How to Order

Important ordering F.A.Q

Q. How do I order?

Browse the site 

copy and paste item description and price, send and email off to:

a reply invoice will be returned if international include a shipping address.  

 Q. What about payment?

I accept  Money Orders  or  Paypal with a  35 cent fee added to total.   Personal checks only from known return customers.  

 Q. Why do you make these super small articles of clothing for action figures?

Because ever since I was a kid I felt jackets and coats could be made in this scale, and look best with pockets and guns stashed in them.  if your a serious collector kid at heart you never stop using your imagination.   I just try to take other people's customs to the next level.  With a wide customer range serving all over the world, I stand by my work, all done by me here in the US.  In order to serve the 1:18 scale community with pleasure.  I assure you once you have one on your figure, you'll keep coming back for more.  

Q. Is it a magical sewing machine super small in scale?


No, it's not, just a  regular sewing machine (a Japanese made Kenmore from the 60s)