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The Airfield - 2

Gallery 2 - contains images associated with the airfield.   See also the Airfield page.

Take off and landing videos from Hardwick runway 1-3 and 3-1,
not in a B-24 Liberator but something just as cramped .... a Van's RV-9A.

Take-off runway 3-1, 2 mins 29 secs with sound

Take off from runway three, one.

Taking off from runway 3 1 (north-westerly)  goes over the village of Fritton and the Three Nags pub that Jimmy and Daisy Elmar ran during WWII.  (See Preller site for more.)

(WebMaster - Jimmy and Daisy Elmar were my grandparents, they and my mother, Joan, told stories of how some nights the skies were filled with aircraft and how often the timber-framed pub shook as damaged low flying aircraft limped back to Hardwick.  I had the opportunity in Nov 2011 to fly the route over Fritton and back, luckily.  This is it.  The village and the pub can be seen at about 2' 15").

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Landing on runway one, three.

(Thanks to Kelvin Woodard without whom these videos would not exist.)

The Vans light aircraft, click to enlarge


Landing runway 1-3, 1 min 10 secs with sound.

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Hardwick 1946
Hardwick 1946

Hardwick 2011
Hardwick 2011

Map 1946 overlayed on 2012
Hardwick, 1946 overlayed on Mar 2012, click to enlarge

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