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"Just be yourself, don't fit into a box. Follow your heart and believe that you can live the life you want." ~ Leslie Garner, Teacher of the Year



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Role models are not made, they come from within.  Whether its a passion for teaching or a gift of encouragement, role models are a significant part of any child, especially in an urban school.  Role Models come in many forms such as a parent, sibling, family member or friend, but teachers can make a serious impact on a child's life.  There are many leaders in the education community but few are recognized.  Urban students gravitate to certain teachers that they can connect with, a teacher that gives a little more.  These teachers possess a determination that urban kids can feel in and out of an educational setting.  When an educator is interested in a students life, a flower begins to blossom within that child whether they realize it or not.  Mentors and role models are an essential part of the future in every child.  Provided are links for further reading on studies and articles on role models and influential people in education.




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