The idea is article has to be written, not by one or two or three....but by as many as are willing!!!And the ultimate aim is to make it into the college magazine of SJCE for this semester(even sem 2007).

However, please note that it would be practically impossible to put the names of all those who contributed to the article.So this article will appear without an author.But don't worry your name, branch and sem will be stored in a public database along with the line that you contributed. The fact that you use this site means that you are accepting the Terms & Conditions of this site.

The worlds biggest encyclopedia-wikipedia is written by millions of internet users. Its usefulness is proof for the effectiveness of collaborative writing. This is an attempt very similar to but much much smaller than wikipedia.Moreover to contribute to this article you don't need to have an account. This is different from a wiki in that lines once added cant be removed by the authors.

And since it is a collaborative article, the more the number of contributors the better. So pass the msg, let others contribute as well. You can see where the story is headed by looking at the Story so far . You can add ur lines here.

The latest updates about where we are headed with the story can be seen at the blog.