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Our Story

Urland Lutheran Church was built in 1872 by Norwegian immigrants who began settling in Leon township in 1854.  The name Urland comes from the village of Aurland on the Sognefjord in western Norway.  These hard-working people had a strong faith in God, and were dedicated to church and education.  Initially, they met in private homes to worship, then at Holden Lutheran Church.  Due to the long distance of 5-14 miles to travel by yoke, oxen and lumber wagon, they decided to build their own church.  All families pitched in to help by contributing hard-earned money, clearing land, transporting lumber, etc.  Life was not easy, but due to their stubborn determination and deep religious convictions, these devoted Norwegian immigrants succeeded in building the Urland Lutheran Church community. 


Today, Urland continues to be the faith home of hard-working families and individuals gathered in a rural setting.  We are a community deeply rooted in our history and traditions, yet the pioneering spirit of our ancestors lives on in us.  As we cast our vision boldy into God’s future for us, we seek new and innovative ways of growing and fulfilling God’s mission in the 21st Century.