What is edible landscaping?
Edible landscaping combines growing fruit, veggies, herbs and flowers into a beautiful and productive garden.

What about pests in the garden, such as rodents or bugs?
There are all sorts of organic methods for dealing with rodents or problematic insects. However, people often ask "don't the rodents, deer or insects eat everything?" The short and simple answer is no, it's really not as much of an issue as people think. With the right gardening techniques your edible landscape will be a habitat for beneficial insects and even animals.

Who does the actual gardening?
The clients (homeowners) are responsible for their garden. They will do the harvesting and watering. The main role of Urban Harvester is to advise, design and consult with the client. That being said, Urban Harvester will help where the client needs assistance, such as planting and constructing the garden.

Does Urban Harvester provide seeds?
Yes, Urban Harvester will provide a variety of heritage seeds. Clients can purchase additional veggie seedlings, perennial herbs, flower bulbs and annual flowers seedlings from suggested retailers.

When building the garden, does Urban Harvester suggest digging up the sod?
No, Urban Harvester has a unique method of building gardens. There will be no sod dug up, no rotor tilling and no back breaking from building your garden.