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Nose Art - 5

Gallery 5 - contains images of aircraft 'Nose Art', photographs of hand painted reproduction graphics of nose art from various USAAF groups (tails shown below) that are on display in Hut 1 and Hut 3 at the Museum.

Tail - 466
Tail - 44
Tail - 93
Tail - 389

Colours and proportions may differ from the originals.  The images are in no particular order.  The aircraft bodies themslves were painted in two main colours green (olive drab) or silver (neutral gray later aluminum).  For more detail about colours and camouflage see the site of Fritz The Fox.
You can find more about Nose Art here at the BBW site.
Olive Drab
Colour Olive Drab
Neutral gray
Colour neutral gray
NB -
Some images depict the female form in various states of undress to some extent.  Wording is that of the day (WWII) and may not be now politically correct.  There is no intent to offend or corrupt.  

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This Nose Art is in Hut 3:
nose-art Dinah Mite

nose-art Eager Beaver
nose-art Hellsadroppin

nose-art Mauliin' Mallard
nose-art Shady Lady

nose-art Thar She Blows

nose-art U Name It
nose-art Victory Belle
nose-art War Baby
War Baby

nose-art  Minerva

nose-art Red Ass
Red Ass

nose-art Sterile Errol
Sterile Errol

nose-art The Blasted Event
The Blasted Event

nose-art Ball of Fire Junior
Ball Of Fire Junior

nose-art Celhalopdos

nose-art Hellsadroppin

nose-art Hot Freight
Hot Freight

nose-art El Lobo
El Lobo (V1)

nose-art Heinie Hunter

nose-art Iron Ass

nose-art Jerk Natural
Jerk's Natural

nose-art Liberty Lad
Liberty Lad

nose-art Liberty Limited
Liberty Limited

nose-art Wham Bam
Wham Bam

nose-art Ball Of Fire
Ball Of Fire

nose-art Jo-Jo's

nose-art Geronimo

nose-art Bomberang

nose-art Joisey Bounce - Utah Man
Joisey Bounce
renamed Utah Man

nose-art Hot Stuff
Hot Stuff

nose-art War Goddess
War Goddess

nose-art Gambling Lady
Gambling Lady

nose-art Unexpected VI
Unexpected VI
nose-art Lucky Lass
Lucky Lass
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You can find more about Nose Art here 

This Nose Art is in Hut 1:
(I have yet to crop and refine these but they are here for your perusal and comment in the meantime.  They are in the form of a slide-show, click on an image to view and open it in PicasaWeb.  As I do refine* them I shall add them under the slide-show).

(* - essentialy perspective correction and croping).  

Nose Art Hut 1

There's a couple below that are un-named,
see if you can help identify them for us please.

Nose Art - Delectable Doris
Delectable Doris
Nose Art - Earthquake McGoon
Earthquake McGoon
Nose Art - Fancy Drawers
Fancy Drawers

Nose Art - Fightin Sam
Fightin' Sam

Nose Art - Hot Stuff
Hot Stuff

Nose Art - Jackass Male
Jackass Male

Nose Art - Pot Luck
Pot Luck

Nose Art - Swee Peah
Swee' Peah

Nose Art - Sweet Revenge
Sweet Revenge

Nose Art - Bigast Boid
The Bigast Boid

Nose Art - The Little Gramper
The Little Gramper

Nose Art - Touch Of Texas
Touch of Texas

Nose Art - Able Mable
Able Mable

Nose Art - Blasted Event
Blasted Event

Nose Art - Never Mrs
Never Mrs

Nose Art - Miss America
Miss America

Nose Art - Miss Liberty
Miss Liberty

Nose Art - Shazam

Nose Art  - You're Safe At Home
You're Safe At Home

Nose Art  - Bunnie

Nose Art  - Clay Pigeon
Clay Pigeon

Nose Art  - Sweetest Of Texas
Sweetest of Texas

Nose Art  - Thumper

Nose Art  - Unkknown 001
Un-named, can anyone identify this ?

Nose Art  - Will-er Run
Will-er Run

Nose Art - The Bad Penny
The Bad Penny

Nose Art - Litle Audrey
Little Audrey

Nose Art - Our Gal 3
Our Gal 3

Nose Art - Purple Shaft
Purple Shaft

Nose Art - Tahellenbak

Nose Art - Tennessee Dottie
Tennessee Dottie

Nose Art - Down De Hatch
Down De Hatch
Nose Art - Fearless Fosdick
Fearless Fosdick

Nose Art - Heaven Can Wait
Heaven Can Wait

Nose Art - Helen Hywater
Helen Hywater

Nose Art - Lemon Drop
Lemon Drop

Nose Art - Old Crow
Old Crow

Nose Art - Poop Deck Pappy
Poop Deck Pappy

Nose Art - Banana Barge
  The Banana Barge

Nose Art - Henry

Nose Art - Ruthless

Nose Art - Suzy-Q

Nose Art - Hollywood and Vine
Hollywood and Vine

Nose Art - Hustlin Hussy
Hustlin Hussy

Nose Art - Male Call
Male Call

Nose Art - Vampin Vera
Vampin' Vera

Nose Art - Pay Day
Pay Day

Nose Art - Stolen Moments
Stolen Moments
Nose Art - Our Baby
Our Baby

Nose Art - Unkown 002
Un-named, can anyone identify this ?

