Urban Harvester is available for on-site consultation for homeowners, community garden co-ordination and workshops on organic vegetable gardening and heritage seed selection.

Clients start with an initial design consultation to create their own edible landscape. They will be advised on how to easily construct their garden using low maintenance methods. They will receive a variety of heritage seeds and seedlings to get them started. Other advice will include organic techniques and troubleshooting for previous vegetable gardening projects.

From there clients are able to retain Urban Harvester for further consultations, to help build the garden or clients can continue to create their edible landscape on their own.

Over the course of the first year clients will learn about the seasonal life cycle in their gardens when clients retain Urban Harvester for further consultations.

Urban Harvester is also available for troubleshooting consults.  Find out about the pests and organic techniques, or why certain edibles are not growing as you want.  There are many useful, natural solutions to create the
edibles you what want in your garden!

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