Heritage Seeds

Heritage seeds are an important part of our bio-diversity.  Heritage seeds have unique colour and flavour.  Unlike hybrids, which are sterile, heritage seed varieties are able to reproduce.  This is an important part of our food security!  Check out these amazing local seed providers for quality heritage, organic seeds. 

Urban Harvest is located in Toronto, they grow their seeds throughout the Greater Toronto Area.  Their seeds are available to be purchased online.

Cottage Gardener is another excellent local seed provide located in Southern Ontario.  They also have an online catalogue available.  Their seeds are certified organic. 

Richters Herb Specialist is located near Uxbridge in Goodwood.  Richters have an abundance of unique varieties of herbs with some heritage vegetable seeds available as well.  Their greenhouse is well worth the visit.

Stellar Seeds is based in British Columbia.  Their seeds can also be purchased onlineThey have three selections of ground cherries seeds available.

Three unique varieties of heritage peas. All with defining characteristics and flavours; some have edible pods, some are sweeter than others and one is purple!

Contact urban.harvester@gmail.com or call (705)719-0240