1:18 Scale Figures

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Here we have the first installments of my fully loaded figure line.  All figures are Microman 30 point articulated  figure. (while supplies last) GI JOE FIGURE BASE MAY BE USED INSTEAD)  Each stands approximately 4 inches tall.   They incorporating custom sculpted and carved heads, boots and other casted goods.  Many weapons are from what is readily available and are custom made and molded in limited quantities.  In designing these figures I chose the best materials to reflect and drape nicely and to scale in this size.  The pics are super scale so that you can see all the meticulous detail that goes into each figure.  each likeness is hand painted but me or an Urbanrev talented painter.  Each figure comes in a crystal clear stackable cylindrical protech case and and stand.  All signed and numbered by me the  artist. 

purchase that special iconic figure to add to your collection, or augment your already standing 1:18 scale world.  I have many coming down the road, and with each set come new technology and a better product. 

Here at UrbanRevtoys we strongly believe every Revolution starts somewhere why not on the 1:18th scale!!

Bullhorn Reloaded Figure 

Price: $45

 Bullhorn Includes: 30 point articulated figure and acrylic stand.

Grey Long Coat, Black top, Dark Jeans,  One buckle web belt, Pouches, (Unpainted) Headsculpt, Gunstrap, Pistol,  Rifle and Rifle Bag & Boots.


 Leon The Professional price $64.99 

includes all that is seen here case, fig, backdrop











 Travis Bickle price $49.99

includes Figure, case, backdrop










 T-800 T2 version #1 price $55.99

 Includes what is shown figure, case, backdrop,

also includes assorted weapons from the film

Purchase the whole set for $180.00 u save $20.97!

email to place an order! robopredator@yahoo.com