Tuxedo Kamen (Chiba Mamoru)

Temporarily Played by: Jestryn

Mamoru is the protector of the Sailor Senshi as Tuxedo Kamen and the true love of Usagi (Sailor Moon). He was orphaned as a child (his parents died in a car crash) and had no recollection of his past until the Moon Crystal was formed. He is often portrayed as stoic, steady and introverted.

Mamoru and Usagi are boyfriend and girlfriend during the series. They were not always on good terms—in both the manga and anime he and Usagi were antagonistic towards each other when they first met and only developed romantic feelings later on. For the manga those feelings developed before their identities were discovered; for the anime they showed shortly before their identities were revealed in an elevator. Once they became a couple, they became deeply devoted to each other and their love survives many trials.

When the Moon Crystal is formed, he discovers that he was Prince Endymion of Earth and that he had sworn to protect Princess Serenity of the Moon Kingdom. Chiba Mamoru has other transformations and forms. After losing his memory during the battle with Queen Metallia, he was unable to transform into Tuxedo Kamen. Instead, he became the Moonlight Knight. The explanation was that the Moonlight Knight was the courageous soul of Mamoru that knew he had to watch over Usagi.

In the future, he is destined to become the consort of Neo-Queen Serenity, King Endymion.


Name: Chiba Mamoru
Meaning: Earth Protector
Age: 18
Birthday: August 3
Blood Type: A
Right or Left Handed: Both (He's Ambidextrous)
Astrological sign: Leo
Gem: Onyx
Height: 5'9"
Guardian Cat: None
Girlfriend: Usagi
Best Friend: Usagi
Favorite Animal: Lion
Favorite Food: Chocolate
Least Favorite Food: None
Favorite Color: Black
Uniform Colors: Black and White
Favorite Subject: Physics
Least Favorite Subject: None
Hobbies: Reading and Computer Games
Dislikes: Needles and Usagi Crying
Dream: To be a Doctor
Special Traits: Kind, Intelligent, Courteous, Good with Computers, and Strong
School: Azabu Tech College


1. Silent Rose Transformation - Mamoru takes out a rose and a cape covers him. When it uncovers him, he is transformed into Tuxedo Kamen.

2. Prince Endymion - When Usagi uses the Moon Crystal, she transforms herself and Mamoru into their past royal selves.


1. Rose Attack - Tuxedo Kamen pulls out roses and throws them at the enemy like daggers. They can injure or distract the enemy.

2. Rose Block – Tuxedo Kamen twirls a wide array of roses and throws them to either block an attack or pin down an enemy.

3. Cane Attack – Tuxedo Kamen uses his cane as if it is a sword and attacks the enemy with it.

4. Sword Attack – As Prince Endymion, Mamoru has a sword he can use to attack the enemy with.

5. Psychometry – Tuxedo Kamen can read the past, present, and future events through touch.

6. Psychokinesis – Tuxedo Kamen can heal others’ wounds through psychokinesis

7. Tuxedo Action – Spins a top at his enemy (he can also use his top hat to throw it at the enemy).

8. Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber - This attack was used by Tuxedo Kamen in the manga and the musicals. He fired a blast of energy from his hand that caused potentially fatal damage to his opponents.

9. Pink Sugar Tuxedo Attack - A dual attack used with his daughter Sailor Chibi Moon. She uses her Moon Stick and their two attacks merge to become more powerful.