Recipe Book

Food is an important ministry -- a way we share love and sustenance!

The Urland Recipe Book was last updated in 2012, and contains recipes shared from many of our members.
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Corrections to the Urland Recipe Book

Page 15 – Pretzel Mustard Dip – Sandy Sharot - The recipe doesn’t list mustard.  Please note that it should read ½ cup of mustard. 

 Page 22 – Communion Bread - At the end it should say.  Freezes well, however do not re-freeze

 Page 166 – Coffeecake – Rosemary Thue – The recipe calls for a package of yellow cake mix. This should be a 18.25 ounce package.  Recently some packages have been changed to 16.5 ounces. The difference is about 3.5 Tablespoons.

Page 204 – UND Monster Cookies – Rosemary Thue - The recipe should also include 2 cups of brown sugar.

Page 219 – Almond Bars – Josie Swenson –Add ½ cup powder sugar to the crust.

Page 243 – Sour Cream Raisin Bars – Rosemary Thue -Use a 9x13x2 pan.