Urban Harvester

Based out of Barrie, Ontario; Urban Harvester provides clients with Edible Landscape Consulting. Urban Harvester will collaborate with clients to re-design their lawns into an edible landscape. 

Edible landscapes are gardens that incorporate fruits, vegetables and flowers into an aesthetically pleasing design. Your garden will be not only be productive, but also attractive. Urban Harvester will advise clients on organic gardening methods and heritage seed selection.

Chive flowers are beautiful edibles
plus the bees love them too!

Urban Harvester
is available for a variety of services, from a design consultation that includes seeds, to regular seasonal consulting visits.  Urban Harvester is  also able to build your edible landscape,  with a unique low-maintenance method.
Clients will be amazed with their bounty of fresh organic produce!

Urban Harvester is involved in a diversity of community initiatives, such as building the community garden at Sunnidale Park, and is available to do guest speaking, workshops or co-ordination and building of gardens. 

Connect with Urban Harvester today to set up your design consultation or to discuss other initiatives!

Contact urban.harvester@gmail.com or call (705)719-0240