"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. " - Pablo Picasso





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Art Education is absolutely necessary in schools today.  Not only does the discussion of art provide a context for historical information, but it allows children to be creative and express themselves.  When a child creates art it allows them to show individuality, and some children are more comfortable and better able to express themselves through art rather than words.  Art goes beyond the content because it is a creative form of self expression.  It does not have to be understood beyond the creator and allows freedom.

Being inside an art classroom allows a student to be themselves and step outside the box.  An art class allows one to discover themselves, think critically, and collaborate with peers.

The links to the right discuss Art within Urban Schools.  Click each one to further engage yourself and see why and how Art Education is absolutely necessary - especially within urban schools.


Choices for Urban Art Education, in Arts Education Policy Review 

Understand how art uplifts urban students and the policy within it.

Arts and the City 

 This article provides an overview about artists in Boston that volunteer their time in big cities to partnership with teenagers.  The teens are mentored as they create art.  It also discusses how this art education program has an extreme influence on the teens involved.

The Potential Role of the Art Teacher, the Urban Planner, and Community Groups in Built Environment Education 

    Understand the role of an Art Teacher, the Urban planner, and Community Groups in Built Environment Education in this article.