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At the end of WWII the USAAF returned to the USA and the site reverted to the Ministry Of Defence ownership.  It was immediately closed as an operational RAF airfield.  The land was subsequently returned to its original use for farming apart from a few areas.

The 93rd Bomb Group Museum stands on private land owned by the Woodrow family.


The 93rd Bomb Group in Norfolk, by Peter Bodle and Paul Thrower, subtitled 'A pictorial history of the USAAF's 93rd Bombardment Group at Hardwick during WWII'

Booklet published by Liberator, 60 pages. A5 size booklet (N4103P1)

With the nickname of ‘Ted’s Travelling Circus’, the 93rd Bomb Group were one of the first wave of USAAF 8th Air Force Bomb Groups to arrive in England. Based at Hardwick on the Norfolk / Suffolk border, the 93rd were part of the 20the Bombardment Wing of the 2nd Air Division, and they served throughout the war - losing over 650 brave aircrew during the period.

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Paul Thrower's Booklet