Students spend a lot of their day in school.  It is important that children have a teacher who genuinely cares, supports, and understands them.  Especially within an urban school.  Some students that attend schools in an urban area may come from tough family or home situations.  By being understanding you can better support them emotionally, physically, mentally, and educationally.  When a child has a teacher that is understanding they are able to form positive self confidence.  As a result they will be more motivated to do well in school.  It is important that ones students can confide in a teacher, especially those who may come from a less than perfect home situation.  An understanding teacher can best be defined as one that creates an environment for students that is comfortable and shows them respect.  He or she will also not be overbearing with control and authority.  They will set the tone at the beginning of the year and introduce their high expectations right away.  
An understanding teacher will also show an interest in their student's lives outside of school,  their culture, hobbies, and other things.  They will be able to recognize if Bobby or Michelle has a bad day.   But in order to accomplish this there needs to be an environment of trust.  Students will know if you want to be there or not.  If your in this profession for the pay and vacation then get out.  Children deserve the best.  Children expect the best. too  Act like a mother/father figure, push them to a different level, encourage them, use positive reinforcement, make them think on both sides of the picture, and most importantly give all you can give above and beyond .  Here are a few things formulated from conversations with past and present urban teachers as well as listening to experienced urban teachers speak.  Concluding interviewing and listening a conclusion can be drawn that these factors below may make a successful urban teacher understanding and go beyond the content.

Be Caring
Try to get to know your students.
Learn something special about each of them and remember it.
Bringing it up again on your own shows a child that you took the time to get to know them and you really care.
Form a special relationship with each student so as a teacher it is possible to learn about them and ask them about it later.
Show Empathy
   Very often as a teacher you may not have ever experienced some of the things your students have or the issues that they deal with constantly.  Try to understand where they are coming from.  Make a greater attempt to understand their culture, religion, values, and problems.

Show Respect
  Give respect and you will get it.  It makes you more understanding.  Know that your students all have a right to getting the best education possible and keep your expectations high.

Be Flexible
      Always be able to reassess what your doing.  Be open to new ideas and input from others and students. Especially with things such as your curriculum, classroom, and students behavior.  Being flexible should always be a constant thing.  It shows that one has an understanding for their students and they can adjust when necessary.

Have Patience
   If one is patient then they are understanding of their students needs.  When a teacher has a diverse group of students patience is the key to being a successful urban teacher.  It goes beyond the content.

Be Supportive
  Be supportive of your students and your co-workers.  Share resources and ideas be there for one another.  Support your students and attend their sports games and encourage them always to do their best and work harder.



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