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Open days and events take place throughout the summer

We can also arrange special tours of our museum and the airfield site and by our contacts with other nearby bases we can get you to see them as well.   See more below, we usually offer this service FREE of charge.

Events, Open Days

Open Days Poster

A sunny events day in 2012
A windy but sunny events day (open day) on 15th October 2011.

Additionally on that day Hardwick Warbirds were flying from the adjacent airstrip
and there was a classic car parade in the afternoon.  Tea and homemade cakes aplenty


Open letter to the 93rd BG (H) friends and family but also applies all groups, please read before you book your trip

If any of you are thinking of visiting the Museum and base at Hardwick please get in touch with us first so we can help you plan your visit.   This also goes for the other groups.

DO NOT PAY FOR A TOUR GUIDE.   We have been showing veterans and their families around Hardwick and the Norfolk countryside ever since they have been coming home to their bases. The most we ever ask is for a little help with the fuel cost.   We can arrange for base contacts from other bases to help out if you need to visit more than one.

The Second Air Division Memorial Library
* in Norwich has a list of base contacts.   These are all volunteers who are happy to show visiting Americans around their chosen base, plus we know the history of our bases, not just what is written in books, with most contacts growing up on or around the bases or surrounding area.

Some of you may be planning a trip to England and then on in to Europe.   Well, a planned tour is probably the best way for you to go, however, if you're just going to drop by while on vacation, check with us
* or the Library** first. It was one of the reasons the Second Air Division set up their memorial for you.

We will do our best for you!

Colin Mann
   93rd BG Museum Hardwick England
   Friends of the Second Air Divson Memorial Chairman (retired)

*    Contact us via our Contacts page.

* If you’d like to contact the library, please phone, email or write to them at…

2nd Air Division Memorial Library
The Forum, Millennium Plain

Telephone: +44 (0)1603 774 747
Fax:            +44 (0)1603 774 749

The library's opening hours are 9am (09h00) to 5pm (17h00) Mondays to (thru) Saturdays.

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