Sailor Mercury (Mizuno Ami) by: KaranaRose

Amy Mizuno is perhaps one of the most brilliant young girls to ever enter the scene. When she entered Usagi's life, she seemed sad and alone, perhaps because she was so devoted to her studies that she had no time for social events. She lives with her mother, a doctor, and hopes to become a doctor herself someday (her father left on friendly terms years back to pursue a dream in art). At first suspicious of her (Luna had been tipped off that she could be a monster [youma]), it was later discovered that she was in fact one of the reincarnated Sailor Soldiers: namely the soldier of water (or ice), Sailor Mercury.

She is considered to be the sanity of the Sailor Soldiers. She frequently remains calm even as things begin to spin out of control elsewhere, and when she ever does pop off, you know there's a problem. She keeps focused not just on their missions as Sailor Soldiers, but their futures as girls becoming young women. She is a friend in the truest sense.


Name: Ami Mizuno
Pun: "Friend of the Water"
Meaning: "Beauty of Water"
Age: 14 (beginning of storyline)
Birth Date: September 10
Blood Type: A
Right or Left Handed: Right
Astrological Sign: Libra
Gem: Sapphire
Height: 5'2"
Boyfriend: Urawa
Best Friend: Usagi
Favorite Animal: Cats
Favorite Food: Sandwiches and Anmitsu
Least Favorite Food: Hamachi(Yellow-Tail Tuna)
Favorite Color: Aquamarine
Senshi Uniform Colors: Blue and whute
Favorite Subject: Math
Least Favorite Subject: Nothing
Hobbies: Chess, computers, and reading
Dislikes: Love letters and practical jokes
Dream: To become a doctor
Special Traits: Calculations, Memorization, Strategy
School: Azabu Juuban Junior High School (Azabu Juuban High School in later episodes), known as Crossroads Junior High (Crossroads High) in the English version


1. Mercury Power Makeup - Ami's original transformation into Sailor Mercury.

2. Mercury Star Power Makeup - Ami's second transformation into Sailor Mercury.

3. Mercury Crystal Power Makeup - Ami's newest, powered-up transformation into Sailor Mercury.


1. Disguise Pen - This is the pen that Luna gave Ami to disguise herself into other people for any Negaverse business. It can come very useful at times. Ami shouts "Disguise power" and she changes into someone else. For some reason, Ami only uses this in the first season.

2. Communicator - This is a communicator. This device was given to the Scouts by Luna so that they could use it for any emergencies. Like the Disguise Pen, it is very handy.

3. Mini Computer - Allows Mercury to gain information about enemies and/or locations.

4. Mercury Goggles - Allows Mercury to scan the area.

5. Mercury Bubbles Blast/Shabon Spray - Bubbles create a mist which clouds the viewpoint of an enemy.

6. Mercury Bubbles Freeze - Amy's powered-up attack. The bubbles now freeze an enemy.

7. Mercury Ice Storm Blast - Water surrounds and freezes an enemy.

8. Shine Aqua Illusion - A beam shoots out and freezes an enemy.

9. Mercury Aqua Mirage - Shoots multiple beams of water at the enemy.

10. Mercury Aqua Rhapsody - Uses a harp to send magical water notes at the enemy.