Urban Agenda

For a look at some of the key themes, recommendations, and action items that emerged from the community conversations, check out the Urban Matters Communities of Practice Overview.

The Urban Matters communities will be focused on framing an NPS Urban Agenda. This agenda will:
  • Set out a bold vision for the National Park Service in urban environments;
  • Illuminate the diversity of pioneering work in urban parks and programs as a comprehensive essay
  • Map an agenda for policy and structural changes that will help urban parks and programs “step into their power."
To accomplish this, the communities of practice formed around six topic areas of particular interest and importance to urban programs and parks. Take a look into the basic statistics for our communities as well as a list of who attended.  Who else should be engaged in the conversation?  Invite them to join the community as we move into the Agenda! 

Urban Innovations

Urban Policy

Branding Urban NPS

Urban Parks as Portals to NPS Diversity

Introducing Youth to Nature

The NPS’s Role in Economic Revitalization of Urban Areas

Bob Ratcliffe

Chief Conservation & Outdoor Recreation

Mike Caldwell

Deputy Regional Director


Frank Dean

Superintendent Golden Gate NRA

Patty Wissinger

Superintendent Chattahoochee River NRA

Paul Labovitz

Superintendent Mississippi National River and Recreation Area

Celeste Bernardo

Superintendent Lowell NHP


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