FAST ESP is a best-in-class enterprise search solution for the most demanding enterprise search needs. FAST ESP can be extended through FAST ESP Add-Ons to provide additional business value and enhanced user experiences. Together, these solutions offer an extensible and scalable search platform that helps deliver intuitive user experiences and positive business results.


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You’ll find that FAST’s offerings don’t just return results– they guarantee confidence and protection. Current customers can vouch for the productivity and profitability gains they get and the improvements invisibility and accuracy they see. There’s a FAST solution for your needs too. Read more about the solution that can help your business:
Search - Provide answers, not references to somewhere that might contain the answer. FAST’s search solutions filter out all the irrelevant, peripheral data and provide the exact information end users are looking for. After all, people are not interested in searching – they are interested in finding.

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