want another incompetent person cutting my hair."

"I assure you, you are safe with me..."

Nephrite turned away from the young girl. Unfortunately, he would not be able to help her anytime soon. He had this annoyance to deal with and two more still lined up. Nephrite relaxed the man by stealing some of his energy during the shampoo before cutting his hair.

'That should shut him up until we are done,' he thought gleefully. 'I just hope the Queen remembers to announce that we will be closing early. We need time to set-up the booth at the festival. If she doesn't put a closed sign up on the front window, we might miss the festival all together.'

"How are you feeling?"

"Very...relaxed...," the man responded sleepily.

"Excellent. We at Kawaii Saloon provide only the best to our customers."


Zoicite was just coming out of the back with his new sign when his eye caught a yet another costumer that came into the shop. He had to give his Queen credit; she knew how to draw in the customers. Why they were doing all these things, he was not so sure, but he was glad to be able to be with his love Kunzite. Just then Kunizte looked over in his direction. He almost had to hide a secret smile the two of them had shared.

He must be thinking naughty things right now,
Zoicite thought to himself. Though he would have to disappoint his lover tonight; he feared he might be a little too tired tonight to do any of that. It still made him want to blush for thinking about such things.

Get yourself together this isn't the time to be thinking about such things
, he scolded himself. You have work to do!

He heard the chimes of the salon doors opening and yet another customer entered while serveral customers left. The salon was becoming even more and more popular by the second. Queen Pherilia was in the center of the salon store still passing out flyers about tonight's contest at the festival. And with this sign, no one will pass up the Kawaii Beauty Salon booth.

Just past his Queen, Zoicite couldn't help but notice a young girl with blonde hair tied back into a red ribbon enter the shop. She was dressed in casual clothes, but she didn't look any older than a junior high school student. He saw Nephrite look up from the customer he was working on at the moment, Nephrite had a wishful look on his face.

"Excuse ME!" The man called back Nephrite's attention.

Zoicite couldn't help but grin to himself. He was the only worker left to help the customers out and it would drive Nephrite crazy that, he, Zoicite had bee the one to help out the young lady instead of Nephrite himself. Zoicite left the sign where he could grab it after the store closed, and walked up to the young lady. He saw out of the corner of his eye Nephrite glare at him. Zoicite only smiled more.

"Miss, welcome to
Kawaii Beauty Salon; how may I assist you today?" Zoicite greeted the young lady.


Last class was almost over. Rei sat there and looked out the window until the bell rug. She then got all of her books and prepared to go home. Rei begain to think about all the stuff she needed to set up for her booth for the festival as she was walking home. She looked around at everyone on the street. They were all very busy setting everthing up in town.

'Wow! This festival is going be a very busy one this year,' Rei thought as she walked the rest of the way home. Then, she saw a flyer on a building that made her stop and look at it. It was a flyer for a new beauty salon in town.

"Mmmm, this seems intersting. I think that I will check it out on my break tonight at the festival." Rei thought to herself. Then Rei contuned to walk the rest of the way home.


Makoto was pretty quiet as Usagi talked a lot with the others. Even Ami seemed lost in thought. But, none of that bothered Usagi. After all, she loved talking and being the center of attention.

"I'm making some dango for one of the stands."

Usagi was excited that Makoto was going to be at the festival and that she was working at a food booth.

"What kinds of dango are you making, Mako-chan? I get free food coupons for setting up the festival, so I will be sure to stop by your booth for some! I'm just glad I'm not working during the festival. I want to go to all the booths to play games and try out the rides. I can't believe I am getting extra credit just by helping with set-up. What a sweet deal!"

Then, Ami responded to Usagi's queries.

"I am going to the festival. The computer club has a booth there. Unfortunately I have to study before. What will you be doing Usagi-chan?"

Usagi made a funny face at the mention of studying. "I SHOULD be studying, but they told me to get there early. I am helping all the organizations and clubs set up booths. Since it is a community festival, there will be local businesses there as well. I'm the 'free help,' so to speak." Usagi laughed as she continued, "Plus, it gives me a reason to get out of my afternoon classes."

Usagi had finished eating and was wiping some crumbs off her school uniform skirt. During the small silence, Haruka's phone rang.

“Sorry ladies, but I really must be going..."

Usagi tried not to look too disappointed when Haruka said she had to leave.

'It's probably her beautiful and perfect girlfriend calling,' Usagi thought morosely. Usagi's mood brightened when Haruka turned to look at her. Haruka gave Usagi a private smile that made the young girl blush a light pink that sprinkled across her cheeks. She looked down trying to hide her colored cheeks when Haruka spoke:

“Usagi-chan, I’ll see you around, ne?”

Then, Haruka winked at her. Usagi's eyes widened in surprise.

'This boy sure flirts a lot. I wonder if his girlfriend gets jealous a lot.'

"Ja, dewa mata ne. (see you later)."

Before Haruka was out of sight, Usagi reminded him about tonight.

"Don't forget to come to the festival!"

And with that, their group was down to three members. They didn't have much time together because the bell rang.

"I better get going to the festival site. I can't be late or I won't get my extra credit. That would not be good," Usagi said.

'Talk about the understatement of the year,' she thought.

"Gochisou sama deshita (Thank you for the meal) Makoto-chan and Usagi-chan. Dewa mata."

Usagi waved at Ami's retreating form. Then, she spotted the blue binder that was near where Ami was seating. She bent down to retrieve it and called to her new friend. She knew what it felt like to forget your school stuff, and she didn't want Ami to be stressing the rest of the day wondering where it was at.

"Ami!! Ami!!" Usagi waved the binder as she shouted. Ami began to walk towards Makoto and Usagi when a soccer ball zoomed out of nowhere and hit Ami in the head. She cumpled to the floor.

"Oh my...!!!"

Usagi and Makoto ran to their friend at the same time Urawa Ryo ran up.

"It was an accident! I can't believe I missed catching it."

Usagi glared at the clumsy boy as she knelt and held Ami in her arms. Another bell rang.

"What am I going to do? I am going to be late for the festival set-up, and I won't be able to get my extra credit...but I can't leave Ami like this. We need to get her to the nurse."

"I'll take her," Ryo offered.

"I'm not trusting you with Ami alone!" Usagi turned to Makoto: "Can you manage to get Ami to the nurse, so I won't be late for the festival set-up?" Usagi was trying to hoist Ami up on her shoulders. She knew that she only had another five minutes until the third bell would ring, and then she would be late.

'I don't care if I do lose that extra credit. I'm not leaving Ami alone when she needs some help.' Usagi thought.

"Just go to class, Ryo. You've done enough. You can talk to Ami later once she is awake."

The boy looked concerned and obviously wanted to stay, but Usagi could tell he was weighing the options in his head.

'Probably concerned about what a tardy will do to his grade average,' Usagi thought. 'Heck, I'm worried about the same thing!'

Usagi's tone softened a bit. "Look, we'll tell her it was an accident. She will understand. Get going."

As Ryo grabbed the soccer ball, he nodded. "I will check-up on her later. I promise." He bent down and kissed Ami's forehead before running off to class.

'Wow...is he Ami's boyfriend?" Usagi wondered as she continued to struggle to get Ami's arm around her shoulder.


Jadeite had finally unloaded the last of the boxes. He was happy to finally be done with manual labor. He was walking up the stairs; he stopped briefly to make sure he was presentable for his Queen and for the customers.

"Looking good," Jadeite said to himself.

He continued to climb the stairs. When he got to the top of the stairs, he looked around for his Queen. He saw her standing in the center of the room handing out fliers. He was desperately trying to please her; he had blundered a time or two in the past and was trying to make up for it. He smiled to himself as he looked at her. While he was coming up with a plan to get some praise from his Queen, he caught sight of a beautiful blonde coming in the door. Jadeite began walking toward her, but before he could get there, Zoicite greeted her.

Jadeite sighed and muttered, "Zoicite is always trying to upstage me."

Blondes weren't necessarily Jadeite's "thing," he prefered raven haired girls, but he was never one to pass up a chance to annoy Zoicite.

"Miss, welcome to
Kawaii Beauty Salon; how may I assist you today?" Zoicite greeted the young lady.

Before the girl could anwer, Jadeite interrupted.

"Why hello there, beautiful," Jadiete said to the girl.

Zoicite shot Jadeite an evil look. Jadeite smiled in return; he was enjoying this immensely. It was no secret that he and Zoicite had clashed a time or two with Jadeite coming out at the bottom end. But that never stopped Jadeite from annoying Zoicite as much as he could. They only got along when it was time to "handle buisness."

"Why Zack, can't you see this lovely girl is here to have a day of beauty?" Jadeite smirked as he took the girl's arm and tucked it under his. Zoicite continued to give him a dirty look. "After all, this is a beauty salon."

Jadeite smiled down at the girl, who was looking at him with a beautiful smile. "Let's go make you even more beautiful than you already are!" he said. "I just have to say you have a lovely smile. Only a fool wouldn't melt at the sight of that smile."

He turned back and gave Zoicite a smile and a wave just to rub it in a little more. He looked around to see if his Queen was watching, she was and she gave him a little smile.

"Let's start with a pedicure, shall we?" Jadeite said to the girl with his best smile. "So beautiful, do you have name? Do you have a boyfriend"


"Don't forget to come to the festival!" Haruka heard Usagi exclaim. She turned around giving Usagi a thumbs up before reverting all attention back to Michiru.

"Ne Haruka-chan, where are you! You didn't turn up for lunch at all and I have no clue where you are...I'm at the bus stop just outside school, but I obviously don't know which bus to catch...are you coming back soon?"

Haruka reached her car, feeling guilty for missing their lunch date. "Ah, gomen Michiru-chan. I hadn't realized how long I had been gone. I didn't mean to stand you up." She ran her fingers through her hair. "I'm sorry Michiru. I'm at Juuban Middle School right now. Remember the girl I told you about earlier this morning?"

Haruka buckled herself into her car. "I returned her bag. I'll tell you all about it." She readjusted her rearview mirror. "I found out a festival will be here tonight as well." Haruka smiled, adding a flirty tone to her voice. "Thinking about taking you out tonight. What do you say Michiru-chan?"

She heard Michiru sigh softly on the other end. There was a pause.

Haruka tensed, hoping she was no longer upset.

Gomen ne I am just worried about you love," came her reply. Haruka gave a soft chuckle and relaxed.

I better make it up to her, Haruka thought as she reached into her school bag and pulled out the charms she had bought at the Hikawa Shrine. "I'll come and pick you up at the bus stop." She started her car, her confidence growing again. "And I'm taking you out tonight. See you soon, love."


Minako was very relieved when the woman with the short brown hair approached.

"Miss, welcome to
Kawaii Beauty Salon; how may I assist you today?"

As Minako glanced at her, her eyes widened in surprise.

'She's a he!' she thought nervously. Minako felt her face go warm with embarrassment. 'At least he doesn't know I thought he was a girl. He has such delicate features. He could be a model or something.'

Minako smiled nervously and was still staring a bit rudely at the hair stylist when another person approached her. This was one of the workers she had spotted unloading products with another man with neck length black hair. She was confused as to who was helping her.

"Why hello there, beautiful," Jadeite said to the girl.

Minako didn't notice the evil looks the two were shooting at each other because the blonde man had taken her arm. He tucked it under his own, and she blushed a deep red.

'Geez...must be my lucky day...two gorgeous guys hitting on me at once? I'll have to tell Hana about this at the festival. She will be so jealous.'

"Why Zack, can't you see this lovely girl is here to have a day of beauty? After all, this is a beauty salon."

Minako glanced at the man named Zack as she was led away. There was a cold gleam in his eyes as he looked at her with the new stylist.

'I wonder if they get paid by the customer...maybe he really needed a tip or something...'

"Let's go make you even more beautiful than you already are!" the new stylist said. "I just have to say you have a lovely smile. Only a fool wouldn't melt at the sight of that smile."

"Arigatou," Minako blushed an even deeper red. 'I must look like a beet,' she thought miserably.

"Let's start with a pedicure, shall we?" Jadeite said to the girl with his best smile. "So beautiful, do you have name? Do you have a boyfriend?"

Minako was led to a chair away from the main crowd where her feet were propped up.

"What's a pedicure?" she asked before responding to the stylist's questions.

"My name is Aino Minako. What's your name? I noticed none of the stylists wear name badges. Must be uncool or something. And...no, I don't have a boyfriend...yet...but I did get asked to the Juuban Middle School festival tonight. That is why I am here. I wanted to look my best, and since you are having a sale, and since I had never been to a salon and all..."

Minako knew she was gabbing away nervously.

'Not again,' she thought sadly. 'Try to control yourself! It's a wonder I can attract any potential boyfriends when I talk a mile a minute.'

"I guess I'm your beauty slave. Do with me what you will. I have no idea what to expect in such a place. Don't take too long, though. I don't want to miss my date. I'm also thinking about entering the contest for the year supply of free products. I can't wait. I need to read the details on one of those fliers before I leave too."

By sheer force of will, Minako sat quietly and waited for a response. She had the urge to keep talking, but she was also a bit distracted by the tools the man was getting for her pedicure.

'This should be fun,' she thought.


Zoicite watched as Jadeite took the beautiful blonde away from him.

How dare he! OOO...!

Zoicite was so mad he could...

And I was just about to get Queen Perillia to notice me instead of Jedite. Now, he gets all the credit. No matter. Zoicite thought. I'll just assist him with the customer.

Zoicite walked over to where Jadeite was working on the young lady's feet. As he did so, he didn't notice there was a bucket in the middle of the walkway. Zoicite accidentally stepped in it and slid across the floor. He fell off to the side where Jadeite was giving the young lady a pedicure. The bucket landed on his head splashing water all over him. Zoicite was so embarrassed.

Oh great, now that gives all the other generals more reason to make fun of me. I'm such a klutz

He glanced over in Kunzite's direction. His love just gave him an encouraging smile. He heard Nephrite chuckling to himself from across the room. Thankfully at that moment his Queen had decided to retreat into the back. If she had seen the display who knows what she would have done to him?

"My name is Aino Minako. What's your name? I noticed none of the stylists wear name badges. Must be uncool or something. And...no, I don't have a boyfriend...yet...but I did get asked to the Juuban Middle School festival tonight. That is why I am here. I wanted to look my best, and since you are having a sale, and since I had never been to a salon and all..." The girl was speaking to Jadeite just as Zoicite was picking himself up. The girl continued to gab on about some other stuff to Jadeite. 

"I guess I'm your beauty slave. Do with me what you will. I have no idea what to expect in such a place. Don't take too long. I don't want to miss my date. I'm also thinking about entering the contest for the year supply of free products. I can't wait. I need to read the details on one of those fliers before I leave too." 

Zoicite waited for the young girl to finish her sentence before cutting in. "Excuse me, but I couldn't help overhearing that you had a date tonight for the Juuban Middle School Festival. You must have dozens of young men lining up to take out such a fine young lady like yourself," Zoicite said as if nothing happened even though he had water dripping from his wet hair. He sat down next to the beautiful blonde. "If you would like while my co-worker here gives you a pedicure, why don't I give your hand a nice message with a manicure? What do you say Miss Aino?" 

"And you can call me Zack, and my co-worker there is called Ryo," Zoicite said pointing his eyes toward Jadeite.

Zoicite happened to notice that the girl was blushing. Zoicite thought it was cute on the lovely young lady. He started to work on the blonde's hands. A worker from the back came out and brought him the supplies he would need. 

"If you were not already asked out, I would have done it myself. My, my, what lovely soft skin you have! So soft and silky, and you say you've never been to a beauty salon before? My, my, you must tell me your secret," Zoicite said laying on an extra coat of sugar. Zoicite happened to notice that Jadeite was glaring at him. Zoicite just gave him an equally challenging smile in return. 

"Why thank you," Minako finally said. 

"You are quite welcome, my dear," He responded. "And who is the lucky guy tonight?" 

"Oh, I've just met him; his name is Mamoru-san. He is so dreamy...I can't believe he would ask me out." 

"Why would you say such a thing? You are beautiful. You should never let anyone ever tell you otherwise." The girl blushed again at him calling her beautiful. Zoicite finished with prepping her nails and gently began to wash them off with a sponge. "Miss Aino, which color would you like for your nails?"


Obviously Zoicite didn't get the hint, Jadeite thought to himself. Jadeite had been working on the girl's pedicure while Zoicite TRIED to but in. Jadeite had been taking some of the girl's energy while he massaged her feet. He was really getting annoyed by Zoicite.

"If you would like while my co-worker here gives you a pedicure, why don't I give your hand a nice message with a manicure? What do you say Miss Aino?" Zoicite said. 

"And you can call me Zack, and my co-worker there is called Ryo," Zoicite said pointing his eyes toward Jadeite.

"Don't you have something better to do than bother this beautiful girl?" asked Jadeite. Zoicite ignored the question. 

"Why thank you," Minako finally said.

"You are quiet welcome, my dear," He responded. "And who is the lucky guy tonight?" 

"Oh, I've just met him; his name is Mamoru-san. He is so dreamy...I can't believe he would ask me out."

"Why would you say such a thing? You are beautiful. You should never let anyone ever tell you otherwise."

"Miss Aino, which color would you like for your nails?" asked Zoicite

Jadeite was really angry at this point; he wanted to punch Zoicite in the face. During his fit of anger, Jadeite had not been paying attention and accidently took too much enegry from the girl. He had put her to sleep.

Thank goodness
, said Jadeite to himself,. At least she won't see me punch him.. 

"I'm am asking you kindly, Zack, to get lost," Jadeite said to Zoicite. 

A loud bang came from the area where Zoicite and Jadeite were working. Their chairs had been thrown to the floor. Everyone in the salon looked up and were startled by the loud noice. Luckily, Queen Perilla stepped out for a moment; she would not have tolerated such behavior. Both Zoicite and Jadeite were on their feet, nose to nose, and were about to start brawling. 

"It isn't worth it, love," said Kuncite to Zoicite. "Come with me." He took Zoicite out of the salon, though Zoicite wanted to stay and finish the fight. 

After Zoicite was gone, Jadeite got back to working on the girl's pedicure and manicure. While he massaged the girl's arms and legs, he could not help but think how much he missed having a girlfriend. He missed the smell, touch, and intimacy that you could only find in a relationship. He quickly pushed the thought aside. 

"Wow," Minako said. "I must have dozed off. I hope I wasn't snoring or drooling. My nails look awesome." 

Jadeite smiled to himself. He couldn't help but be attracted to this girl. "No, you didn't and even if you did, it would have been the cutest thing." The girl began to blush. 

"Now time for your hair. I have something special in mind for such a lovely lady," Jadeite said.

Jadeite had been working on a way to collect energry without having to be near the victim or be touching them. He had planned on using this new technology on Minako. He started by washing Minako's hair and then moved to blow drying. While he was doing this, Minako continued to talk with Jadeite answering the ocassional question. He really wanted to impress this girl by doing a bang-up job on her hair. He relished the texture of the girl's hair and was enjoying the smell of the lavander shampoo and conditioner he was using. He hoped that Minako liked it too. 

"I hope you don't mind, but I wanted to put something extra special in your hair. It is one of a kind and handmade by me." He pulled out a headband with jade and crystals. My finest work, he said to himself. The girl began to protest. 

"Beautiful, but I can't afford that..." she said before she was cut off. Jadeite had swung the chair around and put a finger to her mouth. He brought his mouth close to the girl's ear. 

"Only the most beautiful girl can wear this and you, my beauty, are that girl," Jadeite whispered. He hoped he wasn't laying it on too thick, but he couldn't help himself. Once he had a plan there was no going back. He had a one track mind. He spun the girl around and contined to curl her hair. A few minutes later, the Minako's hair was complete. Her hair was full of blonde curls, which was held back by the handcrafted hair piece. 

"Here," Jadeite said smiling in an attempt to win over the girl. "A good luck charm for your date." He held out two matching braclets that complemented the hair piece. The girl started to say something but Jadeite interupted her. 

"I hope that this is good enough for you." The girl looked like she was on the verge of tears. She muttered something that he didn't understand. He took the girl's arm once again and led her to the door. He whipped out a buisness card and handed it to her. 

He leaned closer to her. "I put a little something on the back. Do use it sometime." 

He pulled away. "Come see me, oops, us again. Don't forget to visit us at our booth at the Juuban Middle School Festival. Good luck on your date." 

He opened the door for the Minako to leave. He smiled and waved as she started to walk down the street. He closed and locked the door behind him. He turned around with an evil smile on his face. Queen Perillia had ushered all of the customers out; Minko was the last customer. Zoicite and Kunzite were standing in the middle of the salon cleaning up. They were looking longingly at each other. Jadeite decided to interrupt. 

"Zoicite, if you try to help me again, I don't think I will be able to control myself." He tucked the red ribbon that the girl had worn in her hair into his pocket. 

"Now, don't we have a festival to plan for....."


Kunzite was downstairs picked up more supplies to load into the van. When he emerged on the salon level, things appeared the same. He walked outside, loaded the box, and re-entered the salon. That was when all the commotion broke out. He watched in horror as Jadeite and Zoicite created a big scene in front of the few remaining customers. 

'Damn it. What are those two thinking? If people think the stylists are dangerous and violent, no one will come to our salon. Thank goodness most of the earlier crowd has already left.' 

Kunzite knew if he didn't intervene there would be a fight right their on the main floor. He could see Nephrite lounging against an empty chair smiling. He was obviously enjoying the show knowing that the queen would punish the two fools for their insolence. 

'You are an idiot as well, Nephrite. The queen rarely punishes just one of us.' 

"Nao, why don't you finish loading the van? You know Madame Peri would like us to get to the festival early to help the volunteers set-up our booth." 

Nephrite just shrugged and walked away to do his leader's bidding. 

Kunzite walked over to Zoicite and Jadeite who were practically nose to nose. The salon was too quiet. The queen would surely know something had happened. 

"It isn't worth it, love," said Kuncite to Zoicite. "Come with me." Zoicite obviously wanted to argue, but allowed Kunzite to take his arm and drag him outside the salon. Nephrite saw the two. Kunzite looked at him and indicated with a nod of his head that he wanted the man to go back into the salon. 

"Geez, make up your mind Kunzite, " he grumbled as he finished loading the van, locked it, and then went back inside the salon. 

Kunzite gripped Zoicite tightly and pushed him against the back of the van. He leaned in and kissed his love's lips roughly, almost bruising them in his quest to ignite some passion. Zoicite's arms wrapped around Kunzite's neck as he opened his mouth allowing the kiss to deepen. Kunzite slowly broke the kiss but kept Zoicite trapped between his extended arms. His eyes were dark with passion and with something else. It was obvious that Kunzite was concerned and even a bit angry at Zoicite's behavior in the salon. 

"Don't ever cause a scene like that again." 

Zoicite was about to argue with Kunzite when he placed his finger on Zoicite's lips. 

"Shhh, it is not because I think you would have gotten hurt from Jadeite. On the contrary, I think you are a better fighter and Shitennou than him. I am more afraid the our queen will punish you. And, I would have to support her punishment. I cannot stand the thought of you getting hurt over grunt work like the salon. If Jadeite wants a customer, give him the person. You are better than this work. We both are. We are only working in the salon to please our queen. Don't try to prove yourself to Jadeite. He's not worth our time." 

Zoicite nodded and Kunzite stroked his cheek gently. He leaned down and kissed Zoicite one more time before the pair re-entered the salon. They entered in time to see Jadeite ushering the blonde hair girl to the exit. 

'You have to admit, he did do a good job on the girl's hair and nails,' Kunzite thought as he ushered Zoicite away. 

Queen Perillia was standing in the center of the room. The salon was locked and the van was waiting for its passengers. They would need to get to the festival early in order to make sure the volunteers set-up their booth appropriately, especially since there would be a big contest at their booth. Kunzite let go of Zoicite's arm and approached his queen. He knelt before her. The others followed suit. 

"My queen, the van is loaded with the free gifts, products for sale, and Zoicite's sign. Once we arrive at the festival, where would you like each of us. What would you like us all to do?"


Minako heard the loud bucket crash and noticed that the other stylist was off to the side of them with a bucket on his head. The water was dripping down his face and soaking his shirt. 

'Eww...,' Minako thought. 'I hope that wasn't dirty water!'

She ignored him and re-foucused on the man who was giving her a pedicure. Not much time passed before the other man with the brown hair showed up by her chair.

"Excuse me, but I couldn't help overhearing that you had a date tonight for the Juuban Middle School Festival. You must have dozens of young men lining up to take out such a fine young lady like yourself."

"Don't you have something better to do than bother this beautiful girl?" asked the man who was helping her.

