Physical Education and Health in Urban Areas

If you don't take care of your body, where will you live for the rest of your life?
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Teachers' perspectives on the challenges of teaching physical education in urban schools.


Roles and responsibilities of Adapted Physical Education teachers in an urban school district.

Physical Education and Health



Physical education is much more than a class, it's a future lifestyle.  Not only do kids learn how to play sports and games, they learn about serious health issues and the importance of keeping healthy which is especially important in urban districts.  PE is the basis for the workforce.  It creates confidence, creative thinking, self-awareness and much more, all the things it takes to be successful. 

Teaching PE in urban areas seems to focus on culturally based learning, focusing on the problems the students face in their daily lives and emotional understanding.  There have been numerous studies conducted on urban teaching over several years.  More interesting is the study of adapted physical education (APE) in urban districts which examines the roles and responsibilites of the APE teachers.  The findings can be found in the articles listed on this page.


There is very little data on health in urban areas.  Nutrition is poor due to the need of cheaper foods from economic restraints.  Diseases are more prone in these areas and should be thoroughly taught in school.  The more knowledge a child has of proper nutrition and the prevention of diseases, they will have a better chance at a healthy life.  The links listed on this page can assist anyone in need of information on health and disease as well as nutrition and suggestions of nutritional planning.

Some Helpful Websites on PE and Health Related Information:



MyPyramid offers personalized eating plans, interactive tools to help you plan and assess your food choices.  It also offers nutritional advice on pregnancy and breastfeeding.  This website is just one step in the right direction to a healthier lifestyle.


Center for Disease Control

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has  tremendous amout of information on health services.  It ranges from health information to workplace safety and health.  You can find travelers' health information and can search for data and statistics on a wide variety of topics.


US Dept. of Health and Human Services

The US Department of Health and Human Services is the United States government's principal agency for protecting the health of all Americans and providing essential human services, especially for those who are least able to help themselves. 


The Int'l Society for Urban Health

The International Society for Urban Health (ISUH) is an association of researchers, scholars, and professionals from various disciplines and areas of the world who study the health effects of urban environments and urbanization. They promote the well-being of people living in rban areas.



USAID's Urban Programs Team is dedicated to increasing economic prosperity, democracy and security in the world's rapidly growing cities. The Team works across sectors to advance the Agency's Making Cities Work Strategy.  They are a city based program that works from within.


City Mayors

City Mayors is an international network of professionals working together to promote strong and prosperous cities as well as good local government. City Mayors examines education issues and policies affecting children and adults in urban areas.