The Urban Survival Project is about creating a non-profit social network of young professional volunteers to help urban youth and vulnerable young adults survive life challenges, school and education, getting into jobs, and starting up small businesses. This blog is about social networking to achieve something socially beneficial, and charts the journey of a social idea from conception hopefully to reality.

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About The Urban Survival Project

The Urban Survival Project aims to bolster the support system for young people struggling to get through life, education or work. It will hopefully achieve this by enabling a socially networked pool of young professionals over the web who can not only help provide support and information through real-time volunteering via digital editing tools, but also become an open volunteer resource for social organisations in general. The four key themes will probably be as follows: Surviving Education, Surviving Work, Surviving Small Businesses, and Surviving Life.

In a nutshell: the plan is to create a virtual volunteering website that is accessed through social networks like Facebook. The primary goal is to bolster the support system for inner-city kids by solving the problems of commitment, localisation and physicality that act as barriers to volunteering.

Loads more about the project in various posts:

    1. How it all started
    2. Figuring out the basics 
    3. Exploring the themes 
    4. Facing Challenges 
    5. Visioning the future 
    6. How the project could work
    7. Getting it done
    8. Plans A and B
    9. Evolution Path
    10. Evolving the idea further
    11. How you could help out
    12. USP: Problem Statement

Read them all on the same page here - Note they'll be in reverse order.

You could also download a five minute introduction to the Project that neatly summarises the basics for you:


About this Blog

This blog is primarily about the ongoing development of the Urban Survival Project to help team members and followers keep up with what's happening and add comments and ideas. It also covers other related areas like Volunteering, Social Enterprise, Startups, Strategy, Social Networking, Web 2.0, User Experience, Design Thinking, Trends, and Future Technologies. Basically all the things we're going to need to keep an eye on if we want to get this project right!

    1. A bit more about this blog
    2. More about Blogging in general

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About me

I'm a management consultant working in London. The areas I work in include Strategy, Business Transformation, Multi-Channel Retail, Innovation, Digital Branding, Customer Experience, User Experience, Web 2.0 and Social Networks. More on my 'professional' blog at http://www.multichannelthinking.com or connect with me on LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/in/rizwantayabali 

I've also got a reasonable amount of experience with non-profits, volunteering and working with inner city kids. Over the past 10 years I’ve been involved with initiatives like “Reading Together”, Inner-City School Community Exchange Programmes working with 12 to 15 year olds in Manchester, general community work with the CSV programmes, Audit work with the Manchester crime and disorder partnership, Anti-Discrimination stuff for the Iqbal Ullah Race Relations Archive, Anti-War research during the Iraq conflict, improving online services for people with visual disabilities with the CamSight Accessible Web Project, and most recently I’m about to start volunteering again at the Wandsworth Connexions Base to update my understanding of the needs of inner city youth today.



Email: info@urbansurvivalproject.org


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