Minako looked at the newcomer a little distastefully. The guy still had some of the bucket water dripping from his hair, which was certainly unappealing. She didn't respond to his mild attempt at flirting because he continued to talk.

"If you would like while my co-worker here gives you a pedicure, why don't I give your hand a nice message with a manicure? What do you say Miss Aino?" 

Minako didn't know what to say. She tried to smile politely and nodded yes.

'Maybe he should clean the water off himself first,' she wondered silently.

"And you can call me Zack, and my co-worker there is called Ryo," Zoicite pointed his eyes toward the other salon stylist.

"Nice to meet you both," Minako said.

"If you were not already asked out, I would have done it myself. My, my, what lovely soft skin you have! So soft and silky, and you say you've never been to a beauty salon before? My, my, you must tell me your secret,

Minako was surprised at all the compliments Zack was giving her.

'And I thought Ryu liked me...'

"Why thank you," Minako finally said.

"You are quiet welcome, my dear," he responded. "And who is the lucky guy tonight?"

"Oh, I've just met him; his name is Mamoru-san. He is so dreamy...I can't believe he would ask me out."

"Why would you say such a thing? You are beautiful. You should never let anyone ever tell you otherwise."

"Arigatou," Minako said to all the compliments Zack was giving her.

"Miss Aino, which color would you like for your nails?"

Minako was going to respond. She felt the color coming to her lips. She said something, didn't she?

'Why am I feeling so tired and weak suddenly,' she wondered. Her eyelids were so heavy. 'I am so sleepy...'

One minute Minako was talking to the two men. The next, her pedicure and manicure were both done.

"Wow," Minako said "I must have dozed off. I hope I wasn't snoring or drooling. My nails look awesome!"

"No, you didn't and even if you did, it would have been the cutest thing."

Minako blushed as she looked down at her fingers with the shiny red color.

"Now time for your hair. I have something special in mind for such a lovely lady." 

Minako relaxed as Ryu shampooed her hair before trimming and styling it. Her energy was quickly returning after the short power-nap.

"I hope you don't mind, but I wanted to put something extra special in your hair. It is one of a kind and handmade by me." 

Minako was surprised at the Jade and Crystal hairpiece. It looked very expensive. She couldn't afford such a fancy gift.

"Beautiful, I can't afford that..."

"Only the most beautiful girl can wear this and you, my beauty, are that girl," Ryu whispered in her ear.

Minako felt very uncomfortable accepting the gift. She had just scheduled a date with another man. Was it fair to be wearing Ryu's hairpiece on the date? Mianko's worried thoughts dissipated when she saw the fancy curls held up by the clip.

"It's beautiful!"

"Here, a good luck charm for your date."

Again, Ryu offered her more gifts. This time he put matching bracelets on her wrists.

'This is going too far,' she thought as she again tried to protest. However, Ryu would hear none of it. 
The next thing she knew, he was ushering her out of the salon. 

'I haven't even paid...'

Ryu handed her a business card. 
"I put a little something on the back. Do use it sometime. Come see me, oops, us again. Don't forget to visit us at our booth at the Juuban Middle School Festival. Good luck on your date." 

"But I didn't pay..."

She turned around to try and knock at the door, but the outside open sign had already been turned off. Even the lights inside the salon were dim.

"Geez, they lock up shop quick."

She turned the business card over and saw that it contained a phone number.

"This must be Ryu's," she mumbled as she walked away from the shop. "I wonder what I should do with it..."

She opened her purse on the side of the street and put the card inside it. She didn't want Mamoru to think that she had lots of boyfriends on the side. Then, she looked at her wrists.

'I can't wear this stuff on a date with another guy.'

She took off the bracelts and the hair clip. She safely stored them in her purse with the card.

'I want to give Mamoru a fair chance before I start dating other guys.'

She looked once more at the shop.

'Darn, I forgot to ask about the specifics of the evening's contest. I wonder if there is information in a local newspaper. I better hurry home, so I can change and meet Hana and Mamoru at the festival. I should have asked him for a ride. I guess our second date can be a ride in his awesome convertible.'

With that, Mianko ran home to get information for the
 Kawaii Hair Salon contest as well as to change into a nicer outfit. She hoped her hair wouldn't get too messed up from all her rushing.


Makoto was on her feet in an instant and moving faster than she could remember herself going. She reached down and gently took Ami from Usagi.

"That's ok. I can get her to the nurse's office. I know you need to get going, and it's obvious that you can't carry Ami like I can."

Makoto had only been holding Ami against her side. Now, she picked Ami up and cradled her in her arms.

"Get going before you are late. I'll see you at the festival."

"Hey, you alright kid?" she asked, gently shaking the blue haired girl, but she was totally limp.

Not good.

Makoto looked to Usagi and saw the worry on her face. Again, she felt that strange sense of deja-vu. She's seen that worry on the blonde's face before, but when, where? It was like a half forgotten dream that refused to come into her full memory. She shook her head and began carrying the blue haired girl back into the school building and toward the nurse's office, thankful that she had walked by it earlier and the door was clearly marked.

"Hello?" she called out once inside the room, looking for the School Nurse as she laid Ami down on one of the cots that lined the far wall.


Perillia had been busy throughout the entire day dealing with new, eager customers who wanted the “full treatment”. Unfortunately, the salon had limited spots, and with the Shitennou preparing for the festival, she was only able to mange a few demanding customers. She spent a lot of time going to and from the storage room for supplies and beauty utensils. It was during one of her trips that, through her connection to the Dark Kingdom's power, she witnessed a disturbance among her servants. They were fighting, again. Each had his own thought of the others and desires. They lacked control. They lacked discipline. Perillia could not allow this type of behavior to continue if she was to have the Dark Kingdom rule this world. She returned from the storage area back to the center of the salon and continued to deal with the customers. Many were eager to enter the salon's contest for a year supply of free beauty products.

“I want 10 tickets,” one woman said, shoving a fist full of money.

“Make mine, 20,” another woman shouted.

Pathetic, aren't they? The Queen thought exchanging money for lottery tickets. Almost as pathetic as those nitwits that are fighting amongst themselves. I will deal with them, and then with you—humans.

“I am afraid it is closing time,” Peri told her ecstatic customers. “You may still purchase your tickets a half-hour prior to the drawing that will be held at the Juuban Middle School Festival this evening. I wish you all the luck.” Bowing to the ladies, she humbly said, “Arigato.”


It took only a few minutes to clear out all the customers, each one still trying to purchase a lottery ticket. Once the doors were shut and the windows covered, the redheaded queen focused on another issue at hand. “Jaedite, Kunzite, Nephrite, and Zoicite,” she called out to each of the four Shitennou in the main area of the salon in a sweet and calm voice, “Come to me.”

In a matter of moments, all four stood in front of their leader—their Queen—and bowed on one knee, showing a sign of respect.

“It has come to my attention,” her voice remained sweet and calm, “that the four of you are in need of fashion-wear to distinguish you from the rest.” Perillia extended her arm and opened up her right hand. “Each of you, take these diamond, studded earrings and place one on your left earlobe.”

They looked at each other and then at the earrings. Perillia could tell that they were baffled by the fashion-ware, but they dared not question her, in hopes of concealing their past aggression amongst each other concerning the girl who had visited the salon. Each took one and placed it on their left earlobe. Just as the earring touched the skin, a small flash of dark light at the earlobe occurred; the earrings had fused onto them.

“Arise, my servants,” her voice remained sweet and calm. “I have important matters to discuss with you.”

The four stood on their feet, ready to serve, when pain began to rush into their heads. The four placed both hands on their heads as each one fell to their knees. Perillia could feel their hearts pounding and hear their breathing become heavy. “So much doubt, so much confusion,” the Queen's voice became firm and sassy. “No wonder you fight amongst yourselves. No wonder your desires are preventing you from truly serving the Dark Kingdom.”

“My Queen,” Kunzite made an attempt at communicating with redheaded woman but failed.

“These earrings have a special property,” Perillia walked around the fallen Shitennou. “They help keep you focused on one task—serving me, and only, me. Plus, they cause great pain at my command. Sort of a remote control device.” She let out an evil laughter.

“Do you know what the four of you have done?” Her tone became harsh. “You nearly closed us down.”

“Is that all you want,” Zoicite spoke his mind through a nearly silenced voice, “money!”

“Such a little brain you must have,” she spoke sarcastically. “I wonder what else is little?”

If the other three could laugh, that would have been the time, but the pain was so great that all four were now laying entirely on the floor.

“Let's get one thing straight. You serve me. I serve the Dark Kingdom. How I serve is none of your concern, but since you show such doubt and lack of faith, I will tell you something important.” In her high heels, Peri walked around the four and spoke, “Our mistake, last time, was to just take—by force—the life force need for the Dark Kingdom. We failed. This time, since there are no
Senshi to protect the humans, we will gain it through trust and commerce. Why work harder when we can work smarter...or is that too big of a concept for those little brains of yours? We will provide products and services that will allow the humans to get what they want—beauty—in exchange for their life force. No, they will not know they are giving us their life force, but they will get the results they want. It will not be taken when they are awake or alert, but when they are most vulnerable—when they sleep. Now that you know the plan, I expect obedience and loyalty, or this time, I will punish you most severely. Forget your lustful desires. And don't ever offer anything for free. Everything must seem normal.”

The four attempted to speak, but couldn't. She could feel their affirmation through the use of the new earrings. “You will regain your strength in a few minutes. I suggest you close up the rest of the place and take everything to the junior high school. We don't want our customers to wait too long. And for Pete's sake, get some style and names. After all, you are high-class stylists.”

With that, Perillia walked out the back exit to her red convertible sports car and drove off to Juuban Middle School as the four Shitennou lay helpless on the floor of the
Kawaii Beauty Salon.


"Father, I'm going now."

The voice was from a fragile girl named Hotaru Tomoe. She had black hair and pretty purple eyes. She was speaking to her father Souichi Tomoe who was in his lab working on his crazy experiments as always.

"I see. Have a good day at school."

He didn't bother turning around to say that to her. It has been like this recently though. Her father would lock himself in his laboratory and never come out unless something urgent had happened. Because of this, Hotaru couldn't help but feel lonely, and it didn't help that her mother was dead.

She slowly walked away from the lab door and headed to school knowing full well it wasn't going to be a good day.


Hotaru remembered the incident this morning even though lunch was coming to a close in her school. She thought that school would help her forget, but it wasn't that simple. Sure her dad had always been like this since her mom died, but recently...she can't hope but notice that he changed.

"Hey, did you hear that there was going to be a festival?"

While walking to her classroom, she overheard two females students talking about the festival at a certain middle school.

"Eh, do you know where it is?"

"It's Juuban!"

"Oh yeah! Are you going to go?"

"I'm going with my older sister. She said that she didn't want me staying alone by myself. Can't trust an elementary school student home alone now can she?"

"Wouldn't she be embarrassed with a little sibling like you there?"

"Maybe a little, but she said if I stayed quiet, she would buy me something there."

Hotaru listened to the conversation fully before heading into the classroom unnoticed.

Since I have nothing to do after school and my father will probably be in his lab all night, it wouldn't hurt to go to the festival, Hotaru thought to herself as the school bell rang telling students that lunch time was over.

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Rei walked the rest of the way home. She put the flyer away inside her pocket because she did not have time to read it. She tiredly dragged herself into the closed gate of the temple and began to walk up the steps. Why are the gates closed right now?... at this time? This is very strange... strange indeed. As Rei was walking up the steps, she had seen Yuichiro sweeping the steps. "Yuichiro-sama? Why are you, sweeping the steps this late in the afternoon? And why is the gate closed?"

Yuichiro saw Rei approach him. He began to blush. He had always adored her, and looked up to her ever since he had come to the temple to train.
Yuichiro looked at her and said. "Rei-chan well... it was grand-pa, he wanted me to close the gate. I had been cleaning the whole temple for the past 3 hours. ummm." Rei was very upset. She had had a very long day and he temper was very short. Nevertheless, she calmly listens to what he said. "Why did he close up the temple...? What is all this cleaning about? This make no since to close the gates this early...! Excuse my tone Yuichiro-sama. I just had a rough day. I am very tired."

Yuichiro got nervous because she was upset, and he did not want to make her any more anger than what she was. "Grand-pa is in the house. You can ask him for yourself." Then Yuichiro when back to sweeping.

Rei then sighed and walked past him up the steps. What crazy idea had he come up with now! sigh...

As Rei walked up the steps. Yuichiro watched her as he swept. He began to think about how much he cared for her and how beautiful she was. One day I am going to tell her how I feel.

Rei then went in to the house. She was surprised to see banners, flyers, and decorations everywhere. "GRAND-PA!!! What is all of this? Is this? The reason why you closed the temple?"
Grandpa smiled at her as he was working on the decorations. "I wanted to make things easy for you. Therefore, I closed up the temple and went to town. I left Yuichiro to clean the place up. Because with this festival and your wonder fortune telling! Manny people will come to the temple. I am going to send Yuichiro with you to sell the charms. And I even got u a costume Rei!"

Rei looked at him as if he was going mad. "Grand-pa.... you are really in to this.. Moreover, this costume. I mean… I will look silly. I do not! Want to wear it! It covers up everything. No one will know it even me! This is crazy it ridiculous."
"Come on my sweet granddaughter. It is for the temple. Please I am begging you. We need more people to come and depend on us. Because after all we are the guiding lights for the world.. for the future." Grand-pa was in preaching mode at this point. He could he Politian at this point. He was very in to this.
"FINE.. I will do it ok! Just stop.. Stop with the speech. sigh I am going to go and make dinner now. So go and get Yuichiro-sama why don't you. Moreover, After we have, dinner and I work on homework a bit. Then we will go!!! There!! I hope you are happy!" Rei walks off to the kitchen. She starts to work on the meal for dinner. This is going be a crazy night... why me... sigh…

"oh yes! Rei-chan!" Grand-pa called back to the kitchen where she was. "To day a young man has come by looking for you today. He was very handsome indeed. Is that the guy you been writing in your diary about? ummmm his name what was his name? ahh yes. Tenou Haruka was his name. I have the message I took today here on the desk. Come get it after dinner ok."

Rei hear her grandfather calling her. And then he began to tell her about the vistior that come by to see her. When she heard it was a young man she froze and dropped the carrots she was peeling in the sink. "Ummmm ummm umm really? I don't know who that is? And why!! Have you been snooping in my stuff again!" "That is my room! And you are not to read things that are not for you to read! Geee I can't have any privacy any more in this house.. Can I !?" Rei began to think about who this Tenou Haruka was, and why he wnated to see her.


Makoto reached down and gently took Ami from Usagi. 

"That's ok. I can get her to the nurse's office. I know you need to get going, and it is obvious that you can't carry Ami like I can." 

Makoto had only been holding Ami against her side. Now, she picked Ami up and cradled her in her arms. 

"Now, get going before you are late. I'll see you at the festival." 

"Arigatou, Mako-chan." 

Usagi knew that Ami was in good hands with Makoto. The girl had a mother-type quality about her...like she had been taking care of herself all her life. Usagi knew that if she was left to her own devices, her world would come crashing down around her. She depended on her family for everything, and was lucky her mother was so understanding of her short-comings, despite that she was strict with punishments. 

Usagi checked her watch and began to run. There was no way she was going to make it on time to the festival set-up. They were going to send her back to classes, and she was going to fail. Usagi sprinted the last couple of meters and almost ran down the head organizer of the festival. 


He side-stepped her as Usagi collapsed in front of him. 

"Am...I...late....?" she asked in between huffs of breath. She was tired and having trouble speaking. Thank goodness the grass where she had fallen was cool. 

"For heaven's sake, pick yourself up and get to work," exclaimed Arata. "You made it on time, and I won't report anything to your homeroom teacher...if you don't slack off! The cosplay cooking booth could use some help with set-up as well as the Kawaii Beauty Salon booth!" 

Arata walked away. Usagi took another minute to relax, which was a dangerous thing to do considering how sleepy she was. Her breathing slowed as she began to snore quietly. A gentle lick on her cheek caused her to awake. 

"Nani...where am I?" 


Luna was looking deep into her eyes. She gave Usagi's nose a small lick. 

"Oh! I remember now! Ok, ok, Luna...I'm up. What are you doing here anyways?" 

Luna just meowed and sat in Usagi's lap, now that the girl had sat up. Usagi pet Luna for a few minutes and whispered, "Thanks for waking me up. I would have been in so much trouble if I had slept through all the set-up." Luna smiled at Usagi and meowed again. "Ok, ok, I'll get us both a treat before I get started working. You are going to need to stay out of the way, though. I don't know if pets are allowed on the festival grounds. I don't want to get kicked out or anything." Luna meowed again before jumping out of Usagi's lap. 

"Ok, follow me Luna. We'll get a treat from the Cosplay cooking booth before I help them set-up. Then, I better check on that community booth, the salon or whatever. I wouldn't want Arata getting mad at me, would I?" Usagi stuck her tongue out at Luna and winked as the two approached a brightly colored booth. Usagi got them some mini-sausages in funny shapes as well as some water. Usagi quickly gobbled down the food before shooing Luna away. Then, she approached the booth again. 

"Do you still need help with the set-up?" 

"No, I think we have it covered for now." 

Next, Usagi found the site where the Kawaii Beauty Salon stall would be. Usagi joined the other volunteer students as they began to erect the booth. Usagi made sure to just follow directions having no idea how to build a festival booth. 

'Hopefully, I won't be too tired to enjoy the festival after all this hard work,' she thought glumly as she held a beam that was being inserted in some foundation boards. As she was working, Arata stopped by with a list of other booths to check before Usagi's work shift ended. 

"The library needs help setting their booth up; they'll be advertising about their summer reading programs. Then, there is the math club and another community organization, an animal grooming place." 

He turned towards others to make sure they knew where to go when they were done with their work as well. Usagi tried to keep the fake smile plastered to her now sweaty face. 

'Geez...this sucks...'


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When Minako had reached home, she was met by Artemis.

"There you are, traitor cat! Why did you ditch me?"

Artemis just looked at her silently. Minako hmphed right past him and went to her closet to pick out an outfit. Artemis watched as she made a huge mess in her room looking for the "perfect" look. The pile of clothes grew larger and larger as Minako's frustrations increased.

"Hana's mom is going to be here soon. She is going to drop us off in front of the festival's main entrance where we will wait for Mamoru and his friend. I don't want to keep them waiting when they arrived."

Minako turned to Artemis. "Can't you help me pick out an outfit?"

Artemis was no help. He almost looked as if he was laughing at her.

"This is my fault for getting a male cat. They don't understand the plight of women's fashion!"

Minako finally took out a casual looking pink dress. It had a light green collar. It wasn't the most flattering dress in her closet, but at least it would be comfortable. Plus, if there were water games or rides at the festival, she didn't mind if this dress got wet or even ruined. She was more concerned about the long sleeves.

'I wonder how hot or cold it will be tonight...oh well...'

Minako knew the dress would compliment her hair and nails, which was all that mattered. They created the perfect dazzling effect that her wardrobe needed. She knew that Mamoru's eyes would not be able to leave her face.

Minako didn't take much time to dress, and she applied just a light coat of make-up. She preferred to have people recognize her natural beauty. Once Minako was done prepping, she gazed at the two jade bracelets and the jade hairpiece she had taken off.

'Should I wear them? What if he sees me at the festival without his expensive gifts on?'

Minako was torn, but in the end she decided against bringing them. She didn't think it was fair to Mamoru to wear some other man's gift, especially when that man had given her his telephone number. She looked at the Kawaii Beauty Salon business card and flipped it over to look at Ryu's number. She began to flush as she thought about his hands gently touching her feet and her fingers when he gave her the pedicure and manicure. She was pulled from her musings by a gentle honking. 

"That's them!"

Minako grabbed her purse, stuffed some money in it for games, food, and the beauty salon contest before running to the door. Once at the door, she turned to Artemis. "You better stay here, and no funny business while I'm gone!" Minako didn't wait for a response and simply locked the door behind her. 

Little did she know, Artemis had other plans. He jumped out the window and used the alleyway ladder to get down to the lower level. Then, he began to make his way to the festival.


Despite his small size, it didn't take Artemis long to get to the festival. He spotted Minako and Hana immediately. They were giddy with excitement at the front entrance, standing a bit to the side to allow other attendees to pass by them. He hid in the shadows and started his night vigil.



There were bubbles floating around Ami, she was engaged in a virgous fight. She was dressed in a short sailor outfit. 'What is going?' on Ami thought to herself, 'What a crazy dream!' She looked around and saw the four shadowy people fighting with her....

Ami opned her eyes and looked around. There were four pairs of eyes looking at her and a bright light shining into her eyes.

"Where.. Where am I?" she said aloud. Then she had a frightening thought that she might have overslept for school. She sat up quickly and her head started to ache.

"Atama ga itai desu (My head hurts)," Ami said sluggishly. "Am I late for school? I better get going."

Makoto and the nurse looked at each other and shrug their shoulders.

"Miss Minzuno, you need to lay down you might have a concusion!" the nurse said. "Your not late for school. School is almost over! No please lay back down."

Ami ignored the nurse. "I missed my CLASSES!!! Ami shouted which made her head hurt even more. "What happened to me?!?"

"Ami-chan, you were hit in the head by a soccer ball at the end of lunch," Makoto said. "Ryo didn't catch it. Usagi-chan was so worried about you."

Before Ami could respond, the door crashed opened

"Gomen na Ami-chan, Gomen na Ami-chan, Gomen na!" Ryo came rushing inside and trip over a cord and landed on his butt, there was a loud bang as a bowl fell on his head.

"Let's have a look at your head, Ryo'" the nurse said holding back a laugh. She bandaged Ryo up and then he went over to Ami.

"Gomen na Ami-chan! I missed the ball and it hit you! I was worried about you all day! I would have come sooner but I had class!" said Ryo. "How are you feeling?"

Ami tried to hold back her laughter as she answered Ryo. "I am ok Ryo. I am going to be fine," she said. "Don't think I would be letting you win by default in the math competition."

Ryo smiled. The nurse released them after Ami assured her that she would go home and get some rest before the festival and if she was still in pain to go see a doctor. She reminded the nurse that her mom was a doctor and that she was studying to be one.

Makoto left with Ryo and Ami. "Ki o tsukete, hope to see you at the festival Makoto-chan. Thank you for everything." Then the went their seperate ways.

Ryo walked her home, Ami had told him that she was fine but he refused to her request. Ami was secretly happy that he had ignored her. They talked about various topics and what was going on at the festival.

"Here... this is for you," Ryo reached into his pocket and handed Ami a locket. "I ran to the store and got you a something because I felt horrible about what happened." Ryo began to look at the ground and was running his hand in his hair. 'Is he blushing?' Ami thought to herself.

"You did not have too," Ami said blushing. "It is not necessary..."

"Please take it," Ryo said. "I will be back to take you to the festival." Ryo left after that and Ami went inside to to change and freshen up."

She looked at the locket. 'Oh man, what am I supose to do with this.'


How could I have been so stupid. Zoicite thought to himself as he once more entered the shop. Causing a sence like that. If his ruler had seen him act like such a fool he didn't know what she would've done to him. After all the hard work she had put into this shop and he had almost ruined everything for her.

Zoicite could still feel the warmth of his lover's lips on his. He tried to fight back blush at the thought. This was no time to be daydreaming. Jedite was just ushering Miss Aino out of the shop. And his Queen Perilia was standing in the middle of the salon. Kunzite had let go of his arm and bowed upon one knee in front of their leader. Zoicite did the same, and he could see that the others were doing the same.

"My queen, the van is loaded with the free gifts, products for sale, and Zoicite's sign. Once we arrive at the festival, where would you like each of us. What would you like us all to do?" Kunzite spoke for all of them.

“It has come to my attention,” her voice remained sweet and calm, “that the four of you are in need of fashion-wear to distinguish you from the rest.” Perillia extended her arm and opened up her right hand. “Each of you, take these diamond, studded earring and place them on your left earlobe.”

Zoicite looked at the diamond earring and thought it was an odd request from his leader but he dare not question his Queen's wish. If she wished him to wear a silly earring he would. He took the earring and placed in the ear. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a flash of some sort but couldn't be for sure it had happened so fast.

“Arise, my servants,” her voice remained sweet and calm. “I have important matters to discuss with you.”

Zoicite rose at once, and that's when the pain started. He couldn't stand it, it was deep pain that no one in this world could explain. Zoicite couldn't think of anything else but the pain as he fell upon his knees once more. Was this his punishment for being a bad servent? Did the his Queen really know what she was doing? And then his Queen's voice range out over the sering pain. "So much doubt, so much confusion," his Queen's voice was held firm. "No wonder you fight amongst yourselves. No wonder your desires are preventing you from truly serving the dark kingdom." Zoicite wanted to scream out he only wished to sereve her, his Queen, but the pain was too much and he couldn't find the words.

