Customer Announcements:

Effective: 10.1.2019

Since 2014, USA Community Care LLC has been a one-stop shop for business owners nationwide. The "USA Community Care" name is being laid to rest in an effort to better to mainstream our products and services underneath one brand name known as, WEBJEDININJA.

As a reminder to our current and/or future clients our products and services will remain the same, but will simply now just be recognized underneath our most popular business name.

As your continued one-stop shop for all of your business servicing needs, we are dedicated more than ever to ensure to our clients will receive nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction.

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General Information About Our Agency

Our goal has always been to help our small business owners thrive by providing support for services such as website development, marketing and advertising, credit card processing systems, and non-attorney legal consulting. As your business consultant you can count on our specialized team to connect you with the right business services at the best pricing possible.

Join Our Community Of Professionals

No matter your business structure or business idea we have the professional team members here to help support your needs. Let us be your one business stop to shop.