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Edible Landscaping

Edible landscaping is designing vegetables gardens to look amazing.  The bulk of the garden will be vegetables, but some fruits, herbs and edible flowers are also incorporated into the design. 


A few important design elements include creating paths in your edible landscape, to make the garden interactive and to access any area in your garden without stepping off the path.  Paths also create more distinct beds; in the center of each bed creating height gives a terrific aesthetic appeal. 


Edible landscapes are created with a low maintenance method of garden building.  The method will ensure your garden needs very little weeding and watering.  Urban Harvester is available to build and install your edible landscape, or simply complete the initial design.  Initial designs include the variety of heritage seeds to get your garden started. 

During the initial design consultation clients receive a design and advice to, incorporate aesthetic appeal and productivity. The initial consultation cost is $150 for the first on-site consultation lasting approximately two to three hours.

Grow groceries, not grass!
Urban Harvester makes the “groceries” look gorgeous.

The photos from this page are from United Way's "Estate on the Bay Design Showcase", where Urban Harvester's edible landscape was showcased in the design transformation. 

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