Yardshare is essentially community gardens built on private properties.  It is similar to edible landscaping because your garden will still be designed to look beautiful.  However, the one big distinction is that home-owners are matched up with volunteers who will tend to a distinct plot in the garden.  Home-owners will benefit greatly from having help in maintaining their property, while volunteers will be able to access plots of land to create their own vegetable gardens.

The initial design consultation, of the home-owner's property for yardshare is $200.  This includes heritage seeds and the partnership is created with the volunteer, or volunteers depending on the size of your property.  For a volunteer to participate in the Urban Harvester's yardshare, the cost is $40 for the season.  This includes the bulk of your materials, such as seeds.   Urban Harvester is also available to build yardshare gardens, for the home-owners, quotes can be made at initial  design consultations. 

It is a very rewarding experience to share your garden space with others who do not have access to land.  Yardshare can be designed to be divided by individual plots, or all participants, both home-owners and volunteers can collaborate on a communal space together. 

Contact urban.harvester@gmail.com or call (705)719-0240

These yardshare photos are from one of the first garden projects that Urban Harvester built and designed in Waterloo in 2006.  The was designed to be a communal yardshare project.