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Looking for hardware digital media products? Get introduced to one of the best brands that cater to this requirement- Roku. This is a very advanced option as it offers the best in class products to let you watch TV shows and movies via the internet. You just need the device connected to your TV and internet to use the URL for activation. It is a very simple and uncomplicated step towards a hassle-free viewing experience down the line.

Although these devices, in their initial stages, only offered access to the worldwide online service- Netflix, but has evolved over the years and offers various other online services for you to stream from. In this ever-changing world, Roku is, without a doubt, your best fit. It offers a wide range of variety in movies, shows for adult and kids, live news, and so much more. You’d have access to a lot of free shows or web content along with adding your premium subscriptions.


It would be extremely effortless to set it up and use it for entertainment purposes. The Roku remote is simple as its search feature that lets you find the TV show or movie that you want to watch. On the Roku Channel Store, you get access to more than 4000 paid as well as free channels. Also, consists of live news, classic television shows, Sky Store, Google Play Store, and exclusive original content. Therefore, you get to stream anything and everything that you want. Some of them are listed below:

  • Extremely portable because of their smaller size design

  • Offers affordability

  • Several options (models) with different features to choose from

  • Offers a wide number of channels to stream from.


So, you visited the official page of the brand on and got yourself a Roku streaming device. Now, lets set you up with the

  1. Unbox your Roku streaming device.

  2. Power it up or turn it on.

  3. Connect to your wireless internet network.

  4. Create your Roku account.

  5. Go to to activate your account.


Utilize the Ethernet cable to connect your device with your router, if the streaming player has one.

Some streaming devices by the brand are eligible to be connected directly with a USB cable via the USB port.


Post set up, you have to create your Roku account. Here’s how:

  1. Visit the official or simply just> Select “Sign-in”.

  2. Choose “Create account”> Enter the required credentials.

  3. Check the box agreeing to the Terms & Conditions> Press “Continue”.

  4. That’s it. Now, we have to move to the activation process.


Follow the below steps to get the activation done, including the most crucial part where you have to enter a code.

  1. Start by reading the instruction guide.

  2. Once you’ve set up your device, and created an account, your device will display a link code on the screen.

  3. Note the code down> Go to via your computer or smartphone> Carefully, type the code in> Click “Submit”.

  4. You might need to enter your Roku account details with an additional step of adding your card details for the payment method.

  5. Once, you’ve completed the steps involved, your Roku activation is done.

NOTE:➤ Adding a payment method does not involve any charges till you choose and subscribe to certain online services from the Roku Channel Store.


If you have subscriptions to some online services, you can simply download the application software on your Roku device and add them to the Roku Channel Store to install and stream them. The content on Roku keeps changing thus, you always stay updated and aware of all the new content that came up, and stream them if and when you want to.

CONCLUSION helps you in activating your device account with a code. Go to the official webpage with the and get yourself a streaming device that lets you feel at home. As the brand likes to say- Roku link is your home for the greatest and the best Free and Premium TV. Entertain and enjoy yourself with blockbuster movies, exclusive and original content, and all the latest TV shows across top channels. is the best way for home entertainment with Roku link devices to stream world-class online services like Amazon, CBS, Netflix, Live News, and more.