"My Queen," Zoicite heard his love try to make attempt to reasoning with their leader, but the attempt failed. Queen Perilia was not in the mood to be reasoned with.

"This earrings have a specail property," Queen Perilia walked around them explaining to them what the earrings did. "They help keep you focused on task---serving me, and only me. Plus, they cause great pain at my command. Sort of a remote control device." Her evil laughter rang out throught the beauty salon.

"Do you know what the four of you have done?" Her tone was harsh now. "YOU NEARLY CLOSED US DOWN."

“Let's get one thing straight. You serve me. I serve the Dark Kingdom. How I serve is none of your concern, but since you show such doubt and lack of faith, I will tell you something important.” In her high heels, Peri walked around the four and spoke, “Our mistake, last time, was to just take—by force—the life force need for the Dark Kingdom. We failed. This time, since there are no Senshi to protect the humans, we will gain it through trust and commerce. Why work harder when we can work smarter...or is that too big of a concept for those little brains of yours? We will provide products and services that will allow the humans to get what they want—beauty—in exchange for their life force. No, they will not know they are giving us their life force, but they will get the results they want. It will not be taken when they are awake or alert, but when they are most vulnerable—when they sleep. Now that you know the plan, I expect obedience and loyalty, or this time, I will punish you most severely. Forget your lustful desires. And don't ever offer anything for free. Everything must seem normal. As for the little trick you did on the girl, I have undone it. We will not be defeated by foolish mistakes. Is THAT clear?”

Zoicite tried to speak, but couldn't. He wanted to beg for his Queen's forgiveness and then the pain struck his again.

"You will regain your strength in a few minutes. I suggest you close up the rest of the place and take everything to the junior high school. We don't want our customers to wait too long. And for Pete's sake, get some style and names. After all, you are high-class stylists."

With that Zoicite watched as his Queen strowed off out the back way. Leaving her four greatest Generals lay helpless on the floor of the Kawaii Beauty Salon, like four helpess little bugs.

"Come on everyone we've got work to do," Kunzite said as he got up. Kunzite held out his hand for Zoicite, but Zoicite did not take it he got up himself ashamed of his behavior still. The others fallowed suit.

There wasn't mush left to pack up in the van, and soon that was done. They all pilied into the van. Kunzite drove Zoicite was in the fronet with Jedite and Nephrite in the back. Zoicite didn't say much as they drove over to the Junior High school. It was long before they had actually made their way to the school.

Kunzite parked in one of the empty parking spots of the school parking lot. He broke the silents, "Lets find where our booth is before we start unpacking." Zoicite just nodded and got out of the van. All the booths were marked for various activites. Zoicite read off Chess club, Track team, Cooking Club, Math club, the list of names went on and on, till Zoicite spotted the one belonging to the Kawaii Beauty Salon.

Zoicite was suprised to find several junior high students in the booth finishing up last minute things. His ruler had not yet made it to the booth, but he was sure that she would be along soon. There was one girl inpaticular that got caught Zoicite's eye. She had on the school uniform, but what was unique about her was her blonde pigtales, and the young girl had striking blue eyes.

"Jedite, Nephrite begin unpacking the stuff from the van. Zoicite and I will stay here and start unpacking the boxes. And don't break anything," Kunizte ordered.

And lets not mess up anything else while we are at it. Zoicite thought to himself.


A breeze blew through Haruka’s blond hair as she turned a corner. The street lights were dimly lit, as the sky began to darken. The moon became a visible, crescent shape.

After a conversation with Michiru at the bus stop, Haruka had apologized for missing their lunch date and made amends to take her out to the Juuban Festival.
Michiru was seated in the passenger seat, while Elza Gray sat in the back seat, stretching her arms; enjoying night air.

“Thanks for giving me a lift,” Elza began. “I didn’t feel like waiting for the bus.”

Haruka looked at Elza from her rearview mirror and chuckled. “Hey, it’s the least I can do. I missed our track meet too, didn’t I?”

This time Elza gave a chuckle. “Don’t worry. I’ll beat you around the track next time.”

“Tabune*,” Haruka replied with a grin. She looked over at Michiru. She had been quiet for most of the drive, leaving Haruka to wonder if she was still upset. She still hadn’t given her the gifts she picked up for her.

Haruka pulled into an apartment complex in a small cul-de-sac and parked. Elza reached for her bag and slung it over her shoulder as she exited the car.

“Arigatou Haruka-san,” she said with a smile. “I’ll meet you two at the festival.”

Haruka and Michiru smiled, nodding.

“Ja, dewa mata ne.*”

"Ja Ne."

Elza turned her heel and head up the row of steps to her door. When she reached her floor, she waved at the women below before disappearing out of sight.

Haruka looked over at Michiru and lifted her chin with her fingers. “Hey,” she began looking into her eyes. “Smile love.” With that, she planted a soft kiss on her lips.


**Translated words in asterisks**

See you later--Ja, dewa mata ne.


Kunzite was immediately weary when he accepted the gift from his queen. It was not like Perillia to give her servants anything without a purpose. The small diamond stud gleamed in Kunzite's rather large hand. He twisted the earring between two fingers before gingerly placing it in his left ear as his mistress commanded. Kunzite looked at Zoicite and smiled; the earring added a bit of flare to his lover's soft features. He didn't have much time to admire the new look. Dark light emitted from Zoicite's left ear. Kunzite could feel a searing pain on his own left lobe. It felt like the earring was becoming one with his body. It burned and he gritted his teeth so as not to scream and show his weakness. After it finished fusing, the pain disappeared. Kunzite looked at his queen who now bade them to rise. As soon as he got to his feet, pain rushed into his head. It was as if someone were pounding on his head with a large hammer trying to crack his skull open. He couldn't stop himself from screaming and falling to his knees. He was not strong enough to ignore this punishment. He tried to communicate with his queen, but it was to no avail. They were helpless against her power and might.


Nephrite loved the earring when he first received it. Fashion and handsome looks were his perogative; that was until the blasted thing fused to his left earlobe and then caused an uncontrollable pain to course through his entire being.

'Those assholes! We are all getting punished for their childish squabbling! Kunzite was a fool to think he could hide what happened from Queen Perillia...'

All rational thought left him as the pain became too extreme and their queen lectured them about the purpose of the salon and their roles as servants to the Dark Kingdom. He knew how important it was to serve their dark master, but he also didn't think he needed a type of leash. He was loyal to the darkness; he was loyal to his queen. Now, she could torture them at will when it pleased her.

"Damn," Nephrite screamed. He was stronger and better than this, yet he could not fight the power of his queen.

“You will regain your strength in a few minutes. I suggest you close up the rest of the place and take everything to the junior high school. We don't want our customers to wait too long. And for Pete's sake, get some style and names. After all, you are high-class stylists.”

Shortly after Perillia drove off in her red convertible sports car, Nephrite was able to move. He glared at the rest of the Shitennou before walking away to retrieve some stylish name tags for their clothes. Kunzite was busy closing the rest of the shop.

"Put these on," Nephrite said. He clipped his to the right side of his shirt. It read Nao. "And Ryu...you should probably change your hair color. I think Peri wants us all to look different and stylish." With that, Nephrite walked to the work van and waited for everyone else.


Kunzite drove the van. The trip was a silent and uncomfortable one. The diamond earrings sparkled in the darkness of the van. They would stand out at the festival with this bit of "bling" on them.

It didn't take them long to reach the festival site. Once Kunzite finished parking, he suggested they find their booth before unpacking. Zoicite lead the way into the festival. They saw mostly club booths from the school, but there were other community groups and even two other competing salons. Peri was nowhere in sight.

"Do you need any help? We are stylists from Kawaii Beauty Salon. We want to make sure our booth gets set up before the guests begin to arrive," Kunzite asked a male student who looked to be the leader of the group.


Usagi was the slowest in her group at the Kawaii Beauty Salon. Many of the students had already moved on to help the community library booth, math club booth, and even the other salon booth. Usagi, on the other hand, was taking her sweet time. She wanted to make this the only and last booth she helped set up before enjoying the festivities. She wanted to see the dunking booth because she heard her home period teacher had the first shift.

'I'll dunk her for sure,' Usagi thought gleefully.

And of course there was ice cream and pizza stands, American food that Usagi adored, and then there were the rides and games.

'I know I don't have any money, but maybe someone can spot me some...and I need to check on Ami and Makoto. I hope the nurse patched her up alright.'

Usagi's mood dampened when she thought about Ami. She felt very protective of her new friend and couldn't imagine enjoying herself here until she made sure the girl was going to be ok. Usagi was slowly slinking away from the booth undetected when some of the workers from the salon showed up. Usagi was spellbound by their beauty. A tall man with black hair to his shoulders walked up to Arata who was still monitoring the progress of the last volunteers. Usagi edged closer so she could hear their conversation.

"Oh, Kuuya! Sumimasen!" Arata bowed in embarrassment. "We were just finishing up some last minute touches to your booth. We were planning to be out of your way before you arrived."

"So you were expecting us? No matter. We can take over set-up. The other stylists are already bringing our boxes of samples and products, some that are for sale and others that will be given away during the night. The students might just get in the way or distract us."

Arata nodded. "Of course. I'll lead them to the Math booth to help out." Arata began to usher the remaining students to the math booth.

'Math booth!?!?' Usagi thought in alarm. She tried to edge away into the dark shadows. 'Please don't let him see me. I want to be done with this infernal set-up,' Usagi prayed.

"Where is Miss Tsukino!?!?" Arata began searching for her.

'Darn...no luck...'

Usagi was about to present herself for reassignment when one of the stylists came to her rescue.

"I think we could use one student to help with set-up. How about you?"

Usagi stared into the eyes of a stylist with short brown hair. The name tag read "Zack."

Arata looked at the stylists with a crooked smile on his face. "Good luck with that one. She's more trouble than she is worth. I'm checking you off for your extra credit, Usagi." He laughed as he made some notes on his notepad before walking away with the rest of the students. Usagi turned toward her savior.

"Arigatou, Zack. But I'm afraid Arata is right. I'll probably get in your way if I stay here. Plus, my mind is elsewhere. I am worrying about my good friend who got injured earlier today."


Michiru had not said anything as Haruka arrived to pick her up, offering to pick up Elza too and sat in the passenger seat in the front of the car. She continued to be quiet and was fully aware that Haruka's eyes kept on drifting towards her in worry.

A small smile slipped on her lips, she was glad Haruka was anxious about her mood, served her right for being left alone for lunch and disappearing to the other high school 'Probably lots of pretty girls there' Michiru thought pouting slightly as the pulled up in front of Elza's apartment.

Michiru casually waved goodbye but stayed silent, however her mood immediately changed as she felt a tender hand grasp her chin, turning her to the concerned blue eyes of Haruka, she raised an eyebrow only to melt as Haruka told her warmly “Hey. Smile love" and captured her lips.

A smile did form upon her mouth and a content one at that as she gently pulled away as Haruka began to part her mouth "Is that an apology kiss love?" Michiru teased, the smile very clear on her face.

"If it is, I need more than a kiss...how about we do something at the festival?" Michiru giggled raising a finger giving the other woman her suggestion.


"Arigatou, Zack. But I'm afraid Arata is right. I'll probably get in your way if I stay here. Plus, my mind is elsewhere. I am worrying about my good friend who got injured earlier today."

Zoicite couldn't help but feel bad for the blonde haired girl. She looked up at him with such worry in her big blue eyes. I hope she doesn't start to cry in front of me. Zoicite thought to himself. He knew if it was his Kunzite that was injured he would be worried sick as well. Zoicite looked around him really quick and saw that it was only him and Kunzite in the booth together. Jedite and Nephrite had already gone off to the van to get another load of the products that they would be selling for the group.

He leaned in closer to the girl and whipsered, "How about you just go and check on your friend then Miss Tsukino, I tell the others that you weren't feeling well and had to go to the nurses office." He finished and gave her a wink.

The young girl looked up at him with suprise in her eyes, "Ne, Arigatou!" She whispered back in an exicted tone. It looked like she was about to cry again.

He didn't want that so he told her to go before her friend left and she wouldn't be late. She ran off and was gone behind a building before he could blink. Boy that girl sure is fast. From what the young man had said the girl sounded like a complete klutz, that would only slow down the setting up process go that much slower. So, Zoicite didn't feel all that bad about letting the girl go, besides his Queen would be very upset that they had allowed a puny human to slow them down. Another reason for letting the girl go join her friend.

Then Zoicite turned to help Kunzite finish unpacking the firt batch of boxes. Kunzit looked up as if he was searching for something, "Where did our little helper go?" He asked Zoicite.

Zoicite was glad he was busy unpacking some hair spray so he would have an excuse as to not look up at his love. "She wasn't feeling well, the girl had an upset stomach. So, I sent her up to the nurses office to lie down."

At that moment Zoicite looked up and it looked like Kunzite wasn't about to by that story, but at the same time it looked as if he didn't want to make a scene so it let it go with a shurg of his shoulders and went back to unpacking the box he had been working on. Zoicite went back to his as well.

It was strange Zoicite didn't normally take pitty upon a worthless human, but for some reason when has looked into the girl's eyes he had felt some sort of connection to her. Like he had met her once before. Zoicite just shrugged off the feeling and went back to work.


After leaving Ami and her friend behind, Makoto decided to walk home and begin preparing for the festival. Along the way she pulled a small stick out of her book bag and twirled it around in her fingers. She'd found it in her room a few days ago, having no clue as to what it was. It was green and capped with a golden top that had an odd looking 4 carved into it. She thought it was pretty and decided to keep it around for good luck.

She returned to her apartment after a long, but not tiring walk and went into the bathroom. She took a quick shower, brushed her teeth and shaved her legs with a fresh razor. Then, with only a towel wrapped around her torso, Makoto walked back into the living area of her apartment where the box she had been given sat on a small coffee table. The schools Cosplay Club had been the one to ask her to help out with their food booth. Had she known that she would have to wear a costume, she wouldn't have agreed so easily.

Opening the box, Makoto stared at the tanktop, miniskirt, suspenders, and odd looking gloves. There was also a drawing inside of the character she was supposed to be. "Huh," was all she could say to herself as she pulled on some underwear and dressed herself in the outfit. She then let her hair down out of its usual ponytail and restyled it to look like the girl in the drawing. Thankfully, her boobs were up to par with the image, so no one would be bothing her about that little detail, and knowing the cosplay club and fans, some would have. Looking herself up and down in the mirror mounted on the wall, Makoto nodded to herself and began gathering the bags of ingredients she had picked up the other day and prepared to leave.


Minako felt like she was waiting for hours when Mamoru finally showed up. In fact, Hana and her had only been standing outside the gates of the festival for five minutes when she recognized Mamoru's car pulling into the parking lot.

"He's here! He's here!" Minako was whispering to Hana. Both girls were trying to contain their excitement even though they were bouncing with energy.

"Hello beautiful ladies," Mamoru said as he and his friend walked up to the girls. "This is my friend Asanuma from Azabu Tech. Meet Minako and her lovely friend Hana." Mamoru stood aside as the two people greeted each other a bit awkwardly.

"Oaidekite koei desu (I am honored to meet you.)," Hana said as she gave a bow to Asanuma. Minako did likewise.

Mamoru knew that blind dates could be a bit unnerving. He hoped that because they were in a group atmosphere things would be more fun. He moved over to Minako and took her arm, giving Hana and Asanuma a little space to get to know each other before entering the festival. He gently tucked her arm under his own. He caressed her soft hands and noticed the nail polish on her fingers.

"The salon did a great job on your manicure. And your hair," he used his right hand to gently touch the curls. "I didn't think someone as beautiful as you could get any lovelier. I was obviously wrong."

Minako blushed a deep red. "Arigatou, Mamoru. You look handsome too." Minako's heart was beating faster and faster as he gazed into her eyes. She was only able to turn away because Hana nudged her in the side.

"Come on you two lovebirds! Let's get this show on the road and have some fun!"

Minako groaned and rubbed her side. "Ok..."

Minako let Hana and Asanuma lead the way into the festival. She silently prayed that they would not see the booth for the salon. She wasn't sure if Ryu would be jealous if he saw her with Mamoru.

Minako quickly forgot her worries as the group enjoyed themselves. They played some games, such as dart throwing, water races, and knocking down milk bottles with a baseball. Mamoru won Minako a small, orange teddy bear while Asanuma won Hana a large monkey. Mamoru chuckled at the absurd size of the monkey.

"I guess I'm not as good at the games as I thought I would be."

Hana let Asanuma carry her large monkey while Minako tucked her teddy bear away into her purse.

"I like my bear, Mamoru. He's travel friendly."

Mamoru chuckled at Minako's joke before taking her hand. He led the group into the rides section of the festival. They rode two coasters and one tea cup ride, which made everyone a bit dizzy. They decided to save the ferris wheel for last.

To take a break from the rides, they went to some of the club booths. They picked up pamphlets on various events going on in the community and at the middle school.

"Maybe I should attend this weekend's math competition. I'm pretty good with numbers. It would be interesting to see how I would fare compared to the middle school students. I could try and answer the questions from the audience on a piece of paper."

Minako made a disgusted face. "Math!?! I hate math! Not good at it all!"

"Well, would you come to the event if I invited you?"

"Well..." Minako pretended like she was thinking about it. "I guess...but only because YOU asked me."

Eventually, the stars came out and Mamoru suggested they all get some food.

"You choose where you want to eat, Mamoru."

Minako was having the time of her life. She was with one of her dear friends, she had a hunky man on her arm, and she felt and looked great. Could things get any better?

Asanuma stepped aside. "I'm going to run to the car and drop the monkey off. He's starting to hurt my arm."

"I'll go with you," Mamoru responded. "You two choose the venue for dining at. Once you have chosen someplace to eat at, meet us back at this spot."

"Hai," Minako and Hana said as they watched the men depart.

"I'm having the time of my life," Minako said.

"Me too," Hana eagerly responded.

"I don't want this night to ever end."


"How about you just go and check on your friend then, Miss Tsukino. I will tell the others that you weren't feeling well and had to go to the nurse's office."

Usagi was surprised that the hair stylist Zack was so nice to her. He even winked at her. Most people in his position would have milked the free labor as much as possible.

"Ne, Arigatou!"

Usagi was trying really hard not to cry. She was very grateful that Zack was giving her a break. She hoped Ami was at the festival already. That would mean that the blow to her head wasn't serious. If she wasn't here...Usagi tried not to assume the worst. Usagi nodded at Zack, gave him a bow, and scurried away into the crowd at the festival.

'I'll have to come back and visit with him after I am done making sure Ami is well. Anyway, I want to hear more about the new salon in town. Everyone is talking about it!'

Usagi looked around at all the booths and got a little dizzy. There were so many people here, and she didn't see anyone she knew. Wasn't Haruka supposed to be here with his girlfriend? And where was Makoto? Usagi racked her brain as she tried to remember where her two schoolfriends were supposed to be at.

'I know Makoto said something about a food booth but which one? And Ami is probably at one of the academic booths if she is here...ick...academics! How can she work at an academic booth with all this fun going on here? Since I am a little hungry, maybe I will look for Makoto first and ask her about Ami when I find her.'

Usagi saw a person walk by in a cosplay outfit, and it jolted her memory.

'That's right! She was going to be at the cosplay cooking booth.'

Usagi happily hummed as she maneuvered her way through the crowd to her final destination.


After many hours of convincing, Dr. Tomoe finally allowed Hotaru to go to Juban festival. Her dad was oblivious thinking that Hotaru had at least one friend to go with to the festival, but that wasn't the case. Hotaru wanted to go hoping she would meet someone who would accept her. Despite her father's approval, her guardian Kaori continued to pester her about her health and how if she stayed out for too long, both would be very worried.

After finally choosing what to wear for the festival, Hotaru left her home to go to the Juban festival. Her frail health made it hard for her but eventually she made it.

Hotaru was surprised to see so many people at the festival. So many people with smiling faces. So many people with friends to hang out with. So many people having a good time.

Slowly she proceeded deep into the festival amazed at how everything was so organized. There were many stands. Each with a different person behind it.

One booth caught her attention though mainly because it stood out. It drew her in as she looked at the items that were being sold at the booth.

"Is there something you need?"


Rei was done with making dinner. She made Yakizakana, Kare Raisu, and with the left over rice, she made Onigiri on the side. She when and set all the food on the table and everyone sat down to eat. Grand pa Hino was very happy. He and Yuichiro went over to the table to eat. Rei went and got the letter that was on the table, and sat down to read it. The letter from Tenou Haruka, said that he wanted a reading detect evil spirits in the area. 

“This Tenou Haruka, person seems very familiar. Maybe, I will see him tonight. And I will ask him about what, this is all about.” Rei took the letter and put it in her pocket. 

During dinner she spent most of the time fussing with Grand pa about the outfit that she was ask to wear. “I don’t want to wear that horrid outfit. Why can't I wear my shrine uniform? That shows everyone that we are the ones at the booth and not someone else. Yuichiro agreed with her." Grand-pa sighed and agreed with their protest. After dinner Rei quickly did her homework and she, Yuichiro got all the things that were prepped for the festival, and they were out the door. They walked down the street to the festival. As they were walking, Yuichiro was lost in staring at her face. Rei was excited about the festival. She had not been to one in forever. She had a smile on her face and was very cheerful. “You know Rei-chan you look very pretty this afternoon.” Rei looked up at him and their eyes met. “Arigato Yuichiro-san.” Rei said with a smile.

Then they finally reached the Juuban Festival and began to set-up their booth.


"Is that an apology kiss love?" Michiru teased, the smile very clear on her face. 

"If it is, I need more than a kiss...how about we do something at the festival?" Michiru giggled raising a finger giving the other woman her suggestion. 

Haruka mirrored Michiru’s smile and nodded in agreement. “My sediments exactly.” 

Before heading to the festival, Haruka returned home to give them both the chance to change out of their school uniforms. While waiting for Michiru to finish getting ready, Haruka sat in the car waiting patiently. Her thoughts drifted back to the conversation she had with Usagi before she had left Juuban. 
Hmm, I wonder which booth she’ll be helping at. Makoto mentioned a food booth… 

Her thoughts were interrupted when Michiru returned, looking rather elegant. 
“Utsukshii (beautiful), ” Haruka murmured. She grinned. “I guess I’ll need to keep a close eye on you tonight; especially with you looking so pretty.” 

Haruka opened the door for Michiru to let her in. “There’s something for you on the dashboard. I picked it up for you when I went to the Hikawa Shrine.” 

While Michiru observed the charms, Haruka returned to the driver’s seat. She noticed the smile on Michiru’s face. “Keep smiling beautiful. I have a night planned for you.” 


Slightly perplexed with the limited parking, Haruka found a space and the two headed to Juuban campus. 
Wow, I wasn’t expecting it to be this crowded, she thought as Michiru laced her fingers around her own. She smiled down at her again. I’m so happy you’re in better spirits. 

Taking in the beautiful campus, Haruka could feel the upbeat atmosphere around her. The pair walked by a few game booths, a few rides, and a photobooth. She made a mental note to ask if Michiru wanted to take pictures before the end of the evening. While walking by another stand, Haruka caught sight of a raven-haired girl with a straw hat and bow speaking with a person at the booth. She looked familiar; at least from this angle. 
Was that....Hotaru? 

Returning all attention back to Michiru, she smiled. “Isn’t this campus something? Makes me wish Mugen Gakuen would plan more fun activities that weren’t oriented around just academics.” 

Haruka chuckled when they passed a dunking booth. The wails of a faculty member were heard over the laughter of students as she fell into the water. Pausing to watch, she looked at Michiru and grinned playfully. 
Want to? Her eyes asked. 

Michiru sigh and pulled Haruka towards another booth. 

“Wait, don’t you want to try?” she asked chuckling. 

As the two conversed, the pair headed in the direction towards the Kawaii Beauty Salon. Again a sensation went through Haruka, but this time, it was an alarming one. She squeezed Michiru’s hand and pulled her back protectively, as she watched two men at the stand talking with a female customer. One had short brown hair; the other blonde. 

Michiru looked at Haruka then back at the men in the stand. She felt Haruka’s mood change. 

“I got a bad feeling,” Haruka said simply. “Let’s go to another stand.” 

As she they headed in the opposite direction, Haruka kept her eyes on the men at the stand, but was distracted by a familiar pair of pigtails walking through the crowd. 

“Chotto matte— (wait a minute)" she began, but the girl continued walking. 
I wonder... 

