Our Web Addresses (URLs).

posted 18 Jun 2014, 00:14 by Seth REEDER   [ updated 18 Aug 2014, 03:37 by USAAF Hardwick ]
We have been experiencing issues with our two main web addresses recently.
www.93rd-bg-museum.org and www.93rd-bg-museum.org.uk.  
This has now been resolved.  The issue was caused by 'google sites' (where our site is hosted) changing the way its sites are displayed.  It used to allow sites to be shown in frames, it does not any more.  Unfortunately they didn't tell anyone.
'Frames' are not deemed good things on website and I try not to use them but the way our URLs were redirected to get the information from google sites involved a frame at one stage.  
I have now tracked this down and removed it.  The effect you will see is that our URLs are no longer displayed in the URL bar at the top of the page but instead the real google sites one is - htpps://sites.google.com/site/usaafhardwick/.

For the technical minded I have changed the CNAME redirection from INVISIBLE to VISIBLE.