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Maps and routes of how to get to the museum

England, UK, within Europe

England within Europe

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The county of Norfolk
within England, UK

Norfolk in UK

Hardwick within Norfolk

Hardwick in Norfolk

Lat: 52.470913 - 52° 28' 15.2868" ;  Lon: 1.3327310 - 1° 19' 57.8316"
(or somewhere near there).

Assuming then you are in the UK and Norfolk or Suffolk:

 From Norwich:

  • Take the A140 southwards towards Ipswich

  • Just after Tasburgh turn left onto the B1135 eastwards towards Bungay. Continue instructions ** see opposite

  • From Ipswich:

    • Take the A140 northwards towards Norwich.

    • Just after Long Stratton turn right onto the B1135 towards Bungay. Continue instructions ** see opposite.

    From the east:

    • Head for Bungay in Suffolk.

    • Follow the Google route from Bungay opposite.

    SatNav (GPS) or NOT:

    • There are countless other routes using Norfolk's meandering narrow by-ways to get there, so turn off your SatNav (GPS) and just enjoy the countryside.   

    • Alright then for those of you who lack adventure
      Lat: 52.470913 - 52° 28' 15.2868"
      Lon: 1.3327310 - 1° 19' 57.8316"

      This may not be strictly to the inch/mm but it'll get you there.


    ... ** continued

    • ** (15 minutes, 6 miles (10 km) to go) On the B1135 — after leaving the village of Hempnall, turn right in about ½ mile (800m) towards Hempnall Greens.

    • Continue for about 1 mile (1,5 km), straight on past the Hempnall "Three Horseshoes" public house on your left, after a further ½ mile (800m) , a sharp left then a sharp righ.t (The actual airfield is now on your right but don't stop yet).

    • In a few hundred yards (metres) take the next turn left into Barford Road towards Topcroft.

    • A further sharp left then sharp right then keep straight on at the 'T' junction along Denton Road, don't turn left along Topcroft Street.

    • After about 100 yards (metres) look for a white gate on your right, turn through this gate onto a concrete road, part of the airfield.  The 93rd Bomb Group Museum is on the next series of sharp bends along this concrete road.  See photo below.

    Google Map Routes:

    • Google Maps route Tasburgh / Long Stratton from A140 and B1135.

    • Google Maps route Bungay from A143 via the B1132 and Topcroft including country lanes.

    Museum in Topcroft 1
    The Museum's location near Topcroft Street.

    Museum Layout
    The Museum Site.