Dubai: Slums
labor dwellers living in Slum

 In this picture from flickr.  The slums of Dubai juxtaposed next to to the skyscrapers.  


We do know that a third of the world's population live in slums.  They are all over your backyard.  even in populations where you would think their is no poverty, it exists.  It is the most talked about controversial subject but yet no one has any any idea how to stop it so it continues.  Hopefully there will be some sort of resolve in the future but for now the poor live right next to the elite.  They may live in the same area but they are worlds apart.  Do the elite know what the poor is thinking or vise versa?  If they did they would certainatly have a rude awakening.  Maybe thats just what is needed. 


Conversation about labor unrest between cab driver and day laborer, as seen in UAE Construction Workers by Bruce Fenton




According to to Alan Falkner JR in The National Post, their is an explicit secret. The biggest part of Dubai is comrised of the day laborers. Most of Dubai is inflitrated with slums located next to the world tallest skyscrapers.  This city is extremly wealthy yet the foreigners comprise 99 percent of the country's work force.  Most are immigrants from south Asia who are often exploited and who live in isolated dormitory communities, They mostly live in slums in horrible conditions and sleep to a 10 in a bunk houses.  The building is riven with industrial strife, where workers - have revolted after being denied breaks and even the relief of water from the searing sun, Some workers have died.  Some workers have tried to go on strike, but organized resistance is difficult: Forming a labour union is against the law. Unrest has forced the government to make modest reforms in its labor laws, but the workers are still without most civil rights.  What can be done to expel this horrific way of life?  It is just not fair that these poor people sit next to the elite.  They share the same space but live completely different lives.