A Vision - The Lost Letters (a story)

Once Upon A Time

There was a girl, and like many other girls in  a big city she was born into relative prosperity.

Her parents were not worried about putting food on the table or putting clothes on her back and were able to drive their new born daughter around in a nice car.

She grew up healthily in body and was surely privileged, with toys and parties and family and friends and this and that - they were surely blessed as well as privileged.

But there was something missing and there was an element of  dissatisfaction in all their individual and collective lives.

Something natural, something innate, something............. they just could not say

Something that they could not put a finger on.

One day, as they all sat together in the park they noticed, their now two year old daughter, picking up little stones and sticks and how she was absorbed by puddles and mud and things around her, things that might be termed natural, but she had her best little shoes on and the mud, sticks and stones had germs, so Mother quickly took her away from the things she wanted to do and put her on the swings and on the slide and the little girl was happy still.

But again there was a certain anxiety that something was missing from their lives for which they could not explain.

Then on another occasion at the park with the nicely painted swings and multi coloured slide and the safe colourful climbing frame, keeping the little girl happy and active, a lady passing by pointed at beautiful blossoms on the cherry trees and the little girl began collecting the fallen blossom petals from the ground because it was beautiful  and it looked like confetti, and the little girl collected pockets full, the passing by lady then gave the girl a little tie-bag to keep her petals safe, and in the tie-bag was a jumble of letters, the little girl tipped them on the floor - there were nine letters - The passing by lady said they were lost letters, the meaning of which had been lost long ago


She knew not what they meant and her Mother thought no more of them.

She kept the beautiful blossom petals in the little tie- bag and called it her treasure - each time from then on that she went to the park she would find another little treasure to put in her pocket and take home to put in the little tie-bag -  and as she started looking at the earth beneath her in a way not previously experienced her parents began looking at her and themselves also in a new way.

So they thought and talked and SEARCHED and explored and visited the park on many occasion to visit the same swings and same slide and the same climbing frame, all very colourful but getting somewhat tired looking 

The little girl took the tie-bag with the lost letters on each visit and on each occasion she tipped out the letters before she put in her newly found treasures which now included, leaves of differing shapes  and twigs with buds and stones with patterns and as the years progressed she also collected memories of the park with images and sounds and smells and textures and a beautiful world developed in her mind, a world that made her happy.

One day many years later she tipped out the lost letters and as if by magic the letters took on a form and a meaning that she recognised 

The happiness and fulfilment of all those visits to the park now manifest itself into a magical word that she understood

That was it !


"Hooray" they all cheered for now the little girl had grown and had her own family of little ones and she now realised that the missing element from many people's lives was the magic of DISCOVERY. 

That moment when the earth and its many treasures become familiar and the union and connection with each find becomes a Discovery never to be forgotten.

a natural habitat 




Alf Dimmock,
19 May 2011, 06:02