Sailor Uranus (Tenoh Haruka)
Tenoh Haruka first met the other Senshi as Sailor Uranus, and withheld her true identity for a long time. When she and Michuru meet the Senshi untransformed, the two groups had no clue that the others were also Sailor Senshi. Due to Haruka’s boyish looks the other girls thought that she was a boy and Makoto even had a crush on her. Haruka flirted with Usagi and kept up the charade for a good while. That wasn’t the first time that she had been mistaken for a man. When she first met Michuru, she also thought that Haruka was male. Haruka set her straight but they still became lovers.

As Sailor Uranus she and Neptune received their mission in a dream. They were to find the Holy Grail at all costs and give it to the Messiah to save the earth. This mission was more important to Uranus than anything, except maybe Sailor Neptune. When they first met the Inner Senshi, they remained distant. They felt that the Inner Senshi would only get in the way of their mission. But after the Inner Senshi saved their butts numerous times, they decided that maybe they could be trusted a little bit. Uranus’s identity as Haruka was first discovered by Sailor Moon. Earlier on the day of their discovery, Haruka was driving Usagi home on her motorcycle. Some youma attacked and Haruka held her close to protect her. Usagi thought that she felt and smelled like she was being held by a man. Later that day, Sailor Moon and Uranus were chained together by the youma because they didn’t fight well together. They hid in a cave and when the youma came near, Sailor Uranus held Sailor Moon the same way she did earlier. Sailor Moon just had to put two and two together. Even though Sailor Uranus is pretty single minded when it comes to her mission, she is a valuable asset to the Sailor Senshi.

Haruka is a tomboy with a stubborn streak. She attends Mugen Gakuen High School, and plays piano duets with Michuru. Some of her other favorite activities includes racing her motorcycle and her car in racing events.


Name: Tenoh Haruka
Meaning: King of the Sky, Far Away
Age: 16
Birthday: January 27
Blood Type: B
Right or Left Handed: Right
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Gem: Amber
Height: 5'8"
Guardian Cat: None
Girlfriend: Michiru
Best Friend: Michiru
Favorite Animal: Panda
Favorite Food: Salad
Least Favorite Food: Nattou (Fermented soy bean Japanese dish – many Japanese refuse to eat it)
Favorite Color: Gold
Senshi Uniform Colors: Navy Blue, Yellow, and White
Favorite Subject: Physical Education
Least Favorite Subject: Modern Japanese
Hobbies: Car racing, driving, track and field, playing the piano, flirting with pretty girls
Dislikes: Confessions and Skirts
Dream: To be a Professional Car Racer/Driver
Special Traits: Car Racing, Flirting with Girls, and Strength
School: Mugen Gakuen High


1. Uranus Planet Power Makeup - Haruka's original transformation into Sailor Uranus.

2. Uranus Crystal Power Makeup - Haruka's newest, powered up transformation into Sailor Uranus.


1. Space Sword - One of the three tailsman that the Outer Senshi hold.

2. World Shaking - Sailor Uranus sends an energy blast at the enemy (in the shape of her planet of power).

3. Space Sword Blaster - Sailor Uranus attacks using her Space Sword.

4. Space Turbulence - Sailor Uranus sends a more powerful energy blast at the enemy.

5. Galactica Space Turbulence - This attack was used by Sailor Uranus when she was under Sailor Galaxia's control in the Stars arc. It is an extreme energy blast that is sent at the enemy. It drains a lot of her power, though, when she uses this attack.