Happy Families

Courses and Workshops

Happy Families provides courses and workshops for groups of Parents with positive advice on the 

varied and complex nature of parenthood

The courses are informal, relaxed, providing a secure environment in which parents can openly 

discuss their fears, concerns and joys of being a parent.
Training day with Urban Gate - 
An introduction to Forest Schools
March 10th 2012
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The courses will - 
  • Help build confidence
  • Look at strategies for coping with challenging behaviour
  • Explore how to meet a child's emotional needs
  • Provide tips about parenting techniques
  • Be fun and enjoyable
All parents receive  a handbook and certificate on completion of the course.

Parenting Courses and Workshops
Sheila is a qualified Parenting Practitioner, working with families in the West
 Midlands for over ten years.
The courses cover -
0-7 years - 5 weeks - 2 hours per week
Junior, 7 - 11 years - 8 weeks - 2 hours per week
Teens, 12/13 - 19 years - 10 weeks - 2 hours per week


Courses for Parents of Children with Special Needs - 7 weeks - 2 hours per week.

Children and the Outdoors
 Vast research, over many years shows that a child's development depends upon contact with nature at an early age and becomes ever more important as the child grows. (See 'play-naturally-a-review-of-childrens-natural play.pdf ' attachment on 'A Vision')

Each participant (adult and child) is reminded of their special qualities.

"For many reasons children spend less time outdoors playing and discovering the joys of nature, exploring and gaining first hand experiences that will provide memories for life. Extra outdoor sessions can be added to the courses outlined above providing parent-child activities such as den building, bug hunting, environmental arts and crafts alongside a picnic in the woods".

Feedback from Parents who have attended previous courses

"After the course I felt I had more confidence"
"I now choose my battles"
"I realised I now need to change my parenting style"
"When I came on week one, I was feeling desparate, I now have hope"

"Chatting with other parents I realised other parents are going through the same things".

"I now understand my children better and have seen a big change in our relationship - I would strongly recommend this course to everyone"

"I have learnt how to really listen to my children and this small change in the way I communicate has encouraged them to talk more".

"I feel I am more connected with my boys and calmer and confident"

See more feedback comments on the Cannon Hill Park attachment below

“Denying children of a chance to encounter nature, no matter
how small, ‘robs them

of the very essence of life’ (Engwicht, 1992: 6)”, Matthews and
Limb (1999), p. 78
Alf Dimmock,
20 Feb 2012, 00:15