“Oy! Odango!” Haruka exclaimed. She smiled warmly as she saw a pair of big blue eyes look her way. It was Usagi. 


http://cdn.myanimelist.net/images/clubs/5/92345m.jpgDear Dairy, today was the strangest day, I have had for quite sometime. First I ran into Ryo. He wants to be number one but I am definately not going to let that happen! He is destine to stay number 2. I can't wait to show him who is number one at the big math contest! He also hit me in the head with a soccer ball of all things! It was so funny watching him in the nurse office! If I only had time for a boyfriend. He gave me this locket as an apology. I think it is way to much and am going to give it back to him.

I ate lunch with some nice girls today. Usagi and Makoto are so nice, I wish that we could bt friends... but I won't keep my hopes up. I also meet Haruka, at first I thought she was a handsome boy but after further conideration, I believe he to be a she. But regardless, Haruka-chan was very nice. 

While I was unconcious, I had the strangest dream. I was surrounded by a bunch of girls, all dressed in sailor outfits. I only recognized only two: Makoto and Usagi but the others were a mystery....

Just then there was a knock at the door. Ami grabbed her Beret and ran down the stairs. She opened the door and Ryo was standing there. Ami instantly reach for the locket but before she could say anything Ryo blurted out "Um, I don't know how to say this but can I have that locket back?" 

Ami handed him the locket. 'Thank god,'Ami said to herself, she was a little hurt that he asked her for the locket back but atleast she didn't have to fight with him over returning it. 

"Let me explain, Ami. The locket is a gift for my mom, I do have something for you but it just isn't the locket," he said blushing. He reach in his pocket and pulled out a beautiful pen. "Here, this is for you." 

"Thank you," Ami said blushing. "It is beautiful." With that the two started walking to the festival. 


They easily found the Computer Club's booth. Ami busied herself with getting the flyers in order and getting the other members in the proper place. Ryo was incharge of the games. They had little time to interact since. 

Ami scanned the crowd for people she knew, but the festival was packed and she didn't see anyone she knew. 

"Hello there." 

Ami gave a little jump, she looked up and saw another handsome boy with blond hair and an earing. There was another boy with him presumably his friend. 

"Computer Club, eh?" he said. 

"Hai, would you like some information?" Ami said. 'Gosh there are a lot of cute boys around here all of a sudden.' 

"No, I just wanted to invite you to the Kawaii beauty shop booth. I am Ryu, I hope you will stop by." 

"I will," Ami said. "Nice to meet you. I am Ami, computer club president." 

"See you around Ami," with that he and his friend were gone. 

Ami watch them go. 'Wierdo,' she said to herself. 

After they were out of sight she went back to promoting the Computer Club. 


Jadeite and Nephtrite went to get the boxes from the van like Zoicite had ordered. He was not mad or annoyed, he was hoping to catch a glance of Minako but there were so many cute girls around he could easily find a replacement if need be. He was forming a plan as he walked silently to the van with Nephtrite. Jadeite got the boxes from the van and on the way back he drop kicked some of Zoicite's boxes. When they returned from the van Jadeite handed Zoicite his boxes. 

"Sorry dude, they fell," he said to Zoicite. He walked away and continued to help set up the booth. 


The festival was in full swing now, the booth was busy. Queen Perilla was out mingling amongst the customers, while Jadeite and Nephtrite were in the back doing nothing. 

"This sucks Nao, we should be out there." Jadeite touch his ear, he starting shaking with the thought of what his Queen had done to him. He couldn't just sit there and wait so he decided to take action. He walked toward his Queen. 

"My Queen," he whispered in her ear, "Nao and I wish to go gather some people for the raffle. Would that be okay?" 

"Yes," she said sternly " but just remember the consequences should you screw up." 

With that she waved them off and Jadeite did not wait around for her to say anymore. He grabbed Nephtrite's arm and then were instanly emersed in the crowd. 

Jadeite was sporting a platinum blond buzz cut and a black military jacket. He could feel all of the girls looking at him. He saw a blue haired girl working a booth and he directed Nephtrite toward the booth. 

"Computer Club, eh?" he said. He saw the girl jump and he smiled a little at her reaction. 

"Hai, would you like some information?" she said. 

"No, I just wanted to invite you to the Kawaii Beauty Shop booth. I am Ryu, I hope you will stop by." 

"I will," she said. "Nice to meet you. I am Ami, computer club president." 

"See you around Ami," he said as he walked off. He knew instantly that she would not be coming. He continued to scan the crowd. He saw a a little girl standing by herself. 

"Are you lost little one?" he said to her. 

She smiled shyly and said "I am looking for my friends." 

"Why don't you come with us, we will help you find her," he said. "I am Ryu and this is Nao, we work at the Kawaii Beauty Shop." He extended his had and she took it. 

"I am Hotaru," she said taking his hand. The minute they touched he felt her enegry; it was so strong for such a young girl. 

She is special he thought to himself. The Queen maybe interested in her he said to himself. He smiled down at the young girl.She is cute, with those big eyes. She is just like the sister I never had. I wonder if Nephtrite can feel her power. 

They walked and mingled and handed out some flyers. The stopped and talked to a short red head girl. 

"Hey there, are you planning to enter the raffle at the Kawaii Beauty Shop booth?" he said to her. 

"Um...," said the girl. "I am looking for someone but can you give me more information?" He was about to tell her when he looked over at Nephtrite. He was staring at her intently. 
Wierd. I have never seen him like this before, he is always so cool and calm

"I am Ryu and this is Nao, we work at Kawaii Beauty Shop. This cutie here is Hotaru." 

"I am Naru, nice to meet you." 

"Nao, why don't you tell Naru here what is going on at our booth?" 

"Do you see your friends yet, young one?" She shook her head. I assured her that he wouldn't leave her side until they found her friends. Jadeite was enjoying the role of big brother. 

While Nephtrite talked to Naru, and Hotaru continued to look for her friends, Jadeite scanned the crowd. He saw a blond haired girl with a tall boy walking toward them. 
Could that be Minako he said to himself with a smile.


There was much work for Kunzite to set-up, and he couldn't care less whether the students stayed to help out or not. He let Zoicite handle the matter and order the other Shitennou to the van to get the rest of the supplies. As long as they got everything done before the queen arrived, she would be pleased. He turned away for a few minutes to set up four tables. When he turned back to Zoicite, everyone was gone, even the blonde-haired girl who was going to help them. 

"Where did our little helper go?" 

"She wasn't feeling well; the girl had an upset stomach. So, I sent her up to the nurse's office to lie down." 

Kunzite could tell Zoi was lying. He had always been a bad liar, which was a quality that endeared him to Kunzite. However, Kunzite did not want to cause a scene over an insignificant nobody. They would get their work done faster without the interference of the humans. 

As Kunzite and Zoicite worked, Nephrite and Jadeite made a couple of trips back and forth from the van. Jadeite returned a couple of Zoicite's boxes all smashed up like they had been kicked around. Kunzite grabbed Jadeite's arm tightly. 

"Don't be a fool. These are the queen's products. Stop your squabbling now, or I will give you something to squabble about." 

He pushed Jadeite to the other side of the booth. 

"You two work in the back, and keep those sample tables stocked. Zoicite and I will handle matters in the front until the queen arrives." 


Nephrite actually enjoyed working behind the scenes. There were way too many people at the festival, and there were a ton of sticky and annoying kids running around. He didn't want anyone to ruin his blue blazer or pant slacks. When Jadeite suggested they walk around the festival and try to gather people to come to their booths, Nephrite just shrugged. 

'I guess we can't have enough patrons, according to the queen's desires.' 

He let Jadeite lead the way throughout the festival. He was too busy keeping his eyes out for kids with sticky fingers. 

The pair stopped at a computer club booth where Jadeite tried to convince the president of the club to come to their booth. Then, they picked up a wayward child named Hotaru. Nephrite was weary of her at first, but when he picked up on her energy levels, he figured she would be a good candidate for their products. Their queen would get much from her. They had her follow them. They were almost back to their hair salon booth when they ran into a familiar face. 


Nephrite felt his heart catch in his throat. This was too much. Luckily, it didn't seem like she recognized him. 

'Thank goodness for this stupid wig.' 

Nephrite just wanted to get the hell away from her. It hurt too much to see her, so young, fresh, vibrant. She would always be the only woman he loved. 

"Let's go, Ryu. Peri will be wondering where we are at. And I'm sure Hotaru wants to see some of the wonderful hair care products we offer." 

He turned to Naru. 

"You are welcome to come with us, of course. But we really must get back to work." 

Nephrite took Hotaru's hand and ushered her forward. 

'Follow me you idiot. We'll talk about this later.' Nephrite tried to convey his thoughts with some pointed glances at Jadeite. 

'Please don't follow us, Naru...I can't stand being around you like this...'


The smells of the food booths were making Usagi's stomach rumble. 

'Thank goodness no one is around to hear the noise you are making!' 

She patted her stomach and giggled. She was zoning in on the cosplay food booth when she heard someone shout at her. 

“Oy! Odango!” 

Usagi looked around to see who was calling to her. Her eyes fell upon Haruka. 

'A familiar face! Yay! I was starting to get a bit lonely wandering around aimlessly!' 

Usagi hurried over to Haruka forgetting her noisy stomach. 

"Haruka! You made it!" 

Usagi gave her new friend a hug. As she pressed against Haruka's chest she felt her face go warm as she hotly blushed. 


Usagi knew she felt something against her own body that was definitely an attribute of females only. What was going on? Wasn't Haruka a guy? Didn't he have a girlfriend? Usagi squeezed closer and wouldn't let go of Haruka until she was sure. She couldn't just grab her there. That would be rude! Plus, at least this way she could hide the blush on her face. Haruka was laughing. The laughing confirmed what Usagi had suspected upon first contact: female breasts. 

'How could I have been so stupid?' 

Now Usagi was clinging to Haruka merely because she felt like she was going to die of embaressment. She had to have been holding Haruka for at least a minute by now. 

"Not so tight, Odango. After all, we haven't known each other that long." 

There was a little cough signaling that someone was waiting for Usagi to break from her embrace. 

'Wasn't Haruka bringing a girlfriend with her?" 

Usagi slowly let go of Haruka and saw a beautiful green-haired woman standing off to the side tapping her foot in annoyance. 

'So if Haruka has a girlfriend...that means she's a les...' 

Usagi didn't finish her thoughts because Haruka was introducing her girlfriend. 

"Please let me introduce my lovely girlfriend, Kaioh Michiru." 

Usagi looked the lovely woman over very quickly before giving a deep bow. 

"It's a pleasure to meet you. Haruka talked a lot about you at lunch when she returned my bag. Her words didn't do you justice. You are beautiful! You both make such a lovely couple!" 

Usagi didn't know what to say or do. She hoped that Michiru wasn't jealous of the affection that Usagi greeted Haruka with. 

'I wonder if I should reassure her that I'm not trying to steal her boyfriend...I mean girlfriend! Darn! This is going to take a lot of getting used to. I hope Haruka doesn't realize I thought she was a guy. I'm too young to die from sheer embarrassment.' 

"So...um...how are you enjoying the festival? Have you tried any of the rides or food? It looks like the festival is going to be a GREAT success, and I got my extra credit for helping out too. And..." 

Just then, Usagi's stomach grumbled rather loudly. 

'What bad timing...or maybe good...I'm too nervous, and I am feeling unusually shy.' 

"Gomen...I was just about to get some food when I ran into you both." 

Usagi looked at her feet and awkwardly played with the dirt and grass. She didn't want to look up in case Michiru was upset at her long and close hug to Haruka. Plus, Haruka was probably laughing at her because her stomach made such a funny sound. 

'I hope they don't think I'm too young and immature to be hanging out with them...' 

"You are both welcomed to join me for some food. Since I helped set-up the festival booths, I have some coupon vouchers for free food. I also have a little bit of money if the vouchers don't cover all the costs. I would be happy to pay for your meals." 

Usagi took a deep breath and looked up. She smiled brightly and tried not act as self-conscious as she felt. 


The wind raced through Peri's long red, whipping as she drove her red convertible sports car down the highway. Something about driving fast in Tokyo excited her. She loved her knew car—her new life. Finally, she was in total control. No more Senshi. No more Sailor Moon. The Earth was finally hers, with some work still yet to bed done. Even though she had won in the end, Perillia felt an emptiness, as though something were missing. 

She turned on the radio to help ease her troubled heart. Only, it became even more troubled as a rising idol sang a soft love song. A tear began to form at the corner of her eye. Just as she was about to turn off the radio, she noticed the white pillow clouds in the sun-setting, azure-tangerine sky. 

The small tear grew bigger. 
Why couldn't you have chose me, she thought. I... Perillia whispered to herself, “...loved you.” Her tear had streamed down her face and flow off in the wind as she utter the words. The cool ocean breeze gave little comfort to her aching heart. 

Recalling the last moments of her previous existence, bitterness and anger engulfed Perillia. “Damn you, Sailor Moon! You took away the one thing I truly loved. Now, your world will pay, and there is nothing you can do about it. Nothing!” 

The red sports car came to a screeching halt in the Juuban Middle School parking lot. Peri Koumi decided that if she were going to accomplish her mission, she needed to be bigger a life. Her grand entrance caught a few people by surprise, but her fans swiftly went over to her car to greet the professional hair stylist. 

“Please...please,” she told he crowded. “There will plenty of time for greetings and salutations. Right now, I need to get over to the booth and prepare for the raffle. I will be selling tickets for another hour and then we will have our drawing. I wish you all the best.” Peri threw out a kiss to the crowd, unloaded her bags of goodies, and walked over to 
Kawaii Beauty Salon booth. 

The four servants of the Dark Kingdom had finished setting up and begun selling a few products when Peri arrived. She informed them to continue what they were doing since a crowd began to form around the booth. To help ease off the strain on the booth, Peri took some of the crowded a few feet away to talk about her new products and projects. 

Just as she was about to explain another new project, Jadeite walked up to her and whispered into her ear, "My Queen, Nao and I wish to go gather some people for the raffle. Would that be okay?" 

Even though there was a fair big crowd around her and the booth, Peri thought it would be a good idea to have even more people sign up for the raffle. After all, money was a means to Earthly power. With a smile and happily voice she responded sternly, “Yes, but just remember the consequences should you screw up.” 

For the next hour, Peri engaged with her fans. She demonstrated on various ladies her new products and styles. She even tossed out a a few sample products to the crowded. More and more women continued to come by the booth as the time grew closer to close the raffle drawing. The money continued to pour in and Peri was not about to disappoint the people, so she gave tossed out more products to the crowd and had them chant out loud. 

With the help of Kunzite and Zoicite, Peri changed the mood of the booth from a simple product demonstration to a rock-concert-like seminar. She called out energetically through a microphone in her left hand, standing on top of the main booth table. “Can you feel it!? That's right! You can feel it! You can feel your inner beauty come to life! Be the woman of every man's fantasy! Be your woman! Be YOU!” 

The crowd cheered her on. 

“Don't let anyone tell you, 'You are not beautiful.' THEY ARE WRONG! WE...ARE...BEAUTIFUL!!!” 

The crowd of women began to chant, “PERI...PERI...PERI!!!” 

“DIVAS! That's right, I am speaking to all of you,” she looked and pointed to each woman in the audience, “...because you are all DIVAS! WE ROCK THIS WORLD! GIRLS RULE AND BOYS...” 

The crowd responded, “DRULE!!!” Another round of cheering commenced from the crowd of women. 

“We at 
Kawaii Beauty Salon want to take this moment to thank you for being the women that you are: charming, elegant, kind, intelligent, loving, playful, sensuous, sophisticated, and voluptuous. YOU DIVAS ROCK!!! THANK YOU!!!” 

The time had come to announce the winner of the 
Kawaii Beauty Salon raffle. Peri had placed Zoicite in charge of gathering up all of the tickets and selecting the winner. She wanted it to be a fair raffle. Plus, she knew that the women were loyal enough to return back to the salon. Receiving the a folded piece of paper in hand, she stepped up to the crowd and said, “It is now time to announce the winner of the Kawaii Beauty Salon raffle is...” She paused to increase the suspense, “Yuki Imoto!” 

A woman from the crowd began to jump frantically and she screamed, “I won...I won!!!” 

Peri had the woman come to the front of the booth. The two hugged as Yuki was presented with the prize of a one year free membership to the beauty salon. The membership include free products, free styling, and she was allowed to bring one other person with her. 

“Congratulations,” Peri hugged the woman for a photo opp. 

After the flash of the camera, a strong cold breeze began came in from the sea. Perillia could feel it. It was icy. It was hot. It didn't make sense to her. Something was amiss. She recalled the flash of light before her death. It was icy, and it was hot. And it was here again.


Jadeite was abruptly interrupted by the tugging of his arm, as Nephrite was trying to walk off with Hotaru. . Nephrite had apparently not told the girl, Naru, anything about the salon booth. 

"Let's go, Ryu. Peri will be wondering where we are at. And I'm sure Hotaru wants to see some of the wonderful hair care products we offer,” said Nephrite. Jadeite looked puzzled at Nephrite’s urgency to leave. 

"Sorry about my friend's rudeness, here are some coupons for the salon. Please do stop by if you have time Naru-chan." 

Nephrite told the girl she should come if she wanted to. Jadeite was a little annoyed that Nephrite was screwing up his plans. 
O well I guess we have to get back, the raffle is starting soon. he said to himself. 

With that Nephrite, Hotaru and Jadeite headed back to the salon booth. Along the way the picked up quite a group of followers
There is something seriously wrong with Nephrite. I wonder what his problem is with the Naru girl. Jadeite thought as he walked back to the booth. He thought of Nephrite as a good friend. Nephrite was always willing to help Jadeite with his plan and he looked to Nephrite as his main ally against Kunzite and Zoicite. I will; have to ask him later on. 

They made it back in time for the raffle. Some annoying human girl won the prize. Jadeite felt bad for Hotaru, she was here with out her parents or friends. He was slowly making a connection with the girl. 
Who would do such a thing to a young girl he thought to himself. 
He bought her some lunch and she ate in the back with Jadeite watching over her. 
I need to introduce her to the Peri, he thought she would be an excilent addition to the Dark Kingdom. 

“I will be back, Hotaru -chan, wait here.,” Jadeite said. The girl nod. He walked over to Peri, who was just walking to the back of the booth. “My Queen, I have someone I would like you to meet.” He walked her over to Hortaru. 
“Miss Peri, this is Hotaru, Hotaru this is Miss Peri.” 

Jadeite could see that Queen Perilla could feel how strong the girls powers were. Jadeite went over and sat at the table with Hortaru and ate his lunch. He waited for his Queen response.


Makoto Kino had never really had anything against Cosplayers in her life, until now. She had decided that she completely and utterly HATED Cosplay. Not only were most of the customers to her booth a bunch of stereotype Otaku, but they all kept staring at her chest! Now she would be the first to admit she was growing quite nicely, but this was rediculous! Plastering a smile on her face, Makoto served up another rounds of fried squid dango and held it out to one of the few young women that had come by the booth to actually have the food. The girl who had asked her to help out brought in another crate of thawed squid and set it down next to the preperation table. 

"Thanks Izumi," Makoto said, wishing not for the first time to be wearing her costume and not this one. Izumi Takamaya was dressed in a pastel pink button up dress with a short sleeved red leather jacket and brown boots. A far more conservative look than her skimpy mini-skirt and tank top. 

"Aerith! Call me Aerith!" Izumi corrected. 

"Yeah yeah, and what's my name supposed to be again?" Makoto asked as she went right to work on preparing more of the dango for the next wave of customers. 

"Tifa Lockheart." 

"Yuh-huh," Makoto said, not really caring as she began mixing another batch of batter and hoping to meet at least ONE cute guy while she was here tonight.


Everything happened so fast for Hotaru. Not long after staring at one of the food stands, she met two seemingly nice strangers that called themselves Ryu and Nao. From the short conversation they had, Hotaru learned that they were helping at the Kawaii Beauty Shop stand, so they couldn't be dangerous, right? 

Hotaru wasn't sure the two men were not all what they seemed when she took Ryu's hand. For a moment, she felt a dark energy coming from him. It was so negative that she considered the smile on his face fake, but she said nothing of it. That's why she had to lie about looking for her friends, so he wouldn't get the idea that she was all alone for the festival. 

Ryu lead her away to the Kawaii Beauty Shop stand, but on the way, she past by two women, one who looked rather masculine and the other a beautiful women with sea green hair. 

At least I know I'm not alone. Hotaru thought to herself. 

Eventually, she met up with a kind girl that was from this school called Naru. Hotaru acted like she was looking for her friends when Naru started a conversation with Nao, but she was indeed observing him. She felt an aura of great sorrow and despair coming from the elder man. It was like he didn't want to see Naru but for reasons unknown. 

Ryu and Nao finally made it to the stand where someone won the lottery. Hotaru was disappointed that she wouldn't get a chance to try but there might be some other time where she could try her luck. 

It was then did Ryo introduce her to Peri who seemed to be their boss. She was indeed beautiful but like Ryu, she had some type of dark aura surrounding her. Coincidence? 

"Please to meet you." 

It was Hotaru could say to her. 


Earlier this morning… 

Standing by a stone fountain, Haruka crossed her arms as Michiru and Hotaru sat nearby with serious expressions on their faces. The Ou
ter Senshi were having a small meeting regarding the negative energies they had been feeling since their arrival to Tokyo days before. 

They were dressed in their school uniform at Mugen Gakuen, secluded from the general public. Michiru sat besides Hotaru, crossing her legs with her hands in her lap. She had a thoughtful expression. 

“You all received the message from Pluto, correct?” Haruka asked. 

Michiru and Hotaru nodded. 
“Apparently there was a shift in the time continuum,” Haruka continued. “A past enemy has returned to threaten Tokyo once again. Our mission is to find the guardian of the moon and prevent this evil from taking over.” 

“Sailor Moon,” Hotaru said solemnly. 

“Any leads?” Michiru asked. 

Haruka shook her head. “Not yet. Although…I was picking up a strange aura coming for the Hikawa Shrine. I’d like to find out more about it. I’m returning there later during lunch.” 

Haruka hadn’t mentioned feeling a strong sensation when bumping into the blonde pig-tailed girl before school. She didn’t know if the two were related, but the similar energies seemed to be coming from that location; reinforcing her suspicion of an unknown power at the Shrine. She wanted to test whether her hunch was right. 

Michiru had sensed the same thing, but took into consideration the powers of the priest and priestess that lived there. It was in all respects, a spiritual site. Still, it was better to find out more information about these unknown energies. 
While Haruka was talking, she was mildly aware of the withdrawn look in Hotaru’s eyes. 

“Dou shimashita ka*, Hotaru-chan?” Haruka asked suddenly. 

Hotaru blinked. “Atama ga itai desu*,” she hung her head slightly, covering her forehead. She didn’t seem well; almost…distracted. “It’s strange…lately I’ve been feeling tired since our arrival. I’m not sure why.” 

Michiru gave a gentle smile and placed a hand on Hotaru’s shoulder. “Dozo odaijini*, Hotaru-chan. We need you at your best.” 
Hotaru looked up and smiled at the older girl. She nodded. 

“Michiru’s right,” Haruka added gruffly. “We need to be alert and think clearly. We cannot afford to fail this mission.” Haruka looked over at Hotaru. She looked like she had something else on her mind. 

“I’ll be fine,” Hotaru concluded after a brief pause. She looked at her watch; within seconds, the final bell rang. “Kono hen de shitsurei shimasu,” she added with a bow. 

“We’ll meet again tonight to discuss any other energies we come across,” Haruka stated before Hotaru left. Michiru and Hotaru nodded. As Michiru gathered her things, Haruka called out to Hotaru. “Hotaru-chan…” 

She looked over her shoulder at the taller woman. 

“Ki o tsukete kudasai,” Haruka finished tenderly. 

“Hai,” Hotaru returned the gentle smile as she departed to meet with her class. 

Michiru and Haruka exchanged knowing glances, sensing how distraught Hotaru had been acting. 

“What do you think it is?” Haruka asked. 

“Hotaru is a very quiet girl. She sometimes strains her health under too much stress and exertion,” Michiru replied. Haruka made a mental note to keep an eye on Hotaru as she and Michiru headed to their separate classrooms. 

What’s the matter? =Dou shimashita ka 
I have a headache= Atama ga itai desu. 
Please look after your health= Dozo odaijini 
I'll be leaving now= Kono hen de shitsurei shimasu 
Take care, be careful= Ki o tsukete kudasai 


Rei and Yuichiro got the booth all set up. They prepared to welcome customers. Then Rei heard screaming and shouting from women far away at the other end of festival. “Gosh darn it, that flyer I had, it talked about a raffle and I missed it!” Rei began to frown.

