Queen Metallia (Queen Perillia)

Played by: AquaGirlLove

Queen Perillia was the first major villain of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. Like many Sailor Moon villains, she is named after a mineral, the gemstone beryl. She was only a queen in the dubbed version of the anime; in the original Japanese, she was an evil sorceress.

In the anime dub, Queen Perillia was the queen of the Negaverse. Her goal was to find the Imperium Crystal. Her four generals were named Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoisite, and Kunzite.

For the first twenty episodes, Perillia was trying to collect energy for the Negaforce. First Jadeite would attempt to steal energy from groups of people by attaching items charged with dark energy to them, only to be thwarted repeatedly by Sailor Moon. Queen Perillia issued Jadeite an ultimatum in Episode 10: that if he failed to destroy the Sailor Senshi, he would be condemned to Eternal Sleep, a horrible punishment involving the victim being permanently frozen, and then "condemned for the most profound darkness forever." Jadeite was defeated in the end, so Queen Perillia gave him his Eternal Sleep and put Nephrite in charge. Nephrite tried to gather energy from one person at a time, but was foiled by Sailor Moon each time. Once Perillia threatened him (and later Zoisite) with the same fate as Jadeite.

After Nephrite betrayed the Negaverse (and was subsequently killed), Perillia managed to get some energy for the Negaforce, who proceeded to give her a new task: Find the seven Rainbow Crystals to get the Imperium Silver Crystal. She assigned Zoisite with this task, though Tuxedo Kamen got some of the crystals, and Sailor Moon got a few but was forced to hand them over to Zoisite. Soon Perillia wanted Mamoru/Tuxedo Kamen turned evil, and Zoisite challenged him to a duel over the crystals, but double-crossed him. First, Kunzite appeared and took all the crystals. Then, against Perillia's orders, Zoisite tried to kill Tuxedo Kamen and was subsequently killed by Queen Perillia as punishment. In the end, Sailor Moon got the Imperium Silver Crystal, though Perillia did manage to turn Mamoru evil.

As Sailor Moon possessed the Imperium Silver Crystal, Queen Perillia assigned Kunzite and Mamoru to find Sailor Moon and get the crystal back from her, though they refused to work together. Soon Mamoru was healed by Sailor Moon but recaptured by Kunzite and turned evil again by Perillia. Before the latter happened, however, Kunzite was killed by Sailor Moon, and the Sailor Senshi headed over to the Negaverse. Perillia sent the Doom and Gloom Girls after them, and all but Sailor Moon were destroyed, including the Doom and Gloom Girls. Perillia transported Sailor Moon to the Negaverse and arranged a fight between her and Mamoru. She was able to heal him using the locket, however, and as Perillia attempted to throw a giant spike at them, he threw a rose at her, shattering the spike and hitting her directly. While dying, she asked the Negaforce to help her win and was given one last chance as she was possessed by the Negaforce, transforming into a gigantic Queen Perillia. She fought Sailor Moon, who transformed into Princess Serenity and destroyed Perillia using Cosmic Moon Power.

Following Queen Perillia's defeat, the other Sailor Senshi returned, although they and Usagi lost all memory of being friends or Sailor Senshi, until the time came at the beginning of Sailor Moon R.

In the manga, Perillia was a sorceress in Queen Serenity's court. Perillia was corrupted by Queen Metallia.

In the present day, she commands Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoicite and Kunzite, the Shitennou.


Name: Queen Perillia/Metallia
Element of Influence: Darkness
Age: 20-22
Birthday: November 1
Blood Type: B
Right or Left Handed: Left
Astrological sign: Scorpio
Gem: Beryl
Height: About 6’2”
Guardian Cat: None
Boyfriend: Desires Mamoru/Prince Endymion as her own
Best Friend: None
Favorite Animal: Scorpion
Favorite Food: Liver
Least Favorite Food: Ice Cream
Favorite Color: Red or Royal Purple
Uniform Colors: Purple full length dress, matching armband, bracelet, choker, and a black crown
Favorite Subject: Psychology
Least Favorite Subject: Art
Hobbies: Snooping, Spying, and Sabotage
Likes: Anarchy, Bedlam, and Chaos
Dislikes: Sailor Moon and the Senshi
Dream: To take over the earth, covering the whole planet with Darkness, and ruling it alongside Endymion
Special Traits: Ability to control henchmen and Self-confidence
School: Does not attend


1. Negaverse Transformation - Queen Metallia calls upon the dark powers of the Negaverse. Black and purple smoke surround her. When it dissipates, she is transformed into an evil sorceress.

2. Ultimate Negaverse Transformation - Queen Metallia can summon a stronger transformation that allows her to grow in size proportionately with the evil in her heart. She is sucked into the depths of Hades and when she emerges from the Earth, she is transformed.


1. Telepathy - Queen Metallia can read people's minds and manipulate them to do her will.

2. Image Projection - Queen Metallia can project her likeness anywhere in order to communicate with the Shitennou.

3. Scrying - Queen Metallia has a crystal ball that can help her predict the future or see what others are doing.

4. Levitation - Queen Metallia can levitate roughly ten feet off the ground. She can also levitate others.

5. Teleportation - Queen Metallia can teleport long distances.

6. Dark Crystal Shard - Queen Metallia can form a large dark crystal out of thin air which is then thrown at her enemy.

7. Dark Lightning - Queen Metallia can shoot lightning of dark energy from her fingertips.

8. Dark Energy Ball - Queen Metallia can form a ball of dark energy and throw it at her enemies. This energy ball can be massive when she grow to a large size.

9. Eternal Sleep - Queen Metallia can permanently freeze evil minions and condemn them to darkness forever. She can perform this, to a lesser extent, on the Sailor Senshi, but since they are pure of heart, they can be awoken.

10. Spell Manipulation - As a sorceress, Queen Metallia can manipulate magic and learn new spells with the assistance of the Negaverse and her crystal ball.