Home Workouts

Some excellent workouts to supplement your martial arts training. They'll keep you in shape and ready for a good workout at the next Urban Krav Maga session*. Some of these workouts need some simple equipment and some are designed to use just your own bodyweight so you can get a good workout anywhere

Workout 1

For those who don't have access to a gym but do have a light barbell (25 kg) at home.

First the warm up, essential to help prevent injuries: 5 minutes light and fast shadow boxing incorporating kicks and knees as well as punches.   Now you are ready for the workout:

Try the following circuit. Use the same barbell for all the exercises below. No rest in between each set. Go around the circuit 10 times as fast as possible. No rest between circuits.

  • 10 reps shoulder press (also known as military press)
  • 15 reps bent over row
  • 15 reps squats
  • 20 reps bench press (substitute press ups if you do not have a bench)
  • 10 reps curls
  • 15 reps squats  

Warm down: 40 abdominal crunches Hamstring, quadriceps and shoulder stretches.

Workout 2

Away from home on business? Stuck in hotel room, no gym, no weights? Try this for a quick workout. Warm up and warm down as for Workout 1. Now set your timer for 25 minutes (most mobile phones have one). Do the following circuit of bodyweight exercises non-stop for 25 minutes. Do each rep as fast as you can, no breaks between the different exercises or circuits.

  • 10 reps press ups
  • 20 reps squat

This one is a deceptively simple looking workout, it'll get you burning up more calories than you might imagine. Don't forget the warm up and warm down.

Workout 3

Here is another great workout for improving you all around  fitness, especially your anaerobic fitness. Perfect for martial arts and self defense. Again warm up and warm down as before. Go around the circuit below 5 times as fast as possible, all exercises in this workout are bodyweight exercises, no weights or equipment required. No resting in between each exercise in a circuit but If you really need to rest between circuits stop for 8 deep breaths. Be strict with yourself, only stop if you need to and get the most out of your workout.

  • 30 Burpees
  • 40 Squats
  • 50 Press Ups
  • 100 straight punches (alternating left and right - as fast as possible)

Workout 4

A variation to to Workout 2 as you start to become fitter. Do this for 30 minutes, no breaks or rests do as many circuits as possible in the time given. If you are rushed for time cut down to 20 minutes. Try and do something 4 days a week at least. Warm up and warm down as before. Again no weights or equipment needed.

  • 10 Press Ups - this time put your feet up on a chair or bed.
  • 30 Squats
  • 50 Fast straight punches (alternating left and right)

Try and keep a count of how many times you go around this circuit in the allotted time to see how your fitness improves.

Remember diet is just as important as exercise, get a healthy and balanced diet. Eat enough to fuel your physical training and lifestyle get the right mix of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

* Always consult your physician before starting upon a regime of intense exercise if you are not accustomed to it.

** Not familiar with some of these exercises? Use this link for explanations: exercise definitions just enter the name of the exercise in the search box and press "Go"