Then Yuichiro looked at her and said. “I think that u look lovely all the time... Mrs. Hino. I don’t think that you need all that hair styling and being dolled up. But that is what I think.” Yuichiro sat in his chair at the front part of their booth. He had brought his guitar with him that him and his friends go and practice with because they are in a band. He pushed his long brown hair out of his face and tied it up. Then he began to play a tune. 

Rei was speechless at that moment because of what he had said to her. Not many men were forward to come out and say things to her like that. After all, she was Rei Hino the untouchable. The unreachable one to guys. It was all because of how her father treated her. And it made she disliked them and she would think that they were all out to hurt her. However, this one comment it stirred her heart for a moment. Then she relized that she was blushing and when inside the booth. She got her a good fire started. Moreover, got a lot of her charms and talismans out a place them on the table. Her thoughts were much displaced at this point. Then something fell out of her pocket and hit the floor. She heard the sound and realized that she dropped something. She looked down and it was her favorite red pen. She has had it since she had been little girl. Well as far as she could remember. She quickly picked it up and placed it in her pocket. 

A woman had come in right after that point. She wanted her fortune told. Rei tied her hair up and when to the fire with her charms. She chanted chants and call up the sprits to show her a vision. 

The lady looked at her. “Yes that it my problem. I have been very tired all the time. And today I just when on a normal shopping trip with my friends. Today was my birthday and they took me out to eat and too me to get my hair done. They did a wonderful job don u think?" 

“Yes is very wonderful. I think later on on my break I will go to their booth and see about getting mine done. But I don't know for some reason there is an evil around u. I don’t know what happened. But take this and wear it. And go and see your doctor in the morning for your tired mess.” I am sorry but your futrure is cloudy. It is like its being blocked. That is why I think someone that has died in your past is hold on on or clinging to u. Wear the charm for a few days. And come to the temple to see me. I should be able to see something buy then. I am sorry…” 

“Thank you. Kind maiden what u have done enough. The woman said. I will wear the charm and come back to see u. Thank you.” And the lady left. But Rei’s heart was heavy. That evil energy force that she sensed cared her. She ran to where Yuichiro was. “I hope to see that guy tonight. Something was not right about what I felt. May be the two incidents will connect.”


Minako and Hana were walking toward a cosplay food booth when they heard a lot of screaming and laughter coming from the other side of the festival. A woman was screaming that she had won a contest. Minako recognized Peri from the Kawaii Beauty Salon

'Aw...looks like I missed the contest. Oh well. At least I didn't run into Ryu...that would have been a little uncomfortable since I am here with Mamoru.' 

"Let's eat at this cosplay food booth, Hana." 

Minako was drooling over some fried squid dango that another person was eating. 

"Wait...look at this! We can get our fortunes read! Let's go over there instead..." 

"Hana! The guys won't know where we have wandered off to!" 

It was too late. Hana was already watching as the beautiful, young priestess was working with a young woman who didn't look too good. 

'Is she sick...?' 

Minako hesitantly followed Hana as she was looking for Mamoru and Asanuma. She didn't see them, so she shrugged it off. 

"Can you tell me my fortune next?" Hana had slipped in after the last woman left and was bubbling with excitement. "I'm on a date with this new guy...can you tell me if he and I are destined for each other?" Minako giggled. 'Maybe I can ask the same question too..." Just then, someone touched her shoulder. She turned around and beheld Mamoru and Asanuma. 

"Oh goody! You two found us!" 

"Well, Hana's voice sure carries over the crowd, if you can believe," Asanuma replied. "Despite that loud woman who run the contest at the 
Kawaii Beauty Salon." 

"Weren't you going to enter that contest? I remember you saying something about it earlier," Mamoru asked. 

Minako shrugged. "I don't know. I was thinking about going, but I was having too much fun with you..." 

Mamoru wrapped her into a warm embrace. Minako's pulse quickened. 'Please don't let this night ever end...' she was thinking as Hana sat down in front of the priestess. She stayed in Mamoru's arm as Asanuma moved closer to Hana. Hana was surprised that the guys were back already, and she tried to hint that she didn't want the woman telling her anything about her date. It would be too embaressing to have that type of a reading with him right behind her. 

"How about you tell me whatever I need to know rather than my last request," giggled Hana nervously. "By the way, my name's Hana! This is my date Asanuma, and my really good friend Minako. She is on a date with Mamoru. Did you want to do a group reading or something? I've never done this before, so I don't know how it all works."


Kunzite was swapped at the Kawaii Beauty Salon booth. He knew that Zoicite was just as overworked. His love was sweating up a storm, and his wig was plastered to his face and neck. 

"Where the hell did Jadeite and Nephrite go?" Kunzite mumbled under his breath. He did not enjoy having to do twice the work but also knew he could not complain to their queen about it. She was already really angry at them. There was no telling how she would take his complaining. 

'But I am the leader of the Shitennou. They should report to me as well as Queen Perillia.' 

The queen was getting ready to draw the winning raffle ticket. Kunzite pulled Zoicite aside and cradled him against his body. "Let's stay out of the way while she is drawing the ticket. I have a feeling there will be a lot of excitement once the winner is chosen." Zoicite did not complain and let Kunzite hold him. Kunzite even took the opportunity to lean down and kiss his lover's neck. Just then, Jadeite and Nephrite showed up tolling a young girl with them. 

'What the hell?' 

Kunzite wanted to pull the two idiots aside and remind them about their protocol; report to their leader and the head of the Shitennou. However, because of the presence of the girl, he had to remain cool and act like nothing was bothering him. Jadeite was distracted with the girl. She looked very disappointed to have missed the raffle drawing, and Jadeite was obviously trying to make it up to her. He fetched her some lunch and let her eat it before introducing the girl to Queen Perillia. 

"He's acting like a servant. What do you think he sees in that young girl?" 

Zoicite looked at Jadeite with disgust. "Maybe he was always meant to be a servant. He's not as strong or cunning as we are." 

Nephrite came closer to the group. 

"Where the hell were you two? Who gave you permission to leave?" asked Kunzite. 

Nephrite was very pale, and his hands were shaking. He reached for a bottle of water. "I don't know. Jadeite asked me to round up some girls for the contest. Didn't you see the big group we brought with us?" 

"Yes, but you know protocol. You need to report to me as well. I will have to consider a suitable punishment for you both. I will not have you disrupting the chain of command." 

"Of course, Kunzite." Nephrite was not in the mood to argue considering how nervous he was about running into Naru again. He was still pissed off at Jadeite for putting him in such an awkward situation that could have blown their cover. 

'I don't care if he didn't know what he was doing. Someone needs to put him in place.' 

"What is with that girl?" Zoicite asked. 

"There is a strong energy about her. Jadeite thought the queen would want to meet her. She would be a perfect candidate for some of our products..." 

Kunzite quietly assessed the young girl. She seemed normal. What made her so special? 

"She might be more trouble than she is worth..." Kunzite mused aloud.


http://perso.wanadoo.es/imperio45/galerias/uran_nept/haruka20.jpgRegarding time-frame, this post is meant to occur after Usagi leaves the Kawaii Beauty Salon booth, but during Peri's speech to the crowd. I hope that makes sense. If I need to make changes, please let me know. I'm trying to hint at something ominous occuring. >.< 


Haruka and Michiru met up with Usagi beneath a tree close to the south side of the campus. 

"Haruka! You made it!" Usagi exclaimed as she hugged Haruka. 

Kawaii ne, Haruka thought smiling down at the small girl. Haruka hadn’t realized how close Usagi had pressed her face to her chest in their embrace. “Nani…?” 

Usagi squeezed Haruka more closely. 
What is she doing? Haruka wondered as she looked down at Usagi, who was now turning a beet red. The two were almost nose to nose in an awkward silence for what seemed like forever, yet was only a mere minute. 

Sensing why Usagi was suddenly blushing, Haruka’s smile widened. "Not so tight, Odango. After all, we haven't known each other that long." 

Haruka heard Michiru give a small cough, waiting for Usagi to release her. She tapped her foot in annoyance. 

“Michiru-chan, this is the girl I was telling you about,” Haruka began looking over at Michiru, then back at Usagi. “Usagi-chan, please let me introduce my lovely girlfriend, Kaioh Michiru.” 

Usagi politely gave a deep bow. “It’s a pleasure to meet you. Haruka talked a lot about you at lunch when she returned my bag.”

Haruka gave Michiru an endearing smile as Usagi continued. “Her words didn't do you justice. You are beautiful! You both 
make such a lovely couple!" 

Awkwardness aside, Michiru returned the smile. “Oaidekite Koei desu*, Usagi-chan” Michiru looked over at her girlfriend. “You’ll have to forgive Haruka for misleading you. It happens quite often because she wears men’s clothing.” 

"I don't remember saying I was a boy," Haruka commented nonchalantly, placing a hand in her pocket. 

“Well…it’s just that you look so…I mean…you act very…” Usagi tried to find the words but they weren’t forming right. She gave a laugh with her hand behind her head. 

Haruka chuckled as well, reassuring Usagi that there were no hard feelings for the slight….misunderstanding. “Don’t worry Odango,” she said with a wink. “Happens all the time.” 

“Hm, I wonder why,” Michiru retorted nonchalantly, brushing a stand of hair behind her ear. 

Haruka sighed, still keeping her smile on her face. 
Michiru-chan…no need to be jealous. 

Usagi spoke again, trying to avert attention away from the awkward silence. "So...um...how are you enjoying the festival? Have you tried any of the rides or food? It looks like the festival is going to be a GREAT success…” 

As Usagi continued talking, Haruka’s attention averted to the stand she and Michiru had just passed—
Kawaii Beauty Salon. 
She could hear a crowd of young girls and women cheering. 


Another sound of cheers and chants. “PERI...PERI...PERI!!!” 

What is going on over there, Haruka wondered. She was certain the negative sensation she was receiving was coming from that area. It’s just a regular salon booth for women... 

“DIVAS! That's right, I am speaking to all of you,” Haruka heard a slender red-headed woman exclaim enthusiastically to the crowd. “...because you are all DIVAS! WE ROCK THIS WORLD!” 

Maybe it’s not so much the stand…perhaps someone at the stand. Haruka realized that the two men she had seen at the booth earlier were no longer in sight. Amongst the crowd she could see another young man dressed in similar black uniform as the previous gentleman she had seen, standing close by to the the red-head. But who…? 

“GIRLS RULE AND BOYS...DROOL!!!” Another round of cheering immersed from the crowd of women. 
Haruka’s eyes narrowed. 
Something isn’t right about this crowd… 

Haruka was immediately pulled from her thoughts when she felt a slight jab to her side. She looked over at Michiru with a questioning look. “Haruka-chan, weren’t you listening?” she mumbled. 

“Eh? Listening?” She blinked twice, pausing briefly, realizing Usagi had just asked her a question. 

“Ah, gomen Usagi-chan. I was distracted by the crowd over there. They seem pretty excited. What were saying?” 

Before Usagi could repeat her previous words, her stomach grumbled loudly. 

"Gomen...I was just about to get some food when I ran into you both,” Usagi said with her hand over her belly. "You are both welcomed to join me for some food. Since I helped set-up the festival booths, I have some coupon vouchers for free food. I also have a little bit of money if the vouchers don't cover all the costs. I would be happy to pay for your meals." 

“You’re very kind,” Michiru said. “But you don’t have to pay for us.” 

Haruka nodded in agreement. “We’d love to join you for a meal though. We haven’t eaten yet. You could also show us around the campus and the different booths.” She paused. “Isn’t your friend Makoto serving food at one of these booths? I’d love to try more of her cooking.” 

“Cooking?” Michiru repeated. 

Usagi smiled brightly and nodded. 

* Oaidekite Koei desu= It is an honor to meet you 


Just Zoicite, Kunzite, Jedeite, and Nephrite had finished setting up the booth a few people that had arrived early for the festival activities started to stroll through the booth, some just looked around and then leaving right away, others tested out the samples of the products they were interested in, it wasn’t long before they started selling some of the items. Kunzite had ordered Jedeite and Nephrite to stay in the back for the time being. Zoicite just wanted Peri to be pleased when she showed up. 

This was what he was thinking when Queen Perillia showed up with a huge crowd following not far behind her. They treated her like she was some kind of superstar, which, she was in Zoicite’s mind. She nodded her acknowledgement to her generals and told them to continue on with what they were doing. Their queen had brought even more customers with her and that meant more sells for the salon. Zoicite couldn’t help but noticed that Perillia looked a tide bit in higher spirits now than she had been a few hours before. Of, course the crowd behind her basically followed her to another area of the booth to watch as she sampled off some other products. Zoicite had to suppress a laugh his Queen had groupies. 

Zoicite noticed Jedeite and Nephrite appearing from the back they had a short exchange of words and then he saw Queen Perillia handing them some raffle tickets and then the two of them went off into the crowd of the festival. That worked for Zoicite though the more space between him and Jedeite the better. 

It was only twenty minutes later that the mood in the booth had switch to gloom n doom to cheerful and upbeat. He had to hand to Queen Perillia she did know how to please people. Peri busted out a microphone and started shouting into about letting the inner woman come alive not letting men take advantage of them. She was now standing on one of the many tables saying, “Can you feel it!? That's right! You can feel it! You can feel your inner beauty come to life! Be the woman of every man's fantasy! Be your woman! Be YOU!” 
The crowed was more or less now just listening to her, but there were still many who just wanted to buy products, either way Zoicite and Kunzite both had their hands filled with customers. The crowed engrossed with Perillia’s speech cheered her on. 

“Don't let anyone tell you, 'You are not beautiful.' THEY ARE WRONG! WE...ARE...BEAUTIFUL!!!” 

Zoicite could feel the energy pulsing from the crowed they were so into what his Queen had to say and they cheered her on and on. Soon they were chanting her name, “PERI, PERI, PERI!!” 

Perillia was now reeling the crowed in and he knew their attention was all on her. Her speech continued on, “DIVAS! That's right, I am speaking to all of you,” she looked and pointed to each woman in the audience, “...because you are all DIVAS! WE ROCK THIS WORLD! GIRLS RULE AND BOYS...” 

The crowd responded, “DRULE!!!” Another round of cheering commenced from the crowd of women. 

“We at Kawaii Beauty Salon want to take this moment to thank you for being the women that you are: charming, elegant, kind, intelligent, loving, playful, sensuous, sophisticated, and voluptuous. YOU DIVAS ROCK!!! THANK YOU!!!” 

Zoicite could tell that now the speech was over and done with; it was time for the raffle and from Peri’s look it was Zoicite’s job to collect all the tickets. There were so many humans that had entered that the bucket that was being used was almost spilling over. He couldn’t believe humans were so pathetic. Zoicite brought the bucket to Peri, but she just said, “No, no you do it Zack you collected the tickets it would only be fare if you selected the winner.” 

Zoicite thought that it was on odd command from his Queen but didn’t even think of telling her otherwise. Zoicite quickly did as she commanded and pulled out a random ticket. “It is now time to announce the winner of the Kawaii Beauty Salon raffle is...” She paused to increase the suspense, “Yuki Imoto!”


Usagi felt a little better about the awkward situation after Michiru explained that Haruka's mistaken identity happened often. She still felt bad for assuming the girl was a guy and hid her emotions by laughing loudly. 

“Don’t worry Odango,” she said with a wink. “Happens all the time.” 

“Hm, I wonder why,” Michiru retorted nonchalantly, brushing a stand of hair behind her ear. 

Usagi smiled brightly and giggled again, this time in pure joy. These two seemed like quite the couple! Michiru's femininity really complimented Haruka's tom-boy attitude and attire. Usagi immediately relaxed and began to talk a mile a minute about the festival and all the fun activities the couple could do. There was a lot of noise coming from the booth that Usagi had helped set-up, but she ignored it. She was having way more fun with Haruka and Michiru. 

"Have you tried the ferris wheel yet?" 

Usagi waited for a response until it became apparent that Haruka was distracted. Usagi blushed. 

'Darn! I must have bored her with my incessant chatter! Maybe I should leave them to enjoy the festival themselves...? I don't want to be a third wheel or anything...' 

“Haruka-chan, weren’t you listening?” mumbled Michiru. 

“Eh? Listening?” She blinked twice, pausing briefly, realizing Usagi had just asked her a question. 

“Ah, gomen Usagi-chan. I was distracted by the crowd over there. They seem pretty excited. What were saying?” 

Before Usagi could repeat her previous words, her stomach grumbled loudly. 

"Gomen...I was just about to get some food when I ran into you both,” Usagi said with her hand over her belly. "You are both welcomed to join me for some food. Since I helped set-up the festival booths, I have some coupon vouchers for free food. I also have a little bit of money if the vouchers don't cover all the costs. I would be happy to pay for your meals." 

“You’re very kind,” Michiru said. “But you don’t have to pay for us.” 

Haruka nodded in agreement. “We’d love to join you for a meal though. We haven’t eaten yet. You could also show us around the campus and the different booths.” She paused. “Isn’t your friend Makoto serving food at one of these booths? I’d love to try more of her cooking.” 

“Cooking?” Michiru repeated. 

Usagi smiled brightly and nodded. 

"Yeah, she's here! I was looking for her booth when I ran into both of you. I think it was the cosplay club's cooking booth." 

"I saw that booth over here," Michiru responded. 

"Great! I have a horrible sense of direction, Michiru! Do you mind leading the way to where you saw the booth?" 

"Sure, follow me." 

Usagi walked with Haruka and the two of them followed Michiru. It didn't take long before they found the cosplay booth. The food that was emanating from the booth smelled delicious. Usagi's stomach grumbled again. 


Usagi blushed. 

"Let's get that cute tummy of yours some food, Odango." Haruka patted Usagi's stomach which immediately grumbled again. 

"Ok, but I don't see Makoto anywhere. It's hard to recognize the people working here. It looks like everyone is dressed up as a final fantasy character. I love that video game!" 

Usagi began to bounce with excitement as she recognized Tifa from the game. There was also someone dressed as Aerith. 

"Maybe we could ask one of them where Mako-chan is?"


Makoto finished preparing another round of octopus dango when she saw Usagi walking up with that Haruka guy and Michiru. She smiled as she carried the ready trays out and waved to the blonde, "Usagi-chan!" she called out with a smile. She waited for the group to come up to the booth and smiled as brightly as she could in this ridiculous costume. "How are you, enjoying the festival?"


Hotaru waited for a reply from Peri and then she got an unexpected response. 

"You're so cute!" 

She was not expecting a hug from the beautiful women. It must have taken Ryu off guard as well judging from the awkward silence. 

"You'll perfect for our products." 


"Miss Peri, there is something I need to speak to you about." Ryu said quickly. 

Peri glanced at her subordinate as she released Hotaru from her bear hug. The two slowly walked a few feet away from her so she was out of their hearing range. Despite her friendly greeting, Hotaru sensed that something was wrong with this stand and it wasn't just the people. It seemed that everyone working at the stand had some dark aura around them. 

The two adults finished speaking as Peri turned her attention back on Hotaru with a hair product in hand. 

"I'm sorry you couldn't participate in the lotto," Peri began. "Let me make it up to you." 

"What's this?" 

"It's one of our products from Kawaii Beauty Salon. Someone as cute as you could use our products and become even more adorable." 

Hotaru felt her cheeks light a bright pink. She wasn't use to compliments like these. The only one who called her 'cute' was her father... 

"I don't think I can accept this. I mean, I don't have enough yen to pay for it." 

"Oh don't worry sweetie. It's free. We have to make up for you not participating in the lotto." 

Peri forced the product into Hotaru's hand as she had no saying in it. As much as the girl didn't want the hair product, she could probably examine it when she got home. After all, it was giving of this negative aura. 

"Thank you," Hotaru said with a small smile. 

"Don't mention it." 

Suddenly Hotaru's cell phone was ringing. She frowned when she heard the familiar ringtone. 

"I'm sorry, but could you excuse me for a moment?" Hotaru said as she slowly walked away from the stand. She wasn't going to regret answering the phone. 


OOC: This will be a long post because I am covering all the loose ends, or at least most of them, so we can get ready for episode 2. Hopefully, I do not forget any important details! If I do, let me know, and I will edit this post. 

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1. The Inner Senshi will remember who they are and work together, or separately, to save the innocent bystanders. They will be safe from the first wave but will assist the Outer Senshi when the next two smaller waves hit. 

2. The Outer Senshi will already be transformed and helping the innocent people when the first wave hits. They will see the Inner Senshi during waves two and three but should not trust them or interact with them too much. 

3. The Shitennou will stay with Peri and watch in horror when the Senshi appear. They will not recognize the new Senshi (outer) but should be REALLY pissed off when they find out the Inner Senshi are alive. They should not interact with the humans or the Senshi in your final post. 

Humans that should be saved include: 

a) Hana (Minako's friend) 
b) Asanuma (Mamoru's friend) 
c) Naru (Usagi's friend) 
d) Yuki Imoto (raffle prize winner) 
e) Izumi Takamaya (Aerith, aka Makoto's cosplay friend) 

Otherwise, make up random people to save. There will ne no deaths during this mini-tsunami thanks to the help of the Senshi! :D 

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The wind was picking up. The waves were higher and higher, getting closer to the inland. No one expected what was to happen next. Later, the news would claim that it was a natural disaster. Some knew the truth, though. After all, how often does the full moon turn a blood red? The electricity was thick in the air as an unexpected change was coming to Tokyo. Lucky for the citizens, there were heroines and heroes nearby to save the day. 


Usagi was confused. Someone was calling her name. It was the Tifa girl. 


'It is Makoto!' Usagi thought as she dragged Haruka and Michiru up to the booth. 

"I didn't recognize you in that amazing costume, Mako-chan. You look pretty sexy!" 

Usagi couldn't believe how revealing the outfit was. She wasn't sure if she would ever feel comfortable wearing something that skimpy. 

"How are you enjoying the festival?" Makoto asked. 

"I'm having a blast! I've tried a couple of games after I finished setting up some of the booths and was getting ready to go on a ride when I got hungry. Then, I ran into Haruka and her girlfriend Michiru." 

Usagi quickly made the introductions since Makoto was meeting Michiru for the first time. 

"Here, I have an extra tray of dango if you are all hungry. I can take a break and eat with you for a little bit." 

"That would be great, Makoto!" 

Usagi found the group a table while Makoto set down a couple of trays. 

"I'll get us some drinks as well." 

While Makoto was gone, Ami wandered over to the booth and called to Usagi and Haruka. 


Usagi was so happy to see her new friend. She had been worried that she was really injured from the soccer ball, but she looked happy and well. 

"How are you doing? I was so scared when you collapsed from being hit by the ball." 

Ami blushed. "I was fine. Just a little embarrassed that I didn't see it coming in time to dodge it. The school nurse gave me some ice for my head as well as some headache medicine. Both helped a lot because I don't have a bump, and I am feeling well enough to work the computer booth at the festival." 

"Ami!" Usagi said sternly. "You should take it easy! You shouldn't be working tonight. I don't care how better you are feeling. You need to stay well for the final exams as well as the math competition this weekend." 

Usagi gently hugged Ami who awkwardly hugged her back. Both of them felt a flash of deja vu. They let go and looked into each other's eyes deeply, as if trying to recall some forgotten memory. A giggle and comment from Haruka brought both girls back to the present. 

"Don't tell me I lost your attentions to this beautiful classmate of yours," Haruka commented in between a small giggle. Both Usagi and Ami blushed a deep red. They didn't know how to explain what they were feeling. 

"Stop teasing them, Haruka," Michiru scolded gently. "You are spoken for anyways." 

Michiru took Haruka's hand in hers and pulled her back to the table where Makoto was having trouble setting down the drinks. The paid helped Makoto with all the drinks while Usagi and Ami stared one more time at each other. Finally, they followed the couple back to the table. Usagi shook off the strange feelings again in order to play host and introduce Ami to Michiru, Haruka's girlfriend. During the conversation, it was revealed that Haruka was a girl. Both Ami and Usagi had already figured this fact out on their own, but Makoto was surprised. 

"No way! I mean...uh...that's nice..." 

She tried to play it cool as everyone ate and chatted. They were all enjoying their break and didn't want the fun to end. 

'But I have to get back to my booth, Usagi," Makoto explained. 

"Yeah, me too," Ami agreed. 

"I guess..." Usagi wanted to enjoy the festival with some of her friends, but everyone was so busy. 

"You can tag along with us, Odango," Haruka said. Michiru gave her a look, which Haruka just shrugged off. 

"No...no...I don't want to be a third wheel. I don't mind looking around a bit by myself. Maybe I will run into you all later." 

Usagi quickly thanked Makoto for the food and said goodbye to everyone before running off. She was getting nervous about the heavy winds. She was feeling very cold suddenly. 

