Credit Card Processing Systems

At WEBJEDININJA we are partnered with several merchant programs to provide a world class experience for our small business owners. As your business consultant we have negotiated the best rates possible to help your business thrive.

Our rates begin at 0.99%+ $0.15 per swipe and get as low as 0.25% + $0.05 per swipe.

Credit Card Processing Product Line:

The following credit card processing systems are provided directly through our negotiated contracts on our clients behalf. All of our partnered merchant companies offer each of our clients one of the following product lines in an effort to meet our clients need. These pre-negotiated programs are as follows:

              • Free Terminal Program: Ideal for the one site location "mom & pop" stores or on the go merchants.

              • Vital POS Systems: Based Around the needs of businesses which need to keep track of inventory, employees, and customer analytical data.

              • E-Commerce: Designed for businesses who wish to create a shopping cart, online invoicing, and self service shopping.

              • Vendor & Mobile Processing: Ideal systems for merchants who meet with their clients on the go and/or participate in vendor events. Product lines vary from FREE Terminal Pax S900 to Vital Wireless cellular systems and Wireless POS Systems.

Free Credit Card Terminal Program:

Pax S80

Designed for the simplest transactions. Chip reader included.

(Does not accept Google/Apple Pay)


Faster Payment Processor, internal receipt printer, runs on 4G Network

Accepts: Swipe, Chip, Google/Apple Pay Add't $13.50/month for 4G Network FEE


Designed to Accept Multiple Forms of Payments.

Accepts: Swipe, Chip, Google/Apple Pay

PAX S920

Designed to take your business on the go. Wireless processing unit, runs on 3G Network.

Accepts: Swipe, Chip, Google/Apple Pay Add't $12.00/month for 3G Network Fee

Disclaimer: All terminals provided within the FREE Terminal Program are based on a 3 year contract for credit card processing rates. This contract will lock in your rates for the terms of your processing agreement. At the end of the agreement, your rates will remain the same and your contract will transition from a 3 year term to a month to month processing agreement.

Vital POS Processing Systems:

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Vital X8

Cost: $900.00

(paid upfront or over 4 years)

General Product Information: Compact and convenient to meet all of your processing needs. Customers are provided with a digital monitor screen to observe scanned purchases and are provided with a private experience when placing their credit card into the terminal.

Features: Hardwired, no EMV capability, accepts chip cards, Ethernet & Phone line connection capability

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Vital Select E13 & E15

Cost: E13: $1400 / E15: $1600.00

(paid upfront or over 4 years)

General Product Information: A sleek design with integration administrative support features. Customers and merchants love the functionality of each of these products.

Differences Between E13 & E15: The E13 has a 13" screen while the E15 has a 15" screen.

Features: Hardwired, no EMV capability (add-on feature available) accepts chip cards, allows for receipts to be emailed to customers, cash drawer included

e-Commerce Solutions

As a leading eCommerce provider, we are partnered with integrated features that are aligned with and PayTrace. For our max customer pricing structure, all merchants are encouraged to fill out an application. Each of these service providers offer integrated features for our clients through our online E-Commerce Stores that allow for easy integration into our website system through Webjedininja Web Platforms or your current website provider.

Want to Register For NOW? CLICK HERE to the complete the online application. Once approved we will lower your rates automatically to 0.65% + $0.08 per swipe.

Vendor & Mobile Payment Processors

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