Zoicite (Zoisite)

Played by SorrowfulDemon

Before Queen Metaria brain-washed the Shitennou to work as her evil agents, they were Prince Endymion's royal guards. In his past life, Zoicite was an enigmatic piano player and much of his powers are still attached to his musical capabilities. He was the most loyal of Endmyion's guards.

Zoicite is the third of the Shitennou and is second-lowest in rank (despite being younger than Jadeite, who is the lowest in rank). He is the least mature and most effeminate of all the Shitennous. Zoicite is deliciously evil, impatient, and has the wickedest laugh you ever heard. He manages the Dark Kingdom's European Division and is named after the mineral zoicite.

Zoicite enters the manga in much the same way as his predecessor, first mocking Nephrite and then crying out in anguish when he is killed. Seeking the Silver Crystal, he uses news reports and press releases to make the population of Tokyo help with his search, then resorts to taking their energy when they fail. He very nearly defeats the Sailor Senshi but is killed in a surprise attack by Sailor Venus.

In the anime, Zoicite is introduced along with Nephrite, ridiculing him in each episode and finally orchestrating his death. He is more successful than either of his predecessors, obtaining all seven fragments of the Silver Crystal (which would combine to form the Giuzinshou) and very nearly succeeds in killing Sailor Moon, but Tuxedo Mask takes the hit for her. The two are then revealed to be Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion. Unbeknown to him, Queen Beryl is in love with Endymion and, infuriated, kills Zoicite in punishment for injuring him.

Zoicite is much more effeminate in the anime than in the manga, often using female disguises or surrounding himself with flower petals. As in the manga, he and Kunzite work closely together, but in this case they are also involved in a homosexual relationship, and Zoicite literally clings to him for support and guidance.


Name: Zoicite (Zoisite)
Element of Influence: Ice and Sakura Blossoms
Age: 16-17
Birthday: May 25
Blood Type: O+
Right or Left Handed: Both (He's Ambidextrous)
Astrological sign: Gemini
Gem: Zoisite
Height: 5'8"
Guardian Cat: None
Boyfriend: Kunzite
Best Friend: Kunzite
Favorite Animal: Lion
Favorite Food: Ice Cream
Least Favorite Food: Angel Cake
Favorite Color: Sky Blue
Uniform Colors: Gray
Favorite Subject: Music and Literature
Least Favorite Subject: None
Hobbies: Playing the piano,annoying the Shitennou (specifically Nephrite), reading, gardening, and cataloging flora and insects
Dislikes: Beautiful and vain women and insults
Dream: To marry Kunzite and defeat Sailor Moon
Special Traits: Bad jokes, quick thinker, witty, high-pitched laughter, and collaborating with Kunzite
School: Does not attend


1. Shitennou Transformation - Soft pink Sakura blossoms surround Zoicite. When they disappear, she is in her traditional gray Shitennou uniform.

2. Shitennou Lovers Transformation - When Zoicite and Kunzite embrace and kiss deeply, they can summon their Shitennou powers and transform into a stronger version of themselves.


1. Energy Blast - Zoicite throws out energy blasts when she points her hands at an enemy.

2. Sakura Blossoms – A defensive move where Zoicite uses a blast of sakura blossoms to temporarily blind the target.

3. Ice Spear - Zoicite can make a large projectile of ice and launch it at a victim. It acts like a spear and can cause major damage.

4. Freeze Over - Zoicite can make any room/area become covered in ice. This is mainly used as a distraction or to make it harder for others to battle on.

5. Levitation - Zoicite can levitate up to roughly ten feet off of the ground.

6. Teleporting - Zoicite can teleport long distances. When he disappears and reappears, for one reason or another, he always does it with Sakura blossoms and small ice shards spinning around him.

7. Musical attacks - Zoicite can hum or play the following songs on piano for different affects to his enemy:

7a. "Requiem for a Princess" - When Zoicite hums this song, a long burst of energy shoots at Sailor Moon (it will only harm her).

7b. "Fantaisie-Impromptu" - When Zoicite hums this song, it sends firework bursts of energy at all the Senshi. Zoicite's musical attacks are stronger if she plays them on a piano.

7c. "Moonlight Sonata" - When Zoicite hums this song, it puts those around her to sleep. Zoicite's musical attacks are stronger if she plays them on a piano.

8. Shitennou Lovers Attack - When Zoicite and Kunzite call out each other's names simultaneously, their energy sources are combined and a larger energy blast attack is sent out to surrounding enemies.