'It's just nerves...right?' 

Usagi had wandered to a darker section of the festival. All the light came from one single source--the dark red full moon. Usagi felt her blood go cold. Something big was about to happen, and there was nothing she could do to stop it. She felt a darkness take hold in her heart as she collapsed to her knees. She hugged her legs to her chest and began to rock back and forth as memories of her and Ami came to mind. There were even more faces than Ami's now, though. There were all these girls in funny costumes. She recognized Makoto as well as Ami. She didn't recognize the other two, one with long blonde hair and one with long black hair. Now, there was a man, and he was kissing her. 

"What is happening to me?" she cried to the darkness. A voice responded: "It is time for you to awaken, Sailor Moon." 


As Haruka and Michiru walked toward the fortune telling booth, they were talking. 

"You scared little odango away, Michiru." 

"Well, this was supposed to be a romantic date since you ditched me at lunch." 

Haruka chuckled, "I really didn't know you could get this jealous, my beautiful sea goddess." 

Michiru bantered back, "I didn't know you could flirt so much." 

The two stopped and stared into each other's eyes. They leaned in for a kiss. As their lips touched, Haruka felt a huge gust of wind. The wind wrapped around them and caused her to shiver as they kissed. Michiru broke the kiss. 

"I feel that something is wrong with the sea. It is angry." 

"I also feel something is coming our way. The wind brings evil with it. Could it be emanating from that booth over there?" 

Haruka pointed toward the salon booth. 

"I'm not sure. It could be a natural disaster. Do you still want to go to the fortune telling booth?" 

"Yes. I want to meet with the priestess who was away at school this morning." 

The two continued to walk towards the fortune telling booth. Haruka noticed that Michiru was playing with the charm she had given her earlier that day. 

"Don't worry, Michiru. I'm sure the charm will bring you protection and good fortune when I am not around." 

"Something tells me that we are going to need that protection now," Michiru murmured under her breath as they approached the fortune telling booth. The priestess was already with a group of people, so the two waited their turn as patiently as they could. They knew something big was about to hit and that time was of the essence. 

'I wonder is the priestess senses anything...' Haruka wondered. 


Minako felt warm and secure in Mamoru's arms despite the cold chills. They were getting a little bored waiting for Hana and her date. Mamoru leaned close to her to whisper in her ear, "Let's go someplace private, just the two of us." 

Minako blushed at his suggestion but eagerly nodded. She was hoping they would have their first kiss. The pair walked away right as another couple approached the booth. 

'This booth is very popular.' 

Her thoughts quickly returned to Mamoru. He had taken her close to the ferris wheel. Instead of getting in line, he pulled her into a secluded corner and brought her close. He gazed lovingly into her eyes. She felt mesmerized, as if they were meant to be together. She closed her eyes and parted her lips as she awaited for that first kiss. 

Unknown to the lovey dovey couple, Artemis was standing in the shadows as well. He looked ready to pounce at any moment. 


Rei was frustrated that such a large group had approached her booth so suddenly. She had wanted to read the signs that predicted danger. And this danger wasn't from a human. It felt like a huge storm was coming their way. Everyone was going to get hurt if she didn't do something. 

'But what can I do?' 

Rei felt her temper rise when another couple approached. She felt a little better when two others left. 

'Hmm...that looks like the gentleman my grandfather described. He had come early this morning looking for a reading...he couldn't have picked a worse time.' 

She nodded at him and sensed from his stance and his girlfriend's stance that something was wrong. 

'I wonder if they feel what I feel?' 

She did a double take as she looked at the man. 

'That can't be him...? I think that's a girl...unless grandpa mixed up the genders because she dresses very tom-boyish...' 

She refocused on the lovey dovey couple in front of her. She was feeling sick to her stomach. Something was not only happening around them...she could feel something changing inside her. She needed to get away. The new couple would have to wait for her to return. She wanted to be alone. 

"Let me leave you with my trusted assistant for the moment. I feel the gods calling, and I must answer their summons." 

She bowed very low to her patrons to show that she meant no disrespect. Yuichiro looked positively terrified to be left alone with the people. 

"Keep them all distracted and busy. I know you can do it. I don't feel too well..." 

Yuichiro tried to look brave as he stopped the newest couple from trying to follow Rei. 

"Maybe I can help you?" 

"No," Haruka responded quickly. "I needed to speak to the priestess Rei...and NOW!" Haruka tried to stress the urgency of the situation. 

"I'm sorry, sir, but now is not the best time." 

Haruka practically growled at him. "I'm not a sir! I'm a miss! And now may be the only time we have." 

The other couple that had been at the booth rushed toward her effectively preventing hers and Michiru's escape. 

"What do you mean?" the young girl asked. "What is happening? I'm scared!" 

Michiru stepped away from the hectic commotion. She needed to call Hotaru, and they all had to be alone in order to transform. She motioned that Haruka should extract herself from the crowd and leave the priestess for now. Haruka nodded as she tried to put the people at ease, so she could follow Michiru into solitude. Meanwhile, Michiru pulled out her phone and dialed the young
Senshi's number. 


Ami was suddenly not feeling well. 

"Ami, are you ok?" a member of the computer club asked. 

"Yeah...I think my headache is coming back..." 

Ami felt cold all over except for her forehead. What was happening to her body? 

'I need to get away from here before someone sees this...' 

She ran into the shadows and fell to her knees. She saw herself in a blue outfit. She was fighting dangerous demons...no...youma... 

'There is an evil presence again in Tokyo, and it is causing mother nature to rebel. My friends need me,' Ami thought as she scrunched her eyes in pain. 'What am I thinking? I don't know what I am talking about...' 


Makoto was feeling overheated in the kitchen. She felt as if lightening was hitting her again and again. There was no storm in sight, though, just a menacing red moon staring down at all the innocent people at the festival. 

"I need a break," she told Aerith. 

"But you just took one," her friend whined. 

"I'll hurry back. I promise." 

With that, she grabbed a bottle of water and ran to a private place where she could relax and cool down. 

'I'm too young to be hitting menopause,' she thought mournfully. 


Peri was pissed off at the Shitennou. They were not following her directions. They were trying to please her but failing miserable. She sent a shock of pain through each of their earrings and growled at Jadeite to get back to work. 

"I want you and worthless Nephrite to work the front counter while I deal with the 'present' you brought to me." 

She sent the two of them an additional shock as she led the girl away. She had to admit that she felt a lot of energy coming from this small girl. However, that energy scared her as well. It felt uncontrolled, dangerous even. 

'What were those idiots thinking bringing someone this powerful to our booth? She could destroy us...Well, might as well test her powers by giving her a free product with some minor energy draining ability in it. When Hotaru uses it and goes to bed, we should be able to steal some of her energy and test how much she really has from a safe distance. Plus, the sample is so small, she won't be able to trace why she is feeling so drained to us. She will probably think it's from her obviously weak disposition.' 

Peri augured with the Hotaru for a few moments before someone called her, and she excused herself from the group. She stepped away from the booth and began to talk in a hushed but animated tone. After hanging up, she glanced at the salon before running away. Luckily, she kept clutching the small sample hair product that Peri had forced in her hands. 

'What a little twerp,' she thought in annoyance as she felt the wind continue to rush toward them. The moon had finished turning a bright, blood red. 

'It is time to leave...now! Any minute now the wave will hit us. We need to pack up before we lose our precious materials.' 

Peri telepathically communicated her thoughts to the Shitennou who began to frantically grab the remaining few products and box them up. They still had to cart the stuff to the cars before the waves hit. 

'Thank goodness my precious car is safe from danger,' Peri thought. 

She sent another shock to the Shitennou. 

'When you are done, follow me over to this section of the festival. We will be safe. I don't want you messing with the humans, though. Let them deal with the tsunami themselves. I don't want to jeopardize one of you...' 

With that, she left the remaining shell of their booth and ushered people away, so she could wait in the secluded safety. 

"I'm sorry, friends. Our booth is closed now. Please visit us at the 
Kawaii Beauty Salon, Monday through Sunday. We have extended hours to celebrate our grand opening." 

'Maybe we can host a benefit after this disaster strikes. It can prove quite profitable for us...' 


Hotaru had answered the phone hesitantly. Who would be calling her at this hour? Was it her father? 

"Moshi Moshi?" 

"Hotaru, this is Michiru. We need you now! A tsunami is about to hit the Juuban festival, and we are the only ones who can save the people. You need to transform as quickly as possible and meet us near the fortune telling booth. This is one of the places that will be hit the hardest. It's a minor tsunami, but it can still cause a lot of damage and kill people if we aren't careful. Make sure no one sees you as you transform. See you soon." 

Hotaru heard a click and stared at the Kawaii booth. Even though Peri had been so nice to her, she didn't have time to stay here and help them. They should be far enough away that they would not get hurt. And, it looked like they were getting ready to leave. She hesitated a moment before running away. She clutched the small present from Peri tightly in her small fingers as she looked for a private place to transform. 

'I will need to store this bottle in a safe place, or it will get carried away with the waves,' she thought as she ran. 


Jadeite did not like the shock therapy he was being given. He glared at Zoicite who had shone in the spotlight when she drew the winning raffle ticket. It appeared that Peri had sent minor shocks through all of them using their earrings, but she was repeatedly shocking him and Nephrite, who had to continue to smile and pretend that nothing was wrong. The two of them had reached the front of the booth and were dealing with the remaining customers as Peri spoke with the small girl that they had brought to the booth. 

'Talk about being ungrateful,' he thought angrily as Zoicite and Kunzite walked to the other side in a secluded privacy. He could see their shadows as they embraced. 

'Bastards,' he spitefully thought. 

All of his negative emotions vanished, though, when Peri began to telepathically communicate with all of them. He didn't even care about the shocks. He just knew he had to get things packed up and fast. 

'What about Minako?' he wondered as he ran a couple of the product boxes to the van. For some reason, he cared about her getting hurt. 'No matter. I don't see her anywhere, so maybe she left with her beau already.' 

He rushed to join Peri safely away from the incoming danger. 


Nephrite was still numb after seeing the beautiful Naru alive and well. He didn't care about the shocks or the extra work. It didn't last very long anyways. They were rushing to pack things away. He wished he could save Naru from this danger, but he would not disobey the queen again. It was better this way. He needed to focus on his work with the Negaverse. If she died, all these strange feelings would die with her. When he was reborn, he had forgotten what love felt like. To be honest, he didn't want to remember. He wanted to go back to being himself. Then, he could feel like a man once more. 


Zoicite and Kunzite glared at Jadeite and Nephrite as they felt small shocks hit their bodies. As usual, they were getting punished for someone else's mess. Zoicite was getting ready to confront Jadeite when Kunzite stopped him with a gentle hand on his love's shoulder. 

"Let them work. Come with me, my handsome Zoi..." 

He took his love around the booth where they could have a little privacy as they embraced. 

"Kunzite...oh Kunzite..." 

Zoicite was pulled into Kunzite's arms. He began to kiss Zoicite's neck. 

"You are perfect, Zoicite. You and I shall be the leaders of the Shitennou. Together, we will be unstoppable." 

Kunzite wanted to fondle Zoicite. He wanted to rip off his lover's clothes, but he knew this was not the time. They stopped kissing when they received a couple more light shocks from Perillia. The two grinned at each other. Now, the shocks were making them feel even more heated and hungry for each other. However, Kunzite kept Zoicite at an arm's length. He knew he would not be able to stop himself if they continued down this path. From the look in Zoicite's eyes, he felt the same as well. 

"You always make me feel alive, Kunzite." 

"You are the only person who can make me feel, Zoicite." 

An important telepathic message from Perillia killed their lust for each other in an instance. They were all in danger. They needed to get away and now. They quickly adjusted their clothes and followed Jadeite's and Nephrite's leads as they put the remaining products in spare boxes. Then, it was a mad dash to the van. People looked at them funny, but they didn't care. Kunzite made sure the rest of the Shitennou made it to safety first before he joined them. He could see the wave coming. It was huge. There would be many causalities. 

"How can those stupid humans think nothing is coming?" Jadeite asked. 

"I hope it kills them all," Zoicite spitefully added. 

"Me too," Nephrite chimed in. 

Perillia smiled a sinister grin. "Yes, some casualties will help our cause. We'll hold a charity event to honor the dead. Our business will boom even more thanks to this disaster. And there are n
o Senshi to stop us." 

She chuckled as the first wave crashed into the south end of the festival. There would be three waves total, and she looked forward to the show. The red moon illuminated the scene perfectly for the Shitennou who were safely away from the danger. 


Slugging down half the bottle of water, Makoto still felt abnormally hot as she looked around. People were milling this way and that and she gave a few curtious smiles at those that took notice of her. Reaching behind her, Makoto pulled out the odd little green wand that she had found in her room some time ago. She was about to idly twirl it in her fingers when the funny looking 4 marking on the top suddenly flashed a brilliant green. Images and sensations flashed through her mind, so many so quickly that Makoto was nauseous for several moments while her mind came to grips with the flood of hidden memories. 

Her hand gripping the henshin wand, Makoto stood up straighter and more sure of herself than she'd felt in weeks. She didn't know why her memories had suddenly returned, but she was glad that they had. "Usagi-chan!" she called out as she took off running, looking for the young blonde she had long ago sworn to protect with her very life. 

As she ran past a small growd of people, Makoto did a quick look around to be certain she was out of eyesight before she held her henshin wand up to the sky and shouted, "Jupiter Power... MAKE-UP!!!!"


Rei ran out the back way of the booth. She felt very sick to her stomach. She when in to the nearest bathroom and began to puke. Moreover, her head was throbbing profusely. She went to the sink and took water and splashed her face. The sprits… the sprits... they are all around me… I feel so many... so many spirits. But why and I being affected this way. Why is my head hurting like this... why do feel like I felt this way...? 

Then in a blink of an eye. She got like a pulse that shot though her body. Rei fell to the floor and her body felt this numbness. Strange memories began to shoot though her mind. There was people there she never seen before and thing she never experienced. Nevertheless, she had experienced them. Earth shaking memories began to come back to her. A red light started to surround her and it began to scare her badly. “What’s going on with me…? Ahhhhh!" She begins to scream. 

Then she heard a voice in her head.

Sailor Mars awaken!

“Yes….yes... I remember... and this feeling that I could not put my hands on. This sense that I could not place. There is something going on here and I have to find it.” 

Rei then got up and the red light that was around her was not around her any more. She was not in her temple uniform but is her sailor mars uniform. She then when to the door and looked outside. As she was about to open the door a big crash of wind hit. Rei began to feel the intense pressure of the winds as tried to open up the door. It took a few attempts but she finally got it open. “IT IS happing now. I sense it!” As she opened up the door and she was horrified at the disaster that was happening right in front of her. The winds was crashing and knocking over ever thing. There was people screaming and running for their lives. In addition, just as Rei grabbed on to the doorknob tightly to her herself from being blown away. Papers, articles, and all sort of things blew by her. The wind was very violent it harshly hit her skin and thrashed her hair all over her face. When the winds started subside a little. She could look out and see what was going on. She then seen a girl and a boy running then just as they was about to leave the area the girl fell. The boy that was with her did his best to help her get up. As they was trying to run again, Rei saw a wooden beam about to fall on a girl and younger brother. They did not have time to get away. Rei then ran against the wind and did a swift roll to the ground close to the two people. 

Rei then clasped quickly her hands together with her two index fingers pointing outwards (the first "kuji" gesture). She then said quickly “MARS FIRE IGNITE.”

A fireball formed form at the tips of her index fingers, which she then shot forward, hitting the beam before it landed on the two people engulfing it into flames. Ashes fell like rain on the two scared people. Then Rei ran over to the two people and grabbed their hand. “I don’t time to talk to u. I will try to explain as I go. However, you need to get out of here quickly. The exit to the festival is this way! Run as fast as u can and stay away from the tall objects! Hurry!” The people said thank her and ran. Rei desided to work her way to where the raffle was held. Because most of the people that was at the festival was there. People was still running and screaming they was very terrified and building as pieces of booths was still falling and crashing in the winds. As Rei when on her, way she directed people on what way to go to get to a safe place. “I wonder where there others are.” Rei said. 


"Hotaru, this is Michiru. We need you now! A tsunami is about to hit the Juuban festival, and we are the only ones who can save the people. You need to transform as quickly as possible and meet us near the fortune telling booth. This is one of the places that will be hit the hardest
. It's a minor tsunami, but it can still cause a lot of damage and kill people if we aren't careful. Make sure no one sees you as you transform. See you soon." 

“Hai,” Hotaru said, sensing the strong winds blowing stronger. A look of determination on her face, she headed toward the fortune telling booth to meet with Haruka and Michiru.



As the winds continued to grow stronger, the crowd at the Juuban Festival became more and more anxious, yet they remained stationary; unaware of the dangers that lurked ahead. 

“What’s with the change in weather?” A man asked, standing in the Ferris wheel line as droplets of water fell from the sky. 

“Beats me—hey check out the moon!” the woman beside him said, pointing at the blood-red moon. 

“Weird,” a young girl said. 

“Why does the moon look like that?” 

“Ohmigosh is that creepy or what!” 

“Why is it suddenly so windy?” 

As ground began to rumble, the sound of wails and cries were heard from a distance. 

“What is happening? I’m scared!” a small girl cried. 


Still content with winning the raffle, Yuki Imoto headed towards the fortune telling booth. 
My luck hasn’t run out yet, she thought brightly. I wonder what prize I will win next. As Yuki contemplated the next booth she would approach, she felt the ground below her shake and cries from a distance. “Nani?” she said. “Was that an earthquake?” 

Before she could react, the ground rumbled harder and this time, she lost her balance, falling to the ground. Dozens of people ran past her, running away from what looked like… 

“A tsunami!!!” a person from the crowd shouted. 

Panic stuck the crowd as they immediately ran the opposite direction it was headed. Yuki gathered her things quickly, but was trampled by the alarmed swarm. Covering her head with her hands, she tried to protect herself. 
I’m done for, she thought miserably. Before Yuki drifted out of consciousness, she felt her body being carried by someone. 

Opening her eyes, she saw a beautiful blond woman, with striking green eyes. “Don’t worry, we’ll get you to safe place,” the woman said. 
Surprised by the woman’s strength, she wrapped her arms around the woman’s neck as she was quickly placed out of harm’s way…for now it seemed. 

The woman vanished as quickly as she had appeared. 
Who was that brave young woman, Yuki wondered. Looking around her, Yuki realized she was in the parking lot of the school. Dozens of bystanders ran past her again in frenzy, trying to get away from the large wave of water. Yuki followed suit and ran to the nearest phone to call an ambulance; if this wave hit at the festival, many people could be seriously hurt…or worse. 


“Mommy, where are you?” a little girl cried as a group of people ran by her. Confused by the clamor, the little girl began walking in the direction the tsunami was headed. 

“Mika!! Mika!!” an older woman called in frenzy. As the ground shook violently, the woman caught sight of her daughter. 

Mika!!” she screamed. 

The little girl could hear her mother’s voice, but could not see her. She began to cry. “Where are you Mommy?” 

Face to face with danger, the little girl’s eyes widened in horror as a large wave of water loomed towards her. Not knowing what else to do, she covered her eyes, hoping it would go away. 


Before Mika could react, the ground shook again, but this time it came from behind her. She was swept in the arms of another girl with dark, raven hair. Her dark eyes were serious, but gentle. “Don’t be afraid,” the girl said. 


Again the same wave of energy hit the ground and deflected the wave of water. 

“Sailor Uranus!” a voice cried out. It was Neptune, pointing to a man with debris over him. 

Sailor Uranus’ eyes narrowed as she mentally calculated the time she had to deflect the wave and save the man. 

Kuso!” Uranus spat as she pulled out her sword. “Space sword…BLASTER!!!!” 

With a swift hand, the sword hit the ground and a gush of wind flew in the direction of the wave. 

Uranus moved quickly, helping remove the debris from the man. He had injured his leg and was weak. Uranus pulled the man’s arm over her shoulder. No sooner had she stopped to help the man, another wave approached the two. 


A ball of blue energy pushed back the wave. Uranus looked to her partner and grinned. Neptune nodded; as she continued with another submerge attack. 

Uranus moved the man to a safer location. She met with Saturn who had returned the young girl to her mother. 

“Oh thank youThank you so much!” the older woman cried as she picked up her crying child. 

Saturn smiled. Looking up at Uranus, the two exchanged knowing glances and nodded before returning to assist Neptune. 


In the parking lot… 

As people ran from the tsunami, Yuki waited by the pay phone. The sound of sirens could be heard from the distance. 
Yuki noticed that some of the bystanders from the festival were collecting by a nearby booth. What are they standing there for? Yuki waited a beat, contemplating whether it was a good idea to find out. 

Throwing all caution to the wind, Yuki intercepted the young crowd. “What the hell are you doing standing here?” she demanded. “Can’t you see what’s going on?" 

“Recording,” a tall, lanky boy replied, holding his cell phone up. 

“Check it out over there,” said his equally tall friend. He pointed in the direction Yuki was previously rescued. 

There before her eyes, Yuki saw the same blond woman accompanied by two ladies that were dressed similarly. The three of them were using attacks to hold off the tsunami. 

Uranus looked to Neptune and Saturn. 

“Neptune!! Saturn!! Together!! Use your attacks now!” 

Uranus collected her energy, preparing for one more attack.


http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/7/72/Saturn24.jpgWhen the first wave started, and the three Outer Senshi transformed, the trio went their separate ways to save individuals who were just standing in the middle of the natural disaster instead of running away from it. 

She saw a girl that looked to be a high school students in her last years. She had short blue hair and gray eyes and seemed completely lost. 

What is she- 

Saturn gasped as one of the stands was pulled off the ground and came flying her way. The girl turned around to see it coming at her. She screamed as she shielded herself with her arms. Saturn came in the way of the stand and sliced it in half with her Silent Glaive. 

"Are you okay?" Saturn questioned as she turned her attention to the girl. 

"Yeah, I think so..." she mumbled. 

"It's not safe here. Please get to higher grounds. You're be safer there." 


Saturn turned to leave but the girl stopped her. 


Saturn turned around. 

"My name is Hanako Miyamase and I wanted to say thanks..." 

The Senshi of Ruin nodded her head. 

"And...if you see anyone with blonde hair and red eyes, please save my friend! I got separated from him when this began." 

Saturn nodded her head as she watched the other girl get away from the area at high speed. Saturn returned to where Uranus and Neptune were who were. She saw them both helping out a man trapped under the debris and a little girl that was separated from her mother. Her instincts kicked in as she took the the crying child and gave it back to her doting mother. 

“Oh thank you! Thank you so much!” the mother thanked. 

Saturn smiled. She was just happy that the child was back with her mother. That's how it should be with all parents... 

The young
Senshi exchanged glances with Uranus before they both went to help out Neptune. After they got the mad to escape, they all decided to combine their powers to stop the tsunami. 

Sailor Saturn was prepared for another attack. As Uranus unleashed another World Shaking at the tsunami as well as Neptune using Deep Submerge, Saturn decided it would be better to cover the entire area with a barrier. 


Using her Silence Glaive, the young
Senshi put up a barrier that prevented the tsunami from going any farther inland. 

"This won't hold out for long," Sailor Saturn warned the two other
Senshi. "Get ready to unleash your attacks when it wears off." 

The two
Senshi nodded th
eir head. Saturn focused all of her powers into the Silence Glaive. After this attack, she could only put up the barrier one last time before she ran out of power to support her barrier. 

I hope someone will help us soon. She prayed as Uranus and Neptune focused their powers.  


When Kunzite pulled Zoicite into his arms he felt warm and safe. His kisses reminded him of the love they had had a long time ago. How he wished he had not failed his Queen the first time she had ordered them to take over this world. If He had just listened then perhaps… 
“Zoicite you are perfect. You and I shall be the leaders of the Shitennou. Together, we will be unstoppable." Zoicite’s breath caught when he said these words to him. Kunzite believed in him. Zoicite could see the vision that Kunzite put into Zoicite’s mind. How could Zoicite doubt his love. He had to believe and together they would conquer this world. And then their Queen would recognize their greatness. Together with Kunzite anything could be done. 
Zoicite was now determined more than ever. Right, now, though all Zoicite wanted was Kunzite and Zoicite knew that Kunzite felt the same for him. Zoicite became lost in Kunzite’s eyes. 
"You always make me feel alive, Kunzite." 

