Urban Harvester is available for workshops on a variety of topics.  From organic methods, heritage seed selection, to edible landscaping and yardshare.

In the 2009 season Kyla Cotton of Urban Harvester completed an extensive workshop for the Beausoleil First Nations on Christian Island.  Kyla taught thirty participants how to build a garden-in-a-box, using the sheet-composting method. 


Participants also learned about organic methods and heritage seeds.  The participants received all of the materials from seeds, to soil, mulch and worm castings to build their own garden-in-a-box.

                                                         Before and after pictures are Bear Creek Secondary School

In the 2010 season Kyla did workshops with a variety of groups.  One of these groups being high school students at Bear Creek Secondary School.  Kyla conducted a series of extensive workshops, including everything from design, to building an edible landscape, maintenance and then harvesting.  The students were involved and hands-on in every part of the process.  Mostly though, the students enjoyed the harvest!

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