PurpleSearch makes it possible to search the most important databases of academic literature simultaneously. It is an interface that simplifies and eases so-called federative searching because you no longer need to select the databases to be searched in advance. PurpleSearch learns, over time, what each databases contains and will give good results for any given search query. PurpleSearch combines smart search techniques and local indexing, and uses that index for each new search. Databases to present results from are selected from the index, based on which ones seem to score the best for a que
It is also possible to do targeted searches within different databases.
Search results may differ from each other at different points in time. This may be due to
  • changes/additions in one of the databases being searched
  • the non-availability for whatever reason of one of the databases approached
  • the introduction of a new database
  • changes to the indices of the self-training system on the basis of earlier search actions, as a result of which a certain database may be allocated a different position in the ranking list of most suitable databases for a certain search.