"You are the only person who can make me feel, Zoicite." Zoicite knew he felt a blush rising to his checks. How he wished that they could stay like this for all eternity. 
But now was not the time for this. Peri need them to finish them to finish the task at hand. From Perillia Zoicite had just received an important message that they all needed to get to safer ground. Or they would be lost to Perillia and then there would be nothing she could do for any of them. Zoicite moved faster than ever now, readjusting his clothes and then rushed over to help Nephrite and Jadeite with the remaining products that were left over. Kunzite was right behind him. Together they made a rush to the van that awaited them. They people around they were looking around in a funny mannor, like they couldn’t tell that there was danger coming. How could they not see it, feel it in the air. Humans could be so stupid at times. But Zoicite didn’t bother to waste his energy on the stupid humans. Kunzite made sure that he, Nephrite, and Jadeite were all safe before join them himself. Zoicite watched with the others as the first wave came rushing in. 
"How can those stupid humans think nothing is coming?" Jadeite asked. Voicing Zoicite’s earlier thoughts. 
"I hope it kills them all," Zoicite spitefully added. 

"Me too," Nephrite chimed in. 
So, Neprhrite and he were on the same wave length. Kunzite just watched in silence. 
Perillia smiled a sinister grin. "Yes, some casualties will help our cause. We'll hold a charity event to honor the dead. Our business will boom even more thanks to this disaster. And there are no Senshi to
stop us." 
She chuckled as the first wave crashed into the south end of the festival. 
Zoicite wanted to join in her happiness but, he did not. He would not spoil this moment for her. This had been her plan along how could he have ever doubted her. His all knowing queen, he watched as the first wave came ever so closer, he was safe in the arms his love, they were all safe for now.


http://i329.photobucket.com/albums/l389/serena3_2/Sailor%20Moon/sailormoonribbon.jpgUsagi went from having the time of her life to feeling like something was trying to rip her apart from the inside out. 

'This must be the worst stomach ache in all history,' Usagi thought as knelt in the darkness. 

She clutched at her stomach and then her chest. She couldn't figure out what was happening to her. Then, the memories hit her like a ton of bricks. The love and friendship she felt for these people in her memories, some she recognized and many she didn't, was almost too much to bear. She felt tears streaming down her face as she cried out in anguish for 
people she didn't even know, for a man who was her soul mate but whose name escaped her. Then, from the darkness, a light emerged. 

"It is time for you to awaken, Sailor Moon." 

Usagi looked up from the cold dirt that she had been clutching. Who was her savior? Who was this Sailor Moon? She was shocked to discover that Luna, her cat, was the one speaking to her. 


Usagi was speechless. She was in pain, and now her cat was speaking to her? 

'Maybe I am going crazy,' she wondered as Luna strolled closer to her. Usagi tried to sit up, but the pain was too extreme. 

"Don't fight your destiny. Your friends need you. The people of Tokyo need you now." 

"But, I'm scared." 

Luna sighed. "We don't have time for your indecision." 

Suddenly, Usagi was hypnotized by Luna's yellow crescent on her forehead. She saw a yellow beam shoot from the crescent and then felt something warm hit her forehead. Suddenly, her lives passed before her eyes. She said lives because it became very apparent that Usagi had lived multiple lives, constantly being reborn when the Earth and universe needed her. It was a strange sensation to see herself die, but it was an even better feeling to finally know who she was and what she was supposed to do. The tears were streaming down her face nonstop during the entire process. 

'Ami, Makoto, Minako, Rei...and Mamoru...Mamo-chan...' 

She could feel her body swelling with the knowledge of all these people, these friends, her true love...it was almost too much... 

The heat suddenly stopped. Her forehead felt sweaty. Her hair clung to her face as she collapsed against the cold Earth. She felt more stable hugging the ground, but she knew the time had come. 

"Awaken, Sailor Moon!" 

Usagi didn't say anything. She didn't need to. She felt herself floating. She was now over the Earth a few feet off the ground. She bent her head as if she were praying and let the power swell over her. She was no longer fighting, and it no longer hurt. Her clothes slowly unraveled into red ribbons around her entire body. She knew she should feel cold, but she felt an intense calm come over her along with the ribbons. This was right. This was who she really was...Sailor Moon...The ribbons wrapped around her body tightly as a crystal emerged from her chest. It didn't hurt when it came out. It felt powerful and...good... 


'I've never known such goodness and love until I felt this,' Usagi thought as the crystal came to her outstretched hands. 

Now, she was looking up. She saw the first wave hit. She saw other S
enshi out there fighting and helping. The second wave was coming and was stopped by some Senshi attacks. She saw Sailor Mercury out there organizing the forces. Sailor Jupiter was running in her direction. It looked like Jupiter was looking for their leader. The third wave was coming. It would be the most powerful. All of the Senshi would need to come together to stop it. Usagi closed her eyes as she said the magical words that would finish the transformation: 


The ribbons tightened even more around her small frame. She slowly floated to the ground in her Sailor Moon fuku. The crystal was still in her hand, which was strange. The Imperium Silver Crystal was usually only used to transform her into Princess Serenity. Luna approached her. 

"Use the strength of your friends' love and power with the Crystal. It will amplify your power and help you stop the third tidal wave." 

The earth began to shake. Usagi almost fell, but Sailor Jupiter had made it to her side. 

"Let's go, Usagi-chan. I'm here for you as are the others." 

Sailor Moon nodded. Before she left, she bent down to Luna and hugged her. 

"Thanks for looking out for me." 

Luna smiled and murmured, "Don't mention it," as the two ran into the mess that was the carnival. 


Sailor Moon was in the center of the group. O
n her left was Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mercury. On her right was Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus. Standing behind her was Tuxedo Kamen. She held out her hand with the crystal. The other Senshi reached out for her hands and held tight as they gave her their powers. 

"Mercury Power!" 

"Jupiter Power!" 

"Venus Power!" 

"Mars Power!" 

Tuxedo Kamen didn't say anything. He simply held out a rose and placed it gently on top of the ladies' hands before covering it with his own. 

Sailor Moon harnessed the energy into a small bundle. The white light surrounded their hands and then shot out into the face of the approaching wave. When it hit the wave, the thing crashed away into nothingness. The girls cheered as they celebrated a hard won victory. Sailor Moon was crying as she gave everyone hugs and kisses. 

"I missed you all so much..."


Rei hugged Usgai neck tightly. She was very happy. “It good to see you! Meatball head!" Rei teased a bit. "I am glad that you ok. Heck, I am glad that everyone is ok!" She hugged everyone tightly. Then they heard more yelling and screaming from the people around them. It broke the silence from the very happy reunion. 

“Seems like there are still others in trouble.” We got to do our best and help all of them the best we can!” Rei then quickly left from the others and took off running down the street of the festival. “Be safe and be careful guys!” She said, as she was running. 

She ran down the cold and very wet dark streets. Her heels clanging on the pavement as she ran. She ran past her booth and looked around to see that the people had evacuated with Yuichiro with them. She had to quickly hide so that Yuichiro would not see her in her sailor uniform. 
I will never hear the end of this if grandpa found out. Sigh… I just glad the people are safe and that he is as well. Rei began to blush as she though about what Yuichiro had said to her at the booth earlier. She shook her head and pushed the thoughts away. She started coming back up the street a little ways looking for the scream she heard. Rei also sees the Some strange scouts helping people."Hay jusy who are u guys anyways? I see that yall are helping people. I gona help u too.Becuse the people are our first objective. But You guys got so explaining to do!!" Rei said to them. But a sound stopped her from rammbleing after that. She heard the same scream as before. “Now... I know where the sound is coming from. It coming for down that allyway." She then walked down to the back alleyway. When Rei got to the edge of the ally, she saw a deep hole. She looked down the hole she seen a girl trapped in it. The beams and rocks entermixed that were over the hole and the only thing that was keeping it from and crushing her,there were the electrical lines that were restraining them as well. “Hay! Are u ok! She calls to the girl.”  

The girl seemed hurt. “Yes I am fine. However, my leg…. it is broken. And I can’t climb up. Please help me!!!!! I was running with the others and got lost from my frineds. When the winds blew so strongly from the storm and the building come down on the people that was there. I did the best I could to run but then I fell in this hole. My name is Hana. Have u 
seen Minako? I hope Minako is ok?" 

Rei screamed a loud as she could. “Hay I need help on this one I can’t get her out by myself.” Rei yelled as loud as she could down the alley. So that the others could hear her. 
Rei then looked back at the girl. “Hay girl! I am going to try this ok. I can’t leave u here. But I am going to climb down there and try to get u just in case they don’t hear me. The others should hear me they will come to help us.” 
Rei began to climb down the rocky edge of the hole to go after the girl. The rocks were very jagged and slippery and she almost fell a bit trying to get down to the bottom, but she made it down. Rei then when to dressing and bandaging the girls leg with torn pieces of cloth. "yes your frined Minako, she is fine. She is a frined of mine too." Said Rei. 


http://i329.photobucket.com/albums/l389/serena3_2/Sailor%20Moon/TuxedoMask-1.jpgMamoru hesitated. It wasn't like him to be indecisive or not confident, but something was nagging at the corner of his mind. It was telling him that this was wrong, and she wasn't the one for him. As he gazed down at her succulent lips, hovering just inches from his destination, he recalled memories of a klutzy blonde. The deja vu startled him, yet it also confirmed his initial urges. Minako had similar blonde hair as who he was seeing in the vision. And, she was klutzy like this faceless woman. 

'Maybe I am over thinking the problem as usual,' Mamoru thought as he closed his eyes and completed the distance between their lips. He had barely touched hers with his own when he felt something jump on his back. Something dug into his skin which caused him to scream in pain. 

"What the...?" 

He jumped really high into the air and moved away from Minako as if she were on fire. He reached behind his back to get the thing off him. 

"You two are not meant to be," something or someone was saying. 

At this point, Minako had opened her eyes and was staring horrified at Mamoru. He watched as her fright turned to surprise and then to anger. 


She ran over to him and pulled the sharp and painful thing from his back. It turned out to be a cat. 

'Imagine that,' Mamoru thought as he watched Minako lecture the poor critter. 'Must be her cat...a white knight in shining armour...' 

Mamoru was suddenly feeling dizzy. His back was throbbing, and he felt weak. It was as if he was going into shock. 

'From a cat scratch,' he questioned as he collapsed to his knees. 

Minako tossed the cat aside and ran to him. She made it in time to catch him before he fell on the ground. 

'How embarrassing,' he thought as his eyes slowly closed. 

He heard Minako yelling at him and then yelling at the white cat. Then, he felt warm tears on his cheeks and eyelids. He wanted to tell her to not waste her tears for someone like him, but he couldn't move his lips. He was paralyzed. That was when he felt her lips press tightly against his own. He felt his strength return, almost like he was sleeping beauty or snow white waiting for his true love's kiss. 

What happened next surprised both of them, though. Minako started to levitate and Mamoru flew against the alleyway building. He didn't feel any pain, though, because his mind was preoccupied on memories. What had happened was never meant to come to pass. He had betrayed a girl he hadn't met in this life yet, his beautiful Odango. He recalled their life on the Moon and then recalled their most recent life, the struggles, the fighting, his sacrifice for her against an evil queen. 


A rose fell in front of his body. There was a bright light, and then he was Tuxedo Kamen. He adjusted his cape and top hat. He saw Sailor Venus a little bit in front of him. They quickly turned away. They were both obviously awkward and unsure how to act in front of each other. Of course, now was not the time to deal with their emotions or the sense of betrayal that weighed on Mamoru's conscious. He was pretty sure that Minako felt the same guilt.

'We'll have to talk about the kiss and date at a later point,' he thought as he waited for Minako to lead the way. As they made their way to the oth
er Inner Senshi, they helped a few people escape including Asanuma who had been separated from Hana. 

"I'm not leaving without her," he screamed as he pulled away from Tuxedo Kamen. 

"You don't have time. More waves are coming. I'll find her and send her to the parking lot. That's one of the safety spots at this point. Don't be a hero and get yourself killed." 

Tuxedo's stern voice reminded Asanuma of someone, but he couldn't put his finger on who. He hesitated only a moment longer before running to safety. 

'What we do for love,' Tuxedo thought as he saw Sailor Moon come to the center of danger. Sailor Jupiter was with her as well. She had the Crystal in her gloved hands. He knew what was going to happen next, and he followed the other S
enshi who took their places around her. He stood in the back and let the love, power, and magic that was Sailor Moon take over. In the next moment, they had averted the danger of the final tidal wave. 

'I knew you could do it, Odango...' Mamoru thought nostalgically as he backed away from the S
enshi giving them room for their reunion. He felt awkward being with Sailor Moon considering his previous actions. As he backed away, he saw some mysterious Senshi nearby. 

'What the...?' 

His eyes narrowed as he thought through his memories. Who were they? They were not from his past lives, and that made him suspicious. He was slow to trust anyone, and these three looked like outsiders who didn't want to be bothered. He watched as Sailor Mars ended the short-lived S
enshi reunion to help some more people who were still in danger from the after affects of the tsunami. She boldly walked up to a woman who appeared to be the leader, she had short blonde hair. Mars exclaimed that she was there to help before running toward a woman's scream. Tuxedo Kamen followed her, but he stopped in front of the three strangers. 

"Who are you?" 

He figured Sailor Mars could handle the injured woman, that or another S
enshi would go over to assist her. His prerogative was to find out if these women were friend or foe.


Kunzite wrapped his arms around Zoicite as they watched the humans scurry about in panic and fear. From their vantage point, the people looked like ants. 

'Ready to be stepped on,' Kunzite thought as he smiled. The people's pain excited him in ways he never believed possible. He nibbled on Zoicite's neck as he tried to pull his love even closer against his body. 

"What the...?" 

Nephrite's exclamation caused Kunzite to let go of Zoicite and rush forward. He was horrified to see what appeared to be Sailor S
enshi helping the humans and battling the natural disaster. 

"Who are they?" 

Kunzite did not recognize the three warriors, but immediately assessed that they were more powerful than the last group they had destroyed. 

"Well, at least there are only three this time," Nephrite commented. All the Shitennou looked toward Perillia to gage her reaction. No one wanted to speak before their queen...that was until Sailor Moon showed up. 

"What the hell?" Zoicite exclaimed when Sailor Moon and the original S
enshi they had destroyed appeared on the scene. 

They watched in silent horror as Sailor Moon vanquished the final tidal wave using the all powerful Imperium Silver Crystal, a weapon that Perillia had coveted in her past life. Kunzite knew that their plans were now one hundred times more complicated than before. If the new group of S
enshi was working with Sailor Moon...Kunzite didn't even want to consider what that would mean. Defeat was not an option this time. 

"My queen..." 

Kunzite immediately knelt before Perillia and the other Shitennou followed suit. 

"Your faithful and loving servants are dependable. We will destroy the Sailor
Senshi this time, even the new additions. With your power and might, nothing can stop us." 

Kunzite was surprised at the reactions flickering across Perillia's face. There was anger, which was to be expected considering that Sailor Moon had been reborn with the rest of them. However, there was also a wistful longing in her demeanor. Kunzite fancied a glance toward the action and saw her eyes drifting to Tuxedo Kamen. Kunzite kept silent as he refocused on his queen and lowered his head even more. 

'It must be lonely to not have a king,' he contemplated. 


Nephrite wasn't concerned that Kunzite and Zoicite were necking behind him. Even though he had proclaimed that he wanted all the humans to die, a part of his soul screamed no. 

'Not Naru...never Naru...' 

Nephrite remained stoic and indifferent as he watched the silly humans scurrying about. He tried to stifle the part of his mind that inquired after Naru. He was the first to notice three sailor
Senshi fighting and saving people. Everyone rushed forward. He backed up a little bit. He didn't recognize the new faces from their previous life. 

Suddenly, his eyes fell upon Naru. She had tripped and the second tidal wave was coming. His hands tightened into fists, but he did nothing. He said nothing. Then, a Sailor S
enshi appeared. Nephrite recognized her as Sailor Venus. His stopped clenching his hands when she carried Naru to safety. His hands dropped to his side as he watched Naru hobble the rest of the way to the parking lot. He didn't have much time to think about her after that because Kunzite was bowing in fron of their queen. He immediately joined his leader and knelt before his queen. He also wanted to reassure her that they would not fail. 

"You will be the supreme ruler of this world, my queen, and even the universe if your heart desires. We will make it possible."


Minako felt like she was waiting forever for Mamoru to kiss her. Why was he taking so long?

'I really hope my breath doesn't smell bad,' she worried. Minako cracked open an eye and saw that Mamoru was deep in thought. 'I wonder what he is thinking...' She closed her eyes to await the fateful kiss. 

His lips were barely touching hers. Her pulse quickened. She could feel his warm breath against her lips. Just as suddenly, it was gone. 


Minako opened her eyes when Mamoru screamed. 

"You two are not meant to be!" 

"What the...?" Minako couldn't tell where the voice was coming from and also couldn't tell what was wrong with Mamoru. He was trying to get something off his back...but what? 

"Oh my god..." 

Minako felt like she was going to die from embaressament. Artemis had his nails in Mamoru's back and would not let go. Minako could see trickles of blood seeping through Mamoru's top. 

'He must be in so much pain...' 

Minako ran to him and yelled at Artemis to get off Mamoru's back. She ripped him away from Mamoru and began to lecture Artemis. 

"Who do you think you are interrupting my first kiss? You aren't my father! How dare you try to hurt my date!" She shook Artemis to stress her point and the fact that she was angry at him. A thud caused her to drop Artemis and run to Mamoru, who had fallen to his knees. He looked dizzy. 

'Must be from the loss of blood,' she worried as she caught him before he could collapse on the ground. 

"Mamoru, you are going to be ok! It's just a small cat scratch. I'm here for you!" 

When his eyes closed, Minako started to panic. What if he was dying? What if he was allergic to cats? What if he never woke up? She began to frantically yell his name. 


Tears were streaming down her face. She looked a complete mess. She knew they were falling all over Mamoru, but she couldn't stop herself. 

"Look what you did Artemis!?!? Why did you do this!?!?" 

Artemis actually looked contrite as he tip-toed closer to Minako and Mamoru. Minako yelled Mamoru's name a few more times. 

'When all else fails, love's true kiss will awaken the prince...' 

With that final thought, Minako bent down and kissed Mamoru deeply. She poured all her love and concern into Mamoru. What happened next surprised and scared her. She felt herself levitate from the ground. Mamoru flew into the shadows and was gone.


Minako looked at Artemis who was smiling up at her. 

"Time to awaken, Sailor Venus." 

"Sailor who?" 

Minako didn't say anything else as she floated back to the floor and knelt on the ground in front of her cat. Artemis approached her and touched a paw to her knee. 

As soon as he touched her, the memories came back. They wracked her body, mind, and soul. It almost seemed like too much to take in, but she managed. This was who she was...the guardian of love and beauty...After the memories stopped, Minako said her transformation words, no questions asked or needed. 

"Venus Power, Make-up!" 

After her transformation finished, she saw that Mamoru had already transformed into Tuxedo Kamen. Her face grew hot with embarrassment. She quickly turned away from him and led the way to the fight. 

'Usagi is going to kill me when she finds out I was trying to steal her boyfriend...and what a boyfriend,' she sighed. She didn't want to admit that she had always dreamed of having someone as wonderful as Usagi's boyfriend. 'I wonder if I unconsciously tried to steal my best friend's boyfriend...?' 

She left Tuxedo Kamen as he helped Asanuma who was trying to run into the mess to find Hana. 

'I need to look for Hana! I can't let anything happen to her,' Sailor Venus thought as she plowed forward. 

She saw someone that was hurt, but it wasn't Hana. She recognized Naru, Usagi's friend from Juuban Middle School. Naru had a twisted ankle and couldn't move very fast. Sailor Venus rushed forward and picked the girl up. There was a wave coming, and she needed to get her to safety. Naru was crying, and Sailor Venus struggled with the girl's weight. Luckily, the wave never hit them. 

'Some of the other Senshi must have already stopped it,' she thought as she carried Naru closer to the parking lot. 

"You'll be ok now. You are out of danger." 

Sailor Venus gave her a peace sign before running to meet up with the rest of the S

'I don't see Hana anywhere...maybe she already made it to the parking lot,' Venus wondered. 

She quickly took her place beside Sailor Moon and gave all her powers to her friend. With their combined strength, they were able to defeat the final tidal wave before it hit what remained of the festival. 

Sailor Venus cheered with the rest of the S
enshi but felt awkward hugging Sailor Moon. 

'I can't start this friendship with a lie...but I don't think now is the appropriate time to confess all.' 

Sailor Mars and Mercury ran off to help others who were still in danger. Sailor Venus followed them until she noticed the strangers that had been there the entire time. 

'Who are these S
enshi?' she wondered. She stayed in the background near Sailor Moon because Tuxedo Kamen had taken it upon himself to take the lead on the interrogation. 

'Perhaps he should have let Sailor Moon ask the questions...she has a wonderful way at putting people at ease,' Minako contemplated as she saw the three S
enshi take a defensive stance against them.


It was all a blur. She was angry at first, somewhat enraged. She couldn't contain her anger. Something felt wrong. Looking to the sky she could see the full moon giving off a crimson glow. She sensed it—danger. Perillia quickly had her servants clean out the booth to preserver the products of the Dark Kingdom and make their way back to the truck and her sports car. However, something inside of her felt off and out of touch with her reality. It was though her perception of the world became warped. 

From the parking lot, she began to see flashes of light emanating from a few girls in sailor like uniforms. Being out of sync with reality, she stood by watching them combat the wall of water, each in their own unique way. They rescued those around them. 

Just as they were about to lose to tsunami, Perillia heard a echo of a familiar voice, “Awaken....” 

Flashbacks of the final battle reemerged to the surface. The white light consumed her, and it consumed her foe. She had lost her love. She had lost battle...and the war. She had failed. 


She felt the energy ripple throughout her body. It was her—her foe...her enemy. The bitch had survived the final battle. 

"Mercury Power!" 

"Jupiter Power!" 

"Venus Power!" 

"Mars Power!" 

They had all survived. 

Perillia became enraged and filled with hatred. She made her hands into fists, ready to go fight the one whom had made her fail. But something unexpected appeared before her eyes, in the distance. It was a simple red rose—a familiar rose. Her heart began to pound as she got a quick glimpse of the man holding that precious flower. He...he...he is alive! She thought to herself as a tear formed at the corner of her right eye before streaming down her cheek. 

Her anger swiftly dissipated. All she wanted to do was be close to her love—to hold him, feel him, and kiss him. She allowed herself, for a moment, to drift into a world where Tuxedo Kamen and her would rule earth, as a couple, in and out of the bedroom—forever, in her version of love. 

“My Queen...” Perillia awoke back into the new reality with her servant kneeling before her and communicating with her. "Your faithful and loving servants are dependable. We will destroy the Sailor Senshi this time, even the new additions. With your power and might, nothing can stop us." 

Perillia had failed to notice the new additions. Though her face appeared to show anger, she had reached a state of calmness within herself. It was at that moment she decided her fate, her destiny—to make Sailor Moon pay for denying her victory...and...love. 

"You will be the supreme ruler of this world, my queen, and even the universe if your heart desires. We will make it possible." The redheaded woman heard the voice of her servant. 

Perillia let out a loud demonic laugh. “We WILL have our revenge!” 
And I WILL have mine! 

Redirecting her attention to her servants, she ordered, “Get this stuff back to the salon. We have a world to conquer...and little S
enshi to destroy.” With that, she jumped into her sports car and took off from the campus parking lot as the Senshi congratulated themselves on a job well done.


The crisis over for the moment, Jupiter looked down at her Senshi fuku and began giggling almost hysterically. She she saw the looks everyone was giving her she said, "Sorry, it's just a few minutes ago I was thinking about how much I HATED cosplay." She then began giggling again as she looked to Usagi and smiled. "It's good to be back." she said.


After hanging up on her phone call with Hotaru, Michiru faced where the increasing destructive winds came from, she faced them, closing her eyes as the zephyrs swept through her shoulder-length aquamarine hair. She opened her ocean blue eyes and sighed, looking at the normal citizens around her...they had no idea, what was going to hit them. 

She quickly rushed through the crowd, as she overheard a group of people make remarks at the suddenly blood red moon 

Weird,” a young girl said. 

“Why does the moon look like that?” 

“Ohmigosh is that creepy or what!” 

“Why is it suddenly so windy?” 

As ground began to rumble, the sound of wails and cries were heard from a distance. 

“What is happening? I’m scared!” a small girl cried.

As the increase of fear and screams flooded Michiru, she bit her bottom lip as she ducked behind one of the festival's stalls, making sure no one was around her as she pulled out her henshin stick from her skirt pocket, breathing out slowly, she raised it in front of her and called out her planet's power 

"Neptune Crystal Power...Make-up!

