California based company offering a wide range of services:


Hi all and welcome to my company's page, USA Beauty Shipper. I created it to promote my new business and explain a few things about what I do, how to hire me and how to contact me. The main purpose of what I started is to allow international clients to shop online or through me at US stores, using my US address and credit card; same process applies to mail storage and forwarding or payment and check forwarding for citizens retired abroad.  With a simple conversation, I can be your personal shopper and purchase anything available in the US and have it delivered to your door, products that are not available in your country or are marked up many times over.

I also have the time and the tech knowledge to perform a wide variety of editorial tasks, work as an online assistant, tele-commuting to organize and assist you with any office jobs, event, get-together, conference, party big or small. Planning to go on a vacation but you don't want to do all the footwork? I'll book your flights, pre-check you at the airport, have a valet escort you to your gate and then to your car, you can be driven to your hotel, where your room is booked, wine is chilling in the bucket and you can enjoy your entire vacation. You and the family can read up on the area's attractions and activities that i researched and enjoy the calendar filled with activities you selected, anything from white-water rafting to wine tasting tours will be waiting for you. All within your specifications and your budget. 

My biggest passion however has to be fashion and advising people on how to dress, style, accessorize their wardrobe to suit their bodies and bring them one step closer to who they want to be, who they want to project, what they hope to achieve. Cosmetics and make-up are of course part of the package and I can boast that I have an in-depth knowledge and experience with a lot of brands and techniques; I read and write tutorials, review samples, provide tons of advice and give an awesome make-over. 

Sometimes it's not a make-over we need, but a good, objective, outsider point of view you say?? Someone to give us a good talking over, a wake-up call, tell us what's what and get us off our butts in the direction we've been procrastinating to go? Or simply pick us up off the floor? Or give some advice? Can't hurt if you ask me. I can also do all of the above.

Feel free to explore my page, give me feedback, come up with any projects you would want to get me involved in, even though it's not mentioned here I'm flexible and don't want to be stuck in a rut. I hope we can collaborate in the future,

Straight to the good stuff:

Here's a mall sampling of the places i go to shop online and, with a little bit o help from me, so could you:

Amazon - huge online store known or great customer service and techie purchases but they have tons o everything else too. Worth making them your home page.
E-bay - largest auction style (but also just to purchase)  website. you get crazy deals on pretty much anything you can dream o. I you think it, they probably have it. 

Elena Zeeb

Beauty Secret 3.0