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Community Webquest Task

Follow all the directions below and don't forget to log your answers.  You have a choice.  You can type you answers in Microsoft word or you can write them down on paper.  You must complete each of the task.  Have fun and good luck on you quest.

Task 1.  

Click on the link below find the definition of urban, suburban and rural


Task 2.

Explore the types of communities and answer the questions.


  • If you needed to travel from the suburban area to the urban area, what are two of the ways you could get there? Which way do you think might be fastest?
  • What are three differences between the urban community and the rural community? What are three similarities?
  • Write a list of directions that would tell someone how to get from the sports park to the suburban school.

Task 3.

Watch Brain pop video and take the quiz


Task 4.

What is a community and what do people in a community need and want?


Task 5.

What are cities?


Task 6.

Click on the link below and tell me about one city’s Celebration, City workers, shopping and eating in the city


Task 7.

Listen to the story The City mouse and The Country Mouse




What are the pro and cons of living in the city?

What are the pro and cons of living in the country?

Task 8.

Classify the Community?  Are they Rural, Urban or Suburban?


Task 9.

Test you vocabulary skills play the eWord Game


 List the words you got right

Just for fun

Rural Racer