Michiru was pulled into the air, about a feet high in the air as she heard the call of the ocean, not the destructive forces of the looming tsunami racing towards her but the soothing calls of the deep water themselves, followed by the throbbing heart beat of her planet Neptune itself, suddenly swallowing her whole as she felt the tight fabric of her proud uniform wrap around her body. 

Soon it evaporated like a watery mist and Sailor Neptune stood in her regular pose, blinking twice, Neptune rushed from behind the stall and towards the edge...where the tsunami lay. 


The ground rumbled below her heeled feet, Neptune leapt into the air as she caught side of two children, a brother and sister stare at the looming water ahead of them. The
Senshi's eyes widen with fear as she realised, the children weren't gonna run just stare at the blue wall in frightening fascination 

"Iie" Neptune breathed, she landed on the roof of the closest talls, gritted her teeth and launched her attack 

Deep Submerge!" 

She grinned with satisfaction as she released her planetary's power into the column of water, how interesting to see watching the power of Neptune clash with Earth's corrupted water. She landed on the ground, watching as her power rippled across the column, sparking aquamarine energy containing the deep blue water from going any further. 

The children snapped out of their fixed trance, looked behind them gasping in awe at the suited woman before them, Neptune smiled at them fondly, opening both her hands "Come with me...I'll take you to safety" the siblings exchanged looks, nodded and took her gloved hands. Together, the trio ran from the contained water before it was released and smashed into the stalls before it. 


After returning the brother and sister to their relieved parents, who could not stop thanking Neptune, the
Senshi laughed it away nodding at them before leaping off, in search for her beloved. She found the Uranian soldier, slicing the air with her sword sending a rippling wind towards the approaching wave, removing the debris off the fallen man and attempting to pull him onto his feet. 

Neptune gasped as she saw another tidal wave approach them, they weren't gonna get out in time! Quickly, she launched another attack at the incoming tsunami 


She grinned as the same energy ball smashed into the wall of water, pushing it back, her eyes connected with Uranus, who smiled at her, Neptune nodded back at her, noticing the tsunami coming back and hissed as she released another submerge thinking to herself 

'Stay back, waters of the Earth, be still and calm once more...' 

Soon she felt Uranus by her side, the two lovers exchanged endearing smiles before resuming their assault on the still many tidal waves pressing forward onto the land. 


Feeling her physical body tire out but her will stronger than ever to protect the innocent, Neptune tilted her head to the side as she watched young Saturn join her and Uranus. She watched as her beloved take command and order them both to combine their attacks and focus on the heart of the tidal waves. 

Neptune smiled as she turned to stare into the loud, screaming waves, she should know water, it was the very element she controlled! Breathing out heavily, she summoned up the remaining energy to conjure up her attack, on her left she felt the flare of Saturn rise up within the young girl and on her right, the ever strong powers of Uranus conjuring up. 

Together the three Out
er Senshi threw their attacks into the tsunami, united as one single attack.


Ami had just finished chatting with Usagi and Makato. She was on her way back to check in on the computer booth. She reached into her pocket and held on to the pen that Ryo had given her. She felt a special connection to this pen for some reason. It brought back memories of a long time ago. Ami shook the thought out of her mind. ‘What is wrong with me? I have to ask Ryo where he got this pen.” 

Ami made it to the computer booth. 

“Ryo, can I talk to you for a minute?,” Ami said. 

“Sure,” he replied with a blush and a smile. They walked over to the side of the booth, out of the way of the crowds. Ami held out the pen. “Ryo-chan, where did you get this pen?,” 

“I..I.. I ..” before he could answer, the Earth began to shake. Ryo grabbed Ami’s hand and ran for cover. Ryo held Ami while they waited for the commotion to dye down. She felt save in his arms and she never wanted him to let her go. She started to fell light headed. 

"Ami-chan, are you ok?" Ryo asked as she began shaking in his arms. 

"Yeah...I think my headache is coming back..." 

Ami felt cold all over except for her forehead. What was happening to her body? 

'I need to get away from here before someone sees this...' 

She ran into the shadows and fell to her knees. She saw herself in a blue outfit. She was fighting dangerous demons...no...youma... 

'There is an evil presence again in Tokyo, and it is causing mother nature to rebel. My friends need me,' Ami thought as she scrunched her eyes in pain. 'What am I thinking? I don't know what I am talking about...' 

“Mizuno Ami , Pretty Sailor Mercury it is time,” a voice whispered in her ear. 

“Time for what?” Ami said aloud, “Time for whattt?!?” 

“It is time for you to awaken and fulfill your destiny!” 

A sudden flow of memories from the past flashed before Ami’s eyes. ‘I remember…. I remember now!’ 

“Mercury Power Make-up!” Ami changed into her secret persona: Sailor Mercury. After the transformation, Ami ran back to the computer booth to help Ryo the others. Once she had ensured that they were safe, she went off to help other people. There were tons of people hurt and many were being carried to safety by the other people. 

Ami ran to were the rest of the inner scouts were standing. Ami smiled as she recognized the group of girls at her side, never had she felt so apart of the group. 

Mercury Star Power! She said as the other followed suit. After the successful attack, Ami went around helping people to safety. 

Ami heard someone yelling for help. It was Sailor Mars, she was trying to rescue a girl who was hanging down a steep cliff. Sailor Mars was trying to climb down to help the girl. 

“Here, let me help, it is too dangerous to climb down there,” Ami said. Together Sailor Mars and Ami pulled the girl to safety. 

“Are you okay?” Ami said to the girl. Hana had just nodded her head. Ami then turned to Rei and smiled. She looked up at the sky and saw the blood red moon and sighed. ‘Evil has returned to Earth.”


The red moon was glowing high in the sky. A red beam from the moonlight, stretched in the window of a top penthouse window, illuminating everything in a slightly red light. The moonlight beam grazed the top of a military boot. A solitary red ribbon twirled around and around, in and out of the pale fingers of a shadowy figure. Jadeite sat in his black leather chair, looking out across the dark sky and at the blood red moon. It is a sign of things to come Jadeite thought as he absently twirled the red ribbon, it is a good omen. 

After the commotion of the festival, Jadeite decided to retire to his penthouse, he wanted time to unwind after seeing that the Sailor Scouts had returned. He was ready when the time came to fight the sailor brats, as soon as his queen gave the word. Just then he remember that Miss Minako had not come to visit. Jadeite just shrugged it off. If she isn’t interested, then there are pretty girls out there who would be , he thought to himself. He looked up at the red moon. It is time that to celebrate. 

Jadeite picked up the phone and began dialing. There was a pause as he sat and listened to the ringing on the other end of the phone. 

“Hello,” said the voice on the other line. 

“Come over,” Jadeite said. He chuckled at the response on the other end of the line. 

He set the receiver down on the on the stand and went back to absently twirling the red ribbon. Twenty minutes later there was a knock at the door, Jadeite had poured two glasses of plum wine which were sitting on the table, He got up from his chair and went to the door, the red ribbon floated to the table. 

“I will make you scream for a dollar,” the girl said jokingly, as she walked in the apartment. 

Jadeite shut the door behind the girl , he grabbed the girl by the arm, her black hair twirled around and sat slightly ajar on her shoulder. Jadeite took her stuff and threw it on to the floor. Jadeite pushed the girl up against the door and begin kissing her lips softly at first and then more roughly. He began to unbutton her shirt as he pulled the girl’s bottom lip in between his teeth. She moaned in response. 

“No but I will let you scream my name for free,” Jadeite whispered into the girl’s ear, as he picked up the girl and began to carry her to the bedroom. 

“Frisky,” the girl said. “No dinner before hand?” 

Jadeite chuckled. “This is a celebrations, just sit back and enjoy the ride.” 

Articles of clothing created a long, winding path to Jadeite’s master bedroom. The door slammed shut, shaking the pictures, which hung on the wall. All that could be heard was the creaking of the bed and the moans from the participants. The two glasses of plum wine, sat on the table, the red ribbon laying across the top glasses. 


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Perillia didn't wait to watch the Senshi save the remaining, foolish humans. She had too many emotions coursing through her being, and she didn't want the Shitennou to see her like this. She must always be strong in front of them, at least for their sake. 

“Get this stuff back to the salon. We have a world to conquer...and little Senshi to destroy.” 

Kunzite nodded. Everyone stood up and walked from their private, safety point high on a hill to work like the busy ants they were. 

Peri didn't waste any time getting into her sports car and driving away as if the devil were on her heels. As she drove, she thought of him...Prince Endymion. She had been so close to making him her king, and then he had betrayed her. Without his help, she would have vanquished Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon wouldn't have had time to transform into her princess self...or the confidence. 

'Maybe that is where I can slowly destroy her. Start with her self-confidence--make her feel like she doesn't deserve to be queen.' 

Peri hadn't noticed, but her reckless driving had gotten her safely home to her mansion. Luckily, she had asked all the servants to retire for the night. She had thought she was going to be out a lot later, but then all this shit happened. She began to strip off her clothing as she walked to the bathroom. She was down to her undergarments when she let the water pour into the bathtub. She poured the bubble solution and went to get some deep red wine. She sipped it as the tub to filled. She gulped the last bit of the bitter wine before she stopped the water. Peri took off her remaining articles of clothing and slipped into the warm heat. It enveloped her like a snug glove. She felt safe and powerful again. She slipped all the way in as the water spread her blood red locks around her head and body. It looked like she was wearing a halo or standing in front of the crismon moon. 

'Tomorrow is the day. We have the edge. They don't know that we are back and already putting our tentacles into much of Tokyo life. By the time they find out, it will be too late. The tentacles will be wrapped around their pretty, scrawny necks squeezing the very life out of them.' 

She laughed hysterically as she thought of the funny picture such a death would make for so "glorious" of fighters. 


The Shitennou finished their work in silence. They didn't have much to say to each other. They were lost in their own thoughts, and that was fine with Kunzite. It meant that they would get the work done faster. In the car, the silence unnerved Zoicite, and he turned on a rock station to "lighten" the mood. Kunzite chuckled at the choice. Zoicite knew he preferred that genre over most others. He reached out a hand and took Zoicite's. He drove the rest of the way holding Zoi's outstreteched hand. 

Finally, they arrived at the salon. Kunzite drove the van to the back where they started hauling the supplies into the basement. The work didn't last long. Jadeite waved at the rest of them before hopping on his motorcycle and peeling out. 

'For some reason, I worry about him,' Kunzite thought. Kunzite was pulled from his thoughts by the gentle touch on his forearm. Zoicite wanted to go home. Kunzite led them to their car and opened the door for Zoicite. They were driving a red sports car as well, similar make and model to Peri's. Nephrite left the back parking lot first in his Mercedes Benz. Kunzite followed. Kunzite lived in the same mansion complex as Nephrite. He had gotten the couple a good deal on a place down the street from his own.

Once Kunzite pulled into their driveway, he looked over at Zoicite. He had fallen asleep during the trip. Kunzite quickly parked and then went over to the passenger side so he could carry Zoicite into their home. He used his voice to deactivate the alarm and open the door. He carried his lover up the stairs and set him gently on their bed, The down comforter shifted under the weight. The blue silk sheets stood out against Zoicite's pale skin. Kunzite desired him; he wanted to rip off the man's clothes and make passionate love to him. But, he knew they had a long couple of days ahead of themselves. He would need to wait. 

'Patience is a virtue,' he thought optimistically as he stripped off Zoicite's clothes and then his own. He tucked his lover into bed and slid in behind him. His muscular body pressed against Zoicite's back. It was very apparent he was in the mood for some fun. Zoicite yawned and whispered "I love you" before falling asleep. Kunzite sighed and whispered back, "I know." 


Nephrite had driven home in a daze. As soon as he entered his human palace, he went to get a glass of brandy. He sat in the darkest corner of his study and sipped the brandy in silence. Thoughts of Naru flashed through his mind. He absently played with himself as he thought of her. 

'Perhaps there is a way to bring her to the Dark Kingdom...if Perillia will accept a new servant...' 

Nephrite thought of ways he could convince his queen that she would want a human slave. He stopped playing with himself long enough to strip off his pants. As he warmed up to the idea, he rubbed harder and harder. It didn't take long before his release came. He screamed in pleasure. After the orgasm passed, he sat in the darkness. He knew he would have to clean up the mess he made, but he didn't want to move. Instead, he calmly finished his brandy in the quiet of his study unaware, or probably uncaring, of his messy state. 


Sailor Moon hugged all her friends. She was happy to be reunited with her lost past. She felt tears come to her eyes and slowly trickle down her cheeks. The saltiness of her tears stained her face and left seemingly permanent tracks. She didn't care, though, because there was still so much to do. Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury ran off to help some remaining people who were still in danger while Tuxedo Kamen confronted some new Senshi who had been there helping during the fight. She understood why he was so suspicious, but she didn't want to fight with the new Senshi. She believed that they were there to do good and help; she just had this feeling. She stepped closer to Tuxedo Kamen and Sailor Venus who, for some reason, were standing a little away from her. She tried not to let it bother her. There were more important issues to deal with. Before she could fully step forward, Sailor Jupiter grabbed her arm and pulled her back. 

"Let us take the lead on this, Sailor Moon, just in case..." 

Sailor Moon nodded. She understood her friend's concerns and didn't want to fight with them. 

"I repeat, who are you?" Tuxedo Kamen asked again. 

The three women faced him. 

"We could ask you the same question," the apparent leader with short blond hair replied. 

The other woman with teal colored hair put a hand on her partner's arm. "We should leave," she quietly responded. The smaller Senshi was already turning away. The other two were following suit, apparently they didn't want to cause any more of a scene than they had already done. People were coming closer to the Senshi. There were phones and cameras snapping shots. It was only a matter of time before the news crews arrived. 

Tuxedo Kamen understood how they felt, but they all needed answers. Were they friend or foe? Why were they here? Why hadn't any of the Senshi remembered them from their past lives? He came forward and threw a rose at their feet. 

At this point, Sailor Moon ran from behind Sailor Jupiter and went forth to stand next to Tuxedo Kamen. She smiled at him before gently pushing him behind her. She walked toward them. The leader nodded to the other two who quietly left. Sailor Venus and Jupiter now stood beside Tuxedo Kamen. All three were prepared for anything that might happen. Sailor Venus looked down the way and couldn't see what was taking Sailor Mars and Mercury so long. 

'Hopefully, we won't need you two,' she thought as Sailor Moon stood beneath the stranger, who was elevated on an overturned table. 

"We mean you no harm," Sailor Moon said as she stared intently at the stranger. "I feel something when I look at you..." 

Sailor Uranus raised an eyebrow. She refused to respond to the pretty blond's inquiries, but she also felt something between them. 

'Is she the one we have been searching for? But, I must heed Sailor Pluto's warning. There are many out there who will deceive us. I must wait until I am sure...' 

Sailor Uranus jumped down from her higher vantage point and walked over to the strange Senshi. Uranus knew that she was stronger than she looked, especially after witnessing that final attack where she combined all the others' powers. 

'How could one so young and small harness so much inside her?' Uranus thought of Saturn's powers and wondered who would win in a face-off. 'No matter...' 

Uranus walked around the girl, as if sizing her up. Once she had come around to her front, Uranus stepped closer to her. The younger Senshi looked up to keep her eyes locked on Uranus' face. Uranus reached a hand out and held Sailor Moon's chin. 

"For one so young, you are very brave." 

Despite the uncomfortable grip, Sailor Moon smiled. "I am called Sailor Moon, the champion of love and justice." 

Sailor Uranus leaned in closer, her warm breath teasing Sailor Moon's lips. Sailor Moon's heart skipped a beat. Why was the woman leaning in close, as if to kiss her? 

"Well, Sailor Moon, my friends and I will have to remain a mystery to you and yours...at least for now..." 

She closed the rest of the distance and kissed, not her lips, but where her fingers had left an impression on Sailor Moon's chin. With that, she raced away. 

"She runs like the wind," Sailor Moon announced. 

"We will meet again and soon..." 

Sailor Jupiter came up to Sailor Moon. "Are you ok?" 

"I...I think so..." 

Sailor Moon didn't want to admit that she felt shaken by the whole experience. When she turned around to face the small group, she gulped. She was a bit surprised that Tuxedo Kamen had not come forward to stop the other woman. Something was definitely strange with him, especially when she considered the looks Sailor Venus was surreptitiously shooting him. 

"We need to go, now, before the vultures get here," Sailor Jupiter proclaimed, the only voice of reason within the small group. 

"Let's go find Sailor Mars and Mercury," Sailor Venus responded. "I saw where they went. Follow me!" 

After Sailor Mars had assessed the damage, she made her way into the deep hole to try and get the girl out. She felt herself slipping when Sailor Mercury held out a hand to her. 

"I thought you could use some help." 

Sailor Mars let go of the slippery beam and let Sailor Mercury support her weight as she pulled the injured girl from the wreck. It turned out that she knew Minako. 

"I have a lot of first aid experience," Sailor Mercury explained as she rushed to bandage the girl's leg. Sailor Mars moved out of the way so Mercury could finish the ministrations. She walked down the alleyway to see if the other Senshi were still waiting for them. She was almost mauled over by them as they came running up to her. 

"We need to get out of here and quickly," Tuxedo Kamen explained. "The newspaper reporters have arrived, and there is already enough footage of us battling the tsunami caught by people's phones. We don't want to stick around for personal interviews." 

Sailor Mars nodded and turned back to Mercury who was helping Hana. Hana was leaning heavily on the short, blue haired girl's slim shoulders, but Sailor Mercury didn't complain. 

"She needs to get to her friends..." 

"Yes! I'm looking for my friend Minako. She was on a date with Mamoru, and I was on a date with his good friend Asanuma." 

At the mention of the date, Sailor Moon turned startled eyes to Sailor Venus and Tuxedo Kamen. She didn't know what to think or feel. 

"Later, Usagi-chan..." Luna whispered from below. 

"Yes...of course...always time later..." 

Sailor Jupiter rushed forward to assist Sailor Mercury. The trio left in the opposite direction to get Hana to safety. The others faded into the blood red night. 


"Numerous witnesses reported over five different female heroines fighting for truth and justice. Some accounts say ten, others eight. Regardless of the numbers, Tokyo has a secret weapon to protect its citizens from danger, natural or otherwise. And on behalf of the city, we say thank you." 

The news reporter continued her story as she talked with different eye-witnesses, people who weren't camera shy. Both Hana and Asanuma held the limelight for a while as they spoke about their encounters with the heroes face to face. Naru hung back with Usagi, who was unusually quiet considering all that had happened. To be honest, Naru didn't want to talk much either. They watched Hana and Asanuma for a while before strolling away. 

"I'm beat, Usagi-chan. Want to go home? I'm sure my mom's here to give us a ride by now, especially considering how much this major event is splashed on the news." 

Usagi nodded and reached down to pick up Luna who had been following her around. 

"Why did you bring your cat to the festival, Usagi?" 

Usagi just shrugged. "I think she followed me here of her own accord." Usagi looked back once more and saw Minako and Mamoru standing off to the side waiting for their friends who were being interviewed. When they glanced at her, she quickly turned away. 


"She's mad, isn't she?" 

"I'm not sure," responded Mamoru. "I think she is confused and not sure what is going on. That usually doesn't make her mad...it makes her sad..." Mamoru's voice cracked a bit. The thought of making Usagi cry hurt him deep inside his heart. 

"We will need to tell her it was all a misunderstanding, right?" Minako questioned. 

"Yes, of course. Now is not the time, though." 

The pair continued to look like young lovers so as to not arouse suspicion with their friends. They were standing close to each other looking lovey dovey as they waited for Hana and Asanuma to finish their interviews. Mamoru glanced at Minako in surprise. She actually looked like she was enjoying the ruse. 

'I sure hope she didn't develop a crush on me,' he worried. 

'I can still look at eye candy, right?' Minako wondered. 

Artemis glared at the pair from the shadows. "No hanky panky on my watch!" 


Makoto had looked for Izumi Takamaya, the girl cosplaying Aerith. When she confirmed that her friend was not among one of the injured, she felt ready to go home and get some sleep. 

"I guess we all got more than we bargained for from this festival," she murmured as she strolled away. 


Ami had caught up with Ryo and was speaking to him about the pen he had given her. Meanwhile, Yuki Imoto was being interviewed about the year's supply of beauty supplies she had won. 

'That salon is getting some really nice publicity considering they packed up and left early...' 

She refocused her attention on Ryo who looked uncomfortable. 

"I know we didn't get a chance to finish talking about this earlier...but I'm really curious...where did you find my pen?" 

"Well, um...I..." Ryu looked away in embarrassment. "I found it outside your locker. There was a black cat with a yellow crescent moon. It was like she was guarding it or something. I figured it fell out of your locker when you reached for some books, and...well...I didn't want the cat playing with it...it could have gotten broken...I...um...I swear I didn't mean to steal it or anything...honest!" 

Ryo was obviously feeling guilty over nothing, but Ami needed to cover up her initial surprise at having been given the transformation pen. She had acted like she had never seen it before and that Ryu was gifting it to her for the first time. 

"Well, I appreciate your honesty, Ryo. It was a pen from my childhood years, which is why I didn't recognize it right away. I'm really glad you were the one who found it. The pen is one of a kind." 

Ami offered him a charming smile as the pair walked away from the aftereffects of the disaster. Ami's confidence had increased with her knowledge of her Senshi skills, so she wasn't shy or embarrassed to be talking with Ryo. It almost felt as if they were fated to be together, ordained by the stars. 

"By the way, if you think this tsunami was bad, just wait until I crush you at this weekend's math competition," Ami challenged Ryo. 

"I'm ready for you, Ami," retorted Ryo. 

The pair laughed as they walked away from the tragic remains of the Juuban Middle School Festival. 


Rei was cleaning up their ruined charms with Yuichiro's help when she noticed the blonde woman with her lovely teal-haired partner. 

"Ohayo! How did you two fare?" she inquired. 

"Better than your charms," the woman said as the couple approached them. Rei noticed a young girl walking behind them looking at the wreck quizzically. 

"Hello, Haruka. It's so nice to finally meet you. I did get your note from my grandfather." 

Haruka seemed startled that Rei had identified her so easily. Rei felt it was prudent to answer the unspoken inquiries. 

"My grandfather described you in vivid details. I think he thought you were a guy. He wanted you and I to become an item." 

Haruka laughed. 

"Plus, I also can sense these things," Rei winked at her. 

"Aren't you Miss Popular these days, Haruka," the teal woman sniped. 

"Oh! Please let me introduce my girlfriend Michiru and our friend Hotaru." 

Rei gave some small bows as she was introduced. 

"It's a pleasure to meet you all. I'm sorry to say, though, that I have to get back to cleaning up this mess. I won't have any time to conduct a reading like you had asked earlier." 

Haruka nodded. "Actually, I was coming by to cancel the reading. As it turns out, time presented the answers, or at least some of them, to my questions. I do appreciate your help and willingness to meet with us." 

Rei nodded and smiled. "No problem at all." 

"Well, we'll send you something nice for this weekend to say thank you. It will be a surprise for you and all your friends." 

Rei's face lit up when she heard a surprise was coming her way. 

"That's great news! I can't wait!" 


A sudden scream and thud caused Rei to turn toward Yuichiro, who had slipped on some soggy charms and landed hard on his back. 

"I better help him out before we have another disaster on our hands." 

The group chuckled, waved, and walked away. Hotaru yawned as they walked to Haruka's car. "Time for bed?" 

"Yes...time for bed..." 

She scooped Hotaru into her arms and cradled her against her chest as the family walked away. 

"There will be plenty of work waiting for us tomorrow. Might as well get as much rest tonight as we can." 


Usagi laid in bed, but she couldn't sleep. She stared at the ceiling and kept wondering what Minako and Mamoru were thinking. Why had they gone out on a date anyways? It was probably attributed to the fact that neither remembered their memories, and Minako did resemble Usagi, but still... 

"Usagi! You need to get some rest! You and the other Senshi did well today. Your quick wit and decisive actions prevented anyone from getting mortally wounded. There were minor injuries, but overall, you squelched the natural disaster, with a little help from the mysterious new Senshi." 

Usagi nodded and tried to let Luna's speech make her feel better. It was difficult, though, because the red moon was still glaring down at her, casting an unearthly glow to her skin and her room. 

'What does the red moon mean? What is going on with Mamoru and Minako? What is in store for us all? And who were those strangers?' 

Usagi felt restless as she kept listing the questions over and over again in her head. Eventually, all her fears coalesced into one final inquiry: 

'Are we strong enough to stop this new evil?' 

Usagi fell into a fitful sleep full of fears, youmas, and herself-- all alone, bruised and broken. Luna watched in anguish as her charge cried silent tears all through the night.