Nose Art - Archibald

Nose Art - Dumbo

Nose Art - Lace

Nose Art - Big Chief Lil Beaver
Big Chief Lil' Beaver

Nose Art - Lilly Marlene
Lily Marlene

Nose Art - Little Lambsy Divey
Little Lambsy Divey

Nose Art - Lucky Strike
Lucky Strike

Nose Art - Meat Around The Corner
Meat Around The Corner

Nose Art - Open Post
Open Post

Nose Art - Silver Chief
Silver Chief

Nose Art - The Olde Hellgate
The Olde Hellgate

Nose Art - Birdie Schmidt Arc
Birdie Schmidt Arc

Nose Art - Jive Bomber
Jive Bomber

Nose Art - Marion 898
Marion 898

Nose Art - Sally

Nose Art - Star Swinger
Star Swinger

Nose Art - War Horse
War Horse

Nose Art - Boulder Buff
Boulder Buff

Nose Art - Bottle Baby
Bottle Baby

Nose Art - Flak-Happy

Nose Art - Little Lulu
Little Lulu

Nose Art - Say When
Say When

Nose Art - Tequila Daisy
Tequla Daisy

Nose Art - Sknappy

Nose Art - Umbriago

Nose Art - BTO
(Big Time Operator)
Nose Art - Damifino

Nose Art - Jamaica

Nose Art - Miss Minooky
Miss Minooky

Nose Art - Dragon Lady
Dragon Lady

Nose Art - The Ruptured Duck
The Ruptured Duck

Nose Art - Trips Daily
Trips Daily

Nose Art - Alfred II
Alfred II

Nose Art - Bull Bat
Bull Bat

Nose Art - Fords Folly
Ford's Folly

Nose Art - Puss n Boots
Puss 'n Boots

Nose Art - The Wild Hair
The Wild Hair

Nose Art - We'll Get By
We'll Get By

Nose Art - Gallopin Ghost
Gallopin Ghost

Nose Art - Reliable Babe
Reliable Babe

Nose Art - Times A' Wastin'
Times A' Wastin'

Nose Art - Just For You
Just For You

Nose Art - Laden Maid
Laden Maid

Nose Art - Parsons Chariot
Parsons Chariot

Nose Art - Pegasus

Nose Art - Play Boy
Play Boy

Nose Art - Blonde Bomber
Blonde Bomber

Nose Art - E Pluribus Aluminum
E Pluribus Aluminum
(E pluribus unum)

Nose Art - Lucky 'leven
Lucky 'Leven

Nose Art - Mademoiselle Zig Zag
Mademoiselle Zig Zag

Nose Art - Pappy's Yokum
Pappy's Yokum
(EN-UK - Yokel?)

Nose Art - Pete The Pom Inspector
Pete The Pom Inspector

Nose Art - Double Trouble
Double Trouble

Nose Art - Perils Of Pauline
Perils of Pauliine

Nose Art - Rosalyn

Nose Art - Tangerine
Nose Art - Witchcraft

Nose Art - Wolves Inc
Wolves Inc

Nose Art - Fat Stuff II
Fat Stuff II

Nose Art - Hello Natural II
Hello Natural II

Nose Art - Little Iodine
Little Iodine

Nose Art - Pop

Nose Art - The Flying Sac
The Flying Sac

Nose Art - What da' Hell
What Da' Hell

Nose Art - Palace Meat Market
Palace Meat Market

Nose Art - Prowler

Nose Art - That's All Brother
That's all Brother

Nose Art - Back To The Sack
Back To The Sack

Nose Art - Sweetheart Of The Rockies
Sweetheart Of The Rockies

Nose Art - The Flak Ducker
The Flak Ducker

Nose Art - Dry Run
Dry Run

Nose Art - Pistol Packin' Bomma
Pistol Packin' Bomma

Nose Art - Quivering Box
Quivering Box

Nose Art - Red Ass
Red Ass

Nose Art - Satan's Sister II
Satan's Sister II

Nose Art - White Lit Nin
White Lit' Nin'

Nose Art - Dinky Duck
Dinky Duck

Nose Art - Kentucky Belle
Kentucky Belle

Nose Art - Oklahoma Gal
Oklahoma Gal

Nose Art - Old Faithfull
Old Faithfull

Nose Art - Star Dust
Star Dust

Nose Art - Sugar Baby
Sugar Baby

Nose Art - Assart
(Hottest Tail in Town)

Nose Art - Buck Eye Belle
Buck Eye Belle

Nose Art - Lady Luck
Lady Luck

Nose Art - Ronnie

Nose Art - Uknown 003
Un-named, can anyone identify this ?

Nose Art - Wedding Belle
Wedding Belle

Nose Art - Big Dick
Big Dick

Nose Art - Bomb Totin Mama
Bomb Totin' Mama

Nose Art - Bombs Away
Bombs Away

Nose Art - Hookem Cow
Hookem Cow

Nose Art - Larrupin Linda
Larrupin' Linda

Nose Art - My Bunnie II
My Bunnie II

Nose Art - Plutocrat








Nose Art Huts 1 and 3

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