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Where is it?

The 93rd Bomb Group Museum is on the site of the former
Hardwick Airfield not far from the village of Topcroft (not Hardwick) in Norfolk, England, UK.  See Maps page.

What does the 93rd Bomb Group Museum consist of?

The museum items are housed in four, three of which have been of renovated, original Nissen (Quonset) huts and one brick building.  See picture on right hand side below and an overhead view on Maps page.   The Huts are numbered 1 , 2 and 3 and the brick building is the mess hall (canteen, NAAFI).



Hut 1 - The Mighty Eighth

Containing items of USAAF memorabilia and artifacts. Many parts on show were recovered from P51 Mustang, P47 Thunderbolt, P38 Lightning, B17 Flying Fortress and B24 Liberator crash sites. Displays range from large items such as engines to small parts like instruments.

Hut 2 - 93rd and RAF Memorial Room

Display relating to the 93rd Bomb Group, including original photographs and documentation. The RAF Memorial Room has uniforms and parts large and small including a Lancaster wing tip and Stirling tailplane.

Hut 3 - 489th Bomb Group

Contains a red cross cabinet, an american uniform cabinet and one containing a B24 liberator original radio operator section - awesome !

Formerly items relating to the 489th Bomb Group, Halesworth were housed here.   Halesworth moved to its own museum over the winter of 2012 see their website

Brick Building - Mess (Chow) Hall

There were two brick builings on the 93rd Bomb Group Museum's site,  both in poor ocndition.  One building has been used to restore the other so there is now just one brick builidng in good condition.   This buiding is the  mess hall for visitors on events days and a reception centre.  See layout on Maps page.

 Mess Hall Int
Mess Hall inside.

Outside on a sunny but overcast (8:8) day (Jul 2013).

Mess Hall Ext
See also Mess Hall page.



These are housed in the buildings and on events days are displayed outside if the weather is suitable. You can touch and operate some of the exhibits, try operating one of the hand cranked sirens or ride the bicycle.



There is a collection of uncatalogued


There is a collection of uncatalogued photographs. See also Gallery.

Nissen Hut


The museum curator lives nearby and open days are held thoughout the summer. See events page.


Next to the museum is a commercial airstrip (Hardwick Warbirds) and one of the original runways of the main site is usd as another private airstrip.  On museum open days there are sometimes co-ordinated events on either airstrip as well as other displays e?g classic cars.

Welcome all-comers:

Everyone is welcome to the 93rd Bomb Group Museum and that includes children (under supervision and well behaved of course, as should be the adults) and those less well abled persons including those in wheelcahirs.  The museum buildings are set in grass and if wet it can be muddy.  Pushchairs and wheelchairs may need extra effort.  On events days one of the 93rd Bomb Group Museum's volouteers will only be too pleased to help with reading display signs etc.

Here's some of our visitors:

This is Fitzroy Pompadour.


Fitz 1
Fitz 2
Fitz 3
Fitz's bandana is made from original USAAF material with genuine badges - it represents his uniform.   He has the rank of colonel and has been on many missions in the WWII reenactment field.  His home airfield is Mendlesham 34th Bomb Group but here he is shown on a friendly mission to Hardwick which he really enjoyed - especially the cake in the mess.  He hopes to return next year in a 1942 Ford GPW jeep (depending on completion of the restoration!), chauffeur driven as befits his rank (and his paws don't reach the steering wheel!).
Owner's permission from Jane granted.

Younger visitors.
Young 1
Young 2
Owners' permission(s) granted but I failed to get names.

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Hut, hut, hut, hut, hut ...
Part of the 93rd Bomb Group Museum site viewed from the south.
The black huts are huts 1, 2, and 3 respectively.